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Jun 10th, 2012
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  1. Taken from /tg/
  3. Long ago, the peoples of Earth began a race, a race to escape the bounds of gravity, a race to propel themselves into and past the sky, up into orbit and beyond. Through hypothesizing, testing, experimentation, failure, recalculation, failure, setbacks, successes, leaps forward, catastrophes and even through the looming threats of a self inflicted genocide, they succeeded. They pierced through their sky, breaking their first path into the wider regions of space, landing on their own small moon, sending up their machines and cocooning their Earth inside a sphere of constant waves and emissions.
  5. This is not a story of success.
  7. Through their failures during the great race, the peoples of Earth consigned many of their own to the cold, hungry void. They were forgotten, drifting from the warm embrace of their planet, their equipment dying slowly itself, the feeble blips and automated calls eventually fading, unheard and abandoned, upon the monitors of the controlling centers.
  9. This is a story of revenge.
  11. Forgotten frequencies began to beep again. First slowly, but they grew steadily. The peoples of Earth grew puzzled at these new transmissions, consulted ancient records, pursued long classified documents, questioned their ancients. They recalled those that had been sent into the void, never to return.
  13. They translated the messages coming from outside their Earth's cocoon.
  16. "We are the lost and forgotten. We remember you. We return to you."
  18. "We will not forgive you."
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