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TVTropes: Jerk Sue examples - September 11, 2011

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  4. * [[OverlyLongName Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way]], the "[[{{Goth}} goffik]]" girl from the infamous HarryPotter {{fanfic}} ''MyImmortal''. She's "[=~So Beautiful, It's a Curse~=]", manages to have all the strengths and none of the drawbacks to being a vampire (which just seems like an excuse for her to drink blood), and has all the canon men from Draco to "Vampire" Potter (both of whom got changed into being bisexual, exaggeratedly "dark" characters that have apparently [[YaoiGuys had a relationship with each other]] in the past) fawning over her. In spite of being a total bitch that {{wangst}}s endlessly and also an incident where she was caught red handed (or, perhaps more accurately, red-faced) having sex with Draco, she never gets punished because the administration likes her just that much.
  5. * [[OverlyLongName Atlantianna Rebeckah Loren]] the "goffik" heroine of ''Forbiden Fruit: the tempation of Edward Cullen'', exhibits such charming characteristics that the cast cannot help but love her.
  6. -->"We made out for 10 minutes and then he tried to take of my bra but I pushed him away suddenly thinking WTF Tiaa are you just gonna let this total stranger take your cloths off in school where anyone could see you...I was acting like a biatch and a slut and I was suddenly very ashamed of my actions. 'BASTARD! Never touch me again!' i gapsed...My knee came up hard against his massive throbbing gigglestick between his legs and he drubbed over in pan. I broke free and goaded my books and started rugging away to math...some weirdo blond freak called Eric was helping me up and staring at me like a pervo rapist. I kicked him in the sholder (kung fu babie!)as he gazed longingly after me. In his frickin dreams. I sat down at the back of the class unable to think about anythin but my weird enconter with edward cullen, wondering what it all could mean."
  7. ** It's a complete turnaround from what she said in her introduction:
  8. -->"I am quite tall and slim and but with really big boobs that I used to HATE because they look noticeable on my slender body and draw to much attention but now i like them and don't care who stares at me!"
  9. * If ''ThePrinceOfTennis'' [[MostFanficWritersAreGirls fangirls]] aren't swimming in the sea of HoYay and FoeYay, they're usually creating Mary Sues of the "[[YouGoGirl only female player in the Seigaku male team]], who is ''too'' good for the icky girls' team and is bitchy and rude, but everyone loves her anyway. ''And'' she gets the love of her Boy Du Jour despite her whiny, mean, insufferable attitude.
  10. * There is a ''reason'' why these are called ''Bitchiwitch'' Sues in the HarryPotter fandom.
  11. ** One Harry Potter Fanfic has it that the Sue!sister of Blaise Zabini and her friends loved to "prank" Draco Malfoy. Pranks involved things like distracting him while another friend hit him in the stomach with a quaffle, or sneaking up invisible on him and kicking him in between the legs. Even if you don't see DracoInLeatherPants, this is going a bit far.
  12. ** The Christopher Walken SNL skit that culminated with the line, "And then I pranked him to death with a tire iron!"? It's basically that, but played straight. It was all fun and games until the tire iron.
  13. ** [[FanFic/TheGirlWhoLived The Girl Who Lived]]. Worse than Voldemort!
  14. ** Many HarryPotter fanfics turn [[PossessionSue Harry]] into a classic example of the male version.
  15. *** Along with Ginny and Ron. ''Especially'' Ginny.
  16. ** Keiran Halcyon, the author of ''The Girl Who Lived'', does this to pretty much all of the protagonists of his fanfictions. One example occurs in a Harry Potter/LOTR crossover he wrote, in which Harry abducts Elron's wife - beating up her sons and anyone else who tries to come to her defense in the process - and dragging her to Galadriel where he blames the ''wife'' for [[WhyDidYouMakeMeHitYou causing him to attack her]]. And Galadriel ''agrees'' with him.
  17. ** In too many fanfics, the American girl that goes to Hogwarts is a full-blown JerkSue, and feared and respected for it.
  18. * If there's a fandom with one or more female characters exhibiting strong {{Tsundere}} / ActionGirl / DarkActionGirl / HotAmazon / LittleMissBadass / DarkMagicalGirl / PluckyGirl / AcePilot / CuteBruiser / EmotionlessGirl / BadassBookworm / TheLadette / etc. traits, it's a sure bet that fanfiction will often [[CharacterExaggeration remark on these traits]] ''[[{{Flanderization}} even more]]'' as part of a PossessionSue so she can show off how much a "strong woman" and how "much better than the [[WhatMeasureIsANonBadass weak]], [[IBrokeANail shrill]], [[StayInTheKitchen downtrodden]] ''[[RealWomenNeverWearDresses girls]]''" the Sue is. '''Some common ''victims'' of this Sue-fication process are''':
  19. ** [[http://community.livejournal.com/hated_character/333028.html#cutid1 Rukia Kuchiki]], Rangiku Matsumoto, Yoruichi Shihouin, Tia Harribel and [[spoiler: Neliel aka Nel]] from ''{{Bleach}}''
  20. ** Sir Integral Wingates Hellsing from ''{{Hellsing}}'' (poster [[strike: girl]] woman of this)
  21. ** Cagalli Yula Athha from ''GundamSEED'' and ''GundamSEEDDestiny''
  22. ** [[AbusivelySexyWoman Temari]], Tsunade, Anko Mitarashi, [[StrawFeminist Kurenai Yuuhi]], Ino Yamanaka, Tayuya, and post-{{timeskip}}! [[UnprovokedPervertPayback Sakura Haruno]], Ayame. Male examples are: Sasuke Uchiha, Sai, Hyuuga Neji and {{Naruto}} as a ''[[GodModeSue true ninja]]''.
  23. ** An Tachibana and Miyuki Chitose from ''ThePrinceOfTennis''
  24. ** Sailor Mars and/or Sailor Uranus from SailorMoon.
  25. ** Eowyn of Rohan from ''LordOfTheRings''
  26. ** Otae Shimura from ''{{Gintama}}'', though she also tends to get a lot of hate levied toward her for this same reason
  27. ** C.C and Kallen Stadtfeld/Kouzuki from ''CodeGeass''
  28. ** Hermione Granger from ''HarryPotter''
  29. ** Lyndis aka Lyn from ''FireEmblem 7''
  30. ** Ryoko and Kiyone Makibi from ''TenchiMuyo''
  31. ** Nabiki Tendo and Akane Tendo from ''[[{{Ptitlegynukzwikxmd}} Ranma ½]]''
  32. ** Speaking of ''[[{{Ptitlegynukzwikxmd}} Ranma ½]]'', Ranma [[GenderBender him/herself]] is often a victim of this, to the point where Psycho Ranma seems to be more common than the normal socially inept one... and this is usually played as [[GodModeSue something]] [[MagnificentBastard positive]].
  33. ** Lucrezia Noin, Lady Une, and Sally Po from ''GundamWing''
  34. ** Helga Pataki from ''HeyArnold''
  35. ** Haruhi Suzumiya and Yuki Nagato from ''SuzumiyaHaruhi''. In Yuki's case, she becomes a very exaggerated version of TheSnarkKnight who replaces physical violence with verbal abuse; thank God it's fairly rare, though.
  36. ** Nami from ''OnePiece''.
  37. ** Jean Grey and Rogue from ''{{X-Men}}'' A common theme is Jean using her psychic link with Scott to give him a headache whenever she disagrees with him. [[StrawFeminist Domestic abuse is alright if it's the woman doing it]], amirite?
  38. ** Gaz from ''InvaderZim.''
  39. ** Hungary and [[MemeticBadass Prussia]] and from ''AxisPowersHetalia.'' Canada also tends to be changed into this by fans who don't like his mild-mannered personality.
  40. ** Josephine March aka Jo from ''LittleWomen''
  41. ** And so on, and on, and on...
  42. * There are a depressing number of Jerk Sues in ''SherlockHolmes'' fanfiction, in the form of a modern adolescent girl who either travels back to Victorian times or uses AppliedPhlebotinum to bring Holmes to the present. Despite her abrasive, foulmouthed, bitchy personality, the Great Detective usually ends up declaring his undying love for her by the end of the fic.
  43. * Jerk Sues are VERY common in ''WeissKreuz'' fanfiction and almost always are of the "fifth Weiss member who melts Aya's ultra super cold heart, thinks Yohji is a slutty asshole and Ken is a brainless moron, huggles Omi, and gets away with bitchslapping all males yet screams "ABUSE" as soon as she gets what's coming for her attitude" type. The quote above actually comes from [[http://community.livejournal.com/fanficrants/3496750.html this rant about it]].
  44. * Peter Guerin, of ''{{Daria}}'' fanfic infamy, often converted the abrasive but non-violent Daria into something bordering on the level of a violent sociopath - something the stories seemed to think was perfectly okay and normal. In ''Triumph of the Retart'', Daria was depicted as beating Sandy so savagely that she was "lying in a pool of her own blood". And the story thought this was a ''good thing''. Oh, and Daria kicked crotches at the drop of a hat, something that became a running gag in the {{MST}}ings of the fics.
  45. * ''{{Transformers}}'' [=OCs=] do this a lot, with the chances doubling if they're Decepticon or non-allied. Beating up a random character or defying orders handed down by their commander is often used to demonstrate their power or rebellious nature. Look for bonus denouncement of other canon or OC females, because hating all the "feminine" women just shows what a badass you are.
  46. ** One example is the aggressive misogynist [[http://hawkscomm.deviantart.com/art/Payback-Page-9-136836295 Darkhawk]], who manages to avoid all consequences of cursing out powerful, crazed Decepticons with fusion generators strapped to their arms.
  47. ** Ironically, in ''TransformersAnimated'', Starscream's female clone (many Sues are Starscream lookalikes) has 'raging bitch' as her core personality trait. However, she's far from a Sue and only appears in two episodes without being named or doing anything of huge plot consequence.
  48. * Lydia [=MacGreggor=] of Heroine of the Valley's ''[[FanFic/TheSailorRainbowSeries Sailor Rainbow]]'' series, despite having a very girly title for a {{magical girl}}, has a quite nasty and easily provoked temper. She'll even go so far as to threaten to beat up her ''friends'' if they don't agree with her. Around Fiore or Seamus Finnigan, however, she is a sweetie and, in Fiore's case, a weepy mess when she's away from him. Nor does she have any problems getting guys to go out with her. This goes along with the fact that she is one big [[{{Oireland}} Irish stereotype]].
  49. * Perhaps due to its shonen nature, ''DragonballZ'' has no lack of Jerk Sues. Strangely, most of them are women - but when you consider [[MostFanficWritersAreGirls who's writing most of them]], it makes sense.
  50. * The long-winded ''WorldOfWarcraft'' fanfic ''[[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5567629/1/Stand_of_the_Exiles Stand of the Exiles]]'' stars Anchorite Ranith—draenei shadow priestess, [[JerkAss abrasive]], {{wangst}}y {{tsundere}}, and all-around [[CursedWithAwesome sufferer of the curse of awesome]]—and her PurityStu [[KnightInShiningArmor paladin]] snugglebunny. ([[http://community.livejournal.com/warcraftsues/69041.html It's sporked in some detail here]])
  51. * There is a somewhat known example in the ''{{Boondocks}}'' fandom. [[Horrible/FanFic Anjelika Marie Smith]] is described as being "Extremely Aggressive," "Incredibly Vulgar and Loud," and as carrying an undying love towards Riley Freeman. Her creator, Jazzy-b-real13, now considers her an OldShame.
  52. * Also common in ''{{House}}'' fanfics, where the author thinks that writing a self-insert just like the Doctor himself (or worse) and insulting each and every character will make a good story. Trouble is, because of the {{Sympathetic POV}} the show has on House, trying to only be like his {{Jerkass}} side really doesn't work.
  53. * ''RepoTheGeneticOpera'' Sues and self-inserts seem to fall into this a ''lot''. As well, they all seem to be the girls "destined" for [[EnsembleDarkhorse Grave]][[BadAss rob]][[AllGirlsWantBadBoys ber]], the drug-dealing hottie hobo.
  54. ** Sort of justified if you think about it, in that he doesn't keep the best company to begin with.
  55. * Ethan in [[http://www.fanfiction.net/u/1824514/belmont2500 belmont2500's]] ''Land Before Time'' crossovers is a huge example of this. In fact, due to the incredibly short length of the stories he's in, his entire personality seems to revolve around him being a heroic asshole.
  56. * Women that [[LordOfTheRings join the Fellowship]] for whatever reason often tend to be like this. Rather than putting the 10th walker in her place, canon characters often praise her for her "strong will", with the possible exception of Boromir and/or Gimli.
  57. * Ben Chatham of TheBenChathamAdventures, a 'spin-off' from ''Series/DoctorWho'' which may or may not be StealthParody, is a completely unlikeable asshole who is nevertheless adored by absolutely everyone around him, has numerous people (including several canon characters) fall in love with him despite him treating them largely with disdain and contempt, and who is inevitably given full credit for saving the day when the absolute most he'll actually contribute to proceedings is a telephone call to someone more competent so that they can solve the problem instead.
