Vertex - Chapter XII, Casual Queen

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  1.                 Chapter XII, Casual Queen
  4. While getting snuggly on the bus, Craig and Farai became very much conscious of the fact that following the exercise Craig had undergone, he hadn't had time to take a shower.
  5. "You're stinky" Farai cooed in his ear without even a hint of disgust in her voice. She seemed pleased by it, if anything.
  6. "Well excuuuuse me, princess" Craig replied, feeling self-conscious.
  7. "Aww, don't be like that. We'll get your ass in a shower soon enough" she comforted him. Really now? Would she be joining him then?
  8. "Will you be joining me then?"
  9. Dumbass.
  10. Farai leaned away from him, feigning shock and holding her arms over her chest.
  11. "What manner of woman do you take me for, you fiend?" she asked in a theatrical tone.
  12. "The kind that wants to skip school so she can drag a guy over to her place for a shower?"
  13. "Touche. But I don't need one, so you'll have to take it on your own. While thinking about me, of course"
  14. Craig was starting to get nervous now.
  15. "You know..."
  16. "What?"
  17. "Just the other day I was planning on asking you out" he admitted. That was easier than he'd have thought it would be. The butterflies were still in his stomach, but at least he'd gotten that off his chest.
  18. "So I beat you to it, huh?"
  19. "Yeah"
  20. Farai pondered this for a moment.
  21. "Do you feel emasculated because of it?"
  22. What?
  23. "What?"
  24. "Well, like, 'the guy is supposed to ask the girl out, the guy is supposed to propose, the guy is supposed to take the lead', that kind of thing"
  25. Craig turned to look at her more directly.
  26. "You don't know me very well, do you?" he asked.
  27. "I... guess not?"
  29. That's when it really it hit them. True enough, they barely knew anything about each other. Sure they'd know ABOUT each other since the third grade, but they'd never really gotten to know each other beyond that. This past week they'd gotten closer because of... what, exactly? They'd been spending time together, yes, building Raquel her house, but had they talked to each other about anything not about that? No they hadn't.
  30. Craig tried to think back on how they'd ended up in this relationship in the first place. He'd gotten good grades, she'd wanted good grades, he'd helped her out, then they ran into each other, then they ran into Raquel and they kind of... yeah. He'd had a total crush on her for ages, sure. But what did he actually know about her? What did she know about him? Damn. This was like, 100% chemistry.
  31. And here he thought they were going to start doing BDSM stuff any day now.
  32. "Umm..." he began.
  33. "Don't" she stopped him, putting her finger on his lips. "I'll go first" she added, then took a deep breath.
  34. "I think... and this is something I really should have thought through before, but I didn't, because I'm dumb, uhh, that is, I, well, ooh, hmph!"
  35. She smacked her lips in irritation at her inability to articulate herself properly.
  36. "I think... we need to get to know each other properly before we... fool around, you know?" she managed at last, though Craig got the feeling she might not have intended to say that at first. Whatever her initial message had been, this one was certainly a true one, and he was compelled to agree with it.
  37. "So can I still use your shower?" he asked to lighten the mood.
  38. "Sure. But, uhh, don't think about me while you're in it"
  39. "Yes'm" he replied in a deadpan tone.
  40. "Oh, please don't"
  41. "No ma'am" he said, still with all the emoting of a stone statue.
  42. "You're cruisin' for a bruisin' there bucko" she giggled. Upon her laughter Craig couldn't keep his poker face either.
  44.                         ***
  46. Once inside Farai's apartment, Craig found his way into the shower, where he tried his hardest not to think of her and to pick something to wash himself with that didn't make him smell like a girl. He failed in both of these quests.
  47. Upon stepping out from behind the shower-curtain with his own towel wrapped around his waist, he discovered that his dirty clothes were gone. Along with his change of clothes. And his bag.
  48. "Haha, very funny Farai!" he shouted.
  49. "I left you something to wear, just put it on and stop being a pansy!" she shouted back.
  50. Hmm. Indeed, there was something here. It looked to be pyjamas. Pants and a long-sleeved shirt, made of velvet, scarlet in colour. And some lilac silk stockings that would've reached up to his thighs if he'd put them on.
