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  1. to paper towel lined 10 gal rubbermaid containers. Good luck with your new babies, a first hatching is a marvelous time!
  3. Kathryn on hatchlings.
  4. Oh, one idea--I don't remove the discarded egg shell until I have caught a corresponding baby: one shell, one baby. Both come out together. Thus, whenever there is a collapsed and empty eggshell, I
  5. know that there is a baby hiding somewhere in the incubator (you think there is nowhere for them to hide in the incubator, but they will find a place!).
  7. How long to keep in incubator after hatching? Until they run around and try to bite the hand that reaches for them... Actually, 2-3 days is good.
  9. They generally won't eat at all for the first 3 days or even a week, so putting in live food is fruitless then, and the crickets can nibble on the babies. I give them 1/8 to 1/4 inch crickets (better than pinheads, which are too small) a few at a time initially, and take them out if the babies only look at them curiously, "I wonder what THAT was that ran by so fast". When they stop wondering and LEAP, they get more.
  11. However, I start putting in moistened and finely chopped greens by the 4th of 5th day. It's better than a water dish, no matter how shallow. It's hard for them to drown in greens... And, this strategy has a payoff in that the young dragons eat their greens sooner and better than most...
  13. Above all: Enjoy them. Go ahead and pick them up and admire them. I call babies the "Kliingon phase"; not only are they fearless--if you let one perch on your thumb, it will just CLING on there.... sputter, sputter, gasp, :-}
  15. Ronnie on hatchlings
  16. First off, they play opossum, so be prepared for the little guy to bolt faster than you might think. Usually when there is a yolk s
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