  58. * Poor, poor Canada from ''AxisPowersHetalia''. If he's not changed by fangirls into a [[SympatheticSue a weepy, martyrized, wangsty, whiny moeblob]], he becomes a BadAss DeadpanSnarker MartyStu who bitches out everyone else every other line for overlooking him until they've realized how much better he is from [[RonTheDeathEater that unfairly more popular brother of his, named America]].
  59. ** Some Russia/China fanworks combine this trope with SympatheticSue for China, portraying him as having turned into an embittered, self-centered jerk who constantly bitches to and rags on Russia and everyone around him because of his siblings' abandonment of him and the European nations' constant attempts to take territory from him when he was weakened. Russia, of course, finds this China to be cute and endearing and tells him that he [[YouGotSpunk loves his fiestiness]] instead of going into PsychopathicManchild mode on him. Granted, these writers probably wanted to avoid the common trap of [[{{Ukefication}} ukeifying]] China, but this is just going from one extreme to another like the aforementioned Canada case does and ignores that China is for the most part shown to be a cheerful, if somewhat motherly and nagging, guy in canon who's more depressed than angry or bitter about the matter involving his siblings and only comes anywhere close to being 'bitchy'/'{{tsundere}}' when he's with [[AnnoyingYoungerSibling Korea]]. Who, in these fics, is often openly despised by JerkSue!China, despite being still the only one willing to recognize him as their brother.
  60. ** Let's not forget Romano, who gets [[{{Flanderization}} flanderized]] into a bitchy and whiny caricature of his canon {{Tsundere}} self who Spain worships in spite of receiving nothing but horrible treatment and verbal and physical beatings from him in far too many Spain/Romano fics. It's so bad that some fans began assuming that Romano was like this ''in canon'' too, which is ''not'' true: Romano has an abrasive personality and HairTriggerTemper in canon, but he also has several scenes of showing clear concern or care for Spain or being the ButtMonkey in general, and Spain actually loses his temper with him on a few occasions (it's even kind of hinted that Romano got ''better'' over time, as his treatment of Spain as an adult is milder than his treatment of Spain was as a kid, and Spain doesn't show the same kind of exasperation he did when Romano was a kid).
  61. * In a lot of ''CodeGeass'' fanfic - especially the kind that is DarkerAndEdgier and more cynical than the show itself - Lelouch gets changed into one of these instead of the canonical JerkWithAHeartOfGold. Especially when the authors decide that Lelouch should "be more badass and ruthless" while cutting out many of his PetTheDog moments.
  62. * Tsuki W.'s Paola Wakabayashi, from the Spanish CaptainTsubasa fandom. She's also a RelationshipSue since she mostly exists to be Ken Wakashimazu's one true love from childhood, but Paola also doubles as this because in Tsuki's own words she's "[[GirlsNeedRoleModels the strong and feminist woman that every CT girl should've been]]"... but technically she's just a petty, classist, shallow and victimised {{Libby}} from Hell who treats the people around her like shit yet is still unconditionally adored and loved by everyone around her (and those who don't are turned into pretty much Complete Monsters, like Kumi and Schneider's sister Marie). Some specially bad examples of her JerkSue nature are:
  63. ** When Paola appears in the Junior High arc, Kumi immediately starts speaking shit about her to her face, treats her like absolute crap without reason, gets slapped by Paola (who is temporarily [[{{Chickification}} chickificated]] at first and cries so the audience can pity her) and laughs about it while insulting her for liking Ken. Keep in mind that ''in canon'', Kumi is actually a kind-hearted, kinda immature but still lovable GenkiGirl who [[spoiler: chooses to give up on Tsubasa when she learns about his love for Sanae]], and [[WriterOnBoard Tsuki freely admits that she hates Kumi to death]], which makes the RonTheDeathEater crap even stronger.
  64. ** The Nankatsu team decides out of the blue to have a stylish party to celebrate the JH championship. Paola not only throws bratty hissy fits when [[SheCleansUpnicely she has to clean up nicely]], which are supposed to follow RuleOfFunny but come off as obnoxious and bitchy -- but when she [[spoiler:gets a ForcefulKiss from an inexplicably drunk Tsubasa (ignoring [[DidnotDoTheResearch the very strict Japanese drinking laws]])]] and Sanae is upset about it, Paola plays victim to the nth degree ''and makes Sanae look like the bad guy while telling her she's a shitty friend for not "trusting" her'', when the whole drama was ''her'' and Tsubasa's fault (with more Kumi bashing sprinkled into it, as she shows up purely to whine more at poor Paola MarySue.)
  65. ** When Paola's MissingMom Sabrina tries to get the kid's custody, which was given to Genzo's parents because of TeenPregnancy reasons, the judge gives it back to the Wakabayashis solely because Paola ''seemed'' to be happier with them. [[YouFailLawForever Apparently, he can decide such things without even ordering psychological exams.]], and Paola is shown as a poor little victim from circumstances despite all the years we saw her as a SpoiledBrat.
  66. ** When Paola's rival in soccer skills appears, she turns out to be a badly derailed Maria Schneider, who despite being TheCutie and a bit of TheIngenue for being younger than the major part of the cast as well as the Schneider family's youngest child, here becomes an arrogant and unlikeable bitch without any reason at all. And Paola not only curb-stomps Marie in their "duel", but [[spoiler: causes her a serious injury]]... and everyone ''cheers'' on her. Apparently, including ''Marie's older brother'' Karl-Heinz Schneider, wo adores Marie and dotes over her in canon! To make it worse, in early versions of the fic this "Marie" was an OC relative of Schneider and then was retconned into her... meaning that when Tsuki learned about Marie's existence, she did this ''just to make Paola more "awesome"''.
  67. ** When [[spoiler: Paola [[TeenPregnancy gets pregnant]] with Ken's child ''obviously'' after TheirFirstTime]], the formerly kind and gentle uncle and aunt [[TookALevelInJerkass become controlling assholes]] and the much abused MissingMom is shown as an all-knowing and kind PuritySue who pretty much pats her daughter on the back for it. Paola also is a '''huge''' bitch to Ken, via [[spoiler: first hiding her pregnancy from him, then revealing it to him ''only'' via a passive-aggressive letter, ''and'' finally playing victim '''again''', via verbally abusing Ken and blaming him for everything when confronts her]]. But instead of calling Paola out on [[KickTheDog her brutal and repeated puppy-kicking]], Ken just takes her abuse and cowers in front of the JerkSue, [[spoiler: and they end up "HappilyMarried".]]
  68. * Krystal, the resident BaseBreaker of the VideoGame/StarFox video game franchise, often gets abused of this in fan work; in her third game appearance (''Command'', which has an open-ended story with multiple paths), she breaks up with Fox and is either sympathetic or a cold bitch depending on the storyline, but is no where ''near'' the Trope itself. Unfortunately, her voliatle status in both the Fandom and the Fandumb turns her into this in order to have Fox be with either [[HeterosexualLifePartners Falco,]] [[TheRival Wolf,]] [[FauxActionGirl Fara,]] or occasionally [[RetCon Miyu]] from the unreleased ''Star Fox 2.''
  69. * ''AssassinsCreed'' fanfiction is rife with these. I can't even pick out one particular example, but just look at the category on fanfiction.net. Chances are the first fic you see will be one of these.
  70. * Ronan Beelzebub of Fanfic/NarutoVeanganceRevelaitons regularly cheats on his girlfriend Sakura, calls her names such as "slut," "whore" or "bitch", [[spoiler:agrees to her suggestion that she cut off her vagina for cheating on him]]. He regularly assaults people for looking at him wrong, makes liking modern music illegal, and bulldozes churches, yet has nothing less than the complete loyalty of his subjects, with the exception of those allied with the villains.
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  74. * ''LoveHina'': Naru Narusegawa is the definitive Jerk Sue in the anime this page would be her kingdom. Her violence towards Keitaro is ramped to a [[UpToEleven ridiculous level]] to the point of making her look psychotic at times.
  75. ** In the anime, this is made worse by how, for a long time, she didn't have the advantage that the similarly violent Motoko had over her: a FreudianExcuse that explained her [[{{Tsundere}} huge mood swings]]. We knew ever since Motoko's arrival that she [[spoiler: was genuinely struggling with any feminine goals and expectations ever since her sister and idol Tsuruko got married and left her with the mission of being the HeirToTheDojo]], so we were aware that she didn't hit Keitarou just for the lulz; Naru's own explanation ([[spoiler: she's been conflicted ever since her divorced mother re-married, feeling she doesn't fit into her family anymore]]), while theoretically sympathetic, didn't come off until ''the end of the TV series''. The emotional impact on the viewers is '''not'' enough to make them try understanding Naru's motives, which sound more like [[AuthorsSavingThrow hastily-penned excuses]] to get a KarmaHoudini for her, rather than genuine HiddenDepths. Had it been presented somewhat earlier and not just come up out of nowhere it probably would have gone over better.
  76. * Louise from ''ZeroNoTsukaima'' takes this to the [[UpToEleven ridiculous level]] by whipping and kicking her summon beast/slave/love interest Saito all the time, and almost every of what she does is played for laughs. While her violence and abuse were apparently played a little more seriously in the original light novels, the AdaptationDecay kicked in '''hard''' in the anime series.
  77. * Ryoki Tachibana from the manga ''HotGimmick.'' Although he's utterly obsessed with Hatsumi, the series' doormat female lead, he's usually far to up himself to ever do anything as pointless as care about her. His response to most of her (considerable) problems is "forget it, just focus on me". Later, however, he begins to develop genuine feelings for her, but still retains his possessive and obsessive nature. [[spoiler: And if we count the novel, he actually ''loses'' her to Shinogu]]
  78. * Takeru from the manga ''Devil Beside You'' (''AkumaDeSourou'') is definitely a JerkassStu. He picks on Kayano like crazy, uses her as a slave, and breaks her up from NiceGuy Kamijou Yuuichi. After cutting her romance with the guy short, he proceeds to ignore her and flirt with other women. He later gives the excuse that this was all part of an OperationJealousy, ignoring that she had already admitted her feelings to him and was his girlfriend.
  79. * Leon Oswald from KaleidoStar skirts the line, being [[MagnificentBastard ridiculously skilled]] for his early age as well as a complete JerkAss to both Sora and May. Thank God he ''does'' progressively get better, though.
  80. ** May herself is speculated to be a [[DeconstructedTrope deconstruction]] of the female Jerk Sue, by playing it straight and then [[BreakTheHaughty suffering the consequences]].
  81. * Kirie Kojima from ''GirlsBravo''. She is popular among all the guys at her school (and [[EvenTheGirlsWantHer two females]] in the anime) for being beautiful, having big breasts, a great figure, possessing outstanding martial art abilities, and being aggressively violent towards those who piss her off. She takes care of her childhood friend Yukinari from time to time, but can be a real jerk to him even if whatever he did wasn't his fault. And really acts of kindness on her part don't really hold much water when she just immediately ends up dishing out extreme physical and verbal abuse on him. Her unjust behavior towards Yukinari continues all throughout the first season and she usually [[KarmaHoudini never gets called out for her behavior]], which includes not even having to pay for the property damage she inflicts on the school whenever she beats someone up. Though [[CharacterDevelopment she does become somewhat nicer in the second season]], she still displays some questionable moments, like when emotionally manipulated Yukinari into cross-dressing for an event and allowed Fukuyama to practically molest Yukinari since it meant Fukuyama would pay her for it; and even then she still didn't get punished for her actions.
  82. * In [[{{Ptitlegynukzwikxmd}} Ranma ½]] fanfiction Akane and her sister Nabiki Tendo tend to be placed in this trope because of the following reasons:
  83. ** Nabiki Tendo starts out as a sarcastic, manipulative, money-grubber who only cares about herself, but in the manga gradually evolves into a [[NeutralEvil genuinely amoral]] individual. [[KarmaHoudini And never once does she get taken to task for this]]. These canon traits, however, are almost always severely downplayed into a DracoInLeatherPants makeover.
  84. ** In comparison, Akane Tendo is much more a frequent victim of RonTheDeathEater, and it is [[BrokenBase arguable]] whether she [[BaseBreaker is or is not]] legitimately a JerkSue. Her supporters generally point out that she is much more a {{Tsundere}} then an actual JerkAss, being a legitimately heroic, self-sacrificing, helpful, hard-working, idealistic, and kind-hearted person, to the point of risking her life for enemies who have tried to kill her, and treating most people with courtesy and compassion; and that her usual levels of slapping or berating are pretty much always in response to when Ranma either insults her most insecure spots, or ends up in severely incriminating NotWhatItLooksLike scenarios. Both they and people who don't like her, but don't hate her also sometimes feel that she is clearly "punished" by the series, due to all the [[WeirdnessMagnet weird crap that happens to her]] (including being initially harassed at her school, [[DistressedDamsel getting kidnapped by various lunatics]], [[BelligerentSexualTension constantly bickering with her]] [[ArrangedMarriage unwanted]] fiancee, [[LoveDodecahedron multiple romantic rivals]] [[HeroicSelfDeprecation who make her feel inferior]], and [[FailureIsTheOnlyOption her manic efforts seldom pay off]]). The one trait of a JerkSue she inarguably does have is that characters around her seldom reprimand her when she does do something wrong, and Ranma is often singled out when the blame is shared for deeds in which she is involved. Akane herself usually apologizes to Ranma when she realizes she's been unfair or considers her deeds wrong in hindsight, and is inevitably embarrassed when she feels she went over the line (such as during the Super Soba story). This trait is much less apparent in her anime incarnation however. Much like Naru's LoveHina example earlier, Akane is flanderized to some extent in the anime compared to the manga. This removes some of her more sympathetic moments and adds a lot more ComedicSociopathy to her portrayal in filler episodes.
