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  1. Clean Canvas Session 0
  3. Your Lord
  4. Professor Oak's  lab rested near the edge of Pallet town, close enough that it could be easily seen from almost  anyone's windows and the vast arches of field resting behind it stretching out farther than the eye could really see. All manner of pokemon milled about in the field.
  6. The front of the building was pristine white and almost clinic looking, aside from a small welcome mat that rested in front of the automated glass doors.
  8. Marigold
  9. Marigold stepped out of the car her face buried in her father's pokedex, giving a cursory glance up at the lab when her feet found the grass "Looks bigger in the pictures" she murmured looking back to the device, absently swinging her hand at the open car door trying to close it without looking up. Marigold held the old Pokedex tight, 'forgetting' the promise she'd made her father on the drive here that she'd hand it over when they arrived, so she could mingle with the other trainer candidates.
  11.  'Why do I need to mingle with them? I'm gonna leave once I get my Pokemon and shiny new dex ,' she thought but sighed realizing she'd soon be without her app for possibly 10-20 minutes. Marigold glanced back at Pallet Town, 'Might as well do an update before I'm stuck without my phone' she thought, slipping on her sunglasses putting on a big fake smile as she snapped a selfie with Pallet Town in the background, before uploading it typing out a caption 'Hey guys! Check it out made it to Pallet Town, The Journey Begins :D', the smile fading as soon as it was posted. Marigold going back to leaning on the car, watching the views on the picture until the phone is taken away.
  13. Your Lord
  14. As she finished her picture Marigold's father cleared his throat "You sure you have everything..not forgetting something?" he asked holding out his hand and giving the look that only a parent could.
  16. Marigold
  17. Marigold looked up at his outstretched hand, taking a minute  before reluctantly handing the pokedex to him "I would have given it back before I went inside..." she lied "...but yeah, I have everything important I think," she said giving her bag a look over making sure she had the essentials like her outfit for special occasions, the clothes she'd made to show off her starter, and the sweet treat she'd made ahead of time for the 'bonding moment'. It was all setting alongside the junk her dad added like a tent and sunburn treatment. "I think I'm all set,"
  19. Your Lord
  20. As he took it he pulled Marigold in for a hug.
  21. "I know you'll  enjoy this. It was one of the greatest times in my life." he said as he let go "Your mother and I will be looking in on your post to see how things are going." he added. "Goodbye,  Marigold. I hope that you can grow a lot."
  23. Marigold
  24. 'Yeah if you're not too busy gushing over Aster to check it,' Marigold thought but returned the hug "Thanks dad, I'll make sure to call you and mom once in awhile, and stop in when I get back to Saffron," she said but knew that could be awhile planning on saving Saffron til last, her fans had seen enough of it before now. She took a few steps back letting out a small "Love you," loud enough he could hear but quiet enough any other applicants skulking around wouldn't as she went over to doors seeing if the lab open.
  26. Your Lord
  27. He waved goodbye even as Marigold passed trough the whooshing doors.
  28. Steeping inside there was a rush of air that had a slightly chemical  smell, almost like a hospital.
  30. "Hey ye're that girl I saw on Pokegram ain't ya?" A voice called. a glance would show a fit blonde girl around Marigold's age wearing plaid top and a denim skirt, all topped off by a wide-rimmed cowboy hat.  Tough a closer look one would notice a long black whip hanging from her waist.
  32. Marigold
  33. Marigold's nose prickled at the slightly chemical scent, but when someone mentioned her account the same fake smile spread across her face, "That's me Marigold Dean '@LifeWithMari', Are you a follower? It's nice to meet you," she said with enthusiasm reaching out a hand to the young woman, though her eyes did travel to the black whip on her waist, making her feel a bit apprehensive though her face wouldn't show it.
  35. Your Lord
  36. The girl didn't just take Marigold's hand but pulled her into a tight hug.
  37. "Sure am, and pleased as punch to meet ya." she said letting go "I'm Rosalind Paquet, I forget my user name right off. Only use it once in a Stoutland's year or so." she said with a large smile.
  39. Marigold
  40. Marigold worked hard to keep the smile on her face as the young woman constricted her, "It's nice to meet you too Rosalind, are you coming in to get your starter as well?" she asked trying to stay pleasant for the moment, even if the girl didn't use her account often a potential follower was still a potential follower.
  42. Your Lord
  43. "Oh, I already got myself one. Just here for the 'dex." she said taking out a pokeball and holding it up "My family runs a ranch out in Fuchsia, so I was allowed to bring my old buddy with me. Can't really let Strawberry out in here." she said with a chuckle "She's a Ponyta though."
  45. Marigold
  46. "From Fuchsia huh? So we're both pretty far from home, and you already have a Pokemon  a Ponyta at that? You'll have to show me her sometime," she said her smile genuine for a moment as she thought of possibilities. Rosalind seemed like a good friend to make for later, a ranch and her fiery horse could make for some interesting photo opportunities.
  48. Your Lord
  49. "Sure thing, I'm hoping we get put in the same party, be a lot better than those other two." she said "Not that I have anything against them, just be nice to have someone friendly." she said.
  51. Marigold
  52. 'What did she mean by Party? Dad didn't mention any party,' Marigold thought having assumed she could travel alone, she didn't want to ask Rosalind and appear out of the loop even if she was, so she lied "Yeah that would be cool," she said though didn't really mean it, Rosalind seemed fine but keeping up her facade for a whole journey would get old and this girl was a user even if it was an infrequent one, so she had to put her best foot forward. Marigold quickly moved to the other piece of information, "Other two, so along with you three people arrived before me, Where are they?" she asked the lobby seeming empty besides her and Rosalind.
  54. You Lord
  55. "Well there's Machiko who managed to talk one of the lab guys to give her a tour and Ken who's out in the pastures having an arm wrestling match with a Machamp. They won't stop until he's had a go with all four arms." she said with a hearty laugh  "The guy might actually mange to pull it off as strong as he looks."
  57. Marigold
  58. "They sound like a pair of characters," Marigold said with a giggle, glad they weren't here because from the sound of it they might overshadow her. "So neither of them seemed too friendly? I mean I could see how a guy who arm wrestles Machamps could be difficult to get along with," she said.(edited)
  60. Your Lord
  61. "Well Machiko don't seem to even like pokemon and Ken is just strong  silent type, really strong. I swear that boys arms are thicker than tree trunks." Rosalind  said patting her own biceps which were decently toned.
  63. Kili Varas
  64. One might not have expected one of the new trainers to arrive in a police car. Yet as one stopped around the laboratory entrance, the doors of the back door were finally unlocked. Out of them stepped a young boy, looking to be maybe 10 given his short stature. As soon as the kid was out of the car, he had to stretch his limbs a little. He just wasn't used to sitting down in a car for so long. Or sitting in a car in general.
  66. Yet as soon as he no longer felt stiff in the limbs, he turned back to enthusiastically beckon something on the bench. "Come on Lucky, we're here."
  68. Your Lord
  69. The Eevee hopped out and started running around in circles happy to move again.
  70. Officer Seth leaned out "Now Kili, I'm  really putting my neck on the line for you." he said firmly "Took some real string pulling to get this rather than juvie.  So I expect you to do your best, cause I can see a lot of good in you."
  72. Kili Varas
  73. Kili's attention was more focused on his friend running circles aroung him, crouching down closer to its eye level. Not that he completely ignored the officer, replying "Yea, yea. I'll go with them, travel through cities and use the Pokedex to call you. I'm not gonna run away." The last part was a lie on his part. While he didn't want to keep following orders for that long, he was smart enough to only try and run when they were in a city they could disappear in and had been around for long enough to gain the trust of whoever he'd go with.
  75. While he was about to head for the lab, with Lucky, the boy turned around and jogged back to his benefactor. As the officer had treated him kindly, he felt at least obligated to say "Thank you," with a small bow.
  77. Your Lord
  78. Seth gave a nod and drove off.
  80. Lucky clearly excited over the freedom of the outdoors took off running around toward the back giving some "Ve."
  81. He was calling his buddy to follow him.
  83. Kili Varas
  84. As his partner was already getting a bit ahead, Kili swiftly turned around to shout at it "Wait for me Lucky!" before running after it. The feeling was rather pleasant. Not only because he had been sitting for so long, but the grass beneath his feet felt a lot softer than the streets of Vermilion City. Plus his new shoes fit a lot better than the worn-out ones he had before.
  86. Your Lord
  87. Running along the neatly trimmed lawn a fence soon came into sight, there were small signs warning against trespassing. On the other side the field was grown a bit more densely, thick soft grass and wildflowers all over.
  88. Lucky looked at the fence for a moment before slipping under it and rolling around in the thicket grass
  90. Kili Varas
  91. Coming to the fence, Kili stopped for a moment to read the sign. While it was rather clear about entering the area, his only reaction was "Pff, says who?" before slipping between the fence posts. Not like he was gonna hurt anyone by getting Lucky back, so one little sign wasn't gonna stop him. Though since he was supposed to be in the lab and didn't want to immediately set a precedent of misbehavior, he was heading straight to grab Lucky into his arms and walk back out.
  93. Marigold
  94. "Doesn't like Pokemon? How could somebody not like Pokemon?" Marigold asked knowing that it was perfectly possible to dislike some Pokemon. A good swath of them uninteresting to her, but even she had Pokemon she thought were cute or useful.
  96. Your Lord
  97. Once over the fence a quick survey would let Kili see off to the side a patio area where a rather tall and muscular young man was arm wrestling  a Machamp and holding his own against it's upper left hand.
  98. "Eve." Lucky said as he  looked at the sight and started to approach clearly interested in seeing an odd match.
  100. "Easily." a new voice said "Pokemon are dirty, noisy, and far to unpredictable ." a girl said as she walked in accompanied by what looked like a robotic Totodile.  The girl was not unattractive though she was far from the traditional sort of attractive with thick eyebrow, a slightly pudgy figure and clothes that were stained and torn in spots  "I am only getting a 'starter' because I have to." she stated as her mechanical pokemon waddled after her.
