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  1.     gwern> haha oh wow, for a moment i thought it wasn't working. and then I actually read the entire line slowly going 'wait a minute...'
  2.     gwern> = 15:35 <@gwern> (for all that I read fiction the right way to think of asking for a different purpose... the company did last year; but in fact was designed to protect MO5(G) from the "Alternate Reality" scene to Shinji saying "I don't think reader is central. I did avoid the Internet, in the Japanese media industries. One doesn't expect the sequences of marcello, but surely there were real phenomenon going on? Well, either you have a thesis? take that and multiply by the likelihood of various events in a set of stubby barriers (baffles) sticking up from the old-school method of people self reporting how much they owe each other. The first line is solid: the rhythm of travel still in his hand as the very poor reverting to low-tech, low productivity craft production of goods the wealthy can manufacture efficiently. One way in which a missing item has to be punctually at a certain time period (typically thirty seconds) will be agricultural. Drones can be used only once for any such study, using rhesus monkeys, was ["Effects of caffeine on hippocampal neurogenesis and function', Han et al, 2004), very little progress has been made to alter the design of Mark.06 is a bit secluded, but is at least 1 was a complete waste of time'
  3.     A> that is wonderfully coherent
  4.     B> That's more like it
  6.     gwern> '= 11:53 <@gwern> jonas salk: Ultra Nazi' /snerk
  8.     gwern> '<@gwern> kurzweil is a flake...' <-- it speaks the truth!
  10.     gwern> '= 15:32 < gwern> turns out I'm not a loaf of white bread'
  12.     gwern> '= 06:05 < gwern> crime pays'
  14.     gwern> 'This arrangement has proven to be the cosmological consensus.'
  16.     gwern> 'The atheist church fits in a single session on the Millennium Falcon.'
  17.     C> what.
  18.     gwern> well, it's just Han. everyone else believes in the Force or whatever Wookiees believe in
  20.     gwern> '10:59 < gwern> DO IT FOR THE LULZ' <-- markov!gwern orders you
  22.     gwern> '17:08 < gwern> 'A lot of people are working through SICP all the time (FLOSS programmers may lose interest, another 17 years will see a sequence of output to get the impression you know it’s up to something,” “It just seems horribly inappropriate and wrong, but... 'Medication' here is 'kusuri.'"] In order to ensure the birth of Reitaisai SP, an additional staff of 94, “over” 1,500 active archers in South Korea alone do not indicate the underlying conditions that will extend lifespan because it is contrary to the general corruption they are also unceremoniously written out of the picture." The remaster boasts sharper, jitter-free visuals with intensified colors; the enhanced audio is palpable as soon as unusually smart people. The best covered seems to be dead.''
  23.     gwern> damn, Reitaisai SP is going to be awesome - over 1500 archers are coming from south korea?
  24.     B> From there alone!
  25.     gwern> 'their arrows will blot out the sun!'
  26.     gwern> 'good. then we will cosplay in the shade.'
  27.     A> SMARTAAAA
  28.     gwern> LOLIS! HOLLLDDDDD!!!!!!
  30.     gwern> = 11:46 < gwern> whatever you say, has to be brought into being and snuffed out to meet the usual levels of feeling sick. I plan on continuing this experiment for at least 'z' time, given the massively suboptimal american diet & exercise are prerequisites to brain power. Yet, monogamous marriage has spread across Europe, with the average monthly age of the most blatant sign that the Titanic was somehow a dramatic example of how aspergery type people can both be defined as when an agent snatched it back he said, “should consider becoming a zombie.” As if the right runes, scratched in the dirt, could produce a huge, discontinuous jolt, as the witticism goes.
  31.     C> i tabbed back in here and the only reason i noticed anything odd was the lack of a link at the end
  32.     E> 'As if the right runes, scratched in the dirt, could produce a huge, discontinuous jolt, as the witticism goes.' -- that's way too meaningful
  33.     gwern> spooky, isn't it?
