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  1. [15:06] <@Kkat> 3Fallout: Beyond Equestria, Session Five: The Solaris Legacy (Part Two) http://www.youtube.com/watch/?v=ebF6Fqhq1P4&feature=relmfu
  2. [15:07] <@Kkat> 3Night.
  3. [15:07] <@Kkat> 3Luna’s moon hangs overhead, shining a pure, pale light into the twisting chasms of Grimfire Canyon.  Walls of nature’s eroded stonework create strange and fanciful silhouettes against the blanket of stars above.  
  4. [15:07] <@Kkat> 3Along the canyon walls, markings linger – paintings at once both crudely childlike and egmatically powerful – the symbols of ponies and tribes who ventured through Grimfire in generations past.  Many of those tribes, such as the Dead Buffalo and the White Hooves, existing now only in the memories invoked by those glyphs and paintings.
  5. [15:07] <@Kkat> 3Abandoned stands of stone and wood, bearing tattered leather banners or painted shields, mark what had once been tribal territory.
  6. [15:08] <@Kkat> 3Down the rocky shore, you spot the rusting hulk of what had once been an armored chariot.  The wreckage looks to have been thoroughly picked through by decades of scavengers – all the armored plating and useful mechanical components have been stripped away – but there might be something left, right?
  7. [15:08] <@Kkat> 3--- Session Begins ---
  8. 07[15:09] * +Kid "Loot ahoy!"
  9. 06[15:10] * Ilushia is now known as Noble_Heart
  10. 07[15:10] * @Mitzi lumbers over to Kid; "Luks like eet got looted already."
  11. 07[15:11] * +Kid looks towards nopony in particular, a giddy look on her face. "Aw, c'mon, Mitzi. Everythin's been looted once 'r twice. That don't mean nothin' good's still there!"
  12. 07[15:11] * @Mitzi scratches her head; "Uh suppose. Sumtimes looters miss tings because dey not tink eet worth sumteen."
  13. 15[15:12] * +Spero drops back down to the deck of the ship and looks with the others.
  14. 07[15:13] * +Shatara pokes his beak up from below deck. "What's goin on then?"
  15. 07[15:15] * +Kid turns back around and hangs her hooves from the railing of the battered steamboat. "There's a bit've slag not t' far off. Wanna tell brainiac up at the rudder t' take us in?"
  16. 15[15:18] * +Spero shrugs and takes off again heading over towards the hulk of hte armored chariot.
  17. 07[15:19] * +Shatara shrugs, flying up to the pilothouse.
  18. 07[15:19] * @Get_Lost takes a look at the wreckage, pondering "we could find some spare parts for the steamer...."
  19. 07[15:20] * +Kid hopes that she's using the term 'rudder' correctly. Boats have funny words for what's what. "... Starboard's th' left side of a boat, right?" She mumbled to herself on a bit of whimsy.
  20. 07[15:20] * @Get_Lost "maybe i could add a snorkle and make it submersible! well as long as the crew stays above the water line, that is..."
  21. 07[15:21] * @Mitzi shrugs; "Ur kind not use boat. Dog paddle when we need tu swim."
  22. 15[15:21] * +Spero "Port's left, starboard's right."
  23. 07[15:22] * @Crescendo_ makes his way onto the deck, movement hampered by both front legs being bandaged together. Spotting Get_Lost, he hobbles over. "Look, I know I was hurt but I think this is a bit much." Then, more quietly, "and if you're into this sort of thing perhaps we should wait 'til we've recovered."
  24. 07[15:22] * @Get_Lost "well, if the water is deep enough to approach the thing, we could stop for a moment and check it... do you see any submersed rock?"
  25. 07[15:24] * @Get_Lost takes a look at Crescendo_'s bandages and sighs "ah... i'm sorry i was running low on the bandages, i had to improvise.... anyhow the healing maginc should be done, by now.. you can simply cut it away..."
  26. 04[15:24] * +Kid looks at Spero with a cocked eye. "Don' be silly. Port's a drink, not left." I mean, she would know. She's got the cutie mark and everything.
  27. 15[15:25] * +Spero hovers and looks back at Kid, halfway between the boat and the hulk. "It's both. Port, starboard, bow, and aft. Left, right, front, and back."
  28. 07[15:27] * @Mitzi shrugs
  29. 07[15:29] * +Kid blunk. Winks? Whatever. "How d' ya'll know so much about boats?"
  30. 04[15:30] <@Kkat> 3Spero: Sunken into the water near the wreckage, you spot a scraped-up, armored lockbox.   The lockbox looks intact, guarded by a lock no wandering scavenger seems to have been able to pick.
  31. 15[15:32] * +Spero smirks at Kid. "When you live in a harbor town, you pick up a few things." He continues on his way over to the wreckage and looks around it. He 'huh's as he spots a lockbox under the water. He goes to levitate it up to him and inspects it.
  32. 07[15:34] * @Crescendo_ smiles sheepishly at Get_Lost. "Well, thank you for helping me anyway. I don't suppose you could give me a hoof with cutting the bandages could you? It's making walking around a bit tricky."
  33. [15:35] <@Kkat> 3The box bears an emblem almost identical to the symbol of the Steel Rangers.  The box is fairly well preserved, although it shows signs of damage from long ago.  Along one side, the metal is incrusted with river barnacles.
  34. 07[15:35] * +Shatara shrugs and goes back to the engine room.
  35. 07[15:36] * @Get_Lost sighs and takes a scalpel from the doctor bag, cutting the bandages blocking Crescendo_ "all done, still i think that it wasn't a bad idea... i mean, you could pretende you were a grasshopper and keep it..."
  36. 07[15:36] * +Kid folds her legs and blushes indignantly. "Ah lived near boats n' ah never got t' pick that up from nothin' but books." Albeit honest, the only real boats she's seen going along are small rafts that came up from old Crab Apple's place for trading.
  37. 15[15:38] * +Spero scrapes the barnacles off the box and flies back to the boat, the box still floating beside him. "So... loot. I guess."
  38. 07[15:40] * @Get_Lost goes back to the engine room too; she didn't really take a look at her own wound so far and she is hurting, so maybe some rest could help her
  39. [15:41] <@Kkat> 3This is a moderately difficult "safe", so someone needs a Lockpicking skill of at least 50 in order to try to pick it.  If you meet or exceed that requirement, you may make Lockpicking attempts.  Each failed Lockpicking attempt costs you a bobby pin.  You can continue to try to pick the lock until you succeed, critically fail or run out of bobby pins.
