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  1. Hannah02/15/2019
  2. We should play a survivor together imo
  3. Josh~02/15/2019
  4. Survivor sucks though
  5. Hannah02/15/2019
  6. Why?
  7. Josh~02/15/2019
  8. Its boring
  9. Not remotely like the real game
  10. Hannah02/15/2019
  11. Oh you’re so right
  12. But I think I prefer survivor to this cause I’ve got a better social game than strategic at these games thing
  13. I suck at games
  14. Josh~02/15/2019
  15. I kind of want to try a Survivor
  16. But I feel like people would gang up against me
  17. Because "El threat"
  18. Hannah02/15/2019
  19. I mean, how many people really know you?
  20. I just got invited to an invitational, I could ask him if you could join
  21. Josh~02/15/2019
  22. why don invited me too
  23. if u mean him
  24. Hannah02/15/2019
  25. Yes
  26. I do lol
  27. I figured since you dont play surv you wouldn't be invited
  28. Accept!!
  29. I don't really know anyone else invited
  30. Can we pretend we hate eachother and then ally during the game
  31. ?
  32. Hannah02/15/2019
  33. Hey
  34. Do you know a girl named Oddish
  35. from smog
  36. :open_mouth:
  37. Josh~02/15/2019
  38. um
  39. maybe
  40. and I know oddish ya why
  41. Hannah02/15/2019
  42. Because I was talking to her and Hal said something about you and she knew you
  43. Josh~02/15/2019
  44. wow was hal talking shit
  45. Hannah02/15/2019
  46. So when I followed her on insta she was like "hey i used to follow him!'
  47. No
  48. I think we were talking about 7ds
  49. Josh~02/15/2019
  50. oh she used to follow me?
  51. Hannah02/15/2019
  52. listing who was playing
  53. yeah
  54. Josh~02/15/2019
  55. uh I dont remember that its possible
  56. we played mafia together
  57. Hannah02/15/2019
  58. Mhm
  59. Josh~02/15/2019
  60. shes pre cool
  61. Hannah02/15/2019
  62. mhm
  63. Josh~02/15/2019
  64. who else is in the survivor game
  65. Hannah02/15/2019
  66. Oh survivor game I have no clue
  67. Oddish probably isn't
  68. I don't know anyone in the game
  69. List isn't up yet
  70. Josh~02/15/2019
  71. I told Whedon maybe
  72. Josh~02/15/2019
  73. I think ppl gonna target me
  74. Hannah02/15/2019
  75. Depends on who is in the game
  76. i only know aj
  77. Who obviously would work with us
  78. Josh~02/15/2019
  79. anyone who plays mafia is gonna wanna take me out
  80. I have a reputation lol
  81. Hannah02/15/2019
  82. Do you?
  83. Josh~02/15/2019
  84. yea
  85. I might join
  86. we keep our alliance hidden if I do
  87. I am smarter than u retards and your 6p garbage alliance lmao
  88. me you AJ f3 calling it
  89. Hannah02/15/2019
  90. LOOK
  93. Josh~02/15/2019
  94. lmao
  95. I told Whedon I'd probably play
  96. Hannah02/15/2019
  97. !!1
  98. Viper is in that game I think
  99. Josh~02/15/2019
  100. can we vote him out
  101. Hannah02/15/2019
  102. yes
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