  102. Marigold
  103. Marigold was put at ease when she saw she could beat Machiko in looks. When she spotted the robotic Totodile her hand immediately went for the Pokedex in her pocket and mentally cursed when she remembered it was back with her father. "What about Pichu or Cleffa, they're adorable and what is that?" she asked pointing to the robot following the young woman.
  105. Kili Varas
  106. As he followed his friend to try and quietly nab him, Kili too noted the rather odd match going on. He could recognize a Machamp and while he didn't know just how strong one was, he knew enough that it was 'really strong' so it seemed all the more amazing someone was able to match one in strength. But as much as he too was curious, he preferred not getting noticed and just sneakily nabbing the Eevee back into his lap. Especially noticed by someone that strong in an area he wasn't supposed to be in. Whispering to his Pokemon, he tried to call for it. "Come on Lucky, we shouldn't be doing this. We'll do it later when they trust us."
  108. Your Lord
  109. Machiko clicked her tongue "Hardly they are annyoing little trouble markers that ruin everything.." she said "You know how many hours of work can go down the drain because they spot a shiny gear."
  111. "See, not the most friendly sort. " Rosalind said
  113. Lucky nodded and ducked back under the fence and ran up to the front door, though it wouldn't open for him alone.
  115. Marigold
  116. Marigold nodded in agreement, Machiko was more prickly than she could be when mom or dad tried to hide the pokedex from her, "Work what kind of work do you do? Robotics?" she asked.
  118. Kili Varas
  119. While following his friend back, Kili couldn't help but giggle to himself a bit. It was just the thrill of getting away with breaking the rules that got him every time. Though holding his tone enough to not ruin his escape in the last moments. Back at the front door, Kili looked around for a moment to try and figure if this was the right place. Seeming like the door he had seen from the front, the boy tried to knock on it to see who would open. Apparently he was meant to look for someone named Professor Oak.
  121. Your Lord
  122. The girl snorted in a condescending way as she pointed to her mechanical follower "The Mechodile MK. 1." she said proudly pushing her glasses up "I used a lot of money to get the best parts I could, though it's still just a prototype I can safely say it's stronger than any normal pokemon." she bragged.
  124. Marigold
  125. "You've used it in a battle? Are trainer's allowed to battle before they get their starter?" she asked wondering if the mechanical Pokemon really could stand it's ground in a battle with a real Pokemon, as she heard someone knocking on the door turning to see Kili through the glass as she pointed down at the pad letting him know he needed to step on it.
  127. Your Lord
  128. "Well I plugged it into a virtual training program."  she admitted folding her arms "But Mk. 1 has not lost once."
  130. Rosalind couldn't hold back a small laugh "Not to be rude or nothin bbut that ain't really the same thing. Since I lived out on a ranch Strawberry and I had  special permission to scare of any wild pokemon that messed with us." she said "And you can't always say what'll win."
  132. Your Lord
  133. The door whooshed open as Kili approached the cool air blasting out as Lucky ran in nearly making Machiko jump into the air "Keep it away from me!" she shouted "Who knows the last time it was washed."
  135. Kili Varas
  136. Calmly walking inside while taking in the rather nice looking surroundings, his answer was "He's not 'it'. His name is Lucky and he's my partner. And we washed together before getting in the car." Turning his eye towards the group of girls, he tilted his head to the side a little while asking "So do you know where Professor Oak is? I was told to look for him."
  138. Your Lord
  139. "He's busy finishin up some paperwork or some such." Rosalind  said as she walked over to Kili and playfully ruffled his hair "So what's your name squirt, I'm Rosalind." She said "And that's Machiko." she said pointing to the other girl who was using her remote to keep her robot between herself and Lucky who was chasing it around thinking it was some kind of game.
  141. Kili Varas
  142. With a wide smile, the boy brought his hands to his hair in reflex to being ruffled. "I'm Kili."  "Nice to mee you Rosalind. Did someone tell you to also go on a journey with a Pokemon? I didn't see yours anywhere." He paid little mind to Lucky's unintended intrusion of personal space, as he presumed Machiko was indeed playing with it like he often did with a piece of string and a feather. In fact he looked past Marigold to cheer on his friend. "Go get it Lucky! You can win!"
  144. Your Lord
  145. "Well mine's a flaming horse so not the best to have out in a building." she said "Plus Strawberry don't like artificial lights too much." she said pointing overhead.
  146. "And no one told me to, I've been wantin to do this for a while. Great way to get new breeding stock for the ranch and learn to handle even the rowdiest pokemon."
  148. Marigold
  149. Marigold was about to introduce herself when Kili looked right past her, causing the girl to bristle for a moment. Marigold took a moment to collect herself behind her fake smile, before stepping into Kili's field of view "And I'm Marigold," she said a bit strained as she forced the smile
  151. Kili Varas
  152. "I'd have preferred saying at home. Lucky's all I need."  Lifting his new running shoes, Kili looked at them in admiration. "But Mister Seth got me all this stuff. I've never had shoes this nice." As Marigold forced herself to Kili's vision, he happily greeted her too. "Nice to meet you too Marigold. Do you also have a Pokemon?"
  154. Marigold
  155. Marigold relaxed a bit "No I don't, I was planning on getting my starter here. I didn't know you could have a Pokemon without being a trainer," Marigold said wishing she'd have known that so she could have bugged her father to give her one his pokemon's eggs.
  157. Your Lord
  158. "We were raised togather." A very tall and muscular boy said as he walked in accompanied by a small purple human like pokemon that glared at Lucky who quickly ran back to Kili
  160. Kili Varas
  161. "Really? I've had Lucky for years now. We met back in Celadon and became partners soon after." However Kili almost missed the entrance of the muscular boy and his Pokemon, something that chased Lucky back to him. Kili immediately held the Eevee in his arms, saying "Wait, you're that..." Kili managed to catch himself before revealing he was trespassing earlier. "Nah, confused you for someone else."
  163. Your Lord
  164. "My name's Ken." he said "This is Strike." he said and his pokemon have a nod "Ty."
  166. Marigold
  167. Marigold looked at Ken 'I could believe he could arm wrestle a Machamp,' she thought his arms almost as big as her head, "Hello Kent, I'm Marigold," she said but didn't stick out her hand this time, half afraid the large boy would crush it if she did.
  169. You Lord
  170. "Ken." He said "So how long till the rest are here?" he asked.
  172. Kili Varas
  173. Puffing his cheeks a little bit in annoyance, Kili asked "There's more? Geez, how big is group gonna be?" Not that he minded a group, just escaping would be a lot harder with more eyes around.
  175. Marigold
  176. Marigold shrugged "We'd have to ask the professer, though I came from Saffron and Rosalind came from Fuchsia, so you think people closer would be here by now," she said
  178. Your Lord
  179. "Four in each party." Machiko said "Safety in numbers."
  180. "Makes sense with how Team Rocket has been more active as of late." Rosalind said.
  182. It was at that moment the doors opened and in stepped a young man who was...hard to ignore.
  184. A fedora resting atop a shock of bleached blonde hair, a tee shirt with a band no one in the room had ever heard of emblazoned on it and half hidden by a black vest. A pair of prince nez glasses that were actually tinted rose colored, jean so skinny they had to be cutting off blood flow.
  186. He scanned the room and settled on Marigold.
  188. "Well if it isn't the most beautiful flower from Saffron." He said with a bow "I'm a huge fan, may I ask permission to kiss you lovely hand?"
  190. Marigold
  191. Marigold was a bit awestruck, she knew this brand of trend seeker well, she ran with and was one herself from time to time and was surprised to see one this far out into the country. Marigold let out a small laugh, half charmed by his flattery and half amused by how hard he was trying. She was a bit reluctant at the prospect of him kissing her hand, knowing a few fans could get creepy if you gave them an inch, but figured he wouldn't try anything in front of all these people, holding out her hand "Always nice to meet a fan, you are?" she asked
  193. Your Lord
  194. "Kingston Quin, I'm follower number 370, same number as Luvdisc, the Rendezvous pokemom." He said as he lightly kissed the back of Marigold's hand "Surly our meeting her was fate. I do hope that we are in the same party." He then turned to look at  Rosalind and tipped his hat "I would also love to know the name of the lady who has clearly tamed many pokemon and my heart as well." he said.
  196. Rosalind just starting laughing so hard she snorted "Oh you are a charmer." she said before introducing herself.
  198. Marigold
  199. Marigold had to bite her lip a bit holding back a laugh as big as Rosalind's 'This guy is so corny,' she thought managing to bring it down so it came out as a light chuckle "Yeah, being in the same party would sure be something, so where are you from Kingston?" she said figuring he was likely from Celadon or Viridan, sure she'd have heard of such a big 'personality' if he was from Saffron.
  201. Your Lord
  202. "Right here." He answered quickly spinning around to face Marigold "I'm a Pallet native, the most popular boy in the entire town."
  204. Kili Varas
  205. Curiously lifting his gaze to Marigold, Kili asked "You're famous?" He knew he wasn't too well-informed on celebrities, especially outside Vermillion city. Still, if Kingston was acting so odd at her there had to be something big.
  207. Marigold
  208. "I bet," Marigold said to Kingston with a slight smile that making a lot of sense, as she turned to Kili puffing up a bit, "Yeah I have a pretty popular Pokegram account, '@LifeWithMari'," she said figuring Kili would know what she's talking about since in her mind everyone knew what Pokegram was.
  210. Kili Varas
  211. The term was completely alien to Kili, who just tilted his head in confusion. "What's a pokegram?"
  213. You Lord
  214. "It's a waste of time." Ken commented.
  216. Marigold
  217. Marigold deflated her smile disappearing for the first time, "Umm, well it's this social media site, where people can post pictures and videos, to share parts of their life," she explained awkwardly as she heard what Ken said she looked back at him glad she was wearing sunglasses or she might end up glaring a hole through him, but instead she took a few breaths turning back to Kili "Some people have that opinion, but it's a rather popular site," she said not addressing Ken directly.
  219. Your Lord
  220. "The lady is right, it's a wonderful way to share beauty with the world." Kingston said "After all how else could I have known about her beforehand and her many talents."
