Oran Mini - Server Cockblock(less) Valley

Dec 19th, 2011
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  1. [13:38:56] <Submission> Summer 14. Time: Mid-afternoon. Post-hatching craziness, Submission sets out to Balthazar's workshop, a large leather satchel in hand and a bag of coin weighing him down. He enters after a tentative knock, his bulk barely fitting through the door.
  2. [13:41:48] <Submission> "Uh... Balthazar? You around?" Submission asks, looking around the place. This is the first time he's been in here, so he's not sure what to expect. Probably steam whistles and bizarre contraptions everywhere.
  3. [13:41:57] * Balthazar is sitting down on a table, working on a box-shaped metal contraption. He glances as Submission enters the room, his Koffing floating around him.
  4. [13:42:26] <Submission> "Oh, there you are. Do you have a minute?"
  5. [13:43:24] <Balthazar> "Oh, you are... Maka's brother, no?"
  6. [13:45:06] <Submission> Scratching at an itch on his neck, Submission nods. Boy, he looks uncomfortable to be there. Balth would probably remember seeing him more confident and aloof at the swimming contest. "Aye, that I am. You are... uh... pretty good with mechanical things, right?"
  7. [13:46:42] <Balthazar> "Considering ze fact zhat is a "Mechanist" sign above zis vorkshop, i do believe it is something needed for my line of vork." He says while still welding the box together. "Hmm... You vant a Pokéball repair? Everyone asks for zis sort of thing lately, such a bother..."
  8. [13:48:47] <Submission> Derp. Well, no one ever said Submission was endowed with brains or social cues. In fact, quite the opposite. Despite his mistake, he continues carefully, "No, no, none of that. I rarely use Dos's pokeball as is, and I don't really want any other Pokemon, myself." He hefts the satchel he's carrying before him. "Actually, someone's birthday is coming up and I wanted to finish a gift I started
  9. [13:48:47] <Submission> on."
  10. [13:50:06] * Submission pulls off the lid to the sack and inside is a very ornate wooden box, a hinged lip at the top and intricate detailing along the sides of vines and various grass pokemon. "I'd like to make a music box out of this."
  11. [13:52:48] <Balthazar> "Hmm, vell zhat is goodcraftsmanship, if only a bit rustic." He says while examining the box. "Any preference for ze choice of music?"
  12. [13:56:52] <Submission> For a moment, Submission swells with pride at the praise. "I do pride myself on my craft, as I'm sure you do." At the question, he kind of looks bashful and reaches into his back pocket and reveals a thick wooden flute. "I actually wrote something myself... I can play it now, if you want."
  13. [14:00:37] * Balthazar lifts an eyebrow. Is he going to play that now? Better to prepare for the worst...
  14. [14:04:01] <Submission> Taking that as permission to begin, the mammoth man brings the flute to his lips and begins softly, his first few notes rather warbly. Then, as he gains control and focus, it gains clarity. It certainly isn't that complex, but it's not bad. The slow and graceful dance of the notes evokes a kind of excitement at first as it builds. Then, at a critical point, it shifts, becoming melancholic
  15. [14:04:02] <Submission> and anxious before finally returning to a sweet and low sound. It's certainly not the sound anyone probably expected from the illiterate town carpenter.
  16. [14:06:28] <Balthazar> It certainly is not the cacophonic mess that Balth has been waiting to hear! "Hm... Do you 'ave a... Written version of it?"
  17. [14:07:10] <Balthazar> "I am not ze most muscal of persons, so vhile i can build ze music dispositive, i can't reproduce vhat you just did, eh?!
  18. [14:10:05] <Submission> "Oh... I..." WHOOPS. "No, I'm afraid I can't write the music out. I kind of learned by ear..." Submission didn't exactly see thsi bump in the road. "Do you have any suggestions?" Submission has an idea, but this is Balthazar's workshop. He'd rather let Balth think of a way before he suggests stepping on his toes.
  19. [14:15:12] <Balthazar> "...Vell, only if i recorded you playing ze music, but zhat vould actually be more difficult zhan a normal music box, und it couldn't fix inside one anyway..." He gets up and starts wandering the workshop. Approaching a certain sleepyhead too fond of naps, he pokes her forehead, trying to get her attention AND consciousness.