  40. 07[15:42] * @Crescendo_ calls after Get_Lost. "You did treat yourself didn't you?"
  41. 07[15:43] * @Get_Lost "sure, i just need some rest..."
  42. 06[15:45] * Chor (Mibbit@Pony-hra.fl3.148.217.IP) has joined #FalloutEquestriaPNP
  43. 04[15:49] * +Kid perks up a little, ears jolting straight up. Spero had a box! With probably awesome things inside. As he landed, she came up with a giddy look. "Oooh! Ooh! What's in the thing, what's in the box! That there's a Steel Ranger mark! I saw it on a picture in th' book of Lil' Pip!" She tries to open up the box manually, succeeding in only jiggling the handle. "... Durned locks. If it were a door,...
  44. 07[15:49] * +Kid ...I'd have n' answer fer a lock."
  45. 15[15:50] * +Spero sets the box down in front of Kid. "What, shoot it?"
  46. [15:52] <@Kkat> 3The steamboat continues to paddle upstream.  Smiling Jack calls for somepony to take the wheel while he gets some shut-eye.  "Preferably somepony with good eyes," he adds.  In the darkness of the canyon, only the feeble moonlight and the glow from the bow lantern guide you from running into the rocks or stone walls.
  47. 07[15:53] * +Kid snickers. "Well, yeah. Like this one time, Salt Cube n' Ice Cube trotted out t' go meet one've their folks, n' didn't come back in a week. So me n' Southern went along n' tried t' get into their shed fer their stuff. So I took ol' Shotty here n' blew the hinges clean off!"
  48. 07[15:53] * @Crescendo_ shakes his head slowly, then stretches out his recently unbound legs. He was feeling sore all over, but that was perfectly normal for this situation. He joins the others in looking at the very locked box.
  49. 15[15:54] * +Spero blinks. "That worked? I thought that was just in the movies for show..."
  50. 07[15:54] * @Crescendo_ looks over to Kid. "What did you find inside?"
  51. 07[15:54] * @Get_Lost good eyes... perfect, he wasn't asking for her, so she can lay a little more on the wounds and maybe get some sleep...
  52. 07[15:55] * +Kid taps a hoof to her chin. "Well, actually, this here's not ol' Shotty. This here's new Shotty. Ol' Shotty broke whenever a biter went up n' snapped th' barrels in two." She shrugged. "Y' break somethin' good enough, ya'll can get past just about anythin'."
  53. 07[15:56] * +Kid tilts her head and closes her eyes while facing Crescendo. "Well, their salt cube supply fer one. That stuff lasted fer weeks!"
  54. 07[15:56] * +Kid looks at the floor ashamedly. "... Although th' ice stuff went and melted before we got a hoof on it."
  55. 07[15:58] * @Mitzi steps forward and eyes the box; "Eef nun uv yu can open box, Uh can try cutteen rusty side wit ur claws."
  56. 07[15:59] * @Crescendo_ chuckles. "A pity. The wasteland has enough waste as it is."
  57. 07[16:03] * +Kid taps her hoof to her chin. "Well, ah don' think ya'll can call it much've a wasteland no more. There's like, cities n' stuff. An' Grass. An' stills. Never did see why ponies did call it that."
  58. 15[16:05] * +Spero inspects the lock for a few moments. He'd done a few, but really... he didn't know -that- much about them. He looks up at Mitzi. "Sure, go ahead and try if you want."
  59. 07[16:09] * @Mitzi takes the box and extends a claw. She gingerly pokes at the rusty, barnacled side with it, testing the resilience of the container. A fully grown Hellhound's claws could cut through anything with ease sure, but she was still growing.
  60. 07[16:11] * @Get_Lost curls on herself while trying to sleep despite the fact that her everything hurts
  61. 07[16:11] * @Mitzi looks to the others; "Dis tough box. Uh can cut tru und not break wut's inside, but need time to whittle at eet."
  62. 07[16:12] * @Mitzi looks around to anypony in particular; "Du we have time?"
  63. 07[16:13] * +Kid prances light heartedly around Mitzi. "Ah don' see why not. Open it!" Kid then proceeded to wait eagerly beside Mitzi as she worked. Oh, mare! I bet it's, like, a huge beam shooter! That shoots rockets! And whiskey!
  64. 07[16:14] * @Mitzi shrugs and seats herself, running a claw around the face of the box, gently scoring the side along three of its edges. Once she cut through it, she would peel back the flap and look inside.
  65. 15[16:15] * +Spero suddenly realizes that the Captain went to sleep and told them to steer the boat. He walks up towards the room with the wheel or wherever the wheel is becaues I don't remember how this boat is laid out.
  66. [16:18] <@Kkat> 3The wind whistles, low and eerie, as it swells within the canyon, tugging at manes and lapping at the water.
  67. 15[16:18] * +Spero steers with his wings as he does the Mickey Mouse whistling theme.
  68. 04[16:20] <@Kkat> 3Spero: The boat is almost past it when you spot a slight, greenish glow on the port side of the ship, coming from part of the shadow-black canyon wall.
  69. 07[16:20] * @Get_Lost lulled by a merry cartoon theme, finally gets some sleep
  70. 15[16:21] * +Spero blink blinky blinks. Why is there a greenish glow on the port side of the ship coming from a part of the shadow-black canyon wall?! Why?! Goddess why?! ... It's aliens. It's gotta be aliens. He furrows his brow, then looks out onto the deck to see if there were any ponies still awake.
  71. [16:24] <@Kkat> 3Unfortunately, the only pony who could fly over and check it out is piloting the boat.  Oh, if only you had a griffin.  ;)
  72. 07[16:25] * @Mitzi is still whittling the box down. The ponies seemed to want what was inside, so she was taking great care to only score the weakened edges.
  73. 07[16:26] * +Kid is slumped over on deck tapping her hoof with the bottom barrel of the shotgun, looking tired but awake. She's humming a little tune with a peculiar twang in her voice. First watch was the worst kind of watch.
  74. 07[16:26] * @Mitzi looks up at the glowing green light. She remembered a story from the old Albino about scaring ponies with the Headless Horse ghost and a glowing paste
  75. 15[16:27] * +Spero calls out to Kid and Mitzi. "Ya'll see that... green thing over there?"