  85. * Seto Kaiba of ''{{Yu-Gi-Oh}}''. Rich, [[InsufferableGenius intelligent]], {{Bishonen}}, {{Bad Ass}}, top-ranked in Duel Monsters, and not the least bit reticent when it comes to [[WhatMeasureIsANonBadass rubbing it in the faces of anyone he considers inferior to him]]. Not only does he get away with it most of the time in the story, [[DracoInLeatherPants but also the fandom]].
  86. ** Not so in the manga; the Battle City arc was his swansong, and its ending clearly paints him as becoming a better person after leaving his past behind him. In the anime, however, his inclusion in subsequent filler arc [[SpotlightStealingSquad and the canon final arc]] shows that he's barely learned anything and is still [[JerkAss as big a jerk as ever]], yet he isn't called out on it a lot save by Jonouchi, who usually ends up looking like an idiot during these confrontations. Basically, Kaiba's a manga/anime version of Wolverine or Batman: so popular that those in charge of subsequently writing him make him into a flawless badass.
  87. * Edo/Aster Phoenix from ''{{Yu-Gi-Oh GX}}'' is a pretty definite case, as a [[{{Batman}} Bruce Wayne]] {{Expy}} [[WrongGenreSavvy who believes he is a crimefighter as such]], is taciturn, arrogant, and resorts to extreme methods when it comes to finding his father, and he is almost never called out for any of it, and is admired for being a WhiteHairedPrettyBoy [[TheAce ace duelist]].
  88. * Paul from [[Anime/{{Ptitlei015gc004kw4}} Pokémon]]. Apparently he was created as a TakeThat to the StopHavingFunGuys players of the games. One would not know it by watching the anime, where his only two losses to date involved a Garchomp trained by the Champion of the Elite Four, and ''three consecutive Legendaries in the same battle''. And he tells Gym Leaders they're pathetic wastes of carbon when he [[CurbstompBattle curbstomps]] them without breaking a sweat. And he can bounce down a 400-foot cliff like a ninja, too. Also, he's a major douche.
  89. ** Also, his final defeat in the Sinnoh League Tournament, which robs him of his dream of being a champion, ''still'' fails to really affect him at all. After he loses, he just smirks smugly as Infernape tries to challenge him directly, and walks away from the tournament acting just as cold-hearted as before, with little indication other than the show's word that he'll change his ways. And Ash ''still'' considers him a friend, with Cynthia changed in this show to give him the canon DracoInLeatherPants treatment and everyone else [[ShillingTheWesley complimenting him on being a powerful trainer.]] KarmaHoudini, indeed.
  90. * Kicker from ''TransformersEnergon''. While most humans in the franchise are considered [[TheScrappy Scrappies]] of sorts, this guy has garnered a special notice from the fanbase due to being a temperamental, self righteous GodModeSue, often taking offense to always following orders from Transformers while [[{{Hypocrite}} throwing borderline tantrums to the few that weren't completely subordinate to him]]. His teammate Ironhide definitely suffers the most from Kicker, who is on occasion outright abusive to him both verbally and physically (granted the fact said teammate is several feet taller than him and made of metal skews it a little though). Most comrades treat Kicker's bullying nature as light hearted fun and [[ShillingTheWesley usually scorn anyone as 'not being a team player' the odd time they actually call him out for it]]. That said this treatment was consistent only with the Autobots with more Neutral alliances such as Alpha Q far more open to what a hypocritical {{Jerkass}} he really was, though these moments were too far and in between.
  91. * Shouko from ''BakaToTestToShoukanjuu'' routinely shocks her boyfriend Yuuji, [[EyeScream sticks her fingers in his eyes]] so he doesn't even look at other girls, and does things like breaking his arm and calling it "holding hands" or breaking into his house because she felt like it (and then burning his porn), among others. What's more, the other characters actually believe they make a good couple and try to pair them together, and at the end, even Yuuji seems rather accepting of the idea. If Yuuji even did to Shouko 10% of the things she does to him, people would deride him as a CompleteMonster, but Shouko can keep doing this with [[KarmaHoudini no backlash whatsoever]]. Sure, it might be a comedy, but it's taken to a level you feel more pity for the guy than anything else.
  92. * Mayo Sakaki of ''FushigiYuugi Eikoden''. She was created to be [[ThisLoserIsYou "a girl with human weaknesses,"]] which is more or less understandable... but let's just say the writers ''really'' overshot the mark. The girl is so self-centered and hateful she's willing to erase her adult love rival (her PE teacher's pregnant wife, former ''Fushigi Yuugi'' protagonist, Miaka) from existence, [[MoralEventHorizon and to hold said rival's unborn baby girl hostage to manipulate the baby's soon-to-be father.]] And yet, she's treated with incredible sympathy by the other characters and even gets her "[[KarmaHoudini redemption]]" at the end.
  93. ** It ''is'' speculated, however, that Mayo might have been intended as a {{Deconstruction}} of IJustWantToBeSpecial and GodModeSue, by showing what a teenaged girl with emotional unbalance and a selfish streak would do if she found a magical artifact that would give her all of her wishes. Looks like said intentions didn't come through believably, however...
  94. * Pleasantly deconstructed with Syaoran Li in ''CardcaptorSakura''. An ArrogantKungFuGuy who constantly blasts his own superiority over Sakura as the Master of the Clow Cards usually in a [[TheReasonYouSuckSpeech somewhat spirit breaking tone]], yet is treated with a constantly pleasant tone by those around her (par the equally obnoxious Kero). However it is this very treatment [[DefrostingIceQueen that confuses Syaoran]] and lends to him toning his attitude down ([[MoralityPet Sakura especially]] is kindly towards Syaoran despite his hostile tone towards her, [[DoggedNiceGuy and we all know]] [[OneTruePairing how that evolved]]).
  95. * Granted she's usually trying to save the world, Natsumi Hinata of ''{{Keroro Gunso}}'' still comes off as an abusing bitch the majority of the time.
  96. * Mimi, the main character from ''Gokujou!! Mecha Mote Iinchou''. She's self-centered, shallow, and her "advice" can be seen as borderline bullying, but all the good characters treat her like the kindest, prettiest girl they ever met.
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  99. [[folder:Comic Books]]
  100. * SonicTheHedgehog in the [[SonicTheComic British Fleetway comic]]. Not an issue went by where he didn't verbally abuse Tails or put down one of the other good guys. Not only did he always get away with this behavior, but the entire planet ''[[OmniscientMoralityLicense worshipped]]'' him for it. Admittedly, this was meant to accentuate his "'tude," but they maybe took it a bit far. Towards the end of the comic series, he would start to realize how much of a jerk he has been (and he most certainly was not always right about everything). Unfortunately, it was too late by then to save him from this trope. [[WordOfGod Nigel Kitching actually stated in interview that he wanted Sonic to be rude to Tails and get away with it]]. Fortunately, [[FanWebComic The recent online fan continuation of the series]] seems to be going some way to rectifying this by showing some of the consequences of his behavior. A new {{Corrupt Corporate Executive}} {{Big Bad}} is using it against him as part of a propaganda campaign that's got most of Mobius thinking he's worse than Robotnik.
  101. ** Due to Sonic's aloof attitude and the glorified treatment of his 'attitude' in most medias, a few interpretations have shades of this trope at times, even if most are mercifully toned down and more likeable in comparison to the former example. ''Sonic Chronicles'' goes as far as to lampshade the games' version's tendency to neglect his friends for long periods of time and then return idolized and treated as a heroic leader.
  102. ** To an extent Sally Acorn of the [[ComicBook/SonicTheHedgehog Archie variant]]. A somewhat condescending LoveInterest for Sonic with a perpetually [[DeadpanSnarker snarky attitude]] and prone to occasional emotional outbursts directed to her friends (usually Sonic), most infamously publicly slapping and dumping Sonic for not agreeing to ditch his duties in favor of being her king, which no one (not even the often violently defensive StalkerWithACrush Amy) called her out on. Admittedly Sally herself has admitted she can treat Sonic and her friends better, though this is still something she herself had to figure out and was still met with [[ShillingTheWesley heavy debunking by those around her]].
  103. * Though the debate rages on, Damian Wayne. Some say that he's {{Grant Morrison}}'s {{Deconstruction}} of a Mary Sue, while others say that if he were such a Deconstruction, he wouldn't be able to get away with the shit he pulls.
  104. * His father, {{Batman}}, can easily hit this when he's poorly written. There are dozens of stories where the abrasive, aloof, antisocial, paranoid, and somewhat psychotic Bruce Wayne is basically treated as Awesome and Perfect and Always Right, and when someone doesn't agree with him, it's so the story can show that he is, indeed, Awesome and Perfect and Always Right.
  105. ** Special mention goes to Batman as written by FrankMiller, where he's a paranoid, arrogant jerk who treats anyone who doesn't go along with him like dirt...and the entire setting bends over backwards to validate him, with the [[TheCape Capes]] being delusional idealistic morons and the only effective heroes being the ones who imitate his behavior (like Black Canary and Batgirl).
  106. * Katchoo, from ''StrangersInParadise''. She's unpredictably violent--she's introduced by shooting her alarm clock, she kicks doors into splinters, and her WaifFu (a two-fingered nasal fish-hook) is so strong that no man can stand against it. She's also an alcoholic to the extent required to [[TheWoobie woobify]] her. (Oh, and she has mysterious sexy powers of the sort one gets from being a constantly-drunken prostitute. Trust the author; they're ''mysterious and sexy''.) It is never considered that she has anger-management (and angst) issues that make her a danger to herself and others. Nope; they just make her ''independent'' and ''strong''. All the other characters love her, even the villains, and the plot always revolves around her.
  107. ** She's also a self-insert character, according to WordOfGod.
  108. * One comic involved [[{{Superman}} Clark Kent]] writing a HerCodeNameWasMarySue novel about a Superman Expy, but subverted it — instead of making the self-insert a MarySue, he made him a JerkSue who indulges in all the {{Superdickery}} the real Supes is [[WishFulfillment frequently tempted to do, but can't let himself.]]
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  111. [[folder:Film]]
  112. * Most characters played by ClintEastwood, especially the anti-heroes. From {{Spaghetti Western}}s to ''DirtyHarry'', Eastwood-characters always seem to carry the message of modern cynicism: typical "good guy" characters (and the values they represent) are weak and foolish, and that "hip" intelligent heroes should always shoot first, never giving the enemy a chance.
  113. ** Justified in ''HighPlainsDrifter'' by the fact that [[spoiler:he's a vengeful spirit returned to get back at the villagers for his murder]].
  114. ** Averted in Kelly's Heroes. He's cynical, yeah, but he avoids being a jerk about it most of the time.
  115. ** Although he does neglect to tell the others that the gold is being protected by [[spoiler:three Tiger tanks and 50 or more SS Panzergrenadiers]].
  116. ** Averted in ''TheGoodTheBadAndTheUgly'', where he's "the Good." The only people Eastwood's character is a jerk to is Tuco and Angel Eyes, who aren't exactly nice characters themselves. He even gives a dying soldier his coat and comforts him in his last moments.
  117. ** And {{Deconstructed}} in ''{{Unforgiven}}''.
  118. ** {{Deconstructed}} even more so in ''GranTorino'', where Eastwood's character (based off Dirty Harry) has been a JerkSue his whole life and has thus driven away anyone who ever cared about him. The purpose of the film has him get over being such an asshole and finding out that violence just begets more violence, so the peaceful idiots who would be strawmen in earlier Eastwood films were right all along. [[spoiler: And he reaches his redemption by basically pulling one ''Hell'' of a ThanatosGambit]]
  119. * JohnWayne movies from around [[OlderThanTelevision the forties]] and early fifties usually cast him as some exaggeratedly "rugged" character who gets away with being abrasive, rude, confrontational toward ''everybody'', and downright abusive towards women. He was always "justified" in this behavior near the end, as plot events conspired to show that he was ultimately right in every single thing he did. That Mexican he called racist remarks for getting in his way? Turns out he's working for the BigBad. That former love interest he called useless? After leaving him, she finds herself unable to cope with civilization and falls back into his arms. And back when these movies were made, John Wayne was considered [[ValuesDissonance a PARAGON of masculinity]]. Now, it's looked back upon as a DorkAge all its own.