  20. [14:16:22] <Clarity> "NO YOU WON'T TAKE ME DOWN THAT EASILY, I'LL CRUSH YOU INTO DUST!" The sleepyhead jolts up with a fist in front of his nose.
  21. [14:19:26] <Submission> "Well, how do you make it exactly? Way I've seen them is you have little tines plucking at bumps on a drum, right?" he says before Balth walks away. "It's all just knowing where to put the bumps, right?"
  22. [14:19:40] * Clarity lowers the fist while looking around, swaying left and right while blinking, before slumping down.... though, being Clarity and all, pepping back up immediately follows. "Oh... hi good morning!"
  23. [14:20:35] <Balthazar> "Yes, und zhat is vhy i'd like to know ze composition of ze music, so i could actually make a sheet version of it." He turns to Clarity. "Hey Clary! Do you know anyzink about music?"
  24. [14:21:58] <Clarity> YaaAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWN. "Ohh... music? Like what kinda music?" This should be after the piano thing, so at least THAT much is probably known. Still, the sleepyhead hangs her head to the side as if prepared to fall right back over again. Additionally, Sky approaches with a yawn of his own, sitting down to survey the scene in case something blows up.
  25. [14:22:51] <Submission> "I mean," Submission attempts to amend, "I know the relative duration and relative pitch. I guess I can make it work okay, but it won't be like formal sheet music." Clearly he didn't think this through.
  26. [14:23:30] <Clarity> "Oh, by the way, today I'm DYNAMICPUNCH!" The same fist that could have been lethal if the wacky teen were a practitioner of Hokuto pumps into the air. "... Oh, waitasec, is that Missy?"
  27. [14:24:22] * Balthazar gets ready to hold her back if she falls asleep again. "Oh yeah, Clari, i got you somezink too from ze daycare farm."
  28. [14:24:53] <Clarity> Blinkblink. "... Food?"
  29. [14:26:29] * Submission stands to the side, observing the two sillies with a certain amount of interest. "Yes, Clarity. I came to get Balthazar's help with a gift."
  30. [14:26:50] <Balthazar> "...I don't think is edible." He hands her a Pokéball. "I thought you vould like it!"
  31. [14:28:57] <Clarity> "I... uh..." If Clarity had any feminine aspects maybe she'd blush right now? Who knows, since that doesn't happen. After a sniff, her teeth try it out and clang against the top of the ball once before she pulls back with a headshake. "Nope! You're definitely right!"
  32. [14:32:11] <Balthazar> "Yeah, but i zhink you should 'try to open it vith your hands, not your mouth." He scratches his head a bit, pleased with the response to his gift. "I got one too, zhey are a couple you know."
  33. [14:32:13] <Clarity> A moment to look it over, while leaning to the side. "Oh, okay, he knows all kinds of stuff! By the way, Missy, I'm Dynamicpunch now." A proud little giggle follows before she looks back to the excited little boy, almost shakily. "Er, really though, are you, like, sure it's okay? Really really okay?"
  34. [14:33:32] * Clarity pauses. "... Zhey? Like, they're not empty?" And then... a very lengthy stare at the ball. Someone as dense as Clarity would think 'oh, well I leave Sky out, so someone wanted to see him ball'd or something.' And even the #3 of the derp squad in Oran feels pretty dumb for a second before PUNCHing the ball open. "... Oops."
  35. [14:35:01] <Balthazar> She never stopped surprising him every day. "Vell, vhat you think of it?" He points at the Koffing that suddenly emerges out of the Pokéball. He puffs out some stinky smoke while going :D around.
  36. [14:37:05] <Clarity> "I... It's so..." Well, maybe the way she shakes around in excitement is a LITTLE girly? .... Naaah. "HahahaHAHAHA! I FEEL it!" And then the laugh is Laharl-esque, to say the least. "This one has an awesome SPIRIT! Where'd you find it? Huh? Huh?" The question is asked in apparent complete seriousness, like the mention of where it came from was totally skipped over.
  37. [14:39:33] <Balthazar> "Oh vell i bought it on ze Daycare Farm, i said it to you! Nephene und Sis vere zhere too, but zhey bought Torchics." He nodnods at her, still a bit bashful at the sudden BURST of energy from her. "It's good zhat you liked it."
