Xywtsau turn

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  1. Xwytsau Turn:
  3. Discretionary Action:
  4. -Hold tournaments and matches to determine the successor to Valeri as Hetman upon his passing in the future.
  5. -Begin beefing up security aboard the Xwytsau and indoctrination of all military personnel to instill loyalty to the Machine Spirit and Hetman within them.
  6. -Hold larger religious services as our mission nears completion to help ease the fears of the masses for the rest of the journey
  7. -Begin working on testing and upgrading our hydroponic systems as best as we can to ensure we have the ability to produce food upon landing.
  8. -Start organizing the structure of our government upon landing on our new planet to be modeled on a command economy structure as opposed to letting a free market reign initially, all administration decisions will fall to the Hetman, Machine Spirit, and whatever bureaucrats and leading military officials tasks are delegated to.
  9. -Task the Dinsaldat with keeping the sacred groves safe upon our journey to our new home and once we arrive there, seeing them as the most in tune with nature so to speak and thus worthy of taking care of the gardens.
  10. Espionage:
  11. -We are to pass Trappist 1e and instead head for the other planet we’ve been discussing.
  12. -Keep our security staff on high alert for dissidents once we pass Trappist 1e
  13. -Request the Machine Spirit to subliminally tell the denizens of the Xwytsau that there is a better future outside of Trappist 1e where we can prosper isolated from the non-believers and rabble rousers.
  14. Technology:
  15. -More Robotic Organs, particularly lungs
  16. -Solar Arrays to power batteries/ C2 modules to ensure our energy to does not run out
  17. -Improved Hydroponic systems, as in growing more food in less area/replicating hydroponic conditions easier
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