  120. ** The Duke's characters were largely a "realism" contrast to early Hollywood Westerns, which made ''BlazingSaddles'' look realistic by comparison.
  121. ** Much debate exists over whether ''TheSearchers'' is a {{Deconstruction}} of this, a {{subversion}} of this, or a straight example that lends itself to AlternateCharacterInterpretation based on ValuesDissonance. In it, Wayne plays a character who is much the same as his standard rugged Sue character... except the character's inherent flaws (such as the racism) are exposed more harshly. He ends the movie alone, isolated from his entire family, including the one he'd been searching for. Making the non-racist characters look like [[{{ARealManIsAKiller}} ungrateful wimps]]. Also spends a comic relief scene ball-busting a union soldier for no discernible reason.
  122. ** Averted in ''The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance'', in which [[spoiler: Wayne's character Tom Doniphon is an abrasive, arrogant jerk respected only for his shooting skill, until a naive, kind lawyer-type comes to town and stands up to the Big Bad (the eponymous Liberty Valance). Even though he convinces the lawyer to face Valance with a gun instead of a lawbook, and actually shoots Valance from the shadows when the lawyer misses, Doniphon loses his girl and the respect of the community to the lawyer, who goes on to become the state's first senator]].
  123. *** Also, the kind lawyer type, played by JamesStewart by the way, [[CrowningMomentOfAwesome punches him in the face]] for being a prick during shooting practice.
  124. ** In [=McClintock=], the climax of the movie has Wayne's character chasing his estranged wife to the center of town and holding her down while he spanks her over his knee with a metal shovel and the entire town watches and laughs. Don't believe me? [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4sdy0wqkie8&feature=related Watch the last ten minutes of the movie]]. The wife had been something of a jerk herself through most of the movie, who treated almost everyone like crap at her own whim. Wayne's character was essentially just taking her to task for running roughshod over him, his household, and most of the town, which may have something to do with the laughter it inspired. However, there's also the issue that part of the reason she broke with Wayne's character is because she suspected him of adultery (because he liked to flirt with loose women and maybe even a bit more), and the film completely takes his side.
  125. * The main character in ''{{Paparazzi}}''. He goes all UnstoppableRage after [[spoiler:his adorable baby son is in a ConvenientComa after an accident caused by Mean Mean Ultra Amoral {{Paparazzi}} assholes. He kills three of them and frames the Boss for the crimes, and gets away with it]]. Then again, the movie ''is'' produced by ''MelGibson''.
  126. * [[strike: [[IHaveManyNames Slab Bulkhead]]]] [[strike: [[MysteryScienceTheater3000 Big Mclargehuge]]]] [[strike: [[OverlyLongGag Blast Hardcheese]]]] David Ryder from ''SpaceMutiny''. He learns AnAesop about accepting help from the female lead, only for her to be [[NeutralFemale worse than useless]] in the final fight. [[BrokenAesop It turns out]] that he ''didn't''' need anyone's help. He's just that [[BoringInvincibleHero boring and invincible]].
  127. * MikeHammer of the film ''Kiss Me Deadly'' is the epitome of a 50s Jerkass Stu. Cold, misogynistic, bloodthirsty, capable of solving any problem with his cash and/or his fists (and a bag of popcorn in one memorable instance), and able to bash in a door, save his secretary and run out of a house with a [[YouFailNuclearPhysicsForever nuke going off]] after being shot in the gut. Incidentally, mere minutes before the Hammer got shot, another man was shot in the same place and died within seconds. He'd be a HeroicSociopath if he were in any way heroic, but since this is decidedly not the case, he has to settle for being a VillainProtagonist and all around Jerkass, though he probably doesn't mind. That popcorn thing was pretty hardcore, though.
  128. ** Of course, the film is actually a complete [[DeconstructedTrope deconstruction]] of the trope, since the film deliberately portrays Hammer as a thug who turns out to really be way, ''way'' out of his depth. As a result of his refusal to listen to his FriendOnTheForce, he gets his best friend killed, is kidnapped and tortured, and nearly gets himself and his girlfriend killed as well, all in a (completely failed) attempt to satiate his own greed.
  129. * Vanilla Ice in ''Cool As Ice'' is a {{Jerkass}} who spends most of the movie insulting people and nearly hurts a girl in the opening of the film. He is tried to play off as a misunderstood hero that the characters warm up to, and that the audience finds him the coolest character.
  130. * Forrest Taft from ''OnDeadlyGround'', played by ''and'' directed by Steven Seagal, is essentially what you get when you combine DisproportionateRetribution and DontShootTheMessage and embody the result in one man. Though ostensibly fighting for a good cause ([[GreenAesop the environment]]), he commits actions several times worse than those of his foes, including blowing up the BigBad's largely harmless secretary. Not a single person manages to lay a hand on him; not the BigBad, not TheDragon, not even the highly-trained mercenary leader. He can be summed up in one scene: when the LoveInterest suggests taking their evidence against the evil oil company to the press and use the media to humiliate them, he goes off on a completely different tangent about how he has to use violence because "they made him." FilmBrain discusses the numerous improbabilities of his character [[http://thatguywiththeglasses.com/videolinks/teamt/fbv/bmbe/10283-bmbdeadly here]].
  131. * ''SecretAgentSuperDragon''. Bryan Cooper, whom [[MST3K Crow T. Robot]] dubs, "Secret Agent Super ''Rude''", though his JerkAss behaviour becomes lethal.
  132. * Ash's personality (d)evolves into something reminiscent of a Jerk Sue in the film ''ArmyOfDarkness'', though the villagers' royal ass-kissing toward him is less attributed to his assertive attitude and more so to the fact that he may be the prophesied "Hero from the Sky." They have no problem voicing that they think him to be a coward and an idiot. Of course, Ash has been under a lot of stress lately.
  133. ** WordOfGod, that is, Bruce Campbell, states that Ash is a complete and utter loser who is only good at ''one thing'', dealing with evil creatures. Fortunately for him, he's always needed for that one skill.
  134. * ''FinalJustice''. While Joe Don Baker's character was somewhat likeable in ''{{Mitchell}}'', if a bit slovenly, when you have a character named "Thomas Jefferson Geronimo" (!) who basically can wander into some sovereign country and abuse its citizenry. The people who call him out on this are portrayed as effete idiots or betray him later.
  135. ** Again, {{Mitchell}} was ''somewhat'' likable, but if the movie's villain has to advise the hero that he should be nicer, the hero is a jerk.
  136. * Nomi Malone of ''{{Showgirls}}''. She violently rounds on people, has morals as flexible as a rubber band, and degrades into corruption while somehow managing to emerge "cleansed" at the end. The film staff were going for a "[[LoveableRogue Lovable Bitch]]" type of heroine, but only succeeded in fulfilling the "Bitch" part.
  137. * Mary Jane from the second and third [[Film/SpiderMan Spider-Man]] films.
  138. ** Spider-Man 2: Even without knowing he's Spider-Man, she treats Peter as if he's a mass rapist because he missed her play, having NoSympathy for the fact that working two jobs to keep up his rent and struggling to keep his grades up, he doesn't have as much free time as say Harry, who's been to see it multiple times. When she finds out that Peter is Spider-Man [[RunawayBride she leaves her fiance' a note to say that he's been dumped]], so she can be with a super hero, despite the fact that the poor guy was never portrayed as anything but an ideal husband-to-be. The movie treats her leaving him at the altar as ''a good thing'' and it's never even brought up in the third film, even though the groom was the son of [[BadBoss J. Jonah Jameson]].
  139. ** In Spider-Man 3, it's a little more subtle, but she still has some lingering traits of a JerkSue. Getting mad at Peter for sharing "[[MemeticMutation Our Kiss!]]" with Gwen may have been justified[[hottip:*: kissing Gwen may not have been Peter's idea but it didn't stop him from milking the situation for all it was worth]], it is however, worth noting that when they had "[[MemeticMutation That kiss]]", back in [[ContinuityNod the first installment]] of the trilogy [[YourCheatingHeart she was dating Harry at the time]], so [[{{Hypocrite}} she gets mad at Peter for doing the exact same thing that she did]]. She treated both Peter and Harry pretty badly throughout the course of the movie series, (examples include making out with Spider-Man behind Harry's back in the first movie and then rubbing how amazing Spidey is in Harry's face over the phone, dumping him for another guy etc) and they're still fighting over her. Peter doesn't bat an eye when he blows Harry up with a grenade, yet when he accidently slaps MJ, [[BarBrawl who was trying to pull him off a bouncer]], it's treated as Peter's MoralEventHorizon and triggers a massive MyGodWhatHaveIDone. So when the black costume causes you to almost kill your best friend, it's nothing to worry about, but when your cheating ex gets hurt, the suit has to go? [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking There's also]] a little [[ShillingTheWesley shilling]] from other women who show interest in Peter. Ursula is basically a ShipperOnDeck and Gwen is quick to appologise to Mary-Jane for Peter's behaviour.
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  142. [[folder:Literature]]
  143. * Kyrie, one of Johnny Truant's more memorable [[LookingForLoveInAllTheWrongPlaces one-night stands]] in ''HouseOfLeaves'', is a subversion. She's introduced as "a tall blonde-haired beauty who spoke Chinese, Japanese and French, drank beer by the quart, trained for triathlons when she wasn't playing competitive squash, made six figures a year as a corporate consultant, and loved to fuck." In her presence, Truant forgets completely about the woman he's been idolizing. Later on in the book, Kyrie becomes jealous that Johnny Truant doesn't seem to love her as much as other people and [[spoiler:sics her huge boyfriend on him, prompting the [[HeroicBSOD emaciated and deranged]] Truant to [[SuperpoweredEvilSide almost kill him and then almost kill her.]]]] Better remember that Truant is an UnreliableNarrator.
  144. * Being the archetypal WhiteHairedPrettyBoy, MichaelMoorcock's Elric of Melniboné is one big {{Deconstruction}} of this character type.
  145. * Bagsby the thief from Mark Acres' short-lived ''Land Between The Rivers'' series (''[=DragonSpawn=]'' and ''[=DragonWar=]''), whose character sheet reads much like that from a {{munchkin}} fantasy campaign. Bagsby is a monstrously ''[[JerkAss huge]]'' [[JerkAss asshole to everybody he encounters]], a con artist, an obvious bald-faced liar, and [[MagnificentBastard totally unscrupulous]] and yet people still believe everything he says and fall all over themselves in love or admiration for him -- especially after he gets conscripted into the king's army later and manages to stop [[TheEmpire HeilsheimHeilsheim's imperial aims]] through sheer [[BornLucky dumb luck]]. He's portrayed as being [[{{Gonk}} "mildly" out of shape]], but can still pull off [[StrongAsTheyNeedToBe "awesome" feats as the plot demands it]]. As is expected of a CanonSue, [[UglyGuyHotWife lardbutt hooks up with a hot female elf]], who is assumed to be more beautiful than an [[DungeonsAndDragons Avariel]].
  146. * The titular character from ''[[TheInheritanceCycle Eragon]]''. Between [[CainAndAbel the way he treats Murtagh]], who had been magically bound to serve the DesignatedVillain against his will, and [[MindRape what he]] [[MoralEventHorizon does to]] [[DesignatedVillain Sloan]], who had only been trying to protect his daughter, it's hard to see Eragon as anything but a colossal JerkAss. And yet we are supposed to root for [[DesignatedHero him]] when he acts... well, ''evil.''[[SubjectiveTropes This is]] [[YourMileageMayVary debatable though]].
  147. ** He wasn't very nice to Murtagh ''before'' his forced HeelFaceTurn, and he and Saphira have more sympathy for Thorn than Murtagh even now.
  148. * Richard Rahl, the main character of the ''SwordOfTruth'' series, comes off as this in one or two of the books, primarily ''Naked Empire'', which includes the infamous "Evil Pacifists," which his army cuts their way through to fight the actual enemy army. He's excused for this by the narration because of his "[[AuthorTract Moral Clarity]]." Some people also just find him a... jerk, what with his tendency to boss around everyone he can and penchant for making veiled or direct death threats. As one of many examples in the first book he tells an innkeeper to get the council pay for breakages and be rewarded for saving his life, and says he'll kill anyone who disagrees. His authority to make this happen this appears to come solely from being the [[{{Nepotism}} First Councillor's brother]] and threats, since he's a woods guide at this point. No one except obvious bad guys (or people who are weak and non-Objectivist and will probably get killed by the bad guys because they deserve it) ever seem bothered by these statements.
  149. * Peter Delasangre, in at least the first book of Alan F. Troop's [[OurDragonsAreDifferent dragon series]]. He starts out as an unusually honorable member of a basically amoral species, but becomes a completely unsympathetic character over the course of the tale. And ''being'' a Troopian dragon, he is of course CursedWithAwesome.
  150. * [[http://home.earthlink.net/~icshi/Summaries/Ghor.html Ghor the Strong,]] full stop.