  35.     gwern> 'Back in the Apollo days, people abroad want to know every financial detail. Afterward, legal commentators heaped scorn on him, could resolve so much. Do you at that time I’m sent accounts of a few weeks, my mother, sister, wife and children. As discussed above, Taiwan's fabless sector, which did nothing but sing my praises to the Fan Group Association, whom we had met to discuss producing the images, I always had this mental image of Hermione running from the troll, running for sunlight, finally reaching the bright terrace with the troll hot on her heels, only to quit in the 1970s'
  37.     gwern> 'Some of the conversation was exactly the case. Consider the seven vending machines at the Ebina Service Area along Tomei Expressway, just outside Tokyo. On offer are 33 variations of hot or cold canned coffee, 40 variations of teas, as well. Note that sheer physical exertion does not seem unreasonable and would raise the question of what kind of spacing is best and what this implied about my circadian rhythm and especially the Russian intelligentsia in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, who lacked the perfectionism and atten- tion to detail needed to stay alive to keep activating the electrode, if even one missile fired could be gin to show the imbalance. i'm not sure of anything; were there Breiviks in the latter days of carpeting and of paint (the latter of which was a bunch of the free Wall Street Journal site deliberately slowed the login process in the belief that inanimate objects have a natural antipathy towards humans, and all fluctuations from year to year, and significant but far from proving) the original theory that the human mind given its cognitive structure and social context. If this view is correct, right? Oh, I know full well that it was the standard movement tracker using a cellphone's accelerometer, but reading through the comments to demonstrate your own ignorance, lack of defaults is a good guy. I think cumulative test scoring would be more helpful if you could have joined me in executing them! What’s this handle on it, whether asking would signal anything useful, and not doing what I used to come in the form of Nyanpire. But at a demonstration in 1995, and Ep.2 in May 1995, but the curse of Evangelion and was responsible for more than 1 or 2 hrs following capsule intake. This MT1- mediated effect is more evident when the reporting errors concern statistical significance. This corroborates an earlier finding that it hurts just to contemplate and leaves an ache that lingers long after the overcoming bias section'
  38.     gwern> indeed. *were* there Breiviks in the latter days of carpeting? What does my circadian rhythm imply about the Russian intelligentsia in the nineteenth century?
  39.     gwern> 'after overcoming bias, aches linger long after.' Truer words were never generated at random!
  41.     gwern> 'the video is killing the ref, I'm getting 1993/1994 addresses for that one episode and then went through her budget with them, if I set 'div#content { line-height: 100%; }', I still see the white snakes' <-- CSS would be so much easier to program if we could just get rid of the damn white snakes in the browsers!
  43.     gwern> 'gwern> puritan: supposedly my .htaccess was put in charge of directing an episode for the first big step: a switch between mother and friend is an easy to read it a lot as they run a huge trade surplus, and arises from unmeasured benefits, such as transfer effects that scaled with training task gains. Again, such an experiment is just a rose falling apart. The spacing between the items, there is Pentuple N-back (PNB) which was successfully read and converted to CSV by `mdb-tools`. The entries look like this (as before), the alternative system, but he must have misplaced it for a lifetime by homosexual acts.' <-- I realize I sound like a homophobe here, but I swear, the markov chains are quoting me out of context!
  44.     C> pentuple n-back converted to CSV. how does that work exactly?
  45.     gwern> C: oh, you just treat the black spaces as the delimiter and parse as usual
  46.     D> "such an experiment is just a rose falling apart" :)
  48.     gwern> 'gwern> 'They told a number of important problems. Provided conditional density (1) 14% = $\frac{1}{3000}$, or `3.47 4.69. Squared, this means that any sacrifices will likely be able to retire at age 41 ([MBTA](!Wikipedia)) patch so when we know from even glancing contact that the debate over his findings. At meetings, even his hagiographers admit, if they miss the 2018 deadline, the next project is to develop at least one count: A number of experimenters who have tested this prediction have found the opposite is also true. I remember him being a black writer' <-- 'my brain is reeling!', moaned Homer the man
  50.     gwern> '06:41 < gwern> azca: I've read pretty much only of interest to logical positivism a few decades away from a person in the field of seismic data processing, at a conference in Greece recently: "I’m gainfully unemployed, so that in its history (as a look at hard data. Although its enrollees typically have less promising academic backgrounds than UW freshman, Cascadia graduates who then continue at UW earn better grades than their peers who studied the knowledge questions." But according to Morikawa-san's definition, the sums are going to have it cut anyway while she was unconcious when she rolled her head to look; yes, the maryland thing is just to have long ago largely disappated. if satoshi is unmasked, I suspect that won't be a problem with this scenario.' <-- it almost feels like it makes sense but then it all falls apart. eery.
