Giantree's Subconscious Gets Scrabbled

Bigwood Sep 19th, 2016 94 Never
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  1. [23:00:13] <Giantree> EXCREMENT, MY AFRICAN-AMERICANS
  2. [23:00:21] <Giantree> i just had the WEIRDEST-ASS dream
  3. [23:01:42] <Flamy> It must have been pretty shit.
  4. [23:01:55] <Giantree> Like, i think i was in high school and we went to some festival, probably a weeaboo one because there were japanese people there
  5. [23:02:00] <Giantree> cute
  6. [23:02:49] <Giantree> and i guess i was part of a play or something, but some asshole ditched when we were about to go on, and reappeared afterward, so we couldn't win the competition we were supposed to compete for, which pissed me off so i ran away and discovered this japanese toddler
  7. [23:03:12] <Giantree> and the japkid was playing this... either phone or 3ds, the dream couldn't decide, but for all intensive purposes i want to say it was a 3ds game because of the button position
  8. [23:03:17] <Giantree> and it was a FIGHTING GAME
  9. [23:03:26] <Giantree> but not just any fighting game:
  10. [23:03:42] <Giantree> it was a spelling game too, sort of like Typing of the Dead, but with less typing and more dead
  11. [23:04:44] <Giantree> Each face button was assigned a letter, which got randomized at the beginning of the match and changed each time you used one, like a bizarro Scrabble, and your ability to use specials/supers was limited to whether you could chain your normals in a way that spelled something
  12. [23:05:02] <Flamy> That seems wack.
  13. [23:05:08] <Flamy> Like, crazy wack.
  14. [23:05:18] <Giantree> and combos were weird so you could go backward, melty-style, but in order to be any good you HAD to spell things
  15. [23:05:33] <Flamy> I think it's trying to say that you should sleep more, Tree.
  16. [23:05:34] <Giantree> they could be english words or romaji jap words though, because this game was JP as fuck
  17. [23:05:36] <Giantree> mayb
  18. [23:05:57] <Giantree> i remember spelling "oi" to do a clutch special to end a match and i was like "WHAT THE FUCK THAT'S JUST AN INTERJECTION"
  19. [23:05:59] <Rommel> Combine it with Scribblenauts massive dictionary and create/do anything you can spell, and you may just be on to something amazing
  20. [23:06:15] <Giantree> yeah i need to email this to some devs
  21. [23:07:08] <Giantree> The kid let me borrow his phone/3ds/whatever because he saw i was sad, and he couldn't speak english (and my moon was really mediocre), so we communicated by him watching me play the game to netplay scrubs and rek them
  22. [23:07:09] <BlendWagon> i haven't actually communicated that you've stopped us
  23. [23:07:57] <Giantree> i played a qt blonde grill with twintails who wielded a blue translucent lance, and all i remember about her moves was that she did a lot of slides and the hitbox on her 5C was MASSIVE, bigger than herself
  24. [23:09:29] <Rommel> Sounds pretty cute, but I have no idea what that last part means
  25. [23:09:42] <Giantree> So after bossing a ton of randos (i sucked ass at the spelling btw, since it was randomized i had basically no luck and the biggest chain i ever got was 5 letters), the 3ds/phone ran out of battery, and we parted ways until the next day when i was to return home from the field trip we were on
  26. [23:09:59] <Giantree> and the jap toddler was there to see me off
  27. [23:10:22] <Giantree> immediately we both whipped out our 3dses, and it turned out i downloaded that game too, and we played it right there with all the high school students watching us
  28. [23:10:34] <Giantree> and he fucking sucked at it and got double perfected
  29. [23:10:42] <Giantree> ... and then i fell asleep and woke up on a bus
  30. [23:10:46] <Giantree> ..... and then i actually woke up
  31. [23:10:48] <Giantree> yyyyyyyyep
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