  76. 07[16:27] * @Mitzi stops whittling at the box for a moment to call back; "Uh see it. Cuud be... sumteen."
  77. [16:27] <@Kkat> 3It takes a bit, but Mitzi can also make out the faint green glow.
  78. 07[16:29] * +Kid perks up a little, half lidded eye blinking awake with a sharp snort. "What're ya'll talkin' about? I dun see nothin'!" She says, swinging her gun around like she wasn't exactly convinced that it didn't mean something was up.
  79. 15[16:30] * +Spero sighs. "Can one of you come up here and take the wheel?" He leaves the wheelhouse and leaps off the boat to go take a look at this strange green glowing thingy. Enclave pegasi out of the sun? Who knows what comes out of green glowy thingies? Red Eye remnants? Calling themselves the Green Legs?
  80. 07[16:30] * @Crescendo_ "I'll go wake the others. We don't want to be caught with our pants down again."
  81. 07[16:31] * @Mitzi continues whittling the box throughout as she calls to Kid; "Go wake uthers. Uh'll keep un eye on da gloween ting."
  82. 07[16:32] * +Kid looks to the hellhound's claws. Those things can't steer. She clambers down to the hull with Crescendo. "Hey! Ya'll! 'Parently, there's a weird thing and th' jolly green giant needs somepony t' take the wheel. I nominate not me!" She yelled. She was used to waking up sleepyheads. Well. Sleepyhead.
  83. 07[16:34] * +Shatara grunts and looks up from the corner. "Whuh...oh. Uh, alright..." He stretches out a bit and moves for the door.
  84. 07[16:35] * @Mitzi continues scoring the rusty edges of the box. A proper Hellhound could have had this open with one flick of a claw. She really regretted not heading out into the world and honing hers sooner.
  85. 07[16:35] * @Crescendo_ double-takes at Kid. "No one's at the wheel? Ok, you wake the others, I'll see if I can stop us from crashing. Again."
  86. 07[16:37] * @Get_Lost groans and gets up; slowly moves outside and checks the sky "but it's still dark...."
  87. 07[16:37] * @Crescendo_ takes the wheel, hoping that forwards was where they were supposed to go.
  88. 07[16:38] * @Get_Lost reaches Crescendo_, still yawning "okay, what's going on?"
  89. 07[16:39] * @Crescendo_ "I'm not sure, but if we need to go Left I've got us covered."
  90. 04[16:41] * +Kid looks at Get_Lost funny. "Ah told y'. Spero found somethin' odd and wants somepony t' take the wheel. Didn't ah say that?"
  91. 07[16:42] * @Get_Lost nods, still yawning "okay i'm on it... no problem..."
  92. 04[16:42] <@Kkat> 3Spero: winging around some rocks, you find a door imbedded in the canyon wall.  An ancient terminal, long ago destroyed beyond repair, is mounted next to it.  The green glow comes from a second terminal in far better condition that somepony has jury-rigged into the wiring of the dead one.  In the glow, you can see tribal markings on the door, flaked and faded
  93. 07[16:42] * +Shatara blinks as he makes it to the pilothouse, looking around a little confused.
  94. 15[16:43] * +Spero furrows his brow. He didn't have time for curiosity... ugh... boat wasn't just going to stop moving. He goes closer to the terminal anyway and quickly takes a closer look.
  95. [16:47] <@Kkat> 3The terminal is password protected.  This is a fairly easy terminal to hack, however, requiring only a minimal Science of 25.  If you have the minimum Science score, you may attempt to hack it.  
  96. 15[16:49] * +Spero attempts to hack it. Quickly.
  97. 07[16:51] * @Get_Lost stops the ship on the spot, waiting for the exploresrt to do their job
  98. 07[16:52] * +Kid gets back on deck and tries to find that green light everypony was so worried about. Maybe it was a mutfruit tree or a Pipbuck- oh mare she always wanted one of those, like those gold ones that they said those ponies from the book of Littlepip had! Ooh! And it would have, like, a radio, and would shoot lasers or buckshot or whatever and would hold all her stuff. She always did wonder how it...
  99. 07[16:52] * +Kid ...did that. She made a mental note to ask Shatara later as she drifted off into thought.
  100. 04[16:53] * @Crescendo_ nods to Shatara. "Have a good catnap? Spero spotted something green which seems to have awakened his inner magpie."
  101. 07[16:53] * +Shatara scratches his head a bit. "Err...where?"
  102. 04[16:54] <@Kkat> 3With a beep, the terminal reacts, giving Spero administrative access, giving the alicorn several options:
  103. 15[16:55] * +Spero blinks. That worked?!
  104. [16:56] <@Kkat> 3 1) Unlock Maintenance Storage Door.  2) Lock Maintenance Storage Door.  3) Withdraw Welcome Mat.  4) Reconfigure Welcome Mat.  5) Extend Welcome Mat.
  105. 07[16:58] * @Mitzi keeps whittling at the box. She didn't normally have the patience for this kind of thing, but she was working to better the relations between her kind and the ponies. She would have to keep at it
  106. 07[17:01] * @Get_Lost yawns and keeps the ship going on the same trait of river, giving it the speed to gain some yard, then lowering the power letting the boat slip back a little aling the stream and giving some poewer again
  107. 15[17:02] * +Spero looks back at the boat. Well at least it had stopped and he ad more time now. He yells back so those on the boat can hear him, "It's some sort of door! And there's a terminal here! Just... gimme a minute!" He hits 4) Reconfigure Welcome Mat. don't wanna withdraw it or extend it if you don't know what it does.
  108. 07[17:03] * +Shatara takes to the air, flying in the direction of the alicorn's shouts, drawing his pistol just in case.
  109. 04[17:05] * +Kid snaps out of her thoughts. Wait, where did Spero go? "Hey!" She shouted off of port, "Where did ya'll go? Ah can't see ya'll!"
  110. [17:11] <@Kkat> 3Welcome Mat Reconfiguration: In Process.  WARNING: no targeting data.  WARNING: proceed with caution!
  111. 15[17:12] * +Spero blinks. Targetting data? Ooooooh no. Back back back... need to hit withdraw!
  112. [17:13] <@Kkat> 3Welcome Mat WITHDRAWN.  You are NOT WELCOME.  
