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  1. ↷ ゚⋅。・ ONE ⊹ ╮
  2. username : alicelysiqn_
  4. ↷ ゚⋅。・ TWO ⊹ ╮
  5. slot : periwinkle
  6. backup slot : vidia
  8. faceclaim (and instagram, if applicable) : hashtag aeji /@xx_aj1025/
  9. backup faceclaim (and instagram, if applicable) : iz*one sakura
  11. ↷ ゚⋅。・ THREE ⊹ ╮
  12. name (in english   other languages) : in english: hala moon, korean: moon hyejin
  13. nicknames (at least two) : hann, mumu, jinjin
  15. birthdate (do refer to age range !) : august 17, 2001
  16. age (korean   international age) : korean: 19, international: 18
  18. height (cm) : 167 cm
  19. weight (give a healthy weight !) : 48 kg
  21. birthplace : brisbane, australia
  22. hometown : gangnam, korea
  24. nationality : australian
  25. ethnicity : korean
  27. languages spoken (maximum of 4) : korean, english, japanese, tagalog
  29. ↷ ゚⋅。・ FOUR ⊹ ╮
  30. background (minimum of 100 words) : my background would be something you would hear normally since im actually from a normal family, everytime i look at somebody i just as myself 'why are they so wealthy? 'why can't i be like that?!' those questions run on my mind always my parents are strict when it comes to school that's why everytime i study they put on a camera to see if im really studying hard even though their pretty strict i still get the hand out of it since im that fun kid that everybody knows! other than that i have a brother and he's three years older than me his name is gian mun he only has an english name since my parents doesn't really know what to name him in korean so yeah!
  31. personality (minimum of 50 words) : i have this kind of a moody personality...there are times when im just really noisy then there are times when i would suddenly be quiet and it makes me annoyed on how moody i could be, i mean it isn't really normal..right? well if it is then thank you for appreciating me! just then i would warn you right now since im a book lover you have to be really considerate when im talking since it could be really deep. i think that's all thank you!
  33. likes (maximum of 5, in bullet point) :
  34. * reading
  35. * dancing
  36. * foods that are matcha flavored
  37. * sleeping
  38. * singing
  39. dislikes (maximum of 5, in bullet point) :
  40. *  ketchup (but i eat spaghetti)
  41. * fake friends
  42. * liars
  43. * mayo
  44. * excuses that are too much
  46. habits (minimum of 3) :
  47. * she likes to watch kdrama
  48. * challenges are always fun
  49. * discriminating
  51. trivia (minimum of 3) :
  52. * she can go with your flow but you can never change her
  53. * she would never ever let you copy her answers
  54. * she would mostly like to pay if you ever go out
  56. ↷ ゚⋅。・ FIVE ⊹ ╮
  57. how does your character act in school? (minimum of 3 sentences) : my character would act obedient and silly at the same time what i mean by silly is that she would often pass her homework late but she gets high scores on that term she only gets minus one when she doesn't pass her homework on the exact date. what i mean by obedient once you tell her to shut her mouth she would instantly follow it, when it's math class she would often fall asleep and she wouldn't get caught. what's amazing is even though she sleeps at class she could maintain her perfect scores and high scores.
  59. how did your character and love interest meet? (minimum of 3 sentences) : they would meet on the sidewalk since my character is actually this healthy girl that goes to the gym every morning even before school after going to the gym she would go to this particular cafe and buy her favorite drink. but this time it's actually quite different she was almost late for school since she didn't check the time while she's at the gym she's now running towards the school when she dropped her keys while getting to pick up the keys there was the guy who would always be right there when she went to buy her drink.  "since you didn't get your morning"
  61. how do you think your character will react to love interest being a fairy? (minimum of 3 sentences) : my character would react very shocked and slightly dissapointed, she didn't expect someone so kind and smart to be a fairy it didn't even show that he was a fairy he acted very normal, a normal human being with a soft heart but he wasn't. she was also scared of the possibilities that could happen if he were to go, what would happen if he was affected by her knowing that he was a fairy, if she knew would he be affected?,  she was really scared of losing someone close to her losing someone she already fell inlove with.
  63. suggested scenes with love interest (be creative !) : first scene i would suggest would be something similar when they first met but it's different this time the love interest would be really frustrated since he couldn't do this thing in order when my character saw him she decided to buy what he would usually buy on that cafe "frustrated? here your drink, i gotta pay you sometime" . second scene would be something when my character would have a slight problem with her family and she would go at the back of her house where her parents wouldn't see her since her house is slightly close to the forest she's not crying or anything she's just upset bringing her phone and wallet she managed to call somebody but that somebody wasn't whi she was supposed to call "hyejin? why did you call?" "im sorry can we meet at the cafe?" /im not really sure what to write so that's all/
  65. playlist (minimum of 3 songs, try to have different artists !) :
  66. some / bolbbalgan4
  67. everytime / chen & punch
  68. all of me / john legend
  69. heartbeat / suran
  70. double trouble couple / mamamoo
  71. turtle / twice
  72. love someone / lukas graham
  73. boom / nct dream
  75. ↷ ゚⋅。・ SIX ⊹ ╮
  76. note from me ! : thank u so much for choosing to join my af, and i hope u’ll be patient with my lazy and procrastinating ass JSJDJDJ hope u’ll enjoy and hit the woah (((:
  78. note to me ! : hi! im actually happy that there's this applyfic like this since i have been finding one and its pretty, really pretty i wanted to submit it here since im not familiar on using google doc but yeah i am here on pastebin. just wanna say your stories are good like very good especially the one with sicheng on it i just really love it, oh and i love you!
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