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  1. [11:17] Doppler: that's cool what you said in general but err
  2. [11:17] Doppler: since on the day he's coming in we'll probably be trialing, idk if you want to give him a heads up or anything
  3. [11:17] Doppler: since obviously lukas still doesn't know
  4. [11:17] Doppler: and i don't want him to either
  5. [11:42] UnderscorE: I'll tell the coach our situation about the roster so he can decide better
  6. [11:42] UnderscorE: Is that ok?
  7. [11:43] Doppler: as you want, just let him know that we are working hard until Thursday, around the weekend we will make announcement and do all that shit
  8. [11:43] UnderscorE: K
  9. [11:43] Doppler: Since you know when someone realises they're getting kicked they play (even more) like shit
  10. [11:43] UnderscorE: Fine
  11. [11:43] UnderscorE: Makes sense yeah
  12. [11:44] Doppler: When he comes in, hopefully we'll already have started trials
  13. [11:44] Doppler: Dovha is back on Tuesday the 30th, likely to start then
  14. [11:44] Doppler: If we get enough apps of course.
  15. [11:46] UnderscorE: I think we will
  16. [11:46] UnderscorE: There are plenty of main supps out there
  17. [11:46] Doppler: 4.2k+ team that went 8-3/9-2 with an org + staff backing us?
  18. [11:46] Doppler: pretty sure we will.
  19. [11:46] UnderscorE: Also, when od ends many teams disband
  20. [11:47] Doppler: wonder if there is any chance if we do insanely well they will upgrade us to main team? :smile:
  21. [11:48] UnderscorE: They want the main team to run for playoffs, and then, if we manage to reach that level I'm pretty sure we will have a chance
  22. [11:48] Doppler: well that's what we're going for next season
  23. [11:49] UnderscorE: The point is they told me they are gonna get a full team to fill the main spot, since they want to buy time they wouldn't waste on trials if so
  24. [11:49] Doppler: that's fair
  25. [11:49] Doppler: 9-2 is basically playoffs so if we try really fucking hard Thursday and get that
  26. [11:50] Doppler: we won't actually make playoffs this season
  27. [11:50] Doppler: But... that is huge for next season
  28. [11:50] UnderscorE: It is
  29. [11:50] UnderscorE: But playoffs rather than pure score is top16
  30. [11:50] Doppler: yes
  31. [11:50] Doppler: What I mean though is if they see we go 9-2
  32. [11:50] Doppler: There's no way they won't promote us to main team?
  33. [11:51] UnderscorE: Idk, I can arrange something and ask them
  34. [11:51] Doppler: That was our first actual OD season playing with a semi-bad roster imagine what we can do with proper one AND practice
  35. [11:51] UnderscorE: Because it would make sense to promote us instead of looking for another team
  36. [11:51] UnderscorE: It would be even faster
  37. [11:51] Doppler: need to work for it hard
  38. [11:52] UnderscorE: Yeah that's right
  39. [11:52] Doppler: Today & tomorrow
  40. [11:52] UnderscorE: We were together only 2 weeks before od started
  41. [11:52] UnderscorE: Considering the low amount of time we had
  42. [11:52] UnderscorE: We did great
  43. [11:52] Doppler: we did
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