  113. 04[17:13] <@Kkat> 3Spero: you can hear weapons fire on the other side of the door.
  114. 07[17:13] * @Get_Lost yawns and goes on with her routine for keeping the boat on the spot... .advance 30 yards, lose 30 yards...
  115. 15[17:14] * +Spero blinks again. What the heck?! Right... Extend! Maybe that'll work.
  116. 07[17:16] * @Get_Lost maybe there was a way to keep the boat exactly on the spot, avoiding it to rotate on itself... yeah, but it needed at least a gondola on a side for that... stoopid lack of heavy industry machinery in the middle of a canyon...
  117. [17:18] <@Kkat> 3You have hit "Extend Welcome Mat".  There is a non-welcoming in progress.  Do you wish to continue?  Y/N
  118. 15[17:19] * +Spero goes to hit the... wait... continue what? The Non-welcoming or the extension of the Welcome Mat?
  119. 15[17:21] * +Spero eenie meenie miney mo... Do I wish to continue... Yes. Yes I wish to continue.
  120. 04[17:21] * +Kid is starting to get worried. "Spero, where are y'?" She shouted again, trotting starboard this time.
  121. 15[17:22] * +Spero "Over here! Canyon wall left side of the boat!" He doesn't turn away from the terminal, hoping that he hit the right button.
  122. 07[17:22] * @Mitzi is still box whittling
  123. [17:22] <@Kkat> 3You have entered "Yes".  Extending Welcome Mat.  Current state of non-welcoming: paused.
  124. 04[17:23] <@Kkat> 3Spero: the sound of weapons fire stops abruptly.
  125. 04[17:23] * +Shatara lands beside Spero, tilting his head at the alicorn mashing various terminal keys.
  126. 15[17:23] * +Spero breathes a sigh of relief then gets back to the main menu and hits the button to open the door. He calls back to the boat, "Like I said, there's a door and stuff...!"
  127. 07[17:24] * +Kid "Where on th' left side of th' boat?" She began to trot that way, looking for something, any sign where they might be. "... Does it have loot in it?"
  128. [17:24] <@Kkat> 3Shatara: you see on the terminal the above message.  As you were landing, you heard some sort of weapons fire on the other side of the door.  But all is silent now.
  129. 07[17:24] * @Get_Lost yawns and raests her head on the wheel, suddenly raising it again and slapping herself "no time to sleep..."
  130. 07[17:26] * @Mitzi is going to spend this whole session whittling
  131. [17:26] <@Kkat> 3Mitzi is making progress.
  132. 07[17:26] * @Mitzi can see the progress, but still wishes she had honed her claws more before this point
  133. 07[17:27] * @Get_Lost calls from the cabin "ahoi, who's on board?"
  134. 07[17:29] * @Mitzi calls buck; "Uh am."
  135. [17:29] <@Mitzi> *bak
  136. [17:29] <@Mitzi> back
  137. [17:30] <@Kkat> 3A loud THUNK rings from the door and it swings open.  There is a moving, flickering light coming from inside.
  138. 07[17:33] * +Shatara blinks at the strange gunfire, shifting his grip on his pistol. "Whats going on?" He jumps back slightly as the door begins to open, putting his pistol at low ready for whatever may be beyond it.
  139. 15[17:33] * +Spero looks inside then at Shatara. "Just me or is this whole thing creepy?"
  140. 07[17:34] * +Kid tries to bring her ear closer to the source of their voices. Mumble, mumble, mumble is all she heard. "... What?"
  141. 07[17:34] * @Get_Lost yawns "alright mitzi, if you see the ship go too much ahead or slip too much behind, come and check on me.... i could have fallen asleep, okay?"
  142. 07[17:35] * @Mitzi calls back; "Uh'll keep watch."
  143. 07[17:35] * @Get_Lost "thanks!"
  144. 07[17:36] * @Crescendo_ nudges Get_Lost. "If you're feeling tired I can take the wheel back. Just tell me what to do to keep us steady in the water."
  145. [17:37] <@Kkat> 3Inside is a narrow corridor that extends only a few yards before opening into a wrecked and blood-splattered room.  A set of strip-lighting has come unmoored from the ceiling and is swinging back and forth, flickering.  The flashes of light reveal a large storage room with old mats lining the walls besides shelves of shot-up boxes.
  146. [17:39] <@Kkat> 3A table stands in the center, covered in medical boxes, plates, cups and various supplies, including a laser rifle.  Above the table, the swinging light silhouetted a turret with an integrated support machine gun.  The light on the turret is blinking pink.  In one corner lies the bleeding, torn body of a pegasus mare.
  147. 15[17:40] * +Spero looks back into the room. "Okay, this definitely constitutes 'trouble'..." Stay here, I'll be right back. He flies back to the ship and lands on the deck. He looks around towards all he can see. "We've got trouble again... except this time it's just creepy trouble. I really don't think we should be going further until we know what the buck happened. Everyone who wants to go look just come here and I can float you over. And yes, there's loot."
  148. 07[17:41] * @Get_Lost "it's not hard, listen carefully: i can't just make the ship stay still on a spot in a coursing river, there's the risk that the currents will make it turn on a side... so, in order to avoid any risk, i'm giving power to the engine every few minutes, so that the boat will always be moving; then i let the river take us down and repeat; this way, the boat is always moving and it keeps the direction more easily... only,
  149. 07[17:42] * +Kid looks uncomfortable. Well, there's loot. But... "Whut kinda creepy trouble?" Her shooting hoof suddenly became rather itchy on the mention of creepy trouble.
  150. 04[17:42] * @Get_Lost takes a look at spero "i'm more concerned about the fact that there could be danger, i'm quite battered, mabe i should stay here..."
  151. 07[17:43] * @Crescendo_ looks blank for a moment. "So... turn it off and on again, got it."
  152. 07[17:43] * @Get_Lost "or, since it is seemingly a long thing.. we can lower the anchor"
  153. 07[17:43] * @Get_Lost and tie a rope to a rock....
  154. 07[17:44] * @Get_Lost looks down at the current "ah, let's make two ropes... robust"
  155. 15[17:47] * +Spero looks at Get_Lost. "Alright. And it shouldn't be too long, really." He looks down at Kid. "Bloody... dead pegasus trouble."
  156. [17:47] <@Kkat> 3Shatara: the terminal beeps at you.