  51. "Hey Farai, what's with the zettai ryouiki?"
  52. "Put them on, baby"
  53. Baby?
  54. "You serious?"
  55. "It's not like anyone will see them!"
  56. True enough. Craig shrugged and put the stockings on first. They felt surprisingly nice on his skin, if they were a little tight... or maybe that was part of the reason. Before putting on the pyjamas he found himself caressing his own thighs. Damn that's some smooth substance.
  57. He saw himself do this in the bathroom mirror and realized how ridiculous and perverted it looked, and so he rushed to put on the pyjamas, which felt every bit as smooth and tight. And smelled nice. So very, very nice.
  59. Craig emerged the bathroom feeling a little off. Hadn't they just talked about needing to get to know each other before they started to do weird stuff? Putting on a girl's clothes was definitely weird.
  60. "Okay so seriously, where're my clothes?" he demanded, trying to be as stern as he could be while feeling the constant pressure in his crotch and ass and thighs.
  61. Farai had changed into some baggy pants, a t-shirt and some fluffy slippers, and she was in the kitchen, making tea.
  62. "Are you leaving already?" she asked, acting overly surprised and shocked.
  63. "Well, no, but I..."
  64. "Then you don't need them, do you?"
  65. "This isn't exactly funny" he complained.
  66. "Hmph, spoilsport. And here I was going out of my way to give you a little taste of what it's like to be my precious little pet" she said, swiping her hair behind her ear.
  67. "What?"
  68. "Craigie, c'mon. I won't do anything weird. Just let me boss you around a little" she begged.
  69. "Wasn't it you who said we should get to know each other better first?"
  70. "We are. But there's no reason we can't play while we do it. Just a little"
  71. "Farai, you're like a bear with a jar of honey in front of it" he said, shaking his head in apparent disapproval, looking down to hide his satisfied smirk.
  72. "Aww, so you do know you're my sweetheart!" she said, rushing over to ruffle his hair, and soon enough they kissed again.
  73. "Besides, I've got a bunch of movies I wanna watch with you!" she said, a mischievous glitter in her eyes.
  74. "What kind of movies? 'The Pharaoh's Bath-Attendants'?"
  75. "No, you delightfully deviant dumb-dumb. Anime stuff"
  76. "Like tentacles and stuff?"
  77. "No. Stuff like 5 cm/second, and The Girl Who Leapt Through Time"
  78. That was unexpected.
  79. "That was unexpected"
  80. "Hey, it could be worse. I could be forcing you to watch Amelie or Bridget Jones" she said, kissing him.
  82. The two lovebirds took a seat at the kitchen table while waiting for the water to boil.
  83. "You know..." Farai began, twirling her hair around her finger, " occurred to me that we might have to take some... precautions"
  84. Craig smacked his lips.
  85. "Like a safeword or something?" he offered.
  86. "Well no, it's not like we'll do anything like that, I mean more like, well... ground rules? Just so we're on the same page, y'know?"
  87. Craig shook his head.
  88. "I really, really thought we were here to just watch movies" he said.
  89. "We are here to watch movies. And by gauging your reactions, I can learn just how that noggin of yours works. And then I'll know you" she said, her arms crossed, her head nodding enthusiastically.
  90. "Then what about me?"
  91. "What about you?" she asked, tilting her head.
  92. "How will I get to know you?"
  93. "Elementary my dead Wurmson, you can judge me by the movies I own!"
  94. Makes sense?
  96. The tea was ready by then, and Farai poured their cups full. For some reason they had pictures of the Moomins in them.
  97. "So anyway, I was thinking we'd do stuff really simply. I don't hurt you at all, neither one of us takes our clothes off... aaaaand you do whatever I tell you to do, no questions asked" Farai offered while stuffing some chocolate chip cookies in her mouth.
  98. "What was that last bit?" Craig asked, not quite believing his ears.
  99. "Umm, that you do whatever I tell you to do, no questions asked. As in, I'm in charge here, buddy-boy, get used to it"
  100. She stared at him with the same deadpan expression he had tried to employ on the bus.
  101. "What exactly are you going to tell me to do?" he asked, feeling suspicious.