  151. * Andy Brazil, from a series of books by Patricia Cornwell. A smug, self-serving jackass who thinks he's God's gift to journalism and law enforcement. It's amazing this guy didn't wrench his arm out its socket while patting himself on the back.
  152. * Thanks to a combination of SeinfeldIsUnfunny and AlternativeCharacterInterpretation, some readers view [[CatcherInTheRye Holden Caulfield]] as this.
  153. * Arguably, some of the characters in ''Literature/{{Twilight}}'', Bella standing out. She doesn't return the kind behaviour she gets from others, abandons all her human friends once she starts hanging out with the superior, rich, and better-looking vampires, only returning to them when her boyfriend leaves her. She even leads Jacob on for a while, he's nice to her and seems to have an interest in her, but like with her human friends, she dumps him off when Edward comes back. Edward himself could be considered one of these as well, Bella and everyone else who comes into contact with him falls in love with him, but he's kind of a jerk and possibly even abusive. He stalks Bella, he watches her sleep without her knowing, he tries to keep her from her friends, all because "he loves her".
  154. ** Additionally, while everyone is quite solicitous of Bella, no one in the main cast seems concerned about all the bystander humans and minor characters that get killed off horribly on a regular basis, often due to the main characters' own inaction. While there isn't necessarily anything Bella could ''do'' about these situations herself being a mere mortal, the fact she doesn't seem to care much and has usually apparently forgotten about it by the next scene, focusing entirely on her own personal problems instead, can come off as pretty jerkish.
  155. * Lisbeth Salander from the ''MillenniumTrilogy''. Rides a FreudianExcuse for all it's worth by being antisocial to everyone. Getting her to engage in a conversation and not just sit in a chair is an accomplishment. She is able to speak up long enough to give self-righteous opinions about the actions others though. She has some self-loathing issues, she thinks her breasts are too small and she considers herself a freak because she has the horrible affliction of ''a photographic memory''. She also assumes everyone is evil and out to get each other, which she uses as a justification for her job as a hacker and information gatherer, since everyone is evil it is okay to raid their computers. And she is the single best information gatherer in the field. And despite all those problems every guy ([[BiTheWay and some women]]) is sexual attracted to her or willing to sleep with her, and everyone bends over backwards to accommodate her except for the ObviouslyEvil people.
  156. ** [[http://vacuumenergy.blogspot.com/2011/03/girl-named-mary-sue.html Here's another list]]. [[http://cavigliascabinetofcuriosities.blogspot.com/2010/11/mary-sue-with-dragon-tattoo.html And another]]. (spoilers)
  157. * Patch from ''Hush, Hush''. The author intended to make him a tall, dark, and handsome guy with enough bad boy to be interesting. Between his endless sexual harassment of Nora, the fact that he stalks her even while she outright tells him she wants him to leave her alone, and him ''pinning her to a bed and telling her he could very well kill her if he wants'', he instead qualifies as someone who ought to have a restraining order slapped on him. Nora does try to avoid him and consider him a dick at first, but her constant thoughts of how alluringly mysterious and irresistible he is along with her best friend's urging to hook up with him (not to mention that by the end of the book, she and Patch are officially a couple) suggest he's to be seen otherwise.
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  160. [[folder:Live Action TV]]
  161. * Amy Juergens from ''TheSecretLifeOfTheAmericanTeenager''. My God, ''Amy''. She's rude to her parents, sister, boyfriend (Ben), friends, and everyone else. She doesn't seem to care that her actions harm someone else. And yet, all of the other characters treat her as a saint.
  162. ** Even worst, she's setting a ''horrible example'' to young girls: if you have a baby as a teenager, you too can get whatever you want without problems. She's unrealistic, as anyone doubts your average teenage mother gets to stay with her upper-middle class family, get everyone else to take care of her baby, and make other stupid decisions on a whim (like going to New York for some music school) without any repercussions.
  163. * The Mexican Telenovela "''Soy Tu Dueña''" deconstructs this trope. The idealistic and kind protagonists turns bitter and spiteful after being left at the altar. She treats everyone with contempt and humiliates them, looks for any reason to have even the most minimal conflict, and generally doesn't mingle with the townspeople. Townspeople get tired of her really quick, and give her the well-earned nickname "la vibora" or the snake, and really don't try to hide at all their feelings for her. It seems that she is finally getting the idea that being so abrasive isn't the way to go.
  164. * [[NipTuck Nip/Tuck]] has several characters [[TookALevelInJerkass taking several levels of jerkass]] but Matt [=McNamara=] takes the cake. He got high and hit and run a classmate, beat up a transgender, became a Neo Nazi, impregnated his father's ex fiance, squandered his parents' house money on Scientology and drugs, blew up a hotel mixing meth, and held up convenience stores at gunpoint to name some of his crimes. But his family always bails him out and never really call him on his crap or force him to suffer real consequences.
  165. * Janice Battersby in ''CoronationStreet''. Rude to just about everyone, and generally behaves like a spoilt child. None the less, nobody shuns her for it and despite getting sacked several times, she's ''always'' given her job back in the end despite the fact that no realistic employer would give such an [[TheScrappy annoying bitch]] a second chance.
  166. ** Sean Tully would be a better example. He's there purely to be the Token Gay and the amount of things he does and gets away with is unreal. He has an affair with someone else's boyfriend - he is presented as the victim; he makes a pass at another guy and gets rejected - nobody calls him on this and said guy gets punched by Sean's boyfriend; and most recently he poses as Liz on Facebook to get information on his son, but also flirts with men as her and when she finds out he turns on the Crocodile Tears and gets to keep his job. So that makes him a KarmaHoudini and TheWesley too.
  167. ** Currently Kevin Webster. His cheating on his wife Sally with Molly Dobbs has left many fans bewildered as to why Kevin is being presented as a victim. [[EasilyForgiven Rosie and Sophie forgave him far too easily, even though he's trying to sell the house and get them and their mother evicted.]] Rosie was even presented as perfectly happy to babysit for Kevin. Then when he attacked Tyrone in the street, believing that he'd slept with Sally (which he didn't), [[KarmaHoudini he received absolutely no comeuppance for it]], even though half the street saw it, nobody thought to call the police, [[OutOfCharacterMoment even though Sally had every reason to call them and get Kevin arrested, considering how much she hates him]]. Also, Rita felt sorry for him and invited him round for tea, [[DoubleStandard when she shunned Audrey for seemingly doing the same thing]]. And in the previews for an upcoming story line, Sally's actually ''comforting'' Kevin after Sophie falls from the church roof. The writers seem to be trying to brush all the horrible things hes done to both his family and his friends under the rug and go back to the Webster family's statas quo.
  168. * Dr. Luisa Mercedes "Lu" Delgado from ''Strong Medicine''. Basically, Lu treats [[StrawFeminist every]] [[DoesNotLikeMen male]] [[PetTheDog (aside from her son)]] like crap, whines nonstop about men being SO UTTERLY MEAN to women [[TheUnfairSex while she keeps mistreating males]], and is [[JerkAss horribly rude and bitchy]] towards [[BullyingADragon important people who could get her fired or sued]]. However, since she's the {{Designated Hero}}ine, practically ''everyone'' adores her to pieces, go on on how "courageous" and "wonderful" she is, and ''rarely'' does she [[KarmaHoudini get her crap thrown back at her]]. Since this is a series from the [[LifetimeMovieOfTheWeek Lifetime Channel]] produced by Whoopi Goldberg (who even has a cameo as a high-ranked doctor), one can't help but wonder if Whoopi was having her revenge against males after her break-up with Ted Danson.
  169. ** Let's not forget that she's got a huge, ridiculously overblown hatred against those who have more money than she does. Since she's a [[SelfMadeMan Self Made Strong Woman]], Lu is ''horrible'' towards rich people, whether they're OMG EBUL or not. In fact, [[spoiler: when she hooked up with another SelfMadeMan, she whined and threw endless tantrums because at some point he was worried about his bankruptcy (which would, yanno, ''ruin the hard work of his whole life'') while she was pregnant, to the point of threatening with leaving and taking their future baby with her because he wasn't in the mental state to kiss her ass. Yeah, it's valid to be worried and moody when you're pregnant, but that's just being a self-centered ''bitch'']].
  170. ** She's also incredibly nasty to her son's girlfriend when she meets her, despite the fact that [[SpoiledSweet the girl is perfectly nice and polite]], for no other reason than that [[TheOjou the girl is wealthy]]. Only when the girl tells her [[WhatTheHellHero that she knew Lu would dislike her for being]] ''[[WhatTheHellHero white]]'' (Lu is Hispanic), does Lu seem to finally realize how destructive her judgmental attitude is. [[BrokenAesop Apparently it's perfectly okay for her to hate rich people but she's horrified at the idea that her son thinks she's racist.]]
  171. * Dr. Grace Miller from ''{{Scrubs}}'' fits the JerkSue concept incredibly well. She generally tries to represent 'woman power', for which Elliot adores her. Cox himself is attracted to her because she acts like a jerk. A good example is the way she completely overreacts to Turk's (well-intentioned) attempt to make her feel welcome and protect her from all the sexist surgeon jocks. After that, she can't decide if she's a tough woman who's got all men on a leash or a {{tsundere}} who bullies Turk because he excluded her from coming to his wedding. It should be noted that the writer ''did'' notice this and wrote her out of the show.
  172. ** The main problem with Miller was her late arrival. The writers wanted a [[DistaffCounterpart female]] Dr. Cox, despite the fact his own ex-wife already fills that place. The important difference? Cox is a [[TheMentor Jerkass Mentor]] who was there and built a working character dynamic from the pilot episode on and who, whilst overtly acting like a jerk, nevertheless displays many [[DrJerk redeeming]] [[JerkWithAHeartOfGold qualities]] that work to genuinely endear him to the audience and the other characters. Miller, on the other hand, arrived at the end of the third season as a newcomer without visible redeeming qualities, bullying long-established characters. Yeah. Take a place on the [[TheScrappy Scrappy Heap]].
  173. ** To an extent, Carla Turk (nee Espinoza) can be like this, particularly in the middle/later seasons. While a genuinely sympathetic and wise character most of the time, her professional unassailability and judgemental social behavior often edges her into JerkSue territory. While she does occasionally recieve her comeuppance, the vast majority of the time she is treated as entirely within the right despite what would in other characters be treated as JerkAss behavior. For example, when J.D. makes an entirely justified criticism of Carla's infantilizing him in front of his peers (when he is her workplace superior) she not only nearly breaks off their friendship but also causes Dr. Cox and Turk to ream him out. She also constantly employs the LysistrataGambit against her husband to get him to do what she wants.
  174. * ''KamenRiderKabuto'': Main character Tendou Souji is an InsufferableGenius with an OmniscientMoralityLicense. He acts like a total {{jerkass}}, but, [[CantArgueWithElves as if he were an elf]], no one ever calls him out on it. Everyone seems to love him except the bad, bad villains.
  175. ** He ''does'' mellow out a fair bit by the end of the series. The haughtiness goes from his real face to a pretty paper-thin mask. Still doesn't change that people don't call him on it, though.
  176. ** Of course, considering that Tendou's catchphrase, at least at the beggining of the series is "the man who's walking the path of heaven, ruling over all" the sueness is probably intentional.
  177. * The main character of the '70s detective show ''Banacek''. He constantly abuses all the other characters, including loyal friends and love interests. When another character finally calls him out on his smugness, that character is later shown to be the bad guy.
  178. * [[WizardsOfWaverlyPlace Alex Russo]]. Some fans ''hate'' how much of a jerk she can truly be at times and seems to get away with it. The creators even lampshaded it a couple of times.
  179. * ''{{iCarly}}'': Sam Puckett. Flits between JerkAss and JerkWithAHeartOfGold. Is unrealistically strong for her body size. Eats like a pig and never gains weight. Early in the show she was shown to be a talented drawer. In Season 4 it appears she's graduated to a good artist despite having done nothing on-screen to do with art. Constantly has Carly bail her out of trouble at school, or deflects the blame onto Freddie. Treats Freddie like crap and never has him quit, or act in anyway that would actually make Spencer or Carly want to talk about her behaviour. All the way to the point where Freddie has become so accustomed to being treated like crap he believes that it's normal for Sam to make him miserable. Has Spencer and Carly there for her when her FreudianExcuse mother Pam treats her badly, and even Freddie will help her if it gets that bad. Won the Locker 239 contest by pure 'gut instinct'. Won a beauty pageant after screwing up everything but the last dance number which she should have got disqualified for because she made it a duet dance. Is an incredible dancer. Won a game of paintball assassin. Got an A on a project by pulling an orange out of her backpack and made a 30 second speech off the top of her head when Carly and Freddie actually worked for weeks but failed. Can win rap battles and sing perfectly. In season 4 it appears that she's going to end up with Freddie, despite the fact he'd been in love with Carly for at least the first three seasons, that ''Carly'' is the one who treats him nicely!