  38. [14:42:17] <Clarity> "Huhhh? What's that mean? Uhuhu... is there really anything I ever DON'T like? Everything is awesome, y'know!" With a snap of her fingers, the same hand reaches forward and points an index finger at the adorable gasmonster. "You! I like you, and... and Sky does too, right?" The look on the Shinx' face is 'eh' at best.
  39. [14:43:02] <Clarity> "Then you'll be known as..." As... what's in the lab again?
  40. [14:46:26] <Balthazar> Walls. And a Ceiling.
  41. [14:47:18] <Submission> Submission suddenly snaps from his reverie. "Balth, you have pen and paper? I think I can see how this is supposed to go." He's drawing things in the air with his finger at the moment, miming lines of music before him. "It could work this way."
  42. [14:47:44] * Clarity stares... then sniffs. Then coughs. And then a few more- COUGH HACK WHEEZE. "Whoa, what's all that smoke?"
  43. [14:49:05] <Clarity> Cough cough. "... Oh. Oh! I get it! Hahaha, okay then! You'll be Smoke! Hey, is it okay if I teach him to be badass and awesome? It is, right?" Pleading eyes look to the poor mad scientist-- puppy dog eyes, even.
  44. [14:49:17] <Balthazar> "...Clari, i don't think it's a good ide a to sniff zhose!" He says to her with a concerned tone while reaching to one of the workshop's desks, searching for a pen and a notebook.
  45. [14:49:48] <Balthazar> "V-vell, it is a present to you, so you can do vhat you vant." Those adorable eyes. How you can say anything bad to them?
  46. [14:51:09] <Clarity> "... Hnn." CONmonsters gonna CONmonster. "B-But that's the... only mom & dad just give stuff away like that, and my birthday's not until like..." She counts on her fingers, not getting far, while walking around to Submission's back and suddenly noticing his hand movements. And then... starts humming along to it a little.
  47. [14:52:44] <Submission> Gigglesnort from Submission. He stiffles it a bit, but it's pretty obvious from his grin what he thinks about the pair. They fit together well, yeah? "Wha- Clarity, this makes sense to you?" Consider him dumbfounded.
  48. [14:53:16] <Clarity> The humming is a little off-key, but that's probably because the music being written is off-key itself. "Yeah! It's kinda missing some stuff, but where'd you learn that, Missy?"
  49. [14:54:54] <Submission> "I... wrote it. I've been practicing for a month or two now... No one's heard me play though." NOT EVEN MIRROR MOVE. He's got an image to uphold. Or at least he did. "Did you say missing some things? Like what?"
  50. [14:55:54] * Balthazar tries to start writing the music the pair is humming together, although with some difficulties. "Okay, after ze Sol is ze Do or ze Mi? Vait, no it's ze La..."
  51. [14:58:14] <Clarity> "Well... like, the way you're writing it it doesn't really make the right sound... like, that note should go over there and this one you might want to..." Clarity points in various directions as if assuming the notes are in place in the air, even though they really aren't. It looks even sillier than his own writing.
  52. [15:00:31] <Balthazar> "Zhat does... Oh okay zhen, you are ze music expert, Clari." He nods at her and tries to interpret her incrediblt silly directions, making what can be called an unholy mockery of sheet music.
  53. [15:01:51] <Clarity> The way it's explained is one that makes no sense, but doing it in her head each direction is actually right. And then... a lightbulb. "Heeeeey... wait a second."
  54. [15:04:59] <Clarity> "Smooooke~! You can make like, a lot of smoke and stuff, right? So could you like, put a big cloud of it down for writing in or something? You can totally do that, right? Right?" Who knows if he can even understand any of this? Sky's face is filled with terror, but then again it always is.
  55. [15:06:42] * Balthazar waves at the girl with a terrified look on his eyes. "Clari, from vhat i studied vith mine, ze only gas zese ones can expel is mustard. Und it's not ze condiment one before you ask."
  56. [15:07:33] <Clarity> "... And that's something you can totally write in the air with, right?" Unless he's afraid of crazy teenagers or something, a hyper hand beckons the Koffing over.
  57. [15:08:42] <Submission> "Can't you just write on paper, Clarity?" Submission asks, kind of unnerved by her ideas. Then again, this is normal for her, so whatever. "It seems like this is complicated and unnecessary..."
  58. [15:09:25] <Clarity> "Mmm... awww. I thought it'd be fun!" With a pout, the same hand just reaches to pat him on the head instead. "Next time, 'kay?"