  102. "Not much. Stuff like 'hands to yourself, baby' and 'watch the film', or 'stop humping my bed, I need to sleep with those sheets'" she said, still maintaining an air of perfect seriousness to the best of her ability.
  103. Then her facade cracked and she cracked a smile.
  104. "I mean come on, what did you expect?" she asked.
  105. Yes, what did he expect? Getting told to lick her feet and walk around on all fours?
  106. "Well, like, getting told to..."
  107. NO!
  108. " something embarrassing, I guess?"
  109. Nice save.
  110. Craig sipped his tea while waiting for her reply.
  111. "Crossdressing not embarrassing enough for ya?" she asked.
  112. Oh.
  113. "Oh"
  114. "Yeah. Now come on, just humour me, let me be the dominant one here. If you ever really want to get kinky with me, you'll eventually have to submit to me, so it's not so bad to do it now, right?" she reasoned.
  115. What she was saying certainly did ring true. He wanted to submit to her anyway, that's what he'd fantasised about, that was the whole point, dammit. It's just that... he hadn't really prepared for this, mentally speaking.
  116. "I just... wasn't prepared for this. Mentally speaking" he defended himself.
  117. Farai closed her eyes while savouring her tea, letting him wait for her reply.
  118. "That was my intention. I couldn't just drag you here and give you a whipping or something, I mean I don't even have that many toys and what I do have is just for me to have fun on my own, so I had to come up with something that shook you up and made you, you know. Vulnerable. And I think the element of surprise did that just fine, right? You're pretty vulnerable right now, aren't you? You can't exactly walk out of here without my say-so, not dressed like that. If I was a spider, you'd be in my web. So... that clear the situation up for you?"
  119. Craig nodded. She had played him like a damn fiddle. It was a scary thought, actually. Apart from Andrea, who knew he'd left school with her? Nobody. He hadn't told anyone, and as far as he knew, neither had she. And he couldn't walk out dressed like this, no sir. Not only would it be too embarrassing to be seen like this, but it would be bloody cold, too. And he didn't know where she'd stowed away his stuff. Yeah, he was caught properly. If she'd had malicious intents towards him... damn. And he'd walked right into her trap without even thinking about it.
  120. He emptied his cup to hide the grimace on his face. He felt like he'd been cheated, somehow. Kinda. Sorta.
  121. "And then there's the drugs I put in your tea, of course. I forgot about those" Farai said, nonchalantly.
  122. A shiver ran up his spine as he lowered his cup. No fucking way.
  123. "Ahahahaha! You should see your face! Come on, I wouldn't do that. Hey, let down that bloody guard of yours and surrender already, let's go have fun!" she ordered.
  124. Craig felt like an idiot.
  125. "Sorry..." he mumbled.
  126. "Apology accepted" she said, patting his head. "And I'm sorry for tricking you. Please don't lose faith in me" she added, bowing her head.
  127. "That's okay" he said, and surprisingly he actually didn't mind all that much. Scary as the concept was, it was just Farai. Not like she'd do anything bad to him when he was in her power.
  129. After enjoying their tea, the two lovebirds made their way to Farai's bedroom, where the movies were to be watched. This made Craig increasingly nervous, and his troubles were only multiplied when Farai told him to get in the bed, under the covers.
  130. "Seriously?" he asked.
  131. "Oh, you don't want to watch the movies with me?" she asked, hurt as if her heart had been pierced by an arrow.
  132. "Wha- no, that's now what I meant, dammit!" Craig protested, but his loud and angry shout only worsened the situation, making Farai flinch away from him. In his anxious state he had failed to notice she was not being serious.
  133. "To think that I even invited you into my bedroom... oh woe is me!" she cried, throwing her head back and covering her eyes.
  134. Farai's behaviour had finally reached the amount of hamminess that even Craig finally got it.
  135. "Look, I'm sorry" he apologized again. "I'm just... not, I mean, my head's not in the game here, at all. I'm just nervous"
  136. She nodded with a serious look on her face.
  137. "That's to be expected. I'm pulling on your heartstrings to the best of my ability here" she admitted.