  157. 07[17:47] * @Crescendo_ nods. "That's a good idea. I can hold her steady while you get what we need."
  158. 07[17:49] * +Shatara blinks, turning towards the beeping terminal.
  159. 07[17:49] * +Kid frowns. This was the ugly part of the scavenging trade. "... Take m' there." She said, not entirely bought on it.
  160. 15[17:50] * +Spero looks over at Mitzi. "Coming?"
  161. 07[17:50] * @Mitzi looks up from her box whittling; "Do yu need me to come?"
  162. 15[17:51] * +Spero "Need? No. I was asking if you wanted to."
  163. [17:52] <@Kkat> 3Non-Welcoming (Paused).  Non-Welcoming will commence in [timing data lost].  Cancel or continue? Y/N
  164. 07[17:54] * @Mitzi looks down at the box again. She was making serious progress; she could afford a break. She slips the box away and stands up. "Uh'll help ponies." She saunters over.
  165. 07[17:55] * +Shatara blinks. Non welcoming? He slowly looks up to the perforated pegasus, then back down to the monitor. Wait...which one was cancel and which was continue?
  166. 15[17:55] * +Spero nods then flaps his wings and starts hovering above the boat. He picks Mitzi and Kid up in his magic then flies back over to the door and terminal.
  167. 07[17:56] * @Mitzi feels awkward in the air, and is very glad when she's set back down. "So, wut happeneen here?"
  168. [17:59] <@Kkat> 3Kid: the pegasus mare looks familiar.
  169. 07[18:00] * +Kid reaffirms her grip on the ground. She hated being flown up. Almost as much as she hated seeing dead ponies. And now she's had both happen at the same time. And... Why did she look so familiar? "Why does she look so familiar?"
  170. [18:02] <@Kkat> 3Kid's eyes fall to the laser rifle on the table.  It looks just like one that was being shot at her several hours ago.
  171. [18:02] <@Kkat> 3The terminal beeps again.
  172. [18:03] <@Kkat> 3Non-Welcoming (Paused).  Non-Welcoming will commence in [timing data lost].  Cancel or continue? Y/N
  173. 07[18:03] * +Kid looks at the rifle. Then back at the mare. Then back at the turret. Then back at the mare. Wait a minute... "... Oh, that's all -kinds- of fucked up." She moves to try to get the pegasus down off of the shackles. Nopony deserves to die like this.
  174. 07[18:04] * @Get_Lost yawns and sits on the floor "okay Crescendo_ it's your turn..." the young mare rubs a bad bruise along her belly
  175. 15[18:05] * +Spero "What is?" He looks over at ther terminal as it beeps and walks over to it. Paused... will commence... well cancel that crap right down. Yes.
  176. 07[18:05] * +Shatara sweats. Who the heck wrote this program? Definitely not Stable-tech. They at least understood that you can't present two options with a Y/N input. Yes, commence non-welcome? Yes, cancel non-welcome?
  177. 07[18:06] * +Kid senses Shatara's nervousness. "Hey, whut's th' problem?" She said under her breath.
  178. 07[18:08] * +Shatara closes his eyes and presses the 'Y' key.
  179. 07[18:08] * +Kid tries to drag the pegasus mare out of that place.
  180. [18:09] <@Kkat> 3Non-Wecloming Cancelled.  Welcome is in progress.  Have a happy day.
  181. 07[18:09] * @Crescendo_ takes the wheel, doing as Lost instructed to keep them in roughly the same place.
  182. 07[18:10] * @Get_Lost rests her head against the stallion's back and stays still
  183. 07[18:10] * +Shatara lets out the breath he hadn't realized he was holding, looking up to the turret and pondering if he could dismantle it.
  184. [18:11] <@Kkat> 3Kid, now that you've spent more time with the dead body, you do recognize her.  She was one of the two pegasi who survived their ambush on the steam ship.  From the looks of all the perforated bandages, she had retreated here and was using the medical supplies to attempt to heal when the turret opened fire.
  185. 15[18:12] * +Spero steps through the corridor and into the room, grimacing as he looks around. "So what were you saying, Kid?"
  186. 07[18:13] * +Kid sighs and pats the poor mare down. Well, it didn't feel too good morally, but she might have something more useful with her than it did to a dead mare. Plus, she did, you know, shoot at her. It's only fair. Littlepip looted dead bodies. "Ah said, what's got ya'll so nervous?"
  187. 07[18:13] * @Mitzi lets the ponies deal with the dead pony and wanders into the room. She eyes the laser rifle, remebering the effectiveness of these weapon in the paws of the alphas. She picks it up and slings it over her back. She looks around for anything else worth recovering.
  188. 13[18:18] * Chor (Mibbit@Pony-hra.fl3.148.217.IP) Quit (Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)
  189. 07[18:21] * +Shatara flys up closer to the turret, tinkering with it some. Sadly, it seemed the firing mechanism was built into the targeting talisman, and he didn't have the tools to dismantle the thing anyway. He was able to clear the ammo belt though, and he put the rounds in his pack. Can never have enough ammo, even if you don't have a gun for it. Yet.
  190. 06[18:26] * Spero is now known as Spero-AFK
  191. 07[18:26] * @Mitzi checks the medical boxes for any leftovers
  192. 06[18:27] * Arcane_Scroll[A] is now known as Arcane_Scroll
  193. 07[18:27] * @Get_Lost mutters "guarding a boat is boring as hell...."
  194. 07[18:30] * @Get_Lost gets up and trots in the engine room "keep going like this, i'm checking the engine... don't want any surprise"
  195. 07[18:31] * @Crescendo_ glances down at the scar on his foreleg, a momento that won't be fading away. "I like it quiet, to be honest."
  196. 07[18:36] * @Get_Lost comes back from the engine room "yeah, if i sisn't hurt this bad it could have been a little romantic, too..."
  197. 07[18:37] * +Shatara moves from the turret to some of the other various containers in the room. He pockets a few spark batteries, and examines some odd fuses more closely, glancing around the room for anything that looks like they might fit in.
  198. 06[18:37] * Milia|Work is now known as Milia
  199. 07[18:42] * @Crescendo_ "A river cruise under the moonlight? Yeah, it could have been something." He smiles. "We'll get to watch the sunrise soon though."
