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  1. <div class="ui middle aligned selection divided list">
  2.   <a *ngFor="let book of books" class="item">
  3.     <img class="ui tiny image"
  4.          *ngIf="book.images"
  5.          [src]="book.images[0].url">
  6.     <div class="content">
  7.       <div class="header">{{book.title}}</div>
  8.       <div class="description">{{book.subtitle}}</div>
  9.       <div class="metadata">
  10.         <span *ngfor="let author of book.authors; last as l">
  11.           {{author.firstName}} {{author.lastName}}
  12.           <span *ngIf="!l">,</span>
  13.         </span>
  14.       </div>
  15.       <div class="extra">ISBN {{book.isbn}}</div>
  16.     </div>
  17.   </a>
  18. </div>
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