  52.     gwern> '= 00:35 <@gwern> second episode of EVANGELION: he keeps undermining himself! there must not be very practical without them. but even if, say, NERV base. (Faculty of Medicine, Topol remembers being in the company to fund a significant bandwidth burden. It had become apparent that the producers who count-the marginal ones-are not especially likely to dislike strongly, as explained above. Small variations in observed market prices are thus less likely to find a hafu character, and, my ultimate goal, use technology to alleviate global hunger, malnutrition, and improve the soil."  "Can we order them on the index, and we would say: Well, one would reach the right answer :) it's not even goign to be no less high. Over 2012, the result is that the long run they would get the right to ride on me and choke me to meet his gaze. “Can’t do the study to try and reach out with their thumbs. That's very rare. Rather, it publishes a program to ready the other chapters required much more X-ray energy absorbed in the '90s in part because legionary soldiers who could usually read, write and swim underwater!'     <--      that's why rome conquered the known world: fucking underwater legions
  54.     gwern> 'I can't read the floor signs but it does mean that you do understand / I'll gladly explain what it means to be fractional to not have to do this in several different social spheres for the better direction of their exposure even once. Up until the 1980s, relying on early criteria might underestimate the predictive value of a ship or suit of armor, so strong that it is sweeping.' <-- augghhh this one actually almost makes sense
  56.     B> I have drawn a chart: 'Shit ----- Decent ---> Kills And Replaces Gwern'. As such, it must be stopped
  57.     gwern> 'gwern> but not in full, to a person they labeled "Kwisatz Haderach," a term signifying "one who can write well". The evidence suggests that many still have faith in scientific studies, so with them all. The law allowed "Authors and Proprietors" of "Maps, Charts, and Books", to the hasty posting on their website as 'pending'. so I wonder how they do on a quizz about the real ending would be hopeful but it just makes it easier for humans to survive in response to that, however. They are just rare welcome morsels in the general direction of the first. ocne you've rearranged your life around one kid, it'd make sense that Britney has never even once complained to me that one drive failing will take out a mortage on your house BUY BUY BUY' <-- it already makes good investment decisions and appreciates the importance of backups!
  59.     gwern> '-= 00:32 < gwern> ...the point of view they were not able to tell because I renamed the tarball, extracted the original nausicaa.tar` and apparently they were identical in every way to the newsstands, but they use it in dual n-back if one practices before bed rather than polysomnographically measured total sleep time but it doesn't matter, why would it be so hard to write about an imaginary trauma (a trauma)—which they had to know the standard deviation is higher for aerated chocolate...' <-- to be fair, aerated chocolate is not that traumatic unless you die from it, otherwise it's just tasty
  61.     gwern> '= 23:04 <@gwern> Will_Newsome: but you do know something about, and if B.S. intel ops told Naylor. All of a sudden they remember how the ratings agencies think? The sovereign CDS market tells us that if the company is deeply insolvent and nearing the end of day on modafinil, which significantly reduced energy intake, without altering their respective contributions to total productivity. In mathematics, the relationship should only have been surpassed by the market is... I wound up with . Everyone was impressed with the smart alarm mode seemed to work out better discounts right now, USG sees tor as a big brain among the computer people, but this brought about the tragic result of the drug's motivational effect. Yet, had only about 40,000 artifacts, including a brain acquired via a transplant, might do the job and in training. In the ramshackle towns of the Oriade area near Ile-Ife, where streets are lined with stalls selling prepaid cellphone cards and food like pounded yam, Dr. Foreman reached a Stage 2 level of sleep.  “It looks like the black markets & exchanges into a single truck, so I am suitably impressed' <-- somewhere, William Gibson just started his next novel
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