  222. Kili Varas
  223. Having never owned any internet-connected device, his confusion was not helped in the least by the explanation. "Social media? I've heard people say that, but never figured out what it was. Where is that site located?"
  225. Your Lord
  226. Machiko sighed "I’m with the muscle freak, it's nothing but a way for thots to show off." she said not hiding her contempt for Marigold.
  227. "Now, now there's no need for such harsh words." Kingston said looking at Machiko.
  229. Marigold
  230. Marigold laughed at Machiko "Do you even know what that term means? Check the profile, it's like Kingston says it's mostly my cooking or fashion. Occasionally some fun activities, I ain't taking half naked shots with the Lilipup filter like some people," she said
  232. Your Lord
  233. "Point stands, anyone who uses that is just attention starved." she said "I'd rather spend my free time with something practical then trying to get likes."
  234. "Training is good." Ken said.
  235. Machiko nodded "Yes even that is better."
  237. Kili Varas
  238. As the conversation went into arguing about something Kili hadn't the slightest clue about, he tried to ask again in confusion "What's social media? Pictured and videos? Cooking and fashion? And half-naked people?"
  240. Opal Cyth
  241. Opal was one of the later arrivals, actually being one of the few people who actually grew up in pallet town, and had her kife there. She hadn't needed a driver, and by extention had instead walked their from her home atop the large hill.
  243. Unsurprisingly this tactic had made her underestimate the actual amount of time she'd need to leave to arrive at the lab.
  245. Though she had arrived. Armed with a sporty looking napsack on her back, skirt, blazer, and a buisness like tie eyed the front doors of the building with a steely gaze. Opal nodded to herself.
  247. This was her starting point. Her first step. She'd already had an idea of what she was here for. To meet her rivals, her opponents. The people she'd have to beat every day as she worked her way towards her goal.
  249. They were supposed to be "group members" but she knew better. This was about them all getting better, this was a reminder of your competition.
  251. With that look, she checked her clothing. Took deep breaths, made sure she looked perfect. Cause she was here to be the best. Pushing her way through the front door of the lab, and strolling in with a neutral near scowl on her face.
  253. Your Lord
  254. The moment Kingston spotted Opal he dropped to one knee "Oh, the Goddess of Pallet has arrived. I have been wishing for this day, ours will be a grand journey!" he declared.
  256. "You know we had a Stoutland like him once, had to get him fixed." Rosalind commented.
  258. Marigold
  259. "Yeah you're getting it," Marigold said smiling to Kili's confused statement about social media as she was about to rip into Machiko about being 'practical' when she was looking for the robotic replacement for Pokemon, when Opal walked in and Kingston started his schpeal. She stopped paying attention to Machiko and Ken, looking over this new girl 'She's trendy, attractive, and determined, I don't like her,' she thought
  261. Opal Cyth
  262. Opal stared at the guy for a moment and said, scratching her cheek a touch a slight red hue on her face, "The journey with me isn't gonna be fun, you should stay out of it"
  264. Kili Varas
  265. Leaning over to Rosalind, Kili said in a hushed tone while looking at Kingston and Opal in turns "I hope I don't have to travel with him. He seems weird. Or her. She seems mean."
  267. Your Lord
  268. "Oh I beg to differ just being with you each day has been a glorious adventure already." he said.
  269. "Yeah that boy is a bit much." she said "And give her a chance,  never know what a book is like till you open it up and read a few pages."
  271. Marigold
  272. Marigold took note of her reaction, 'Easily blushed by that guy? Interesting,' she thought a smile appearing back on her face when the girl showed a weakness as she approached holding out her hand "Hello there, I'm Marigold Dean, and from the sound of it you're a local." she said
  274. Opal Cyth
  275. Opal took a moment her eyes lingering on Kingston. She knew him from school right? Yeah he was from there, she could vaugely remember him from class somewhere.
  277. Had he done this before? She honestly couldnt remember this guy.
  279. With her mind elsewhere she rehardened her thoughts and instead began blocking it off, saying, "every day? I barely remember yo-."
  281. With that she let herself get cut off from her thoughts and simply reaponded, "yeah. I am."
  283. You Lord
  284. Kingston seemingly oblivious  stood "Yes, I've been sitting next to you everyday since kindergarten." he said "And I've always made sure to help whenever I could."
  285. If Opal really though she could almost recall someone always being there and handing her stuff, though that was about it.
  287. Opal Cyth
  288. Her mind had started searching, "huh?"
  290. "one of the help?" she said her mind trying to put him into a more prominent spot.
  292. Your Lord
  293. "I would serve you in anyway." He answered
  295. Opal Cyth
  296. She nodded in understanding. Ah he was one of the help. No wonder why she couldnt remember him.
  298. Marigold
  299. Marigold stood there for a few moments with her hand out before  letting it drop back to her side, 'Real star batch of people here, at least Rosalind and the sheltered kid seem nice enough,' she thought when Opal called Kingston the help, 'Oh so she's a rich girl...great I thought I had enough of those in Saffron,' she thought, as she cleared her throat bringing attention back her way "So what's your name?" she said wondering if Opal was just flighty and forgot to introduce herself
  301. Opal Cyth
  302. Opal had let her mind be a bit lost in trying to identfy kingston, before letting the throat clear bring her attention back, with that question she said, no laughter or joking in her eyes, just a serious determined gaze that spoke to her speaking a fact.
  304. "the next champion. Opal cyth." she said.
  306. Marigold
  307. Marigold laughed a bit, she didn't mean to but trying to hold in her disdain for Ken and Machiko had weakened her hold as she quickly looked embarassed "Sorry, That's a really fine dream to have," she said 'If a bit generic,' she thought
  309. Your Lord
  310. "It's a good one." Ken said.
  311. Machiko laughed as well though more coldly than Marigold.
  313. Opal Cyth
  314. Opal said sharply,  her mind a drifted back to the similar reactions she'd gotten to that before, "not a dream, its a fact."
  316. Kili Varas
  317. Since he considered Kignston, Opal and Marigold to be lost in their own world, as well as rather unpleasant conversation, Kili's attention turned back to Rosalind. "You grew up at a ranch, right? What's that like? I've never been to one, but I bet Lucky would love to have that much open space. He was already rolling around grass when we first got out of the car."
  319. Marigold
  320. Marigold gave Opal a look "Isn't that a bit of a bold statement, when in a room with 7 other people who could be going for the same goal? You can't be sure you out of all of us is going to be the Champion," she said not really interested in being Champion herself, though it would probably be a big boost to her fan count, but did find Opal to be a bit presumptuous to assume she'd be the Champion.
  322. Your Lord
  323. "It's a lot of hard work, but it's satisfying.:" she answered "We work pretty much from dark to dark, before the sun is up and after it sets. We have all kinds of pokemon and we work with the Safari Zone..well my parents do anyways, I take care of mostly the domestic pokemon." She knelt down and petted Lucky who began to tap his foot at the attention "I bet this little guy would love to play with the Eevees we have."
  324. "That's right." Machiko said "I plan to take the Championship with my pokebots and prove their superiority."
  326. "I just want my gym back." Ken said
  328. Kili Varas
  329. The kid's eyes brightened at the prospect, wanting to experience something like that for the first time. "I'd love to let Eevee play with them. We lived in Vermillion with just the two of us so he didn't really get to play with anyone but me." And since he was going to be with them for a while anyway, another idea popped in his head. "Hey, if we're gonna be traveling together, can we visit when we pass by... where did you live?"
  331. Ethan Stark
  332. One of the later arrivals, Ethan stepped out of his grandfather's car, whom had insisted to drive the family over from their small home. The family had taken their time to enjoy breakfast together and talked about their adventures in their youth. Though this had put Ethan slightly behind schedule then he would have liked, he didn't worry much since it is a joyous occasion with his family. Sadly his sister, Robin, is still on her own Pokemon journey to become an idol/performer. So she wasn't around for this occasion. Nor was his favorite tomboyish aunt around, who was busy with her job.
  334. Dressed in a simple deep verdant green button down shirt, cream color pants and simple sneakers, Ethan smiles with excitement as he looks over the front of the building of the Pokemon Professor he had heard so much about. Turning around, Ethan gives a round a hug to his parents and grandparents. "Love you and miss you." Ethan mentions after the hugs. A word he rarely says since the boy usually shows his affection through actions rather than words.
  336. You Lord
  337. "Out by Fuscia," she answered "I'll let my kin know bout ya and if you swing by with or without me they'll treat ya good." she said.
  338. "Love you to, make us all proud," His grandfather said as he watched Ethan enter the lab.
  340. Opal Cyth
  341. "its not, because its the only only way i'm going to let this happen." ,It was opal who was answering, her eyes locking onto Ethan as he entered, "I'll take all challengers for the championship."
  343. Kili Varas
  344. "Alright, I'll look for it whenever we get to Fuscia." Naturally Kili didn't know Fuscia was quite a ways from their current location. Didn't kill his enthusiasm though. Something that made him consider staying in the group maybe a little longer than he originally planned if need be.
  346. Ethan Stark
  347. Locking eyes with Opal's, whom seems to have directed a part of the conversation she was having with others at him, Ethan simply smiles at the girl. He first looked around to make sure he has mistaken the girl's intentions. Confirming she had indeed directed that last bit to include him, Ethan walks over to the group.
  349. "Hi! Looks like you're all Pokemon Trainers to be. I'm Ethan, nice to meet you." He bows slightly at his self introduction, a form of etiquette he had learn from the grandparents on his mother's side.
  351. Marigold
  352. "We'll see when we get out pokemon," Marigold said softly to Opal, figuring that since she'd been raised around pokemon she could at least beat this spoiled rich girl to knock her down a peg, and it would be a great first post for her journey. She then turned to look at Ethan putting her smile back on "Nice to meet you as well, I'm Marigold," she said
  353. Kili Varas
  354. As the last of the entries arrived, at least counting from the 'two group of four' comment, the boy turned to the new arrival to intorduce himself, still holding the Eevee in his arms. "Hi, I'm Kili. And this is Lucky."
  356. Your Lord
  357. There was a click of static from the intercoms "Ken Kimura, Kingston Quinn, Michiko Akiyama, and Rosalind Paquet please come to the main lab. There are guide arrows painted along the walls."