  138. "Why?"
  139. "To control you" she said as if it were obvious.
  140. "Do you really need to control me?"
  141. "Well I guess you can go home whenever you want to..."
  142. "I don't want to go home. I want to stay with you"
  143. "You sure don't act like it..."
  144. "You're doing it again!"
  145. "Of course I am. That's what you're here for. To be controlled, to be dominated" she reminded him.
  146. Is this what I want?
  147. "I don't know if this is what I want..." he hesitated.
  148. "You won't know until you actually try it. Now get in the bed like a good boy or go home, your choice" she said sternly.
  149. Fuck it.
  150. He got in the bed, finding it much softer than his own, and the covers were way warmer and thicker, too. Not to even mention the pillows.
  151. Seeing his decision, Farai rushed to pat his head.
  152. "That's a good boy Craigie" she cooed at him. "Now grab one or two of those pillows for yourself, so you can be comfy, then yeah, on your tummy, face the telly. Yeah, cross your arms like that..." she gently directed him, then went to close the door to her room, shut the blinds and drew curtains to cover those up, turned off all the lights and soon enough they were in quite overbearing darkness, with the only source of light being the TV and the DVD/Blu-ray player, whatever it was, Craig couldn't see. Then Farai  tucked the covers so to as to leave no draft on the sides or at the foot end, and slipped in under them with him.
  154. The first part of her presence Craig became conscious of was her weight. She lied on her stomach, on top of his back, and he became very, very aware of how heavy she was. Well, not like he could tell how much she actually weighed, but still, he understood now that she had meat on her, rather than just... whatever he'd imagined so far.
  155. Then he felt her breasts pushing against his back. He'd noticed she wasn't wearing a bra under that t-shirt, but now he NOTICED it.
  156. "It's only fair that I go commando too" she whispered in his ear, as if reading his thoughts. So that was her... touching his ass. Ehehehe.
  157. Farai's tongue found its way into his ear, making him shiver involuntarily.
  158. "Mmmhm, you know, humans have such silly ears..." she nibbled on it.
  159. "All round and... not even very sensitive, are they?"
  160. Her hot breath tickled him when she whispered right into his ear.
  161. Not sensitive my ass, thought he.
  162. "Oh well. You just listen to the cute Japanese girls and ignore silly old me"
  163. Farai set herself up in a position she regarded as comfortable. Craig disagreed, as this involved her crossing her arms on top of his head and leaning on it. Of course the pillows beneath his neck and jaw made it so he could still look ahead at the TV, but the position didn't afford him any freedom of movement. Her weight kept him completely immobilized, actually.
  164. "I can't move" he pointed out, whispering himself for whatever reason.
  165. "You don't need to move, silly" Farai cooed.
  166. "What if I need to shift position?"
  167. "Ask for permission, maybe?"
  168. "Really?"
  169. "Oh I'm sorry, what was that? You want to call it quits and go home? Now? When I just got comfy? Really?"
  170. Craig couldn't bring himself to say anything in response to that. Maybe he was being a little too stiff about this whole thing.
  171. "Let's just start..." he suggested.
  172. Farai grabbed both of his ears and gently pulled on them.
  173. "W-what? What're you doing that for?" he demanded.
  174. "You forgot something"
  175. "I what?"
  176. "The magic word, Craig"
  177. "Oh. Uhh, let's just start, mistress?"
  178. Farai pulled on his ears again, harder.
  179. "Oww!"
  180. "You're an idiot, Craigie. Do you have any idea how silly it sounds when you say something like 'mistress'? Why would you think I meant that when I said you forgot the magic word? Are you a pervert? Huh? I think you are. A total weirdo!"
  181. "Oww! Quit it!"
  182. "And there you go again"
  183. "Owww!"
  184. After racking his brain for what he was doing wrong, Craig came to a sudden realization that he had in fact been an idiot, and he probably was some kind of freak for not having thought of the correct answer right away.
  185. "Please stop it?" he offered.
  186. Farai did.
  187. "C-can we please start?" he tried.
  188. "Sure" she said, petting his head and using the remote to begin their first feature presentation.