  200. 07[18:42] * +Kid looks through the mare. Great. Nothing good but a bit of Punga and some outdated funny money. Maybe she shouldn't be using a shotgun on a mare she wanted to get stuff from, come to think of it. She went ahead and tucked the Punga into her saddlebag, and discretely tucked an Enclave script coin in there as well. "Nothin' on her." She mentions, not looking to happy. This was the easy part. Now...
  201. 07[18:42] * +Kid ...for the hard one. "Anypony got a shovel r' somethin'?"
  202. 07[18:43] * @Get_Lost sighs and sits down again next to Crescendo_ "yeah, it should have been..." the young mare pauses for a moment "i think i still have a splinter in a leg..."
  203. [18:46] <@Kkat> 3The sky is beginning to lighten just a little.
  204. 07[18:47] * +Shatara looks up from his fuses. "I've got one?"
  205. 07[18:47] * @Mitzi pockets a few medical supplies that were left over. She would hand them off to Get_Lost when she got back down. Although, she was still stinging a little from the explosion. She decides to use one of the potions now.
  206. 07[18:47] * +Kid sighs. "Hoof..." Griffon. "Claw it over?"
  207. 07[18:48] * @Crescendo_ turns to Get_Lost, his tail still steering the wheel. "I thought you said that you treated yourself. Can you reach it?"
  208. 07[18:48] * @Get_Lost "i'll get to it when i'll have a moment of peace.... and some frsh bandages"
  209. 07[18:50] * +Shatara pulls his fancy folding shovel from his pack and hands it towards Kid.
  210. 07[18:53] * @Mitzi on second thought, takes some of the mundane bandages and wraps them around the lingering sore spots on her legs.
  211. 07[18:55] * +Kid looks at the little trench shovel. Huh. Hoofy. With a sigh and a grimace, Kid attempts to dig out a shallow grave. Hey, give her a break. It's the most she could do with a small shovel like this. "Bog rules. Y' put a pony on th' ground, y' put 'em in the ground." She mentioned in the middle of it.
  212. 07[18:57] * @Crescendo_ nods. "Well if you need any help just ask. Although in this light I wouldn't be able to see a splinter even if it was right in front of my nose." He shivers against the early morning chill. "At least it should get warmer soon."
  213. [18:59] <@Kkat> 3Soon, Kid is digging a grave for the dead mare.  The room was apparently some sort of maintenance storage room, but it isn't clear for what.  There are no other doors.  From the mattresses scattered about, and the dishes on the table, it would appear this was some sort of base for the pegasi who attacked earlier.
  214. 06[18:59] * TenMihara (coolsmile@Pony-0d0hnc.cable.rogers.com) has joined #FalloutEquestriaPNP
  215. 06[18:59] * ChanServ sets mode: +o TenMihara
  216. [18:59] <@Kkat> 3The working terminal outside looks like it was scavenged from someplace else and used here to jury-rig a way into this place.
  217. 13[19:00] * @Mitzi (coolsmile@Pony-0d0hnc.cable.rogers.com) Quit (Killed (NickServ (GHOST command used by TenMihara)))
  218. 06[19:00] * TenMihara is now known as Mitzi
  219. [19:01] <@Kkat> 3The sky slowly begins to lighten, the stars fading out as the deep blue of the night shifts to a lighter hue.
  220. 06[19:01] * Spero-AFK is now known as Spero
  221. 04[19:03] * @Mitzi steps out of the cave, satisfied with her findings. She looks around at Spero, Shatara and Kid; "Yu doeen anyting else?"
  222. 07[19:04] * @Get_Lost yawns, watching at the sun rising "maybe they found some comfy bed..."
  223. 07[19:04] * +Kid is tired as can be and covered with canyon dust. She pants a bit with the effort, then rolls her into the small ditch. "Naw. Nothin'." She proceeds to kick the dirt over her. There. The ground was relatively hard, but it was worth the effort.
  224. 06[19:05] * icekatze (icekatze@Pony-3cmgs4.client.mchsi.com) has joined #FalloutEquestriaPNP
  225. 06[19:05] * ChanServ sets mode: +o icekatze
  226. 07[19:06] * @Mitzi nods; "Found sum mediceen. Gonna give tu medic ponee back on ship. Also, Uh'm keepeen dis rifle. Need tu learn tu hit ting dat are farder away."
  227. [19:08] <@Kkat> 3The light of dawn brings a somber beauty to the canyon, its weathered shapes and ruddy walls striped with strata.
  228. 07[19:08] * @Crescendo_ chuckles and looks up as light begins to filter back into the world. "That would be nice. Have you heard those old stories, Get_Lost? About how the sky used to be locked away? I can't imagine what that was like."
  229. [19:08] <@Kkat> 3As the sun rises high enough for the rays of morning to penetrate the canyon, a blazing line ignites across part of the canyon top, the sunlight glowing off the row of windows that slice horizontally across a long, low structure built atop part of the canyon wall.  
  230. [19:08] <@Kkat> 3Large, dark letters adorn the building sitting high on the canyon ridge: SOLARIS.  Within the “O” is a stylized sun and an (excessively) male alicorn.
  231. 13[19:10] * +Kid (chatzilla@Pony-g8o5bq.res.rr.com) Quit (Ping timeout: 121 seconds)
  232. 15[19:11] * +Spero blinks at the SOLARIS symbol. That... couldn't even -walk- with that... He shudders. He looks around at those there with him still. "So are we ready to go back to the boat?"
  233. 07[19:11] * @Get_Lost "yeah i did... not that i am that old, i'm just happy that those bad times are behind us... we're lucky to-" the mare stops while her eyes point at the building "oh..."
  234. 06[19:11] * Kid (chatzilla@Pony-g8o5bq.res.rr.com) has joined #FalloutEquestriaPNP
  235. 07[19:12] * +Shatara looks around one more time. "Looks like it...?"
  236. 04[19:12] * @Mitzi nods to Spero the alpha. "Uh'm ready to go back when yu ar."
  237. [19:13] <@Kkat> 3Mitzi: in the light of day, you think that you are almost through the lockbox.
  238. 07[19:14] * @Mitzi pulls the lockbox out and decides to try and finish it off.
  239. 07[19:14] * @Crescendo_ "Yes, I see it too. That's quite some horn hes got there."