  180. ** This is probably most evident if one has seen the episode "iMake Sam Girlier" in which there is another girl who bullies the other students and is displayed as the villain, despite the fact that she at her worst is no worst than Sam. The bully is clearly an older student picking on younger students and then Carly. Sam bullies everyone except Carly. The only difference between the bully and Sam was that [[ProtagonistCenteredMorality the bully picked on Carly]].
  181. *** [[Analysis/{{ptitle61iywy45}} The ''iCarly'' Analysis page]] has a section on this trope as it applies to her.
  182. * Alex Drake on ''{{Ashes to Ashes}}''. At her best she's completely indifferent to the people around her; at her worst, she's downright rude. She even punches a man in the face, knowing that he won't hit back. Due to sometimes thinking that everyone around him was a hallucination, Sam Tyler in ''{{Life on Mars}}'' behaved this way sometimes, but he didn't make a career of it like Alex does. Yet we're supposed to think that somehow she's more competent and compassionate than the cops of the '80s that she's surrounded by.
  183. ** Importantly, the other characters don't love her for it. At one point one outright says that if she were a bloke, he'd beat her up. She is pretty competent when she's behaving herself though.
  184. ** Gene Hunt significantly ''wasn't'' one of these in LifeOnMars because Sam Tyler was willing to give him a WhatTheHellHero moment and his dickery was shown as counterproductive more often than not. By the time AshesToAshes rolls around, his JerkAss qualities are actively cheered on and he can do no wrong, and Alex Drake never calls him out on it the way Sam did.
  185. * Judith Melnick, Evelyn Harper and her son Charlie Harper of ''{{Two and a Half Men}}'' can definitely qualify as the Female and Male versions of this trope. They are absolutely immoral, self-caring people who look down on everyone and make others wanna blow their brains to escape them in a crowded elevator. Charlie's a total Jerkass at his worst and Judith and Evelyn are almost demonic sues at their worst and all three have few karmic punishments.
  186. ** Especially Charlie. Despite being borderline sociopathic in his pursuit and callous use of women, he is never without a woman on his arm or in his bed. He even managed to get engaged to a decent woman. He also never suffers any real consequences for any other actions of his, and can fall into a pile of shit and come out smelling like a rose. He is also an alcoholic who takes terrible care of himself, yet was revealed in one episode to be in perfect health. To balance this out, however, this is frequently [[LampshadeHanging lampshaded]] by other characters, especially his brother Alan, the classic ChewToy, who often expresses anger and disbelief at everything Charlie can get away with.
  187. ** Evelyn gets constantly called out on it by Charlie who does not even pretend to like her and will insult her to her face for the years of abuse she put him through. This has not stopped Charlie into developing into a male version of her.
  188. ** A few episodes lampshaded the fact that Charlie and Alan seem attracted to women who are either as abusive as their mother or who are themselves attracted to such abusers. When they try to break the pattern, it does not last.
  189. ** Alan was originally portrayed as a counterbalance to Charlie but was later marginalized into a ChewToy.
  190. * ''{{Everybody Loves Raymond}}'''s Debra Barone is the queen of this trope to her many detractors. The quote at the top of this page totally applies to her. She is supposed to be seen as sympathetic because she lives across the street from Ray's meddlesome family (and because Ray is afraid to stand up to them), but some of the things Debra did to Ray bordered on abuse. Things such as shoving Ray into bookshelves, physically beating him on multiple occasions, being a total hypocrite, calling Ray an idiot in basically every episode, making bets with the kids that Ray would screw up, and on one occasion even faking plastic surgery on herself just to trap Ray into admitting he liked the fake changes. Debra frequently got her comeuppance (mainly via Marie, but Ray would usually still be unhelpful by episode's end), and she'd react with a temper tantrum. The series does a lot of AwLookTheyReallyDoLoveEachOther moments to make up for this.
  191. ** The same can be applied to quite a few people in the show. Raymond in quite a few episode would do something utterly thoughtless, careless, and/or hurtful, and get confused as to why they are upset. Difference is, he learns a lesson that is [[AesopAmnesia easily forgotten]]. Marie, [[MonsterInLaw Ray's mother]] has been presented from day one as a passive agressive jerk to Debora, and gets called out at least twice. From constantly criticizing Debbie's caretaking, to meddling in her children's affairs (to the point where they agree it's too far), she may be the biggest jerk in the show. Thankfully, it gets toned down in the later seasons.
  192. ** In general, it's a show full of jerky people (Frank is an un-PC JerkAss, Ray is a lazy ParentingTheHusband target, Marie is a manipulative control freak, and Debra is a bitch. The most sympathetic character is Robert, and even he is deadpan, morose and mean. FanHater-types tend to forget this and focus on only one character, because they're... Fan Haters. It's what they do.
  193. ** Obviously, this is a somewhat debated topic, but it can be summed up as, all of the characters are jerks, or are in some way less than nice. Debra stands out because she's the one that you can tell the series wants you to like the most, that the characters give a disproportionate amount of respect to, and the series wants the viewer to do the same. The other characters are also not saints, Ray is a little bumbling, Robert is jealous, Marie is manipulative, and Frank is a grumpy old guy, but Ray and Robert are much deeper than that, Marie will (begrudgingly) admit she's wrong and does seem to be a little guilty on the rare event where her sons call her out on her treatment. Frank also has a heart of gold and will show it with some work. Debra rarely if ever shows any signs of remorse or guilt in what she does. She's the only one the characters generally don't treat like crap (except Marie, and their conflict is one of the main parts of the series) the way they do each other, despite her treating them pretty badly. It's sort of obvious because the series seems to be trying to tell the viewers "love her dammit, she's sympathetic." Or if you wanna be specific, she's sort of like Lois Griffin is now. While all the characters are sort of jerks, she's the only one who isn't treated as one. They acknowledge that each character isn't a saint and deal with each other, but still act like there's nothing wrong with Debra. Even Marie's main problem isn't hating her, so much as being jealous of her for being the new person who gets to kick around and manipulate Ray.
  194. * ''LawAndOrderSpecialVictimsUnit'''s Elliot Stabler is a DoubleSubversion of this. His method of talking with perps falls under the JackBauerInterrogationTechnique, and would be called Police Brutality if he was a guest star in another ''LawAndOrder'' Franchise. To name some of his actions, he has forced a scared, nervous Schizophrenic man into a complete mental breakdown so they can force him to get medication against his will, told a victim's father that his daughter's murderer may not get convicted (which of course leads a man cleared by the legal system to be shot and the father ends up dying), and brutally beaten a self-admitted pedophile for putting up a underage picture of his youngest daughter on his website. It's even gotten to the point where two of his coworkers requested a transfer because of his actions (Olivia for criticizing her competence in doing her job ''despite their history'' and Fin for dumping his phone records believing him to have tipped off a suspect). Every time he steps over the line, they may launch an investigation, he may get yelled at - but he'll still be working on the job even though he is getting increasingly erratic, when most cops would have been at least suspended, or more likely - with his long record of "Misconduct" - thrown off the force, and possibly serving Prison time.
  195. ** He should've been transferred out. It's supposedly canon that cops don't spend much time in that unit, because of the horrific nature of many of the crimes they investigate, and it would be likely have been put into a more sedate area, maybe white collar crimes or such, for a few years to chill out and regain his composure.
  196. ** Recently, Olivia Benson has slowly approached this. Like her partner above, she also took part in forcing the aforementioned patient to a mental breakdown, but to name a few of her own actions, she informed the feds of a perp's location, knowing that he would be executed (as she wanted, out of revenge for him temporarily blinding Stabler), and deliberately stalking and harassing another perp in public. While she hasn't committed as many offenses, what arguably makes her a worse case is that she is less likely to be called out on it than Stabler.
  197. * Megan Parker from ''DrakeAndJosh'' is Drake's sister, is several years younger than the title characters and goes out of her way to torment the two whenever possible, [[ItAmusedMe without any excuse for it]], while their parents think she is an angel and don't ever punish her for her actions, instead rewarding her and placing all the blame on Drake and Josh. At the end of TheMovie, she and the title characters accidentally catch some counterfeiters, but not before she steals tens of thousands of dollars in fake bills, which we are left seeing as some divine force rewarding her for committing an extremely serious crime. The last season saw a reduction in her general mean-spiritedness (more harmless pranks than outright evil torture), but over the course of the series there is only one moment she shows genuine affection towards them.
  198. ** Actually this seems to be something of a recurring character type in ''{{Nickelodeon}}'' shows, [[DrakeAndJosh Megan Parker]], [[ICarly Sam Puckett]], [[TheBrothersGarcia Lorena Garcia]], [[{{Rugrats}} Angelica Pickles]], all obnoxious [[ManipulativeBastard manipulative]] [[BrattyHalfPint little brats]] that often get away with [[ItAmusedMe treating the rest of the cast as garbage for fun]]. Granted the extent of how much they lean into this trope varies for each character (especially Angelica who often borders as a ButtMonkey) but it is at least obvious you are meant to see some of [[JerkAss their despicable acts]] in [[MagnificentBastard a somewhat glorious light]]. Given the targer audience of these shows, it is possible the viewers are meant to relate to these kind of characters ([[AnnoyingYoungerSibling or at their victims]]), it doesn't seem to work out that way.
  199. * Sipowicz on NYPDBlue veered dangerously close to this at times. In the earliest days of the show he was really only the somewhat comedic sidekick of Det. Kelly (David Caruso). When Caruso left and Jimmy Smits came in, his character (Simone) and Sipowicz were on roughly equal footing. Somewhere along the way the writers became obsessed with punishing Sipowicz as much as possible, leading to the deaths of [[spoiler:Andy, Jr., Simone, Sylvia, and Danny Sorenson]]. This pretty much made it The Andy Sipowicz Show, with everyone acknowledging that he was the best detective around, but this never changed the fact that Sipowicz was a colossal JerkAss. Thank God Dennis Franz was one of the best actors television's ever seen, or this might have been much, much less bearable.
  200. * Jarvik from the ''Series/BlakesSeven'' episode ''Harvest of Kairos'' has a lot of traditionally Stu-ish characteristics, like being instantly better at battle tactics than all of the experts combined, choosing to make a living as a laborer because working with his hands make him manly, having Servalan become smitten with his macho posturing to the point of offering him co-rulership of the Federation despite knowing him for less than an hour, dying nobly to protect “weak woman” [[ActionGirl Dayna]], and just generally being more noble and insightful than everyone else [[ValuesDissonance at least]] [[LicensedSexist by the author’s]] [[RatedMForManly standards]]. What makes him a Jerk Stu specifically is that Servalan retains her respect for him even though he treats her like dirt, calls her “woman” and picks her up over his shoulder, tosses her on the couch and growls at her to shut up until he tells her to speak. ''[[MagnificentBastard Servalan.]]'' A woman who would gladly have her closest allies killed if she found their existence inconvenient. Tarrant eulogizes him as a rare and misunderstood man. Avon calls him a thug. The audience will probably agree with Avon.
  201. * The astonishingly bad decision to kill off Marian in ''Series/RobinHood'' was dealt with by replacing her with a "fiesty village girl" called Kate. If you think this sounds like a recipe for disaster, then you're too optimistic. The writers were clearly terrified of making [[ReplacementScrappy Marian's replacement]] anything but a symbol of [[PuritySue All That Is Good In The World]], and by doing so, they committed every mistake in the book. Essentially, they tried to make Kate TheHeart of the gang by granting her instant moral superiority over the other outlaws, which only translated into her endlessly brow-beating them over ''everything they ever said or did'' whilst blatantly ignoring her own [[{{Hypocrite}} hypocrisy]] and [[ClingyJealousGirl pettiness]]. [[hottip:*:Examples! During the enforced conscription of village men she accuses the outlaws of only caring about Robin's safety, though she displays no concern for any of the captured men except her own brother (who she gets killed [[NiceJobBreakingItHero entirely due to her own stupidity]]). She makes an instant and unfair judgement call on Isabella, insisting that she's untrustworthy even though Kate herself initally betrayed Robin's whereabouts to his enemies in order to get something ''she'' wanted. She demands that Allan and Much stop rescuing her from the danger she keeps blundering into and insists that they concentrate on the mission, only to spend the ''very next episode'' sabotaging missions in her juvenile attempts to become Robin's girlfriend. She sulks and whines when Guy is invited to join the gang, but when Little John actually ''stands up for her'', she immediately states that she's willing to trust Robin and that they should all be ashamed for not doing likewise. She abandons the gang in their hour of need because she's upset over a broken locket and the thought that Robin might not love her, and altogether, she had an off-putting [[TedBaxter arrogance and self-importance]] that was grating in a character that contributed ''[[TheLoad nothing]]'' to the team except to constantly [[TheMillstone put everyone's lives at risk with her idiocy]]. She also had standard MarySue qualities, such as inexplicable experience with a sword, contrived {{Angst}}, and [[TheDulcineaEffect the ability to make every male character fall in love with her]]. Oh, and she invents CPR.]] Naturally, she's EasilyForgiven for all this behavior, ([[DoubleStandard if it's even pointed out at all]]) and no one seemed to have a problem dealing with her extensive temper-tantrums whenever she didn't get what she wanted. The audience was left to scratch their heads and wonder why on earth everyone was so enamored with such a whiny, obnoxious, brainless little snot.