  190. While the movie wasn't very long - it was only an hour or so - Craig became aware of another part of Farai's physical being that he had mostly been a stranger to thus far, that is, her body heat. The girl who was always complaining about the cold and overdressing was now producing heat like a Radiator Woman from the Radiator Planet, and Craig himself felt overheated. He'd never been one for wearing pyjamas to bed, so this was really too much.
  191. Getting roasted in his own juices aside, he was getting kind of hot and bothered over other things too. First of which was Farai's constant harassment, directed at his ears or hair. She yanked his ears whenever she felt he wasn't showing the appropriate concentration, and when he pointed out to her that she herself had said that she wouldn't hurt him, she paused the movie and brought her cheek to his for some heart-to-heart.
  192. "That isn't pain, Craig. That's just some minor discomfort you experience as a result of feeling something new. I bet you won't think it feels too bad in a while. At least I hope so. I mean, if you can't take this without bitching, how are we ever supposed to get anywhere?"
  193. She was right, as usual. Suddenly Craig began to remember all those fantasies of her slapping him around and stepping on his fun-parts. And he was making a big deal out of a little pulling on the ears? Damn.
  194. "Sorry" he said, meaning every word.
  195. "It's fine dear. I'm not mad. Just want to see where we stand. So we're good?"
  196. "Yes"
  197. "That's a good boy" she ruffled his hair and they resumed the movie night.
  199. 5 cm/second was a depressing flick. Childhood sweethearts growing apart went against everything anime and manga had taught Craig to believe in. There was no happy ending, either, just like with all of the other stories by the same author. It was all so fucking beautiful, but depressing, too. Since there was no happy ending to be had, it was absolutely necessary to move on to the next flick as soon as possible. Or so Craig would've liked for things to have progressed. Farai had something else in mind.
  200. "So how was it?" she asked.
  201. "Whaddya mean?"
  202. "Did you like it?"
  203. "Well... yeah, sure"
  204. "I'm glad you think so, and even more glad you're willing to admit it. This isn't the kind of thing most guys would be open about watching, yet alone liking"
  205. That was a relief. Was that it?
  206. "So what did you like about it?"
  207. D'oh!
  208. "I, uhh... well, the art was pretty. I mean, the scenery porn was like, totally..."
  209. "You're approaching style rather than substance there, baby. I'm asking about the themes, the characters, the story. The kind of thing that matters" she guided him.
  210. Come on, let me off the hook already, he protested internally.
  211. "I didn't really like the whole idea of it, honestly. I like happy endings, not sad ones" he admitted freely.
  212. "Mmhm, go on"
  213. "But for what it was, I guess it wasn't badly done. And all these things have that 'lovers separated by distance' shit, it's like it's his fetish or something"
  214. "Mmhm"
  215. "And that's about it. It's good, I like it, but it's just too sad for me"
  216. "You're just a big sofite, ain't ya Cwaigie-waigie?"
  217. "Guess I am" he admitted. It didn't feel bad to admit it, either. Something like that seemed to actually please her, and he was very eager to please. And thirsty. Very thirsty.
  218. "Can I get something to drink?"
  219. Farai hands were suddenly on his ears again, but before she yanked he hastened to add the magic word.
  220. "...please?"
  221. Her hands left.
  222. "Sure"
  223. Apparently, she'd prepared for this, and pulled out a juice box from under her bed. Craig reached out to grab it, but she yanked it away.
  224. "Nuh-huh, you keep your hands in their place. I'll hold it for you" she said.
  225. Okay?
  226. Craig returned his arms to their previous position and let Farai put the straw in his mouth.
  227. Several slurps later the box was empty and she tossed it on the floor.
  228. "All better?"
  229. "Yeah, thanks"
  230. "Then shall we pick up our next film?"
  231. "What would that be?"
  232. "I think I told you already. The Girl Who Leapt Through Time"
  233. Ah. He'd seen that too, of course. It was a much lighter experience, even if it wasn't all sunshine, lollipops and rainbows, either.
  234. "Yes please" he said, receiving a nice headpat, and then some relief when Farai slid out from under the blankets to change the disc and to remove the empty juice box.