  59. [15:10:38] * Balthazar hands her the notebook and pencil, looking relieved of having escaped a terrible death yet again.
  60. [15:10:58] <Submission> "I appreciate the help, though, Clar. I really do," he adds, putting a hand on her shoulder. "It's kind of an important gift. I usually only go to this much trouble for Mirror Move on her birthday."
  61. [15:11:30] <Clarity> "Wait, isn't..." Gasp! "You mean 'Ka has TWO birthdays a year now?"
  62. [15:12:47] <Submission> "I..." WHAT? What the fuck are you going on about now? "No, this is not for Mirror Move. This is for..." Submission's eyes cast towards the floor. "It's for Nephene."
  63. [15:13:24] <Clarity> "... Oh." The teen pauses. "Ohh." And pauses some more. "Ohhh!"
  64. [15:13:28] <Balthazar> "Oooooh." He looks at the music box again, then back at Submission. "A 'special gift', eh?"
  65. [15:15:20] <Submission> "W-well, she..." Totally flubbing all over the place, man. Yer blowin' it, Sub. Get it together. "She wasn't exactly receptive when I told her how I felt at first, but I've never been one to give up... So, I wanted to do things right. Figure it out that way..."
  66. [15:17:10] <Clarity> "Hahaha! But Neffy's a really nice person! Is there really anything she doesn't like? I know she likes when people like her curry..." Grrrumble. "Ooh, just thinking about it makes me hungry~"
  67. [15:20:05] <Balthazar> "Vell, she does like music, from vhat ze coral of Torchics showed me earlier, so i guess ze music box is actually a pretty okay gift!"
  68. [15:21:20] <Clarity> "Uh-huh! Don't worry, Missy, leave it to Dynamicpunch!" A thumb points at herself, triumphantly. "I'll make something really pretty, and I'll totally even help you give it to her! ... You know, while ordering some curry." Cough cough.
  69. [15:22:33] <Submission> "It was her brother's suggestion," Submission admits. He seems rather excited to have it done though. "W-well, Clarity, I really just need Balth to get the machinery made. I... wanted to get as much of it made myself as I could. I think it's better if it's by my hands. I appreciate it, though."
  70. [15:23:22] <Clarity> "Aaaaw. Okaaaay, Missy. But if y'need help, I might be awake in a few days!"
  71. [16:27:00] <Submission> "Yeah," he responds. "You can help me do something nice for Mirror Move, though." He pauses. "Balth, do you think you've got the melody down enough? Clarity seems to be picking it up quickly, so maybe she can help there."
  72. [15:09:25] <Balthazar> "Don't vorry, i'll 'ave it ready in a couple of days, only need to assemble some parts!" He gets the box and leaves it on a worktable. "Hmm, now, should i make it a Jigglypuff?"
  73. [15:09:48] <Balthazar> "Girls like Jigglypuffs, right Clari?"
  74. [15:09:51] <Clarity> "Huhhh?" The hyper teen pouts, despite playing with Smoke now. "Everyone always says I'm not girly enough, so I dunno! 'Ka seems pretty girly and I bet she wouldn't like 'em a lot, isn't that right, Missy? But Neffy...." And then she spaces.
  75. [15:13:32] <Submission> "Balth, can you make it kind of... traditional? It would keep to the box's design," Submission asks. "I appreciate the work, though. How much do you think I'll owe you?"
  76. [15:14:36] <Balthazar> "Vell, it could be a Jigglypuff dancing inside ze box... Zhat would cost 1500 P."
  77. [15:17:18] * Clarity perks up and acts proud. He's making money, how nice! Sky isn't amused at all, though, making animal-esque groaning noises and curling up to watch the scene from a comfortable poition. It's like he fully expects to have to leap at some point.
  78. [15:18:23] <Submission> "Could you do..." Submission thinks very carefully. He designed the box with grass types in mind. Dancing grass types... "Maybe a Bellossom? Barkeep said she likes flowers."
  79. [15:18:49] <Submission> "I could even carve the figurine myself..." Submission offers.
  80. [15:19:58] <Balthazar> "Vell, i'd need to stick ze machinery inside it. But if you made ze sculpture, i could lower ze price to... Just 1000 P."