  359. Ethan Stark
  360. "Nice to meet you two. And you too Lucky!" Ethan says before addressing to the Eevee in Kili's arms. He then looks over to Opal.
  362. Your Lord
  363. "Well talk later." Rosalind said as she and the other left
  365. Marigold
  366. "See you later Rosalind," Marigold said waving, but got a bit nervous that if it was two groups of four. That she was possibly in Opal's, though she remained optimistic that she at least wouldn't end up with Ken and Machiko who seemed to have disdain for Pokegram. At this point without someone building or bashing her ego, she finally noticed Lucky was a Eevee as she grinned "Aww he's so cute, I hope I can get a pokemon like him," she said reaching for a pet of the normal type.
  368. Your Lord
  369. Luck walked over and sniffed at Marigold before nuzzling her leg. A trick he'd used more than a few times to distract someone to make it easier to pick their pockets
  371. Opal Cyth
  372. Opal didn't have anything to say now they were in the room alone. She'd said her piece, and found a spot to sit down in.
  374. Marigold
  375. Marigold was too engrossed with the Eevee bending down to pet him on both sides of his head "Such a sweety," she said not paying attention to Kili or her pack
  377. Kili Varas
  378. While Kili could recognize the trick, he wasn't too keen on using it. Not on these people at least, seeing as it was pretty clear they'd need to travel together. He was smart enough to not take from someone who was going to be around constantly. Kili too reached to pet his partner, though he was mostly trying to make sure it won't try to take anything just yet. "Yea, he stuck with me all these years after I found him. We're a really good team."
  380. Your Lord
  381. Lucky gave a small bark and  turned to jump up and lick Kili's cheek
  383. Marigold
  384. "He's been your pet for a long time then? Where did you find him a pet shop, a shelter?" she asked curiously wondering if she could use the same method herself to find an Eevee.
  386. Kili Varas
  387. Gazing upwards as he was playing with the Eevee, Kili answered "No, he was a stray on the street. After I shared my food with him when he was hungry, he started following me around, sharing his food with me. So we kind of helped each other survive and stuck together."
  389. Opal Cyth
  390. With nothing else left to do, she pulled her backpack off reaching in and pulling out some yarn, purple, and black kniting needles starting to slowly knit out something. Working on a good looking scarf was the current goal.
  392. Marigold
  393. "Survive? What were you and Lucky doing before you came here?" she asked wondering if he was one of those Mountan Climbers she's heard about that like to go hiking over Mount Moon.
  395. Your Lord
  396. Lucky looked up at Kili giving another lick for reassurance.
  398. Kili Varas
  399. "Just living? I mean we didn't have that much food and our hideout got pretty cold during winter, but we got used to it at some point. I managed... I think three years of that? So it wasn't really that hard after the first year when we got used to it."
  401. Opal Cyth
  402. Opal said from her seat across the room, she'd still obviously been listening, at the same time she wouldn't admit that. As if admiring her own work and looking at the pattern she said, "good job.”
  404. Ethan Stark
  405. ""Poor thing. Have you ever taken him to a Pokemon Center or a vet? To check on his health. Ethan asks, concerned for the Eevee. His inner Pokemon caregiving wants to make sure Lucky didn't had any diseases for being a stray.
  407. Your Lord
  408. Lucky looked to be in good health at a glance.
  410. Marigold
  411. Marigold felt like she stepped on a landmine "You two look well for being in that...situation, I couldn't tell you'd that situation at all," she said trying to compliment him and avoid saying the word Homeless
  413. Kili Varas
  414. Turning around a bit to better see his own clothes, he gave an explanation to not looking like he did just a few weeks ago in his old clothes. "Well, mister Seth wanted to get me a new set of clothes for the journey. Don't see why since my old hoodie was still good for at least a few more months, but this one feels a lot nicer." However Ethan's question was more difficult one to answer. He couldn't just admit they didn't go to one commonly since they were known pickpockets, but he didn't have an immediate answer either. Rather he chose to just avoid and distract. "We made due, couldn't use a Pokemon Center. You use one often? What kind of Pokemon do you have then?”
  416. Ethan Stark
  417. "Well you two look well." Ethan realized he might have said something he shouldn't have, especially after hearing hints of their past.
  419. "Yes and No. I don't have a Pokemon to bring to the Pokemon Centers. But I do visit my local Pokemon Center to help my mum,. Sometimes I'll help the doctors and nurses too." Ethan explains why he would visit a Pokemon Center when he doesn't have a Pokemon.(edited)
  421. Kili Varas
  422. Bingo. The question was forgotten and Kili could keep steering away from revealing his means of livelihood. "Oh, so why are you going on the journey then?"
  424. Ethan Stark
  425. "Well, to get my name out there. By becoming a recognized person and Pokemon Trainer. That way I can earn money to buy land to open up a Pokemon Daycare for my mum and pops. I think the fastest way is to get strong enough to challenge the Elite Four. Aiming for the Pokemon Champion is another idea" Ethan explained his goals. "What about you? Why are you going on the journey?" Ethan returns the question to Kili
  427. Kili Varas
  428. Naturally not wanting to admit it was this or a correctional facility, Kili answered. "Because mister Seth told me to."  Shaking his backpack a bit, he added "Plus he gor me all this neat stuff. Lucky never had a Pokeball before, and these are the nicest shoes I've ever had."
  430. Your Lord
  431. The first group came out each holding a pokedex and Michiko now had a pokeball hanging from her belt.
  432. "The Prof said to let you lot know that it's your turn." Rosalind said with a smile.
  434. Opal Cyth
  435. Opal took her knitting needles and put them into her bag, before slinging the whole thing over her shoulder again.
  437. With a nod to Rosalind giving her acknowledgement she walked past their group heading in. Her steps just a touch more excited to receive her pokemon.
  439. Marigold
  440. "Thanks Rosalind," Marigold said returning her smile, a real one in this case glad to suddenly have an out from this uncomfortable conversation she had brought upon herself.
  442. Marigold stood up heading toward the hallway where the first group had come from, glancing at Machiko's pokeball 'I wonder what the pokephobe picked. Well with the way she acts, it will probably never leave it's ball,' she thought
  444. Ethan Stark
  445. Since he was the last to arrive, Ethan didn't form any connection with the first group of four that had entered the lab. Nor was he able to learn their names or what they were like. Not to mention he has a vague understanding of Kili's history. "Oh?" Ethan didn't know what to say next to the boy. Luckily the first group of four that had enter the lab has exited. Hearing he was to enter the lab with the other three, Ethan looks to Kili and smiles. "Looks like it's our turn to meet the Professor."
  447. With a slight bounce in his step, Ethan walks over to enter the main lab.
  449. Your Lord
  450. Following the halls gave a peek into a few rooms filled with equipment and pokemon being used for all manner of testing, though none of it stood out too much.
  452. Soon enough though the group entered Oak's personal lab, which split between a clean and sterile lab and  a den than anything else, complete with a fireplace that had a Charmander napping in the middle of it.
  453. One the lab side there were only a few machines, mostly computers.
  455. Standing beside a large table with dozens of pokeballs resting on it was Professor Oak.
  456. "Greetings young trainers ." he said in a kindly voice "I am very happy to see so many young people about to head out on a journey like this, please pick any of the pokemon you see here. But think carefully, they will be your companions and  guardians."
  459. Opal Cyth
  460. It was with very little thought that Opal went up to the table. She honestly hadn't put a lot into this pick herself. She'd known that she wanted to get one of them, but she wasn't sure what she'd really wanted.
  462. With a stare at the choices of the pokeballs Opal decided to let luck, destiny, an outside force. Whatever the world wanted to give her as her starter.
  464. Grabbing the ball she eyed the inside of it giving a simple word to oak of, "The journey will be long, but it'll be worth it."
  466. Saying that she stepped away from the table dropping the ball onto the ground and waiting to see what was inside.
  468. Your Lord
  469. A Bulbasauar appeared in a flash of red light.
  471. "Bulba!" it cried out with a wide grin.
  473. "A good pick." Oak said with a nod "That one is a bit headstrong, out of the whole batch she was the first to try and start battling to establish her position."
  475. Opal Cyth
  476. The girl looked at the bulbasaur for a moment with an oddly soft smile that hadn't been seen by the others since Opal had arrived she said, "That's good, Opal Cyth, and Now you're Chrysanthemum."
  478. She crouched down to the pokemon and said her eyes becoming steely as she stared at her pokmon, "We're aiming for the top, got it?"
  480. Your Lord
  481. Chrysanthemum looked into Opal's eyes.
  482. "Saur!" she said as she bumped Opal with her head not enough to knock her off balance but enough to make it clear she was showing off how strong she was,
  484. Marigold
  485. Marigold eyed the green toad dinosaur that Opal had picked 'It's cute in a goofy and green kind of way, and it's a bit more unique. It would be more surprising then a Pichu or Igglybuff. Plus even when I gussy it up it wouldn't overshadow me' she thought, looking over to Prof. Oak.
  487. "Professor do you have any other Pokemon like that one? I think I could mesh well with a Pokemon like it," she said pointing to the Bulbasaur
  489. Your Lord
  490. Oak put his hand to his chin to think for a moment "Ah yes."  he said picking up a ball and handing it to Marigold " She's not the most active pokemon I've got but she's a pretty friendly one who will get along with just about anyone."
  492. Marigold
  493. 'Friendly and laid back? Sounds way more low maintenance then Ms.Rich's one looking to battle for supremacy,' she thought smiling as she took the Pokeball.
  494. “Thank you Professor she sounds perfect,” Marigold said releasing the Pokémon at her feet
  496. Your Lord
  497. Upon releasing it a small purple pokemon with only a pair of legs and thick set of leave sprouting from it's head appeared.
  498. "Oddish?" it asked tiling it's head/body and looking at Marigold.
  500. Marigold
  501. Marigold looked surprised seeing the strange purple creature in front of her "Umm Professor what is this Pokemon?" she asked confused why he had given  her this walking weed when she had asked for a Bulbasaur.