  236. Without Farai's weight on him, Craig could stretch out and cool off for almost a minute or so. It felt great and refreshing. His forehead was all sweaty, and he had probably ruined the pyjamas with his sweat already, they'd have to go in the laundry. He was also worried of how badly they'd smell of his dick. He had naturally gotten a boner from Farai's presence and the pressure being applied, and the smooth sensation of the velvet against his member. This was the single most important reason for him to have been feeling hot and bothered. That and the position his erect dick had been stuck in, with no way to correct it. It's not like he could've asked her permission for something like that.
  237. And naturally she walked back in the room when his hand was in his pants. Though he rushed to return his hands where she could see them, it was too late. No, maybe if he'd have done it discreetly she might have ignored it, what with the room being dark and all, but his rush had caught her attention.
  238. "Craig, what are you doing?" she asked, turning on the lights. Oh god-fucking-dammit.
  239. "Nothing..." he answered, feeling a new heat on his face. So he was blushing now, too.
  240. "Hmm? Is that so?"
  241. Farai sat down on the bed.
  242. "Craig. You can't lie to me. That's an order. Now where was your hand just now?"
  243. She was really doing this?
  244. "C-come on..."
  245. "An ORDER Craig"
  246. "I was just... correcting my position" he said.
  247. "Were you now?" she asked, running her hand down his back. Why was she doing that?
  248. "Yeah!"
  249. "And what part of your body was it that wasn't in an agreeable position?" she asked, her hand stopping on his ass. Sure he was under that thick blanket, but despite the cushioning, she was very much caressing him somewhere she shouldn't have. Or maybe she should have. It didn't feel bad. Then again it didn't help his raging boner, either. Of course. The next course of action for her would be to order him out of the bed, and then the all too small pyjamas would leave his state quite exposed. Craig braced himself for this eventuality.
  250. To his surprise, it didn't come. Instead Farai leaned on him, twirled his hair around in her fingers, and asked him a question.
  251. "How often do you jerk off?"
  252. No she didn't.
  253. Yes she did.
  254. Oh no she di'in't!
  255. "Answer me Craig. That's an order"
  256. "Really?"
  257. "Yes, really. We'll need to get more intimate with each other eventually, you might as well spill the beans now"
  258. "Then how often do you schlick?" Craig asked angrily.
  259. "Hmm? Is that the sound of disobedience I hear?" Farai's fingers found their way to his ears again, and Craig calmed down.
  260. "Sorry"
  261. "Tut-tut, that's not good enough. I can see that you understand you did wrong, but do you understand WHY what you did was wrong?"
  262. That was going too far.
  263. "You've got to be kidding me... oww!"
  264. "I am being serious, sweetie. I want you to be good, so I can kiss and cuddle you and be nice to you. You want that too, don't you?"
  265. Craig did want that, very much.
  266. "Yeah"
  267. "Then you need to learn this lesson. Why was it wrong of you to ask me such a question?"
  268. "Umm, because you're in charge here and I need to obey without question? Oww!"
  269. That was obviously the wrong answer.
  270. "Umm, because I'm the one who is supposed to get embarrassed here and not you?" he tried. His poor ears paid the price.
  271. "You really don't get it, do you?" she demanded.
  272. "No!"
  273. She sighed.
  274. "Fine. Then I'll explain it"
  275. She removed her hands from his ears.
  276. "Craig. Here's the deal. We're playing around, right?"
  277. She paused for long enough that he realized the question wasn't rhetorical.
  278. "Yeah?"
  279. "Right. And there are rules. Rules that you broke. That happens, I'm not mad about that. But you haven't exactly been trying"
  280. What? Trying? What the hell?
  281. "What's that supposed to mean?" he asked.
  282. "You really can't see it?" she asked, shocked.
  283. "No!"
  284. "Craig, I... we're supposed to be PLAYING. Having fun, you know? And I'm putting on this act here of being all casual about bossing you around, for you to enjoy getting bossed around. And you're not even trying to play along"
  285. There was a quiver in her voice, and Craig felt a sudden surge of shame. She was right. He hadn't been playing along at all. And he's the one she was doing all this for.
