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  1. <b><size=30><align="center">[US] Ravengard's SCP: Secret Laboratory Server</align></size=40></b>
  3. Hosted by <color=red>John Gauden</color> of Ravengard. Server location: <color=red>Las Vegas, Nevada</color>.
  5. Join our <link=""><color=#cdf><u>Discord</u></color></link> server!
  6. Please help us clean up this community! Report players in our Discord server! Thank you!
  8. Server features:
  9. - SCP-049's total HP is increased to 2,500.
  10. - SCP-049-2's total HP is increased to 500.
  11. - SCP-096's total HP is increased to 3,000.
  12. - SCP-106's total HP is increased to 1,000.
  13. - SCP-173's total HP is increased to 4,000.
  14. - SCP-939's total HP is increased to 3,000.
  16. Basic server guidelines:
  17. 1. Don't <color=red>cheat</color> or use <color=red>bugs</color> that spoil or ruin the game.
  18. 2. Being <color=red>AFK</color> will lead you to be <color=red>kicked out</color> of the server.
  19. 3. Don't be <color=red>overly</color> toxic. You may mildly troll, but don't cause players to leave the server.
  20. 4. Don't throw the game, even if you're about to leave the server. That means SCP's should not try to enable the alpha warhead.
  21. 5. Don't disrespect the staff team. If the staff make a decision, it's final. Don't argue.
  22. 6. Don't direct racial slurs towards a person specifically. If a player reports you for it, you will likely be punished.
  23. 7. Hacks and threats of DDoS'ing or doxxing are strictly <color=red>prohibited</color>. This will result in an immediate ban.
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