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  1. Round 1 fight 3
  3. Mario Galaxy
  5. Rosalina: Princess of the cosmic observatory and mother of the Luma’s this platinum blond had long hair that covered one eye. her blue gown was see through so you could see her plump nursing mother breasts. And Childbearing hips. Her star themed jewelry was minimum, with her largest ornaments being a star stud in her navel and a silver crown with a heart on it. This mysterious lady was a kind mother but looked like she had a dirty secret.
  7. Zelda: the princess of Hyrule and constant girlfriend to the legendary hero. she felt the weight of her many reincarnation weighing on her as well as their unbridled lust for Link. still being dignified, she decided to go with her original smash bros appearance. Her pink dress was almost see through hugging her body showing the outline of her triforce themed underwear. Her blond hair held a simple tiara with  pink heart. Royal hips and breast with generations of royal breeding to show of her godly heritage. With plumping lips and eye shadowed eyes.
  9. 3 2 1 Fight
  11. Zelda starts using Din’s Fire the magic shot explodes in Rosalina’s face but is guarded by a loyal Luma “No hurt Mama”
  13. “That’s not fair” Zelda thinks. She charges at Rosalina who simply floats above her watching as Zelda trips on the planitoid’s odd gravity.
  15. Using Farore’s wind Zelda catches up with Rosalina. “Fight me without your magic”
  17. Rosalina smirks at that “well that’s the pot calling the kettle black, looks like mama will have to punish you for being a hypocrite”
  19. Before she can figure out what she meant Zelda feels starbits spank her on the ass, like  a mother disciplining her child, but this just aroused the princess more. Not paying attention she doesn't see the Luma launching like a canon to her pining her back onto the planet’s surface. Looking for any weapon she grabs the nearest thing, a gust bellows and blows it at Rosalina.
  21. The wind makes her already dress fly upwards as she tries to cover herself Marilyn Monroe style. This just makes her blush. “Oh how indecent, it does feel nice though. Problem is I'm more of a range attacker.”
  23. With a nod a swarm of Lumas bury Zelda. Assured of her victory Rosalina begins to float off with a Luma in hand. It begins to nussel her nipples “Oh” she exclaims in startled pleasure “I may be your mama, but i don’t have any milk.” she smiles “but let's get dinner ready you’ve all done a good job”
  25. She then hears a loud bang her Luma’s go flying and Zelda is gone. Then in a puff a smoke Sheik appears two feet in front of her. Before Rosalina can react the blue form fitting wearing Sheikah hits her with a flurry of punches that knocks her back. The Lumas try to intervene but Sheik just dodges them all using her toned and sleek muscles. While doing a mid air doge he throws Her needle storm. His needles hits Rosalina in just the right spots to make her body go limp with pleasure.
  27. Sheik walks up to the immobilized woman. Spasiming with a involitary orgasim Rosalina looks up “you know I've always wondered, when you change like that are you cross dressing or actually becoming a man?”
  29. Sheik blushes under their mask “none of your business!”
  31. Rosalina chuckles “well i need to set a moral line for my kids you know, either way the more Lady Hand’s power fills you we’ll know soon enough”
  33. Rosalina having gotten the last laugh gets launched off with a final smash attack from Sheik and gets explosive teleported away.
  35. Winner Zelda/Sheik
  37. Transforming back to Zelda she huffs “judgmental mother like woman, why does everyone want to know what’s in my pants”
  39. She looks around as the Lumas cry for their mama “and now i feel like a dick”
  41. Rosalina meanwhile is changed to a trophy of her milf like body breastfeeding a hungry Luma
  43. next vote Daisy vs Palutena
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