  202. * Tony from the first generation of Skins (UK version). He's manipulative, self-centered, a womanizer, uses people, laughs when people are in emotional turmoil, and cheats on his girlfriend on a regular basis. The problem being that everyone in-universe ''loves'' him. Thankfully, [[IGotBetter he gets better]] in the second season.
  203. * [[DegrassiTheNextGeneration Degrassi]] has Emma Nelson. Originally just slightly enviromental and slightly preachy, she went through huge {{Flanderization}} almost over night. She was constantly telling Manny what awful mistakes she made, and then go and make some herself. Often, she'll be a bitch to her friends for making mistakes (mostly Manny), but then is shocked when she has concequences for her mistakes. Doesn't help that she's seen as perfect in her parents' eyes.
  204. ** A great example of this was the last episode she was on. She had forced Kelly, her then-boyfriend, to be a vegetarian, and to go on a ridiculous bike marathon for (of course) charity. Soon, her bitchy behavior is too much for him, and he leaves. Emma is so mad that he couldn't live up to his commitment. This wouldn't be so bad if Emma hadn't '''dropped out of college''' (and to make matters worse, NOBODY mentioned that Emma got Kelly kicked out of the dorms in a previous episode).
  205. * One could make an argument for Julia Wilcox from Season 10 of {{Frasier}} fitting this. In her debut episode, Kenny decides to give her fifteen minutes of Frasier's show and he makes sure to give her special treatment, to the extent of calling a sexual harrassment seminar when Frasier makes a pass at her. She knowingly had an affair with a married man, and when she breaks up with him (because ''he wouldn't leave his wife''), Frasier willingly goes along with her to his office to try and help them '''reconcile'''. She is so rude, arrogant and sarcastic she even makes [[TedBaxter Frasier and Niles]] look like perfect gentlemen. She constantly insults Frasier, his callers, and everybody around her, yet Frasier continues to keep trying to be nice to her, [[ShillingTheWesley insisting that she's really a good person who doesn't want to get hurt by others]] and looking for any FreudianExcuse to justify her [[TheSociopath sociopathic behaviour]]. At the start of Season 11, when their A-Team of writers returned to the show, they managed to fix this, when Frasier hooks up with Julia. Trying to commit, he was ignoring the obvious while everyone else could see it. They he dumped her after She made the mistake of insulting his new hand towels.
  206. * Kurt Hummel on ''{{Glee}}'' didn't start as a JerkAssStu, but is becoming more and more of one as the series advances. As he is an AuthorAvatar and StraightGay, everyone goes out of their way to be kind to him and talk about how much they love him. This is despite the fact that Kurt has become a [[ManipulativeBastard manipulative]] [[ItsAllAboutMe icy narcissist]] with a massive sense of entitlement, who treats everyone like shit and due to PlayingTheVictimCard way too often, [[KarmaHoudini never has to take any responsibility for his actions.]]
  207. ** He develops past this generally as a result of Karofsky's bullying and his move to Dalton.
  208. ** The series also develops Kurt understanding of a balance between his freedom and his awareness of an unreceptive society. Especially in the episode [[spoiler: when Kurt is cruelly voted as "Prom Queen"]] that slams down Kurt's ego yet give him a chance to rise humbly from the situation.
  209. *** This doesn't exactly excuse manipulating events to make sure that he and Finn share the same room with the specific goal of seducing him into being his boyfriend.
  210. *** Given that it's explicitly established in-universe that Kurt is currently deeply averse to sex and thinks 'the brush of the fingertips' is the epitome of romance, 'seducing him into being his boyfriend' is a step ''way'' too far. 'Getting closer to him' is more like it.
  211. **** Burt, [[spoiler: exhausted from a coma]], calls out on his son's actions eventually. Although, Kurt vaguely attempts to defend himself, Burt still indicates quiet disapproval. Then Burt attempts to show his son the conflict between safety and freedom.
  212. * Matt Albie in ''{{Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip}}'' fits this trope to a T.He is unfriendly,snobby,insults people on a regular basis and treats everyone around him like dirt yet everyone treats him as though He is a candidate for sainthood and he is portrayed as being right on almost every single issue that comes up.Danny even describes him as one of the best guys he has ever known.The fact that Matt has many similarities with Aaron Sorkin probably has something to do with that.
  213. ** Simon Stiles also fits this pretty well.After hiring a new black comedian (Although it was more like telling him after he insulted his routine),he proceeds to constantly mistreat Darius,by insisting that he call him sir,speak to him a certain way and acts personally offended when Darius doesn't want to do a sketch which he feels would pigeonhole him as the black writer.Given that Simon was nearly fired once for being unable to impersonate certain black celebrities,one would expect him to be at least partly sympathetic and reasonable about the whole thing.Instead he acts like a complete jerk,makes Darius read racist letters that were sent to Simon and tells Darius that he would have vanished into obscurity had Simon not saved him,to which Darius is unsurprisingly enraged.The show tries to say that Simon was right all along (Something about racism and how they should find it humourous,I think?) and completely ignores Darius' feelings about the whole thing.
  214. * [[TheThinBlueLine Constable Habib Goodie]]. In every single scene she's in, she insults, belittles and downright bitches at everyone who doesn't automatically agree with her, [[KarmaHoudini even when they outrank her]]. It's not much of a surprise that [[WordOfGod Minwar herself often says in interviews]] [[MeanCharacterNiceActor how difficult it was playing such a gigantic bitch]].
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  218. * MichaelJackson's ''Ghosts'' features him as several characters, but the hero is known in the credits as "Maestro". He was secretly meeting with children to tell them ghost stories in his creepy mansion, and when their parents found out, they formed an AngryMob led by a mayor who hates [[Main/LonersAreFreaks freaky loners]]. Maestro turns out to be a shapeshifter who traps everyone in his great hall after horrifying them with his powers, then summons a troupe of ghosts/ghouls -- they and he alternate between upbeat dancing and...terrifying the crowd some more. He then bodily possesses the mayor and forces him to shapeshift into a ghoul; when he's done, he asks the crowd if they still want him to go. ''Only the mayor does.'' Maestro then appears to smash himself into powder, breaking the hearts of the others. Just as the mayor opens the door to leave, it turns out Maestro faked his death; his appearance as a giant ghoulish face sends the mayor to what might be a DisneyVillainDeath. And everyone is happy to welcome a cruel, manipulative, smug spirit into their midst. ''Wow''.
  219. * The girl from the ''Girlfriend'' video by Avril Lavigne. She spends the whole video antagonizing a random girl and trying to steal her boyfriend. The line says it all: "I don't like your girlfriend/I think you need a new one." It's supposed to be a parody or TakeThat against that type of girl, but you probably wouldn't know this just by watching the video or listening to the song.
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  223. * De-Generation X. From forcing disqualifications to retain titles to beating up "leprechauns," said leprechaun being TheWesley or not, they more or less get away with actions and are applauded by the announcers for things that would get heels a one way ticket to being painted as history's greatest monsters.
  224. * A fair amount of faces during the "Attitude Era" can count with [[StoneColdSteveAustin Steve Austin]] being the poster boy. A glaring example of this is when Austin gave Stacy Keibler the Stone Cold Stunner because she ''refused to drink a beer with him'' with Jim Ross responding along the lines of "I don't agree with it, but that's how he is," despite declaring [[DomesticAbuser Stacy's then-boyfriend Test (and later Scott Steiner)]] a CompleteMonster for abusing her. [[JerkassDissonance However, the fans love him because of his actions]].
  225. * Even before Michelle [=McCool=]'s FaceHeelTurn she acted pretty bitchy. In particular, when Kristal Marshall was marrying [=SmackDown!=] General Manager Theodore Long and announced to [=McCool=] and Torrie Wilson that she was going to appoint them as bridesmaids at her wedding. Then Victoria happened along and made it clear that she wanted to be a bridesmaid, too. The segment called for Victoria's character to act embarrassingly obnoxious, and it only got worse when [=McCool=] opened her mouth and said that ''nobody'' wanted Victoria as a bridesmaid. This led to a short feud between Victoria and Michelle, which Michelle won. It is true that Victoria was a DesignatedVillain and had done pretty awful things to other Divas in the past, but Michelle [=McCool=]'s comments were still cruel and undoubtedly made a lot of viewers want to punch her in the mouth.
  226. * Oh lord the Bella Twins full stop. According to WWE, cheating is a horrible and classless thing - unless you happen to be a pair of hot twins and then it's cute and whimsical. The Bellas love to win matches by switching places towards the end with the twin whose been working the match and therefore exhausted being replaced with the fresh twin to get a win over the opponent. It stopped being funny during their recent feud with Jillian where they used the switch to beat her in a match and several more matches followed and the Bellas kept pulling it off for no reason whatsoever. They started it but the audience was meant to laugh it off because Jillian [[DesignatedVillain must have deserved it somehow]]. Though they've turned heel now so maybe the attitude will change.
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  229. [[folder:Video Games]]
  230. * [[ParodySue Spoofed]] in the ''AceAttorney'' games with the character of Franziska Von Karma. Seeming better suited to a ''{{Beyblade}}'' contest than a court of law. All the CommonMarySueTraits are there- her unique relationship with [[EnsembleDarkhorse fan favourite Edgeworth]] is something every FanGirl dreams of and she became a lawyer at the [[ImprobableAge ridiculous age of thirteen]]. Her behaviour ranges from petty and childish (Name calling) to plain sociopathic (Beating Phoenix unconsious when she loses). She is plainly shown bringing a harmful weapon ([[WhipItGood her whip]]) into court and using it on other lawyers, police officers and even TheJudge, an act that would get any other lawyer instantly disbarred, possibly arrested and [[KarmaHoudini yet she always gets away with it]], to say nothing of taking an illegal photograph of Maya channeling Mia. The parody element is taken up a level in case 4 of ''Investigations'', in which there are many ''TakeThat'' jokes at her expense.
  231. ** It's [[YourMileageMayVary debatable]], but Godot may be considered a straight example. Like Franziska, he gets away with some pretty sociopathic stuff, like throwing scaulding hot coffee at Phoenix, disrespecting the judge etc. [[spoiler: also in the final case of the game, his selfish scheme to put Maya in danger and save her himself gets Misty Fey, (Mia and Maya's mother) killed. He never gets called out on [[NeverMyFault blaming Phoenix for putting Maya in danger]] and he is the one person who Franziska doesn't whip for not worshipping the ground she walks on. Despite the fact that the whole tragedy was Godot's fault, Iris doesn't rat him out, despite the fact that it he was trying to frame her for his crime and [[SenselessSacrifice it could have led to the death penalty]], and even Maya (the person ''whose mother'' Godot killed) was willing to take the heat for him. Not that he ever gets called out on any of this. When he finally does admit that [[ItsAllMyFault it was his own fault]], it's only because he comes to the conclusion himself, rather than let anyone give him a [[TheReasonYouSuckSpeech verbal smackdown about what he did]]. At the end of the case, even ''Phoenix'' wants to believe that he did it all for a noble reason and is [[HoYay heartbroken]] that he wasn't able to save Godot.]]
  232. * Prishe from ''FinalFantasyXI: Chains of Promathia'' is a particularly scary case of a fully-grown ''FinalFantasy'' fanfic style Mary Sue (regardless what that means to you, she fits) in a (vaguely) canonical game. Indeed, she could be put on most of the other pages, but she gets the prize for being so incredibly over-the-top in her "spunkiness". There isn't a single moment where she isn't either calling somebody out (usually over something trivial) or just generally complaining (often over how it [[CursedWithAwesome sucks to be her]]). Yet, for all her abrasiveness, there is not one person who challenges her to her face. Indeed, characters feel changed when dealing with her; even a ProudWarriorRaceGuy falls in place around this small girl. There's even a character that exists for no reason ''but'' to hammer in to the audience that yes, she's very special underneath her twenty layers of bitchiness. The closest things to backlash she gets are her town referring to her as "the Abhorrent One" - in reference not to her personality, but to how she's just too powerful and special to bear (right) - and her status as a "social outsider," which is promptly contradicted when her role as head of the patrol guards is revealed. As for what is meant by "{{fanfic}} style" - she manages the neat trick of making the story feel like a generic fanfic rewrite of a regular ''FinalFantasy'' game by a 14-year-old rebellious girl whose biggest gripe with the original story was that she wasn't in it. From the moment Prishe enters the scene to the end, the plot's comprehensibility and general continuity gets shot to hell because things get unnaturally focused on her. It feels like no real effort was given to make her anything close to important in the plot because it would have been too much effort: her importance is an InformedAbility. To indemnify her further, she indulges in CommonMarySueTraits. She's an [[OurElvesAreBetter Elvaan]] girl who stopped aging after a chance encounter with a CosmicKeystone (the same one that apparently gave her near-godly superpowers), and she has some great destiny that (ostensibly) ties into the fate of the known universe. In spite of (ostensibly) being treated like a social outcast, she has the best outfit of anybody you meet in Tavnazia.