  81. [15:22:32] <Submission> "That's..." Submission answers, "Far less than I thought it would be. How soon would you need the figurine? I would not want to hold you up."
  82. [15:24:33] <Balthazar> "Vell, i could install ze machinery on it on just a couple of minutes, so vhenever you are ready to retrieve ze box, which is ze one i actually need, you could give it to me, eh?"
  83. [15:26:22] <Clarity> "Ahaha! Missy~" She takes a break from pinching the Koffing's cheeks. "It's ready when YOUR HEART is ready!"
  84. [15:30:43] <Submission> "Well, then I can pay you now, Balth," Submission says, pulling out a bag of coin. "I appreciate it. I really do. I want Neph's birthday to go over well." He seems kind of bashful about that last bit. It's quite out of typical character and pretty adorable.
  85. [15:37:28] * Balthazar takes the coin and just puts it on a jacket's pocket. "It's not zhat difficult, eh?" He points at the box. "Ze sheet music vas ze only problem, but i guess my assistant worked it allright!" that last part accompanied with a gesture to Clarity.
  86. [15:38:01] <Clarity> Thumbs-up. "You bet! Dynamicpunch never messes up! ... Most of the time."
  87. [15:39:35] <Balthazar> "Zhat name is silly" :T
  88. [15:41:51] <Clarity> "... Oh. I..." Clarity's eyes shoot to the ground and away from the :Ding Koffing's face, a little pouty at the fact of not being able to come up with something that actually sounds cool anymore. Sky rolls his eyes again.
  89. [15:42:06] <Submission> Having taken care of his birthday gift problem, Submission relaxes a bit as he sits down. "I think it's amusing. You know Dynamicpunch is pretty inaccurate in combat, Clarity. Not really fitting if you never miss."
  90. [15:42:41] <Balthazar> "But it's adorable." He pats her head.
  91. [15:42:44] <Clarity> ".. Hmmm. HMMMMM. Then I just gotta find something that fits me for real, right?"
  92. [15:43:04] <Balthazar> "Vell, try Aerial Ace, eh?"
  93. [15:43:05] <Clarity> "Don't you guys worry! Before the end of this summer I'll be named after the ULTIMATE MOVE!"
  94. [15:43:12] <Clarity> "... Ooh, I like that."
  95. [15:48:00] <Submission> "Hyper Voice," Submission jokes.
  96. [15:48:44] <Balthazar> "Uproar?"
  97. [15:49:14] <Clarity> "Mmhmm, mmhmm. You've heard my singing, right?" Not taking the joke, she takes a deep breath.
  98. [15:49:36] <Clarity> Sky freaks out of course.
  99. [15:53:32] * Submission smiles and prepares for the worst.
  100. [15:55:19] * Clarity starts belting out uncontrolled noise with a glass-shatteringly loud screeching voice if nobody takes any effort to put a stop to this. Provided anyone nearby has some semblance of sanity it's likely to only last for a few seconds.
  101. [15:58:43] * Balthazar wishes he had taken Artificer so he could make Soundproof Accessories.
  102. [15:59:20] * Clarity eventually stops, in the middle of a croud of Pokémon rolling over in pain or something. "How's that?"
  103. [15:59:47] <Submission> My god that is bad. "Hyper Voice is a good name, yeah," Submission says, laughing decently hard. "Maybe you could name everyone else Outrage afterwards." He's got a big grin on his face so she doesn't get her feelings hurt.
  104. [16:00:39] <Clarity> Her own grin's even goofier. "'Kaaaay! I'll use that one tomorrow! And the day after that! And then... hmmm, how many days are in Summer again?"
  105. [16:02:14] <Balthazar> "N-ninety, Clari..."
  106. [16:03:18] <Submission> "How about you be Hyper Voice tomorrow and Encore the day after that," Submission suggests. He's having a ball with this.
  107. [16:04:04] <Clarity> "Whoa, there really ARE a lot of moves, huh? I don't think I'll ever run out." Then another minor pout. "Sky... none of the moves you can use sound cool, do they? What about Smoke's?"
  108. [16:05:40] <Balthazar> "Vell, i 'eard it was bred to know cool moves, so i guess it might 'ave, eh?"
  109. [16:07:08] <Clarity> Nod. Nod nod! "So what I gotta do is take him on an ADVENTURE to find out all the cool stuff he can do, right?"