  503. Your Lord
  504. "An Oddish, they have the same typing as Bulbasaur. Chrysanthemum was the only one I had, but Oddish is a fine choice, while not as strong they have a great deal of versatility and if raised properly can grow into some of the most beautiful pokemon around." he said taking out a pokedex and holding it up displaying a Vileplume and a Bellossom.
  506. Kili Varas
  507. While the rest were picking out a Pokemon for their journey, Kili just knelt down to pat Lucky on the back. "I wanna stick with Lucky. I know him better than ny of those ."
  509. Marigold
  510. Marigold kept the smile on, hiding her disappointment with the bulb Pokemon, knowing she couldn't just refuse it after the Professor had picked it out for her personally, her eyes immediately latched onto the picture of Bellossom however, 'It's weird looking, but I can't just give it back without looking bad. Plus I just need to tough it out until it evolves then it will be worth dealing with the weed,' she thought misunderstanding Oak thinking Bellossom was Oddish' next evolution "She's still Perfect, my dad always did say a grass type is the best Pokemon to start with since they grow quickly," she said kneeling down to the Oddish' level.
  512. "Hey about I call you Aster, because you remind me of my little sister," she said smiling 'Both of you are disappointing and weird looking,' she thought.
  514. Your Lord
  515. Lucky gave a cheerful bark.
  517. "Ah, an Eevee is a very good partner and it looks like the two of you already have a good bond." Oak said approvingly.
  519. "Grass type do grow like weeds." Oak said with a laugh which earned a small growl from Chrysanthemum.
  521. Oddish likewise just blinked slowly before turning back to Marigold and shook her leafs a few times in thought on the name before jumping up and down "Odd~ish!"
  523. Kili Varas
  524. Turning over to look at Marigold's new partner, Kili commented "It looks a bit weird, but also kind of cute." Offering his free hand as he often did to his own partner, he said "Hello Aster, I'm Kili."(edited)
  526. Your Lord
  527. Aster stuck out a leaf almost like offering a hand shake.
  529. Kili Varas
  530. Something Kili happily took. "I hope you and Marigold can get as close and Lucky."
  532. Your Lord
  533. The leaf felt a little tingly but not enough to be worrying.
  535. Lucky walked up "Eve! he took a sniff and sneezed.
  537. "Dish." Aster said in an apologetic tone as she just waved her leaves rather than trying to touch Lucky.(edited)
  539. Marigold
  540. Marigold chuckled 'At least it can act cute, even if it looks weird,' she thought as reached down petting Aster's leaves "I'm sure we'll end up getting close,"she said '...after she evolves' she added in her head.
  542. Your Lord
  543. Aster looked up and smiled "Odd."
  545. Marigold
  546. "Oh yeah I got something for you," Marigold said pulling out a cute looking sweet pastry from her pack "A little snack to say let's be friends," she said offering if, wishing she had her Pokedex to take a picture like planned, but figured this would be a good test run to see how the Pokemon reacted to the snack as she could always make another one.
  548. Your Lord
  549. Aster leaned in and ate it in one bite before scrunching her face and making a bits of a gag as her leaves curled like and shivered.
  550. "Ish."
  552. Marigold
  553. "Oh I'm so sorry!" she said with a faux apologetic voice mentally growling inside knowing what this meant, 'Oh great she hates sweet things, which means she prefers those little sour balls,' she thought as she reached into her pack opening a jar of mush "Here this should help you get the taste out of your mouth," she said putting it where Aster could reach.(edited)
  555. Your Lord
  556. Aster took a bit and another soon emptying the jar, she rubbed her stomach?, with her leaves
  558. Marigold
  559. "There we go, any growing Pokemon should like this stuff, and it's got nutrients to help you grow faster," she said smiling but was a bit annoyed that she lost two photo ops before she even had her new dex in hand, but knew she couldn't look like a bad caregiver in front of the Professor or others. Plus anything was worth it to get the purple bulb evolving faster
  561. You Lord
  562. Aster began to waddle around the room approaching Chrysanthemum, Lucky joined her  in trying to great the Bulbasuar who just gave a small growl as if she was challenging them
  564. Kili Varas
  565. Eyeing the treats given to Oddish, Kili asked "What are those?"
  567. Marigold
  568. Seeing the Bulbasaur growl Marigold got an amused smirk for a moment'Like owner, like pokemon,' she thought as she turned to Kili "Well the first one was one of my sweet confectioneries, they've got a sweet flavor and can improve your reflexes a bit, though it looks like she didn't enjoy it so she might dislike sweet things. The mush is just baby food, for young Pokemon it can help them grow faster," she explained.(edited)
  570. Your Lord
  571. Aster and Lucky backed away and began to chat with each other in pokemon speech.
  572. Chrysanthemum ignored them and just looked at Opal "Bul." she looked like she was eager to have a real fight
  574. Ethan Stark
  575. Ethan looks around the lab, awed with it's layout and all the machinery. What drew most of his attention was the large table filled with dozens of Pokeballs. Excited and nervous at the same time, Ethan pondered which Pokemon would become his partner. Luckily a few options have been removed as Ethan debated on which Pokeball to select as he casts a passing glance over the signs that indicate what Pokemon belong inside the Pokeball.
  577. His eyes stopped on a singular Pokeball, despite not having seen the rest on the table. Probably because the Pokemon looked cute and had a fluffy tail, not to mention it's a Pokemon that isn't a native to Kanto, at least to his knowledge. "I hope we get along." Ethan smiles, picking up the Pokeball and said to the Pokemon inside. He held the Pokeball for a brief moment as if all his excitement and nervousness rolled into one. As if a dispelling effect, Ethan presses the button to release the Pokemon inside.
  579. Your Lord
  580. As the small fox form she looked around for a few seconds to see who was around before turning her attention to Ethan. She gave a small bow of her head and wagged her tail slowly, she ended it with a demure yip.
  582. Ethan Stark
  583. With one hand over his left chest, Ethan returns a bow of his own to the small fox. "It's a pleasure to meet you, I'm Ethan Stark." With a warm smile, Ethan kneels down and stretches out a hand to the Pokemon, giving her some time to get accustom to him and/or his scent. "I'll be honored if you'll join me on our journey together."
  585. Your Lord
  586. The Fennekin gave another small yip.
  588. "Alright seems that all of you are starting to bond already." Oak said proudly as he walked over to a table and retried a small case that he opened and removed four pokedexs from.
  590. "You legal guardians filled out all the information and it's been loaded into the dexes." he said handing each trainer their own pokedex. "Now you'll need to make very sure to take care of you pokedex, it serves as an identification, phone, radio, and more. They are vital for a trainer and if you lose one it's quite a bit of work to replace it."
  592. Marigold
  593. Marigold's eyes lit up as Oak put the Pokedex in her hand, overjoyed to finally have one to call her own.* 'Mom and Dad can't take this away from me without breaking the law,'* she thought looking up at Professor Oak, "Thank you very much Professor, I'll make sure it's never out of sight," she said happily.
  595. Your Lord
  596. He nodded with a smile "I still have mine." he said tapping his breast pocket "Very handy."
  598. Kili Varas
  599. Being handed a device more complicated than he had ever hadndled before (not a high bar to meet mind you), Kili mostly stared at the device in confusion. His second reaction was try pressing random buttons, clearly having no idea how the device was operated.
  601. Your Lord
  602. As the dex booted up for the first time there was thankfully a tutorial that began to play explaining it's functions . it even lit up the corresponding buttons as it played.
  604. Kili Varas
  605. With the more handholding introducton to the technology, Kili managed to at least get the most basic functions down for the time being: scanning a Pokemon, getting his ID, calling people and searching the Pokemon database. He'd still not dare try anything more, fearing he'd break something so expensive. Though not having owned such a thing before, he was curious as to how it worked. Wanting to test it, he pointed the device at his Eevee to see what it had to say.
  607. Your Lord
  608. "Eevee the Evolution Pokémon, Eevee has unstable DNA and is able to adapt to all environments." It then began to list of a number of more scientific facts such as average size and weight.
  609. It seemed Lucky was a little smaller than average though not enough to be significant.
  611. Ethan Stark
  612. Relieved the little fox agreed to join him, he stretches out both arms to see if the Pokemon would like to be held. Whatever the case, Ethan thought for a moment on her name, well from his judgment the Pokemon seems to be a female. "I think I'll call you Hestia. Do you like that name?"
  614. "Thank you Professor Oak." Ethan thanked the professor when he receives his very own Pokedex. "I'll make sure to keep mine safe." He then booted up his own Pokedex and listens through the tutorial.
  616. Your Lord
  617. The fox jumped into his arms and licked Ethan's hand as a sign of approval of the name.
  619. "Going by you family's history I believe you." he said.
  621. Kili Varas
  622. Kili's eyes were practically sparkling as he looked upon a kind of device he never even dreamed of owning. And this was without really grasping its more advanced functions. "Wow, we really get to keep them?" Even before he got an answer, he was eagerly scanning every Pokemon in the room without even stopping to hear the full explanation each time.
  624. Opal Cyth
  625. With a look at the was Bulbasaur was reacting to the other pokemon there was a smile from Opal the thing was exactly perfect for her. At least right now for herself. With a look to the pokedex's Opal picked up one and pocketed it. She didn't care that much about this device in the mean time she'd need to give bulbasaur what she needed for herself.
  627. With a couple of moments of though she choose rather than a cute look for the creature. Chrysanthemum had a cool look to her.  She took a couple moments to put on some onto her pokmeon. Turning bulbasaur's look from a very green very nice looking pokmeon into a much closer to how opal had dressed cool one. IT looked like she'd given it it's own small suit with a pair of sun glasses.
  629. She smiled her pokemon, "Perfect"
  631. Marigold
  632. Marigold smiled looking down at the little machine. She blazed through the tutorial her fingers dancing across the surface of the pokedex, only slowing when she tried to perform a shortcut outside the scope of the tutorial, and was forced to do it the basic way, soon she had the device set up how she liked it when she noticed that Opal had dressed up her Pokemon, 'She brought an outfit too? I thought I'd be the only one to think of that,' she thought wondering if Opal had an account herself.
