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  1. [ If you Take Pics durring the Ceremony please Share the links ty ]
  3. ~Walking in to the ceremonial hall she looks to those that have gathered nodding in greeting proud so many have come to watch the days events~
  6. I am Lady Rayn of Nykotos, The Ubara and Sir -----, have chosen Me to perform the Free Ceremony between them. I am asked to welcome all of you and to Thank You for Traveling the distances to stand witness as Wolf and Angeline exchange vows before you. As I have The Ubara and Hold her as a Dear friend, I am honored to stand before both of them today and join in their celebration.
  8. RP]
  10. The Brides Price has been met. And the dowry been given to the Man seeking her companionship.... so it has been agreed upon and the obligations fulfilled. I have completed the documents and I have prepared them for you they will be signed at the end of both ceremonies.
  12. [ 1...veil removed by father guardian admin]
  14. At this time I will ask for 2 witness to sign the Documents and Agree to the ceremony being performed today.
  15. May I have the 2 witness agree and speak their names as witness.
  17. It is often said that it is love that makes the world go round. However, without doubt, it is friendship which keeps our spinning existence on an even keel. True friendship provides so many of the essentials for a happy life -- it is the foundation on which to build an enduring relationship, it is the mortar which bonds us together in harmony, and it is the calm, warm protection we sometimes need when the world outside seems cold and chaotic. True friendship holds a mirror to our foibles and failings, without destroying our sense of worthiness. True friendship nurtures our hopes, supports us in our disappointments, and encourages us to grow to our best potential. Ubara Juicy and ----- came together as friends. Today, they pledge to each other not only their love, but also the strength, warmth and, most importantly, the fun of true friendship.
  19. 2 witness removes 2nd veil]
  22. ~she walks to the podium and collects a cord no more than her arms length and returns to the couple.~
  23. This cord represents the ties that bind one heart to the other......
  25. ~Starting with --- she begins the wrap the cord from his right wrist , wrapping over his palm, she sees Yhe Ubaras hand secure in his and smiles, she continues wrapping around until she reaches her wrist. she places her hand over the couples joined hand beneath the cord and Raising her head she looks to them both~
  27.  Sir Tenrik you also represent the Home Stone. Would you please com forward and remove the Ubara's third Veil.
  29. The two have now become one. One beat one beat and one soul to share and never a thought with out the other.
  31. Before me are 2 bottles of salt. Representing each of you in body and soul it is needed for our survival it is released in our hard work a the sweat from our brow and it is released in joy and sorrow through our tears. In the Tahari it represents Brotherhood and a trusted bond between two never to be taken lightly. ~
  33. [ rp Ubara ]~ she takes a pinch of Salt and places it upon her right wrist and speaks~ Let there be salt between us, I am one who shares salt with you ~ extending her wrist to him~
  35. [ rp groom ]*Touching his tongue to the salt in the sweat of her right wrist. He looked to her then extended his own wrist to her * Let there be salt between us, I am one who shares salt with you
  37. [ rp Ubara ]~ She raises her veils bends and touches her tongue to his wrist and tastes the sweat along with the salt once tasted she places a gentile kiss on his wrist ~
  39. [rp groom] *Taking both of her hands bringing them to his lips he kissed them* We have shared salt as we will share a home.
  42.  3rd veil removed by some one from the HS ][ Tenrik rp here ]
  45. You have had the blessings of Guardians, and of those within your home. I have spoken as your Friend. And now I shall give you the blessing from My Caste. We are from a variety of Castes one of a Ruler one of a Physician and one of the Scribes. We have pledged to the Codes as such. We live and write and enforce the laws of cities and of Gor. We negotiate contracts for those of Alliance and Trades. You Sir Heal and Care for those in need between all of us one have one common goal to help and protect the citizens of Gor, And we even give blessings. My Blessing to the both of you is to hold firm in your Home Stone. Never let those take advantage of it or it's laws. And hold firm to the contracts today. Companionship is not entered into lightly among the free it is a contract binding til we return to The City of Dust. It is an Oath honor it and keep it to heart. I shall have you both agree this Oath to one another:
  47. Do You ---, take, Ubara Juicy, to be your Companion, loving what you know of her, and trusting what You do not yet know. Do you eagerly anticipate the chance to grow together, getting to know the other will become, and falling in love a little more every day. Do You promise to love and cherish her through whatever life may bring?
  49. I Ubara Juicy, take, Sir  ---, to be your Companion, loving what you know of him, and trusting what You do not yet know. Do you eagerly anticipate the chance to grow together, getting to know the other will become, and falling in love a little more every day. Do You promise to love and cherish him through whatever life may bring?
  51. 4ht veil removed by the scribe]
  53. ~she moves before her and places her hand upon her Veil, The pride she takes the honor of removing her last veil of her witnesses. She leans in to her placing her veiled cheek against hers and whispers to her ~ I Wish You Well and Happiness Always, May the blessing be forth coming in your Companionship and Always my Friend Stand Strong.
  55. We have removed 4 of your 8 veils Ubara, The last is up to you. Do you willingly enter this contract of Companionship? To honor him as your Companion. To hold him above All and Never placeing him second. If so Please Remove you last veil.
  57. [Ka la na wine will be getting ready to prepare her serve here]
  59. Ka-la-na, the wine made of the fruit of trees by the same name and said to be the symbol of romantic love, is shared by the couple and indeed, the free companionship ritual is often referred to as 'the sharing of the wine of companionship'. In the few cases where the reader witnesses such rituals, the drinking of ka-la-na is always present.
  61. Would you both go to the other table and prepare for the serve of the Ka-la-na Wine.
  63.  [ serve Here ]
  65. It is the words the we speak to one another that we hold dear. As you take your serve I would like for you both to speak your own Oath of Companionship. Sir -- if you would please start and Ubara you follow.
  67. [ when you are finished you both drink this is your rp part both drinking wine arms interlocked ]
  69. ~As the couple comes before her she picks up the mantle and the laurel wreath as she recites the blessing she wraps them in the mantle together and places the crowns upon them.~
  71. May The Priest Kings pour out the abundance of your blessings upon this man and this woman. Defend them from every enemy. Lead them into all peace. Let their love for each other be a seal upon their hearts, a mantel about their shoulders, and a crown upon their foreheads. Bless them in their work and in their joys and in their sorrows.
  73.  The fountains mingle with the river,    And the rivers with the ocean;   The winds of heaven mix forever,   With a sweet emotion;    Nothing in the world is single;    All things by a law divine      In one another's being mingle:-    Why not I with thine?     See! the mountains kiss high heaven,    And the waves clasp one another;     Now sister flower would be forgiven   If it disdained its brother;    And the sunlight clasps the earth,     And the moonsbeams kiss the sea:-     What are all these kissings worth,     If thou kiss not me?
  75. You may now take your pleasures in your first kiss as companions. [ rp ]
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