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Oct 5th, 2015
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  1. Glitches
  2. * Height Abuse (MAJOR) (USED)
  3. The game has an odd way of determining the height between platforms. When jumping into cliffs, you can sometimes find the transition point of the heigh and land. The only major one right now allows us to skip Ko-Koro. It also causes a lot of problems when jumping from elevators, so try not to jump on or off of them.
  4. (Ko-Koro Skip)
  6. * Fire Staff Skip (UNUSED)
  7. This skip is very simple, you simply walk past the fire staff. The impact of this is that you can't see anything in the first section of Onu-Koro, and the first half of the second section of Onu-Koro. You can give yourself vision back by bonking into something. You will become blind again if you open your inventory. After Onu-Koro this has no impact. This saves almost no time, and wastes time if you bonk something to regain your vision.
  10. * Ga-Koro Sequence Break (UNUSED)
  11. This is only a sequence break. It allows you to do the second half of Ga-Koro before the first half. You still have to do the first half though.
  14. * Island Second Turtle Skip (USED)
  15. This is a simple skip that allows you to skip using the second turtle to get across the water.
  18. * Boundary Jumping/Wall Jumping (MAJOR) (USED)
  19. This is the most important glitch in the game, and is also incredibly versitile. It is done by short hopping into a vertical or horizontal wall or boundary of the map. Once you are on the wall, you can short hop at a 45 degree angle towards the wall or boundary to move along it. While you are in this phase you are completely invincible. You also move faster traveling horizontaly instead of vertically. This glitch is used all over the place, and is easy to find more places to use it.
  20. (Ga-Koro Skip)
  21. (Le-Koro Skip)
  22. (Ta-Koro First Section Skip)
  24. NOTE: If you talk to an npc, then you can't preform this glitch anymore. Screen transitons (and minigames) allow you to do the glitch again. It is assumed that this has something to do with the way that npc's are programmed.
  27. * Boardless Lava Boarding (UNUSED)
  28. If you jump from a boundary into the lava, you will ride your lavaboard even if you have not picked it up yet.
  30. * Bad Respawn (NOVELTY) (UNUSED)
  31. If you latch onto something in the water (a crab for example) with your launcher and then fall into the water, you will infinitely respawn in the water until you die.
  34. * Abyss Crash (NOVELTY) (UNUSED)
  35. There are some enemies that are not programmed to be pulled over the edge, so if you use a launcher to pull them over the edge then the game crashes.
  38. * Knockback Abuse (USED)
  39. This is done by bonking into something and changing the direction you are holding on the d-pad before the knockback is done.
  42. * Dumb Bird (NOVELTY) (UNUSED)
  43. This is a simple ai glitch, for some reason the bird boss in Le-Koro doesn't know what to do when you stand at the edge of this platform.
  46. * Disc Grab
  47. This glitch allows you to grab items by throwing the disc at them. This works on other discs, and items (though there aren't any left for you to grab outside of item free zones.
  50. * Death Abuse (USED)
  51. Death abuse will bring your helth back, though not to max, and set your fruit to 150. It can also be used in a boss fight after you have opened the cage of a turaga to send you back to the base and still get the turaga. This is most useful in the Po-Koro turaga rescue. You can die to the bugs after opening the cage, and will be teleported back to the village. You can then pick up the health up to survive.
  53. * Launcher Orbiting (UNUSED)
  54. Launcher orbiting allows you to make the projectile from your launcer orbit you. This can be used to preform some grabs around an obstacle, though there are no uses yet.
  57. * Launcher Items (UNUSED)
  58. Launcher Items is a state you can get into that leaves you with the reticle from the launcher, but the ability to use other items. It also cancels other animations which allows you to skip the insanely long death animation, your jump animation, and item pickup animations. This state can be entered by holding down the launch button and opening the menu. It can also be entered by pressing 'A' while holding down the launch button.
  60. Routing
  61. (Ga-Koro Enterance Alternative Route)
  62. (Po-Koro Section 2 Skip)
  63. (Ko-Koro Enterance Pacifist Setup)
  64. (Ta-Koro Lava Boarding Strat)
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