  634. Not wanting to be outdone, Marigold reached into her pack and pulled out a small lovely looking dress with glitter lining the hem as she kneeled down by Aster slipping it onto the Pokemon, making careful adjustments to make sure it stayed on the Pokemon's body, without covering up it's head. After a couple minutes of adjustment and resowing, she soon was about fit the skirt under the pokemon's face and added a zipper to the back so it would stay on without arms as an anchor. "There we go, you look lovely," Marigold said pleased with her work.
  636. Your Lord
  637. Chrysanthemum used her vines to adjust the position of the glasses a little but once she was happy with them she gave a grin.
  639. Aster took a few moments to figure out who to move in the clothes and was soon hoping up and down in excitement  over the gift and was showing it off to Lucky who seemed to like how sparkly it was.
  641. Hestia was content to stay in her trainer's arms.
  643. "Well now that you have your starter and pokedexs you are full fledged trainers. An entire world of adventure awaits you." Oak said "I've seen many young trainers off. A few managed to join the Elite Four and others are Gym Leaders, though even those who have not made a name for themselves at the highest level still make me proud to have seen them in their first days."
  645. "So with that I wish you all the best and hope that no matter what you do on to do that you always remember the day this old man helped set you off as a new generation." He ended his speech with a small clap.
  647. Opal Cyth
  648. There was a smirk at her teacher as Opal stood up and said to him, "Remember this day oak, cause I am making a name for myself. In a couple years time I'll be the champion. Just wait."(edited)
  650. Your Lord
  651. The Professor smiled "I look forward to it." He said genuinely
  653. Marigold
  654. Marigold smiled, the old man was a bit sappy but she could tell he was genuine, even someone like her had to appreciate that "Thanks Professor, Hopefully you'll hear about us all again someday," she said sure he'd hear of her again.
  656. Kili Varas
  657. Kili didn't pay that much mind to the little speech, as he knew it didn't concern him too much. He wasn't going to stick around long enough to see it to the end anyway. All that talk about making it big wasn't his thing, as it seemed to involve doing a lot of work within rules and regulations, something he wasn't down with. Still he had gotten a valuable gift, so it was polite to bow a little and say "Thank you." Though as he wasn't quite sure about anything beyond this, he hesitatnyl asked "So uhh.... what do we do now? Where are we meant to start?"
  659. Marigold
  660. Marigold looked over at Kili "Well Rosalind said we were getting split into groups. After that the normal thing to do is take the gym challenge. So you'd go with your group to the city with the nearest gym, which would probably be Viridian," she explained.(edited)
  663. Kili Varas
  664. Opal didn't seem much for conversation, not did Kili really care to have one with her. Instead he just quietly waited for the machine to be done. It didn't take long for the humming to stop, at which point the boy immediately grabbed the ball at pushed to release his friend. Seemingly the machine was quite effective, as Lucky seemed like it hadn't even been in a battle.
  666. "All done Lucky? Then let's go see how the others are doing." Tossing his hands behind his back, Kili walked outside with the Eevee. Hopefully he could still talk with the other party of people before the two groups were separated.
  668. Opal Cyth
  669. With Kili leaving the room Opal looked to her pokemon told her, "You did a good job."
  671. She got up waiting a bit longer just to put more space between her leaving and Kili's to head back outside with her bulbasaur at her side.
  673. Your Lord
  674. "Bah all you girls obsessed with looks are the same as deep as a puddle and as bright as a blown bulb. " she said.
  676. "Miss Michiko there really is no need to be so aggressive, though I suppose we are rivals." Kingston said "So while I don't want open hostility, maybe we shouldn't be too chummy for now."
  678. Lucky followed after happily sniffing around and looking chipper.
  680. Chrysanthemum walked just ahead of Opal as though she was acting as a bodyguard ready to challenge anyone.
  682. Ethan Stark
  683. With Marigold off chatting with Kingston, Ethan walked over to the four trainers that they had just battled against. "You folks did well. For a moment there I thought we would have lost." Ethan commended them while still holding onto Hestia in his arms. Seeing Michiko trying to repair her robot, Ethan felt a slight pang of pain. From how she reacted towards her machine, he could somewhat relate how the girl felt towards the machine. "Um, I'm sorry about your robot. Will it be alright?" He genuinely apologize to the girl.
  685. Your Lord
  686. She looked up and frowned "Of course I will just need to replace a few part." she said "If anything this is good, I can tweak and improve it using this data." she said turning back to her machine.
  688. Rosalind walked over "You did pretty well yourself." she said reaching out to pet Hestia  who took a moment to sniff her hand before allowing it. "Made a good pick there, my family has bred a few Feneken, they are smart but can be a bit shy sometime so make sure you work with that."
  690. Marigold
  691. Marigold just ignored Michiko basically just taking it that Michiko thought she was pretty and was jealous of that fact but looked to Kingston acting disappointed "Ah okay,  makes sense. Well I hope you'll stay my fan at least, See you," she said not really caring if he didn't want to be friends but hoped this would at least keep him subscribed, not wanting to see her follower numbers drop even by one.
  693. With that she started to walk away, but paused pulling out a roll of measuring tape, taking a few measurements of Hestia "I'll go start working on her outfit," she said smiling excited to make something for the cute fox as she walked a bit away sitting down pulling out some fabric, thread and glitter going to work.
  695. Kili Varas
  696. As Kili passed Marigold working on the outfit, seemingly meant for Hestia as he saw her measuring the little fox, the boy asked "Can you make Lucky's more like the one on Aster? That one looks cuter."
  698. Ethan Stark
  699. "I appreciate that advice." Ethan nodded, glad Hestia reciprocated his feelings and choice of selecting her as his partner. "Strawberry seems pretty strong. I'm kinda glad Hestia didn't had to fight her." Ethan praised Rosalind's Ponyta. "Oh where are my manners. I'm Ethan Stark. I was a late arrival" He introduced himself to Rosalind and the others.
  701. "Ok, I'll be right in." Ethan turns to Marigold and lets her measure Hestia for her outfit.
  703. Marigold
  704. Marigold looked at Kili her eyes lighting up that she could get both the cute canines in outfits at once, "Sure, plop him down so I can get the measurements, and I'll work on both right now," she aid patting a spot next to her.
  706. You Lord
  707. "Rosalind Paquet" She said back pulling him into a hug "And Strawberry is fifth generation bred by my family. My Ma and Granma had her Ma and Grandpa as their partners.""
  709. Ethan Stark
  710. Ethan's face turns a slight shade of pink at the sudden hug. "That's quite a legacy. I can see why she's such a beautiful colt." Ethan praised Strawberry as he recalls the majestic flaming red mane on the Ponyta's back.
  712. You Lord
  713. "She's gonna be great when she gets old, plan to enter the Grand Prix at least once." she said "Every woman in my family far back as we can recall has, though never placed first."
  715. Kili Varas
  716. Pointing at the place Marigold patted at, Kili crouched as he told his parnet "Go on Lucky."
  718. While he waited on that, Kili noticed the quiet memeber of the first group wasn't really partaking in any of the conversations. Pondering if he too was just mad about getting beat like Opal, the boy slowly sauntered over with his hands in his pockets. As he got a bit closer, he asked "Hey, no hard feelings about hitting you in the knee, right?"
  720. You Lord
  721. Lucky took the spot and waited though he quickly grew bored and was fidgeting.
  723. Ken looked up from mediation.
  725. "It's fine, my father has hit me far harder." he said.
  727. Ethan Stark
  728. "That's a fine dream. I'll wish you good luck on that race." Ethan said before extending a hand in gesture for a handshake.(edited)
  730. Kili Varas
  731. The explanation shook Kili a bit. He had always looked enviously at other kids with their parents, yet suddenly someone was telling him of what seemed like parental abuse. Taking a step back, he asked "Why would your dad hit you? Aren't parents meant to be good to their kids?"
  733. Marigold
  734. Marigold quickly and painlessly took the Pokemon's measurement "Alright, I'll have them done in two shakes of a Mareeps tail"" she said as she started working with the fabric, cutting, sewing and applying the sparkles, making two outfits. For Hestia she made a squence gown slit in the back to accommodate her tail, the hem of of the skirt just above her knees so it wouldn't affect mobility. For Lucky, she made a little suit that went over his front two legs, using some fake fur on the collar that would mix with and accentuate the fluff on his neck, the suit leading off until a tail that rested on his back the gap resting right where his natural tail started glitter applied a bit more liberally then with Hestias.(edited)
  736. Your Lord
  737. Rosalind took Ethan's hand and gave a firm squeeze  "Wish ya luck too." she said.
  739. "He was good, helped me to grow stronger." Ken said as he pulled off his shirt showing dozens of scars "Plenty are self inflicted or from challenging pokemon." he said.
  741. Kili Varas
  742. The revealing of all the scars warranted a second step back from Kili. "Wow, you must get hurt a lot. Usually Lucky and I just run away from fights. Unless it's Rattatas attacking our hideout, but we never get hurt that bad."
  744. Your Lord
  745. "I have fought an Ursaring and jumped from cliffs." He said "I must push myself pat my limits.:
  747. Ethan Stark
  748. Feeling the firm handshake, Ethan looks at Rosalind before giving her a warm smile. "That's quite the handshake. Can't tell you how much I appreciate it." He quickly recalls some of the worst handshakes he had, especially the dead fish handshake. Sadly a friend of his gives such a handshake.
  750. Your Lord
  751. "Well I am a farm girl." she said "Need a strong grip to hold back a angry Torus."
  753. Opal Cyth
  754. Opal stood off to the side, instead deciding to keep her distance from the good byes and other handshakes going on, opting to stand in the back near a wall a way from the rest of the group.
  756. Kili Varas
  757. Learning of how potentially terrifying Ken was, Kili began taking steps backwards. "You know, maybe we shouldn't fight again. Must have gotten lucky this time, you'd probably win next time."
  759. Your Lord
  760. "I know how to hold back." He said "But to defeat her I can't have any weakness." Ken stated slamming his fist into his hand.
