The Sensual Suspect (one-shot)

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  1. Smoke swirls all around the room, pushed by loudly wheezing, charred lungs, and pulled by mechanical ventilation. A petite young woman sits bolt-upright in front of a desk, visibly shaking with fear, as an older, scarred man with a cigarette hanging from the edge of his mouth leafs through a stack of papers behind the desk. The smoking man sets down his papers and speaks: "So, Miss, uh..." He peers at the topmost form again. "...Cubitte..." He sneers as he pronounces the name. "...I shall ask you some questions. Please answer them immediately."
  3. The small wings and a tail that sprout from the woman's hips quiver as she nods. "You take a gentleman home from a night out on the town. You quickly begin to perform oral sex on him. As he begins to moan, you bite his penis. Why?" The woman recoils, her eyes widen as her tiny chest expands from a sharp breath. Her tight dress shirt is pulled taut across her small breasts. "I-i wouldn't! What kind of a question is that?!" She swallows as the man scratches the badge on his shoulder, a maltese cross. "I ask the question here, 'Miss' 'Cubitte.'" The woman collapses in her seat and whimpers slightly.
  5. "Next question. You are watching a porno. The man is masturbating. You notice his technique is substandard. How do you know?" He pulls in, and then lets out a long stream of smoke as the woman fidgets in her chair, wiggling her slight hips and rubbing her hands together in her lap. "How do you know, 'Miss'?" His harsh voice drips with malice and insinuation. "I... I...!" She blushes as she continues to squirm in front of him. "I just love cocks, okay!?"
  9. "What are we looking at here, Chief?" Two men watch the scene through a one-way mirror, one in a suit, one with just his shirt and rolled-up sleeves. "We suspect she's actually an Alp, and not, in fact, a Succubus as she claims." The interrogator continues to rattle off sexually explicit, bizarre questions behind the mirror. "Why would that be a problem, again...?" The man with rolled sleeves turns around and leans his hips on the edge of the mirror. "Because she THINKS she's a Succubus." The man in a suit licks his teeth behind his lips. "So what?"
  11. "So if she's an Alp but honestly thinks she's a Succubus, we have a Mindflayer problem in town." The man's face sinks. "Shit." He, too, turns his back on the mirror. Both of them sigh heavily. "Still... What's the point in this circus, then?" The chief pulls out a cigarette and lights it, barely registering the sounds from behind them. "That Paladin in there is our top man. If he can't provoke her enough to give an unconscious tell, there's no way we could tell an Alp from an unfortunate Succubus."
  13. "Oh, yeah... I guess that girl is a little flat for a Succubus..." The Chief blows a cloud of smoke into the dimly lit space in front of them. "And look at her style. Isn't that a little too much like a man's idea of an attractive woman?" The man paused to think. Dress shirt with a ribbon tied to the collar, knee-length pencil skirt with stockings, sharp bobcut... "I see what you mean, Chief, but wouldn't a smart Succubus play up her snappy teacher looks anyway?" He found her attractive, that's for sure. "That's why we have the circus."
  17. Suddenly they snap to attention as yells ring from the interrogation room. The man almost falls over as he turns in shock. It's finally boiled over. "Get in here, you bastards!" The gruff voice intermingles with a soft giggle as they see the woman trying to crawl over the table, wrestling with the interrogator with interlocked fingers. Her wings extend behind her along the curve of her hips, even as her tail lazily whips from side to side. In an instant the men dash for the door.
  19. The woman's eyes flash red as her pupils twist and deform into heart-shapes. Her eyes continue to emit a soft glow as the interrogator's resistance falls. "Are you that desperate to know what's inside my skirt, old man?" She teases him as she crawls onto him. "I'm starting to think you like me!" Her long, slender fingers disappear behind his belt as the other hands unhooks it. The old Paladin, unable to resist, gasps as her fingers wrap around him and begin to pump.
  21. "Do you like bullying little defenceless girls, SIR?" Her voice now returns the poison he had served her. "I bet you just love to pick on newly-turned Alps, don't you? Well, SIR, I think you're not so tough..." Her short, sensible nails dig into his flesh as her teeth pinch the skin on his neck. "You love that, don't you?!" He moans in pain and ecstacy as her rough handjob rocks him in his chair. She pulls him closer by the hair, and lock her lips to his. Just as she sucks his tongue between her teeth and begins to pull it out with her teeth, the two other men burst through the locked door.
  25. "Miss, please! That's enough! We can see you're a Succubus!" She releases the interrogator's tongue and sneers at the man. "Yes, and...?" She continues to jerk off the interrogator with her sharp death-grip. "Why should I care?" The Chief looks the man in the eye. "I was afraid of this. The interrogation has brought out her smug! We have to save Johnson before it's too late!" He lunges at the woman, shortly followed by the flustered man in a suit. Together they overpower the woman, pulling her hand out of the interrogator's pants before it's too late.
  27. His member is left throbbing in the air, pulsating with an ache for release. He looks at the woman, almost pleading, and her sudden jerk towards him almost breaks their grasp. She swings her hips at the interrogator, and just barely grazes his shaft from the balls all the way to his urethra with the tip of her leathery wing. The two men wrestle her out of the room, unaware that behind them the interrogator spasms in orgasm, his hips jumping up and down as his semen spurts all over the chair and floor.
  31. The woman lounges in a spartan cell, humming to herself on her back, when a cough gets her attention. "Oh me oh my! SIR, what an unexpected sight!" The interrogator stands behind the bars with an uncertain face. She spins around on the bunk and stands up, wiggling her hips as she slowly makes her way to the bars. "Let me guess, SIR, you can't forget me? You can't live without me?" The man looks down and away as her teasing gaze meets his. She giggles as she continues: "SIR! Don't tell me that's it?! Did you really fall in love with me? What a loser~!"
  33. Something moves through her peripheral vision as she taunts him through the bars. She jumps back, but soon realizes it's a open hand. The interrogator stands silent for a long while, but finally speaks. "It's as you said, Miss Cubitte. I can't seem to get you out of my mind." She circles around the bars to get a look at his downturned face. Her mischievous grin sends shivers down his spine and butterflies up his stomach. "So... If you'd like to meet me for lunch today, I'd very much like to hold your hand on the wa-" His line is cut short as the woman pulls him roughly into the bars by his hand and plants a soft kiss on his lips. She grins at the flustered man as he opens the cell door. "Oh, I'm gonna have fun with you, SIR~"
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