  240. 07[19:14] * Kid nods and wipes her forehead. Thinking swiftly, she puts her saddlebags and her problem solver down and took a dip in the water to wash off the dust. "Ready when you are!" The soaking wet filly with the straw hat and tanned leathers said to her friends.
  241. 15[19:16] * +Spero chuckles and takes flight. He lifts Kid out of the water and floats her back to the ship then does the same with Mitzi, careful not to scare her and make her poke herself with her claws.
  242. 07[19:16] * @Get_Lost is staring at the logo, focused "you know... not everything that they did was a failure... at least they tried to be innovative..."
  243. 07[19:16] * @Mitzi finally gets through the stubborn thing and gently peels back the side of the box she had cut through and peeks inside.
  244. [19:17] <@Kkat> 3The hellhound finally cuts through the lockbox, skillfully avoiding damaging the contents.  Which, at first glance, could have been painful -- the box includes three high-explosive grenades.
  245. [19:18] <@Kkat> 3Additional contents include two Sparkle~Colas, a copy of Equestrian Army Today and a small box with an insignia on it almost identical to the one on the lockbox itself.
  246. 07[19:18] * @Get_Lost looks at the ponies coming back from the trip "so... are you going to explore the building, too?"
  247. 15[19:20] * +Spero flies down to the deck of the ship after the two non-winged ones are on there.
  248. 13[19:21] * Mirage (Zepheniah@Pony-vaueg1.pool.mediaWays.net) Quit (Connection closed)
  249. 07[19:21] * Kid blinks at the tall pony. "What buildin'?"
  250. 07[19:21] * @Mitzi waits until she's back down on the deck and gently removes the contents from the box. She didn't recognize the grenades, but instinct told her to be careful with them, so she did. She sets the book and colas aside and pulls out the small box, examining it to see if it too was locked
  251. 07[19:21] * @Crescendo_ looks over to the returning group, gaze lingering on the soaking wet mare. "What did you find? Anything dangerous?"
  252. 07[19:22] * @Mitzi pops open the smaller, unlocked box to see what's in it
  253. [19:22] <@Kkat> 3Inside is a small sphere.
  254. 07[19:23] * Kid peeks over Mitzi's shoulder. "Ooh! Pretty!"
  255. 07[19:23] * @Get_Lost looks at the sphere "it's a candy"
  256. [19:24] <Kid> 1d100 Science  16
  257. 07[19:25] * @Mitzi turns around and offers the box to kid; "Yu know wat dis eez?"
  258. 07[19:26] * Kid looks rather amused at the thing. "Aw, man! It's one o' them Memory orb thingies! Yeah, M'ma used t' hang one around her neck. Lemme see it!"
  259. [19:26] <Kid> (Arg. Mare.)
  260. 07[19:27] * @Mitzi also gingerly holds out the grenades; "Any of yu ponies know wut dis eez? Dey seem dangerous." She passes the memory orb to Kid
  261. 15[19:28] * +Spero smiles and looks at Mitzi. "Yes... yes very... very dangerous. And very uh... yes. I'll take those..."
  262. 07[19:29] * Kid gives a little grin and trots on towards- oh who has a horn here, no, no, no, him! She looks at him as he passes by. "Hey! Before ya'll pick them fireworks up. Look at this."
  263. 07[19:30] * @Get_Lost "i think they grow on some sort of tree...."
  264. 07[19:30] * @Mitzi offers them freely. She then looks to the book and colas. "Any ponee who wants dem can have dem."
  265. 15[19:31] * +Spero floats the grenades up from Mitzi and puts them in his barding then looks at Kid. "You said it was a memory orb?"
  266. 15[19:31] * +Spero "Cause... if it is... uh... I read the Book of Littlepip too... and something bad nearly always happened while she was in the middle of one of those things..."
  267. 07[19:31] * +Shatara picks up the book from the safe
  268. [19:32] <@Kkat> 3While Mitzi is focuses on the loot, one-by-one the others spot an incoming figure.  At first, it looks like a pegasus, but as the dark form moves closer, they can see it is a purple alicorn.  And she's headed towards them.
  269. 07[19:32] * @Get_Lost "maybe we should plant it and see if there will germinate more...."
  270. 07[19:32] * @Mitzi lets her have it. She could always use some work on reading the pony words, but she expected the contents to not be of any real interest.
  271. [19:32] <@Kkat> 3She seems to have come from the direction of the huge SOLARIS building on the ridge.
  272. 07[19:32] * @Get_Lost "hey, another alicorn!" the mare waves a hoofg at the newcomer
  273. 07[19:33] * @Crescendo_ looks in completely the wrong direction. "Where?"
  274. 15[19:33] * +Spero looks up and sees the alicorn. "Over there."
  275. 07[19:34] * @Mitzi stands up, having distributed the contents of the box. She saunters over to Get_Lost and pulls out the bandages and two healing potions. "Yu take dees."
  276. 07[19:34] * Kid grins. "Aw, don't be a wuss. Tap this thing t-" Oh. Hey. It's an alicorn. She tucked the memory orb into her saddlebag discretely and joined Get in waving in the new pony. Did she have some of that pasta left? She tends to leave leftovers but she didn't have to cook for so many ponies until recently. She wondered if this alicorn liked pasta.
  277. 07[19:34] * @Get_Lost looks at the stuff and nods "good, these wil last for.. welol... not even a fight..."
  278. 07[19:35] * +Shatara stashes the book, taking off to investigate the incoming alicorn
  279. 07[19:37] * @Get_Lost puts away the stuff carefully to avoid it to get ruined by the rest in the bag
  280. 07[19:37] * +Noble_Heart comes in low over the valley, spreading her wings hard as she comes close to the deck of the ship and landing with all four hooves at once, folding her wings a moment later as she regards the group. For a moment she is silent before finally speaking up. "We have come to aid the in thyne quests. Rejoice, for you may now count Us amongst your number."
  281. 07[19:38] * +Noble_Heart makes something of a show of raising her foreleg to gesture to herself when speaking 'we' and 'us'. Odd habit that.
  282. 07[19:38] * Kid coughed lightly. "Wut?"
  283. 07[19:39] * @Mitzi turns around and observes the newcomer. She was like the alpha; horns and a wing. That meant important, although maybe less so than the alpha because she was female.
  284. 04[19:39] * @Mitzi looks to Spero for confirmation of her theory.