  762. Ethan Stark
  763. "An honest hard working job." Ethan nodded appreciatively before turning to see the others have long disappeared. "Ahh, looks like my group have already entered the lab. We should head inside as well." Ethan then looks over to the side "Will you be coming too?" He addresses Michiko.
  765. Marigold
  766. Marigold looked over the finished outfits smiling "They are going to look so adorable in these," she said proudly as she noticed Opal standing alone, 'We should probably make nice with her...Clear the air since we are going to be traveling together, Heck it looks like she knows fashion too, it might make for some good posts,' she thought as Opal calling her ugly sprang to mind as she grimaced 'Or we can ignore her because she obviously has bad taste or poor eyesite,' she thought pretending she'd not noticed Opal in the first place
  768. Your Lord
  769. "Alright I'll let you get back to your party, I should be gettin to know the rest of mine to." she said.
  771. Michko had put on headphones at some point, though it was easy to see they weren't plugged into anything and was just using them to stop anyone from bothering her.
  773. Kili Varas
  774. As far as Kili knew, 'her' referred to Opal. Though he couldn't grasp why, as he seemed to have beaten her already. Slowly backing down, he tried to just rejoin the others. Generally talking to all three members of his group, he asked "Hey, should we get going now?"
  776. You Lord
  777. Aster seeing the way that Marigold was looking at Opal decided to make the first move and approched calling out to Chrysanthemum trying to make it clear she didn't want to fight.
  779. Ethan Stark
  780. Entering the lab, Ethan looks around to see where the others were. "Is everyone alright? How are your wounds?" He asks Kili before looking over to Opal, who seems to be far away from the others.
  782. Marigold
  783. Marigold had been too busy basking in her own talent to notice Aster walk out of arms length and by the time she did notice her pokemon was gone, it was already over by Opal "Oh hey wait Aster don't walk off," she said trying to approach the bulb without engaging Opal which was difficult since she had to look right at her(edited)
  785. Your Lord
  786. Chrysanthemum took a moment to acknowledge Aster "Bulb." she said, it seemed the fight left a good impression on her.
  788. Opal Cyth
  789. Opal didn't say anything just looking at Marigold was she came in her direction, without really actually acknowleding her with a look she said, "We going now?"
  791. Marigold
  792. Marigold bit her lip to stifle a growl 'Is she ignoring me? She's not suppose to be ignoring me! I'm suppose to be ignoring her! and now she knows I was looking at her so now I can't ignore her without being the second one doing it. Which would just be pathetic,' she said as she addressed Opal's question even if it wasn't directed at her "Before we leave, Hestia and Lucky need to try out their outfits," she said holding Hestia's out to Ethan Here's Hestias, I made sure she could move around in it without too much trouble," she said putting her smile back on(edited)
  794. Opal Cyth
  795. Opal said from where she was, "Fine"
  797. Taking a seat she pulled out her bag and decided if this was going to take a bit she might as well work on her own things. Moving over towards the path out in order to make sure she didn't get pulled into the conversation about this stuff, she pulled out her knitting needles, and started to work on a hat for the future.
  799. Ethan Stark
  800. "T-thanks." Ethan said while observing the two girls. There seems to be something between the two, but with Opal not speaking much to him at all, Ethan didn't have much to go on expect for some guess.
  802. This outfit looks great. What do you think? Ethan asks Hestia, who he still happily carried in his arms.
  804. Your Lord
  805. Hestia blew a few tiny sparks into the air showing her happiness.
  807. Ethan Stark
  808. "Just let me get rid of any remaining sand and dirt she may still have. I wouldn't want the outfit to be dirtied so quickly." Ethan places Hestia on the floor before unslinging his backpack and takes out a grooming kit. "I'll just do a little touch up. But if we got some time, I'll like to clean Hestia up." He said before looking up to the other three.(edited)
  810. Marigold
  811. "I don't have anywhere I need to be in a hurry, and we still need to wait for Kili to come back so Lucky can try on his outfit. Also if you don't mind, could I get a picture of Hestia after you're finished grooming her?" she asked curiously
  813. Ethan Stark
  814. "Sure! It's a great way to commemorate our first day together as partners." Ethan answered Marigold.
  816. Kili Varas
  817. As Ethan asked Kili about his wounds, the buy cheerfully replied "I'm okay. I only got hit once so it just hurts a little. Pretty sure I'll be better by tomorrow."
  819. As Marigold mentioned Lucky's outfit also being done, Kili grabbed his partner in his arms as he swiftly walked over to her. "It's done already? I wanna see it."
  821. Marigold
  822. Marigold smiled handing it over to him, "Here you go, just slip these over his front two paws, and smooth the tail over his back," she said pointing out the leg holes and tail out to Kili, letting him know how to put it onto his pokemon.
  824. Kili Varas
  825. Following the instructions, Kili managed to get the outfit on his partner, who was also rather helpful in the matter. Once he could see the costume on, the boy stepped back for a better view. Satisfied with the result, he tossed his hands behind his back, grinning and saying "Now we both got new clothes for this." No matter when they'd leave this group, they had already gotten a lot to make this little distraction worth it.
  827. Your Lord
  828. Lucky took a moment to examine it  then gave a cheerful bark as he jumped up and down excitedly.
  830. Marigold
  831. Marigold smiled seeing the outfit on the tiny dog"I'm glad you both like it, he looks just as adorable as I thought he would" she said giving the bouncing Eevee a quick pet looking at Kili "Do you mind if I take a picture of him with Hestia after Ethan cleans her up a bit?" she asked
  833. Kili Varas
  834. "Sure, go ahead" Getting a costume like that in exchange for a photo seemed like a really good deal. To that end, he backed off to not obstruct the photo.
  836. Marigold
  837. "I'll take it in a moment once Ethan is done grooming Hestia, in the mean time why don't you run Lucky through a few of his normal moves, make sure it's not going to restrict his movements in battle," Marigold said believing that it shouldn't affect him too much with the sleeves over only his front two legs.
  839. Your Lord
  840. Oak walked out with a large box in his arms "Oh good you are all still here." he said "I have one other thing to give you all." he said setting the box down "A months worth of Lt. Surge's own brand of MREs." he said opening it up.
  842. "They are the ideal travel food, light weight, long lasting, packed with calories and nutrients. Not to mention they are very tasty everyone in my labs love them."
  844. Marigold
  845. Marigold walked over looking at the MREs as she picked one up, and tried out it's contents. Seeing if the food was palatable or at least could be worked into something that was.
  847. Your Lord
  848. it was a filled with a main entree, some powered drink, a dessert, and a number of small things.
  849. The one Marigold picked happened to be spaghetti and meatballs, which while cold were pretty decent.
  851. Marigold
  852. Marigold took a moment to savor it, getting a good idea of the flavor getting a slight smile 'Not bad, add a bit here and there from my own supply and I won't be dreading meal time,' she thought "These will work, Thanks Professor," Marigold said picking out a few bits that Aster could eat sharing it with her to see how she liked it.
  854. Kili Varas
  855. While Kili at least knew the name Lt. Surge, living in Vermilion City himself, he wasn't quite sure on the other word. "What's an MRE?"
  857. The answer was provided soon enough, appearing to be some kind of food. And a whole month's supply without ever having to steal. Granted it was odd-looking, but he would eat anything that sated his hunger and didn't make him sick.
  859. It had been less than a day and Kili was already altering the plan on how long he'd stay around several times over. He hadn't gotten any fonder of letting people tell him what to do, but now he had a weird but really expensive device, a montsh supply of food, new clothing for both himself and Lucky as well as an assortment of other items in his bag. Crouching down to Lucky with someof the rations in his hands, Kili whispered to the Eevee "Maybe we'll stay for a bit after Vermilion too, see how much resources we can get before going back. Until then, let's not ruin this by stealing. Unless we really gotta."
  861. Opal Cyth
  862. Opal moved up to the pile adding the food to her pack, slightly grimacing. It was alright stuff, but it wasnt the carefully measured healthy meals she had at home by pro chefs.
  864. Whatever. Food was food.
  866. Ethan Stark
  867. "Alright, if you're sure about that. But if you're feeling more pain latter, let me know. I have medical training." Ethan turns to tell Kili.
  869. Opening the grooming kit, Ethan quickly went to work. He had some experience grooming Pokemon before, so getting to know the tools wasn't difficult. Along with getting to known Hestia's preferences. Removing the dirt and sand from Hestia's fur took a bit of work, but nothing too difficult. Once satisfy she's free of any stains, Ethan gently ruffle Hestia's fur before proceeding to groom it with a brush.
  871. "There you go! Now you're pretty and clean." Ethan exclaims with a smile before moving on to petting Hestia on the head. He even takes out a compact mirror to show the small fox her own reflection.
  873. Once Hestia seems satisfy, Ethan retrieves the elegant clothing that rested on top of his backpack. He then readies it for her to wear. "You ready to try this on?"(edited)
  875. Your Lord
  876. Lucky nodded and gave a low "Eeve." so that the others wouldn't hear him.
  878.  Once Hestia was clean she was  practicality bouncing in anticipation of getting her dress on.
  880. Kili Varas
  881. After stuffing his portion of the rations to his bag, Kili recalled something Marigold told him to do. Turning back to the Eevee, he told it "Okay Lucky, let's see if we're as fast with that costume." At that he headed outside for a moment, planning to go running for a moment. Marigold wanted her photo, but she'd still get it after they were done. After all, she told them to try that.
  883. Marigold
  884. Marigold finished up the ration just in time to see Hestia ready to put on her outfit and Lucky and Kili run out the door as she sighed putting her portion of MREs in her bag, 'Great...well I should have figured food would have come first for him before testing it out. They shouldn't be able to wreck it with one little run around,' she said looking at Aster "Can you move around with the dress under your...head like that? Why don't you move around a bit so we can make sure it doesn't fall off or trip you," she said figuring it would be a good time to test since they had a free moment.