  286. "Sorry..."
  287. "Don't apologize. I'm the one who should do that. I don't even know what I'm doing, Craig. I've never done this, dammit!" she snapped, her voice breaking a little at the end.
  288. Something had to be done. It's a man's lot in life to protect a girl's smile.
  289. "You know... it's not like I'm not enjoying myself" Craig managed.
  290. "Huh?"
  291. "I mean, like, look, my head's all empty because of you. I'm... putty in your hands, you know? That's the saying, I think. Point is, I'm completely helpless. And I like it. I couldn't fight back if I wanted to, and it feels nice. Isn't that what this is all about?"
  292. He turned his head so he could see her face. Farai had tears running down her cheeks. Just a little though.
  293. "You're such a sweetheart" she said, caressing his cheek. "But I'm still completely, totally, utterly lost"
  294. Craig grabbed her hand and brought it to his lips.
  295. "We'll just have to figure it out, right? Not like we have to be perfect at something we've never done before right away, right?"
  296. Farai giggled.
  297. "I'm such a dumbass" she said, with a little sniffle.
  298. "Yeah, you are. Good thing I'm smarter than you. A lot smarter. Do you have any idea how smart I am?" Craig asked, lightening the mood. Farai seemed intrigued.
  299. "No, how smart?"
  300. "Ever heard of Plato? Aristotle? Socrates?"
  301. "Yeah?"
  302. "MORONS!"
  303. Farai giggled.
  304. "You're just quoting The Princess Bride!"
  305. "Clever girl"
  306. "And that's Jurassic Park!"
  307. "...for you"
  308. "What?"
  309. "Nothing"
  310. "Wait, no, tell me, what was that last one from?"
  311. "Nothing, shut up"
  312. "Craig, I ordered you to tell me what it was!"
  313. "Do you feel in control?"
  314. "Oh that's it, I'mma tickle it out of you!"
  315. "W-what?"
  316. Her fingers had surprising strength when they dug into his sides, each stabbing in between his ribs. That alone made him gasp. And then her fingers began to move.
  317. "Gyahahha, aaah, c-come on, let's just watch the fi-fi-iiilmhhahah~" Craig tried to protest.
  318. "Resistance is futile. Your queen is without mercy!"
  319. She sure was. Fearing he might lose control of his bladder if this assault continued, Craig broke.
  320. "It's from Batman!"
  321. "See, now that wasn't so hard!"
  322. She stopped the tickling, but didn't remove her hands. In this horseplay their position had shifted, and Craig was now on his back with her on top of him. As dictated by Murphy's Law, he was getting hard from her aggressive interrogation and warm, sweaty presence. She noticed it, and grinned as only a chuuni Apophis could.
  323. "Come to think of it, you never answered me..."
  324. Oh no.
  325. "So tell me Cwaigie-waigie... how often DO you jerk off?"
  326. The pressure she applied with her fingers made it abundantly clear that refusing to answer was not an option, and too low of a figure would result in immediate retaliation.
  327. "I do it twice a day..."
  328. "What was that? Louder, if you please!"
  329. "Twice a day!"
  330. "Oh, and still you pop boners during the day? When do you do it? Twice in a row or on separate occasions? Tell mama everything!"
  331. Mama?
  332. "Uhh, once in the morning, once in the evening!"
  333. "Oh, first thing in the morning, last in the evening, eh? Hah! What a horny little guy you are!" she said, kissing him.
  334. "Did you even concentrate on the movie we were watching? I've heard guys think of sex once every seven seconds..."
  335. "I did, I did!"
  336. "Think of sex once every seven seconds? So for a movie that lasted that long you... uhh, how long did you think of sex?" she pondered, facing the insurmountable obstacle of math.
  337. "Nine minutes total" Craig said, hoping a quick confession might save him here.
  338. "Nine minutes? Hot damn! I guess I'll just..." she checked the clock on her phone, "...tickle you for the next nine minutes!"
  339. "No way"
  340. "You are to take your punishment Craig, that's an order!"
  341. Craig bit his lip and began to prepare himself mentally. It didn't help.
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