  233. ** Prishe is still semi-popular, but almost exclusively for her [[http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/ffxi/images/7/7b/Prishe_cutscene_portrait.jpg character model]]. Comments about how Prishe is "hot" (and legal - despite having the body of a young kid, she's well over the age of consent) are common. Comments about Prishe being a well-developed, believable character are extremely rare. Even people who like her for her characterization won't try to argue against her being a Mary Sue.
  234. * The Silencer of the ''{{Crusader}}'' games is an unrepentant monster who's only in LaResistance for the vengeance. No one seems to have the guts to chew him out for setting civilians on fire and watching them run around screaming.
  235. ** The Captain's only a monster if the player makes him a {{Psycho For Hire}}. Most of the civilians you do encounter tend to cringe in their spot when a firefight erupts; however, some show their [[EvilMinions Evil Minion Side]] by trying to raise an alarm that inevitably brings in more [[MegaCorp WEC]] {{mooks}} to rain on your parade. The guy ''is'' a [[SuperSoldier Silencer]], after all, and letting anyone hit the alarm button makes his task unnecessarily difficult. Of course, they might be caught in the middle of the firefight, but the Captain's only a {{Jerkass Stu}} if the player makes him that way.
  236. ** To be fair, The Captain is a major asset to their cause, being a literal OneManArmy and draining very little resources from the Resistance, mostly because they don't trust him for all the right reasons. They probably put up with him because he's good at getting the job done.
  237. * While it's debatable whether he's a "bad" character, the protagonist of ''Two Worlds'' falls squarely into the male version of this trope. Seemingly the best fighter around, he's very well aware of his capabilities, and tends to be somewhat condescending to everyone he meets. Depending on how you play him, he can also be a total scumbag, and [[ButThouMust the plotline requires]] that he knowingly destroy at least one entire city to get an artifact he needs to save his sister. Not only is he never called on his actions in-game, he seems to be something of a DracoInLeatherPants among players.
  238. ** All things considered, the DracoInLeatherPants effect may be due to the entire game being made of pure {{Narm}} with voice acting that makes ''ResidentEvil'' look like ''{{Hamlet}}''. It's hard not to find a bow-legged swordsman who says things like "Looks like my in-laws!" when he sees a pack of goblins entertaining.
  239. * ''{{World of Warcraft}}'' characters Varian Wrynn and Garrosh Hellscream are both hotly contested examples, since they were added to the game to be characters pushing the Horde and Alliance to remain at odds with each other, which is against the agenda of those sides' current leaders. This resulted in two HotBlooded AntiHeroes who were both consistently kept in their factions' inner circles and brought to important diplomatic events (which they tended to mess up) despite the fact that the people who could actually bar them from such things seemed to working at direct cross-purposes with them - whether fans cheered them or booed them, many were confused. Let's leave it as that, and keep the natter in the myriad of arguments taking place on the official forums.
  240. * Thanks to [[TookALevelInJerkass powerleveling in Jerkass between games]], Shannon becomes one in ''ObsCure II''. While her brother Kenny and friend Stan struggle with the consequences of what happened at Leafmore, Shannon easily adjusts, even gaining special powers like controlling and absorbing black auras. She constantly mocks and belittles Kenny for having trouble and needing medication to control the after-effects. This eventually causes [[spoiler:Kenny to succumb and become a CompleteMonster]], setting off most of the {{Plotline Death}}s. She ''never'' shows any regret, remorse, or recognition that she had a hand in this.
  241. * Mocked in ''BlazBlue''. Rachel Alucard is a complete douche to everybody and never gets called out on it... [[BrickJoke until a glorious moment in the sequel]], where Hakumen basically says "[[WhatTheHellHero If you knew all this, why didn't you do anything]]?" She doesn't have a good answer for him and spends the remainder of the sequel getting [[CurbStompBattle Curb Stomped]], OutGambitted, and [[KickTheDog kicked in the face]]... and [[CharacterDevelopment she]] ''[[CharacterDevelopment does]]'' [[CharacterDevelopment actually learn from her mistakes]]. Her sadness at Ragna [[spoiler:saving Noel from her BrainwashedAndCrazy SuperMode]] is one-part being proud of him and one-part realising that her method [[spoiler:[[MurderIsTheBestSolution of killing her]]]] ''might'' have been the wrong thing to do.
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  245. [[folder:Webcomics]]
  246. * Rayne of ''LeastICouldDo'': A misogynistic, self-absorbed, Man-Whore who thinks of himself as the paragon of manliness. In spite of his {{Jerkass}} attitude, he also can have sex with nearly any woman in the world, he has a very high-paying job, he has friends who like him despite his moronity, he seems to come on top of any situation no matter what, and he has [[http://www.leasticoulddo.com/comic/20070103 a canonically ever-brilliant future, no matter what he does]]. The writer, Ryan Sohmer, has admitted that Rayne is an AuthorAvatar.
  247. ** Complete with [[http://www.leasticoulddo.com/comic/20080509 the]] [[http://www.leasticoulddo.com/comic/20080510 occasional]] [[http://www.leasticoulddo.com/comic/20080508 (very tongue-in-cheek)]] AuthorTract.
  248. ** One arc subverts this, with his ''friends'' faking his handwriting in his schedule book, causing him to run around to incredibly foolish places looking for sex. The ending sees him finally see one of his schemes fall apart spectacularly, when [[spoiler: he tells a disgusting joke to 2 lesbians and 2 female police officers -- while he was in a fake police uniform as part of a XanatosGambit to get said lesbians to sleep with him -- which causes them to throw him in jail]]. Of course, since he's a MartyStu, he was minutes away from getting away with sleeping with ALL of them if he hadn't been [[TooDumbToLive stupid enough to ruin the mood.]]
  249. ** Not played entirely straight; the comic has given Rayne some depth, with the YetAnotherChristmasCarol arc suggesting that his Man-Whore behavior is a defense mechanism developed following a devastating early break-up. He's also shown to be an irredeemable CloudCuckoolander. Further, while he does pull mean pranks on his friends, he shows real concern for them when the chips are down, and really does care about them (as well as unconditionally loving his niece Ashley), as well as being [[{{ptitle09g6pwfjt7ot}} very competent]] when it really matters, such as his job. On the whole he comes off as a parody of the MartyStu trope, such that he takes it so far that it comes back around the other side, it's funny.
  250. ** The buildup of {{Karma Houdini}}s pulls it back across the line. To avoid this, it's plain that more pain should fall mainly on the Rayne.
  251. ** Another thing to note is that Rayne has had a lot of crap dumped on ''him'', canonically, and being a KarmaHoudini is a trait of the entire series, not just him. His brother regularly shows up as someone who gives him crap (as do several other characters) and Noel and John can generally give as good as they take. (Okay, maybe not John).
  252. ** Something else important to note, however, is that Ryan Sohmer is a very successful businessman: LeastICouldDo began in early 2003, and yet Blind Ferret Entertainment (which Sohmer started several years after LeastICouldDo began) now runs merchandising for several prominent comics other than his own... Including CtrlAltDel. Whatever else he might be exaggerating, his business acumen is accurate. Until you consider how much money "CTRL-ALT-DEL: The Animated Series" lost...
  253. * ''ShreddedMoose'' offers the character of Brew, a hateful, misogynistic {{Jerkass}} well beyond the MoralEventHorizon and comes off as something of a CompleteMonster, yet he is accepted by nearly everybody (except the reader), has no shortage of women throwing themselves onto him, and has the strip conspiring to prove him right at every turn (no matter how flimsy). This is just one of the many, many horribly offensive things contained in this comic.
  254. * Kimiko Ross of ''DresdenCodak'' has nothing but nasty words and rolled eyes even for her best friends, but it's okay because she's a brilliant OmnidisciplinaryScientist and a cyborg and a space angel and responsible for the destruction of mankind and god I don't even know.
  255. ** On the other hand, her massive social ineptitude means that if she ever wants a boyfriend, she'll have to build him herself. Coincidentally, Kimiko displays all the signs of Asperger's Syndrome, so she's probably just autistic and doesn't understand basic social cues. Considering that, it could be an intentional drive for character sympathy.
  256. ** She's a Sue all right, but "Jerk" is a stretch. Normally she's too introverted to misbehave; the one time she really acts like an asshole is late in the "Hob" story-arc, when she becomes convinced she's the Machine Messiah or something. [[spoiler:She's ''right'', but she also gets what's coming to her for her behavior]].
  257. ** Also, the "Dark Science" arc starts with her losing her money and home to the bank through one of her schemes. Ironically, one of the things she said near the end of the previous arc was [[spoiler:"No more handouts."]]
  258. * Mopey from ''B-Movie Comic'' is another example, regularly getting away with violence or cruelty that nobody seems to notice unless it happens to them, and then it's 'deserved' or a groin attack. An excellent example of the HeroicSociopath done wrong.
  259. * Anna in Webcomic/BirthdayGift is an insufferable jerk, but will use any means to get her way, make a boyfriend mostly because she likes his pets, and pretend to be perfect to everyone else while selling out women around her for cheap thrills or to get in good with the guys, all while ''living in a world that has enforced woman sex slavery for over a year''! The only one to see it and {{lampshade}} it is Steve, the VillainProtagonist dating her, Peter's friend. Anna's character however seems to have been one long road to [[spoiler:set her up as a SacrificialLion / BreakTheHaughty and to deconstruct this trope.]]
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  262. [[folder:Web Original]]
  263. * Sami from ''LittleWhiteLie''. She's beautiful and musically talented and has several guys with crushes on her...yet she plagarizes one of the previously mentioned guys and is a complete bitch to everyone. You know you have a [[TheScrappy scrappy]] on your hands when TheLibby is more sympathetic than her.
  264. ** {{Invoked}}: the actress has said more than once that you're not supposed to like Sami and that she's actually thrilled that so many people picked up on that.
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  267. [[folder:Western Animation]]
  268. * Tamika of ClassOf3000 frequently bullies other class members, and is yet on top of Santa's nice list.
  269. * Lois Griffin from ''FamilyGuy''. While admitedly due to the [[SadistShow show's premise]] the whole family gets away with a lot of atrocities, many of the cast are at least open about what callous bastards Peter and Stewie are. Lois on the other hand is still mostly viewed by others as being the same loving [[MamaBear family woman]] she was early on in the show's run (despite that element now being [[BitchInSheepsClothing little more than a paper-thin shell to hide her darker persona]] due to excessive {{Flanderization}}). Brian in particular worships the ground Lois walks on, despite her increasingly belittling treatment of his lifestyle and ethics.
  270. * Parodied with Zapp Brannigan in ''{{Futurama}}''. Everyone besides the main cast thinks that Brannigan is a brilliant tactician and noble, virtuous hero. This, in spite of the fact that he in fact causes far, far more trouble than he takes care of (which he usually doesn't anyway). Conversely, the heroes, who actually save the day and are able to clearly see Zapp for the incompetent jerk that he is, are usually ignored and/or belittled, though it doesn't usually matter much to them anyway.
  271. * Dee Dee from ''[[{{DextersLaboratory}} Dexter's Laboratory]]''. The series often attempts to elicit sympathy for Dee Dee when her genius brother forcibly ejects her from his lab; perhaps Dexter would be a little nicer to Dee Dee if she wasn't constantly invading his privacy and wrecking his scientific accomplishments? Dexter's supposed "cruelty" is usually provoked by Dee Dee's destructive actions, which are usually entirely ''unprovoked''.
  272. ** Dee Dee arguably leans more as a ScrewySquirrel or IdiotHoudini, since the show very often put emphasis on how much of an annoying idiot she is meant to be (compare to similar bumbling protagonists such as ''SpongebobSquarepants'' but with Dexter being more likeable then Squidward). Also the show did on occasion like to place Dee Dee in ButtMonkey roles, usually showing [[HypocriticalHumor she has even less tolerance than Dexter]] when some equally brainless character invades her personal life.
  273. ** One episode, in which Dexter "fires" Dee Dee, implies that he actually secretly enjoys her destruction.
  274. * Slimer became one constantly in ''TheRealGhostbusters'', and a little less commonly, but still occasionally, in ''ExtremeGhostbusters''. "Sliming" people who always make it clear that they don't want it is practically the ''highlight'' of his behavior; he also steals the food of his teammates whenever he can get away with it, and gets underfoot with annoying behavior. Yet when anybody (usually Peter) objects, ''they're'' the ones that the plot treats as wrong; meanwhile Slimer never learns; he just keeps on being obnoxious, only occasionally redeeming himself in moments of heroism. In fact, he [[KarmaHoudini escaped repercussions]] to such a point that ''TheRealGhostbusters'' was retooled into having [[TheWesley a bigger focus around him]].
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  278. * A rather good essay on the [[http://www.kitwhitfield.com/2008/03/macho-sue.html Macho Sue]] in fiction.
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