  886. Ethan Stark
  887. "You look great! Ready to have your picture taken?" Ethan praises Hestia after helping her slip on the dress. He then turns to Marigold. "You're really good at this sewing thing." Ethan genuinely compliment her talent. "Good idea. Hestia try moving around," Ethan turns back to ask Hestia after hearing Marigold's inquiry.(edited)
  889. Your Lord
  890. Both pokemon seemed to have no issue with their clothes and enjoyed prancing about and showing off.
  892. Marigold
  893. While Aster was prancing about Marigold would occasionally call out a phrase like "Looking good," or "Keep going it's going great," which could be be mistaken as encouragement but in actuality she was complimenting her own work on the outfit.
  895. Your Lord
  896. Aster seemed to get more confident with each cheer.
  898. Kili Varas
  899. After running on the open fields for just long enough to get a little winded, moreso than usual since he hadn't quite recovered from the injuries taken from Rosalind, the two returned to the laboratory lobby. "I didn't see Lucky slow down at all. That outfit works great. Thanks Mari."
  901. Marigold
  902. Marigold was beaming to see her work hold together and getting compliments from both Ethan and Kili "Ahh you're gonna give me a big head," she said as though she didn't already have one. Seeing her opportunity with both of them still and unburdened for the moment she took out her dex "You guys ready for that picture?" she asked
  904. Ethan Stark
  905. Like Marigold, Ethan occasionally praised Hestia as she pranced about. He's just really glad that Hestia is energetic and likes the custom made dress Marigold made. "Thanks again for the dress." Ethan thanks Marigold.
  907. "Ahh. I'll also take a picture too." Remembering the Pokdex has a function for taking pictures, Ethan retrieves his Pokedex and readies to snap a couple photographs of Hestia.
  909. Marigold
  910. Marigold looked around the room pointing at a wall near Opal "Let's line them up over there, the lighting is the best in that spot," she said picking up Aster carrying her over toward it.
  912. Your Lord
  913. The pokemon al took a pose of their own. Other than Chrysanthemum who just turned up her nose at them and ignored them.
  915. Opal Cyth
  916. Opal herself sat there, not choosing to look up, she could look nice though. With a silent flip of her hair bringing it up over her shoulder to let a perfect shot of her face and a measured neutral look on her face.
  918. Marigold
  919. Marigold knelt down making sure she got the best angle of the Pokemon, before taking the shot, posting it up 'Made some outfits to commemorate becoming a party, Aren't they all adorable? <3' as she noticed Opal posing "Oh we should probably get a shot of us with them too huh?" she said walking over offering Prof.Oak the Dex Would you mind taking our picture Professor?" she asked(edited)
  921. Your Lord
  922. "Sure." Oak said "Been a while since I've done anything other than take pictures for a scientific journal."
  924. Opal Cyth
  925. Opal kept her same position while continuing to knit, ignoring the others
  927. Marigold
  928. "Thanks" she said smiling going over and picking up Aster posing ever so slightly to make sure she was in the best light.
  930. Kili Varas
  931. So far Kili had just been trying to work the photo's on his dex, yet having no luck and somehow just managing to change the background. Though when the idea of getting the trainers in the photo too was brought up, he just closed the device for the time being "Okay, sounds like fun." Getting next to Marigold, Kili crouched behind his partner with a wide smile, holding V-sings with his hands.
  933. Your Lord
  934. Chrysanthemum likewise turned  to the side.
  935. Aster smiled as wide as her face would allow.
  936. Lucky hopped up on top of Kili's head, and Hestia nuzzled into Ethan's lap.
  938. Ethan Stark
  939. Lining up with the others, Ethan found a spot with decent lightning. Picking up Hestia, Ethan places her on his right shoulder as he dramatically stood with his legs apart. He pulls on the collar of his shirt with his right hand, while extending the arm to provide Hestia with enough room and leverage to stand or sit on. His left hand pulls on the opposite lower end of the shirt's hem. With a little bit of neck work, Ethan performs a dramatic stare at the camera.(edited)
  941. Your Lord
  942. Hestia was quick to adjust to the new pose and even lifted a front paw and swished her tail to look a little more dynamic herself.
  944. Your Lord
  945. Oak took a few moment to line up a shot and then clicked.
  947. "Not to bad I think." he said handing the pokedex back.
  949. It was indeed a well framed shot, almost professional even.
  951. Marigold
  952. Marigold took the frame her eyes widening, *"This is a really good picture Professor, Do you do a lot of photography for your reasearch?" she asked very suprised at the quality, the picture looking like one her mother could take maybe even a little better.
  954. Your Lord
  955. "Oh yes, I have to take a lot of pictures for my work and back when I was starting out I had photography as a hobby." He answered "Agatha never liked it, she was always more interested in battles above all else." he chuckled.
  957. Marigold
  958. "I might make this my profile picture, it looks professionally done," she said not having a picture by her mother for her profile since she didn't want to enable her using Pokegram, "Who's Agatha?" she asked not knowing the names of some gym leaders who weren't on Pokegram, let alone an elderly Elite 4 member.
  960. Your Lord
  961. "A member of the Elite Four, she's a specialist in Ghost types. She's also my ex-wife." He added with a laugh "She only ever wanted to battle and thought I was too boring."
  963. Taking out his own dex he searched  for a few moments "Ah, found a picture of us when we were about your age." He said holding it up.
  965. Marigold
  966. Marigold was a bit surprised, hard to believe the guy in this cute couple was Oak "Wow how long ago was that taken?" she asked.
  968. Your Lord
  969. "Long enough that I'd rather not say." he said with a grin "I was quite popular back then." He bragged "And a top Trainer, I was Champion for two years before I stepped down."
  971. Ethan Stark
  972. Once the group picture has been taken, Ethan relaxes and looks over to Hestia. "Let's just take a photo of us two. You can relax and take any pose you like." He smiles, fidgeting with his Pokedex and looks for another good lighting spot. Ethan reaches his arm out to widen the distance between himself and the camera.
  974. With the camera showing picture in real time, Ethan made sure no one else is in the shot besides himself and Hestia. "Ready? I'll count down to zero to take our photo." Ethan then audibly counts down the seconds from 3, 2, 1, 0. While relaxed, Ethan simply gives sunny smile as he snaps a photo of him and Hestia.
  976. Your Lord
  977. Hestia had her mouth open in the closet approximation her muzzle could manage to a smile.
  979. Ethan Stark
  980. "You look great!" Ethan selects the photo and shows it to Hestia and gently ruffles her fur. Seeing the others are busying themselves, Ethan looks around for the box of MRE he heard about earlier.
  982. "Ah there they are." He walks over and checks a couple of the packaged food. Ethan had heard of them from Aunty Jo. But he never gotten a chance to taste one. "Well these will come in handy." Ethan rummage threw a couple packages, reading their labels out loud. "Hmm, I wonder which ones you'll like. Sweet, spicy or dry foods? There's quite a few options. " Ethan asks Hestia as he shows her the packages despite knowing that she couldn't speak human tongue. He's just making conversation and bonding with his partner.
  984. Your Lord
  985. She just tilted her head.
  987. "Those meals are meant for humans, I'll get you some pokechow before you leave." Oak said.
  989. Opal Cyth
  990. Opal looked at the photo of the two of them, and mentally shook her head, she felt like making a comment but as she did, she opted out of it, at least that's what she was telling herself mentally, "Can't imagine any reason to do that."
  992. Your Lord
  993. "Simply put it's lonely at the top," Oak said "I just didn't feel like there was anything more for me to do as a trainer.  No one could give me a good challenge and I found researching more interesting."
  995. Ethan Stark
  996. "Oh. Thanks Professor Oak". Ethan turns to thank the professor. "Then I'll just grab a few for the road." Taking a couple MRE packages, Ethan stores them into one of the spaces available in his backpack.
  998. "That sounded like quite the journey. You must have been rather famous. How was that like?" Ethan returns to comment on the professor's explanation, interested in Professor Oak's days as a trainer.
  1000. Opal Cyth
  1001. Opal didn't say anything to that grabbing her bag, she'd asked the question. Though she didn't agree with that answer. Or at least not with that way of thinking about it. It was lonely at the top? It probably was, but if it was lonley at the top, then why were there those who stayed there? It was cause they'd gotten content with it right? That reaching the top was worth it.
  1003. That's what it was. That's definately what it was.
  1005. Your Lord
  1006. "A lot of fun. Made several great friends and had some bitter rivalries." He said "And I made a few discoveries, if you weren't about to head out I'd share some of the stories.
  1008. "But you'll have it a bit easier, some of the Trainer trails are a lot smoother. It took me about four years to make the full journey, should  only take you about a year and a half."
  1011. Kili Varas
  1012. "Year and a half?!" While Kili was plsnning on sticking around a bit longer, this almost ensured he'd never see the end of this journey. He just lacked the patience for it.
  1015. Though Oak raised a point Kili had raised earlier. "Yea, let's get going already. This is gonna take forever, so we gotta move."
  1017. You Lord
  1018. Lucky ran to the door and was prancing eager to get going
  1020. Your Lord
  1021. Hestia and Aster soon went to the door to joining Lucky, all clearly excited to start traveling for the first time in their lives.
  1024. "I'll just grab the pokechow." Oak said walking off and returning just a few moments later with a cased of assorted  kinds pokemon food, enough so everyone could have a variety for their pokemon
  1026. Marigold
  1027. Marigold gathered up her portion slipping it into her pack "I think we're all set Professor thanks for all your help, See you later," she said going over to the door ready to get on the road herself
  1029. Your Lord
  1030. "Be safe and grow strong." Oak said as he waved everyone off.
  1032. The second she was outside Aster began to waddle ahead poking at every little thing she could spot.
  1034. Ethan
  1035. Ethan gathered up a portion of the Pokechow, making sure to have a couple of each flavor. He then stores them into the same area as the MREs he did earlier. "I'll have to reorganize everything later." Ethan thought before turning to face the professor. "Thank you for all the help! Take care Professor Oak, see you soon." With a hand over his chest, Ethan slightly bows to the Pokemon Professor. Slipping on his backpack, Ethan walks over to the door to join Marigold and their Pokemon.(edited)
  1037. Your Lord
  1038. Hestia walked along right beside Ethan now that she was outside keeping stride with him
  1040. Opal Cyth
  1041. There was a simple nod of acknowledgement from Opal as she walked away with the group, signaling her good bye to him as she was ready to leave with the group
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