  285. 07[19:40] * @Get_Lost looks a bit confused at the alicorn "you... want to help us? why?"
  286. 15[19:40] * +Spero blinks at Noble_Heart. "You... what?"
  287. 07[19:40] * @Crescendo_ turns around, seeing the new alicorn for the first time. "Oh, oh! I see now."
  288. 07[19:42] * Kid raised an eyebrow in suspicion. Well, this was weird. Not saying a new pony on board was unwelcome, but one did have to ask a simple question in cases like these. "Yeah. Why?"
  289. 04[19:43] * +Noble_Heart frowns a little bit at the lack of understanding from Spero, oddly the lack from the others didn't seem to bother her quite so much. "We are sorry. Do you not understand Our words?" She gives Kid a slight smile. "We do not mean to task your minds such, but We are more accustomed to speaking to Our kind. We shall try to speak in words you may understand." She cleared her
  290. 04[19:43] * +Noble_Heart throat and spoke again, this time clearly to Spero. "We have traveled far and swiftly to find you and yours. We wish to join you and aid you in any way We can. We are certain you will find Our talents most useful to your cause."
  291. 04[19:44] * @Crescendo_ nudges Spero and 'whispers', "Hey, I think she likes you."
  292. 07[19:45] * +Shatara lands back on the deck, regarding the newcomer with his trademark confusion.
  293. 15[19:45] * +Spero blinks. "No... No I understand your words perf-" When you find the object, look for 'family'... 'Our Kind'... "Yeah, okay, glad you made it. We're gonna need to talk, though."
  294. 07[19:45] * Kid looked at her and smacked her lips. "Well, forgettin' that y' just called us all dumb, th' question we're askin' is why us?"
  295. 07[19:46] * @Get_Lost the mare shrugs "welcome aboard.... i'm get lost"
  296. 04[19:46] * @Mitzi watches Alpha-Spero talk to the newcomer. It made sense for him to indoctrinate the newcomer. She was satisifed.
  297. 13[19:49] * @icekatze (icekatze@Pony-3cmgs4.client.mchsi.com) Quit (Quit: I must go, my planet needs me.)
  298. 04[19:50] * +Noble_Heart gave an almost condescending sort of smile to Kid. "We would not expect you to understand. Thy kind has not the sense of purpose We share. Nor the bond of family which We hold." She looks back up to Spero and nods her head. "We would have words with you as well. Thy task is known to Us only vagually. Though We hope to aid it however We might. Our prowess is not inconsiderable,
  299. 07[19:50] * +Noble_Heart neigh it is quite impressive if We do say so Ourselves."
  300. 07[19:50] * +Noble_Heart gives Get_Lost a brief nod. "The New Mother named us Noble Heart for Our desire to protect and help the lesser ponies of Equestria. We are pleased to meet more allies."
  301. 07[19:51] * @Crescendo_ removes his hat and gives a bow. "A pleasure to meet you. My name is Crescendo."
  302. 07[19:51] * @Get_Lost looks at the mare for a moment protect and help "so, basically, you have some of that useful healing magic within that horn?"
  303. 07[19:52] * @Mitzi waves to the newcomer. "Ur name eez Mitzi. Uh'm here tu make better relations wit ponies. Uh hope meetin' more of horn-winged ponies means Uh'm doeen gud."
  304. 15[19:52] * +Spero furrows his brow and glances at Kid then back to Noble_Heart. Wow. She was... uh... well that wouldn't be nice to say around the Hellhound, really. "Can we stop calling them 'lesser ponies' for a bit? Just you know... at least around them?"
  305. 07[19:53] * Kid squints her good eye at Noble_Heart. New target acquired. "Hey. Hey. Y'mind doin' me a favor, Noble?"
  306. 06[19:53] * Mitzi sets mode: +v Kid
  307. 07[19:55] * +Shatara flaps up to a higher position, observing the newcomer.
  308. 07[19:57] * +Noble_Heart gives a slight bit of a bow in return to Crescendo_. She even offers a brief hoof wave to Mitzi, before shaking her head at Get_Lost's question. "Neigh. Our skills are centered upon fighting the enemies of all pony-kind and a gift with the motion of light and sound. We have never studied the magics to repair a pony who is harmed, for We would prefer to prevent the harm from
  309. 04[19:57] * +Noble_Heart ever happening." At Spero's question she seemed more confused than anything else. "Do you not know your origins? Of what We are? The ponies need Us, now as much as ever before, perhaps more. And so We are here to help them. Lest they come to harm by Our inaction." Kid's question drew her attention back to the foal finally. "What is it you would ask of Us?"
  310. 07[19:58] * @Mitzi shrugs, at least she was acknowledged. Although maybe the female figured she should wait for approval from the group's current alpha before become more colloquial.
  311. 07[19:59] * +Kid shrugs and gives her a sad, regretful look. Her one eye looked up forlornly at the large mare. "Think fast." She shuffles around her pack and tosses the memory orb lightly at Noble Heart.
  312. 07[20:00] * @Get_Lost smiles, apparently amused by the new alicorn's antics "you reminf me of a guy named solos i met once... well, i can't wait to see what you can do on the field.... butr now i'm falling apart and need some rest, so, if you'll excuse me, i'm going to sleep"
  313. 07[20:02] * +Noble_Heart snorts slightly at Kid's remark, "We always think-" She's cut off when the orb is hurled in her direction. The sphere grabbed in her levitation field, just a bit before she got a chance to actually see what it was. Ah, the follies of forgetting the past.
  314. 15[20:03] * +Spero blinks again. Dang. She wasn't just from Unity... she wasn't just a jerk... she'd actually bought into the whole 'alicorns are going to save everyone' thing. Clearly he wasn't going to get through to her acting like himself... least not yet... He straightens himself up and goes to speak when Kid throws the orb and Noble_Heart catches it. He shakes his head and looks back down to Kid. "Oh that is -so- cliche..."
  315. 07[20:05] * @Mitzi has no idea what happened
  316. 04[20:05] * +Kid shrugs. "Maybe." She looked at Spero mischievously. "That don't mean it wouldn't be th' best thing ever if ya'll had a marker right now." Call her dumb, would she?
  317. 13[20:06] * @Get_Lost (utente@Pony-5u2mdk.retail.telecomitalia.it) Quit (Quit: Leaving)
  318. [20:07] <@Kkat> 3--- End of Session ---
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