  110. [16:07:40] <Balthazar> "Vell, ve are doing an adventure sooner or later!"
  111. [16:08:44] * Clarity starts cuddling the Koffing, maybe a little too tight for him. "You bet! He's gonna grow up to be SO AWESOME!"
  112. [16:10:06] <Submission> "Sky doesn't know any cool moves? Maybe you should try and teach him some new ones, then. Dos sometimes likes to practice his moves with me to learn a new one."
  113. [16:11:14] <Clarity> "Hmmm..." When Clarity gets a lightbulb, unspeakable horrors are unleashed. This is one of those times. "So if I practice with Sky, I'll learn how to make elecricity and stuff? Whoa, Sky, why didn't you tell me about that?!"
  114. [16:12:13] <Balthazar> "I-i don't zhink 'e is referring to you." Balth shrugs. "Ze tournament could be an opportunity to train though."
  115. [16:12:21] <Submission> Facepalm. "No, what I meant was..." But Submission can see that Clarity is already off on her own thing.
  116. [16:13:02] <Clarity> "Oh, yeah! Well, Sky's definitely gonna enter that, no way would he ever not! He's been in the village waaaaay too long without anybody getting to see he's the best. Mmhmm!"
  117. [16:13:57] <Submission> "Is he the best? Dos might not agree." THEM'S FIGHTAN WORDS.
  118. [16:14:48] <Clarity> Sky only lets out a minor sigh, of the 'please don't say anything stupid' sort. Not like he hasn't given up hope by now anyway.
  119. [16:15:21] <Clarity> "He totally is! Dossy's cool too, buuut~"
  120. [16:27:20] <Submission> "But?" Submission prods, grinning. "I don't think Sky can handle him. You don't train with him enough. Too much napping, Clar."
  121. [16:27:50] <Balthazar> (Sorry, went to dinner)
  122. [16:28:04] <Clarity> "T-That's not true! Just because Sky helps me more than he fights doesn't mean he can't be a total badass!" If only she knew what type advantages meant.
  123. [16:29:08] <Balthazar> "Vell, Rodan lost to ze pink guy once actually."
  124. [16:29:33] <Balthazar> "'owever, i don't know if Manda or X vould lose to 'im. Zhey are really strong!"
  125. [16:30:15] <Clarity> "But they're gonna end up meeting at the tourney, right?"
  126. [16:31:00] <Balthazar> "It depends on everyone's luck actually..."
  127. [16:31:29] <Clarity> "But... uh, how do those work? If Sky makes it to the finals and Dossy isn't there that means he lost, right?"
  128. [16:31:53] <Balthazar> "Yep."
  129. [16:32:46] <Clarity> "Then they're GONNA end up meeting there! There's no way either of us'll lose."
  130. [16:34:26] <Submission> "Are you saying poor Balthazar won't get there, then?" Playing devil's advocate is a terrible thing, but SEE IF I CARE.
  131. [16:35:40] <Clarity> "... Oh yeah, I forgot to think of WHO was gonna be joining."
  132. [16:37:49] <Submission> With a big rumbling laugh, Submission looks to Balth. "Sorry, friend, looks like I'm guaranteed to win. You'd just better not enter so you don't break poor Clar's fantasy."
  133. [16:38:48] <Balthazar> Balth :<s. "You jerk, i am ze one zhat vill vin it!"
  134. [16:39:31] <Clarity> "It's okay! Sky'll say he's sorry when he totally beats you all, isn't that right, Sky?" Facepawlm.
  135. [16:39:54] * Submission gets to his feet and looks around the workshop. "Better tell that to Clar. Anyway, I have work to get done. I'm making a new shelf for Mirror Move's books when one broke. I'd best get back to it. I'll be back in a couple of days when we're ready to put it together."
  136. [16:40:56] <Clarity> "'Kaaaay. See ya later, Missy! Make sure to tell Dossy he's gonna lose!" The goofy grin shows up on her face before it gets aimed to the poor Shinx again, who only rolls his eyes. The Koffing doesn't know any better.
  137. [16:41:41] <Balthazar> "Oh, i really 'ave to take some books to 'er one of zese days. I found some old tomes from Greatuncle!" Balth says to himself while waving to Submission as he leaves. "Now, back to SCIENCE~"
  138. [16:41:49] <Balthazar> </mini>
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