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  1. nonstriaght joined the room.
  2. BEST KHAZIX NA joined the room.
  3. nonstriaght: im gay
  4. nonstriaght: are u gay?
  6. Vxy: i have balls
  7. Vxy: lick them
  8. Vxy: and suck on them just a little
  9. BEST KHAZIX NA: my pleasure
  10. Vxy: will u stroke me as you do it?
  11. BEST KHAZIX NA: ok big boy
  12. Vxy: ohhh big boy is right
  13. Vxy: stroke the hard shaft
  14. BEST KHAZIX NA: r u really ga
  15. nonstriaght: yes
  16. Vxy: obv
  17. IHaveTehDownz: vxy is actually a girl
  18. IHaveTehDownz: 44a tits
  19. Vxy: i just want you to fondle my balls
  20. BEST KHAZIX NA: thats it
  21. IHaveTehDownz: If you buy her skins
  22. Vxy: please
  23. IHaveTehDownz: she'll send you nudes
  24. BEST KHAZIX NA: ok
  25. BEST KHAZIX NA: deal
  26. IHaveTehDownz: that's shit only girls do
  27. nonstriaght: SHE HAS A VAGINA!
  28. IHaveTehDownz: Ask to see her vagina
  29. BEST KHAZIX NA: you have a vagina
  30. IHaveTehDownz: I don't
  31. IHaveTehDownz: vxy does
  32. Vxy: no
  33. Vxy: i have a penis
  34. Vxy: a big one
  35. IHaveTehDownz: Vxy is a fuckin girl name
  36. Vxy: it needs to be stroked
  37. BEST KHAZIX NA: no its a guy
  38. IHaveTehDownz: and no guy says shit like that
  39. Vxy: while u play wiht my balls
  40. Vxy: please
  41. Vxy: i need to let my load out
  42. BEST KHAZIX NA: i know this guy
  43. IHaveTehDownz: Come on neckbeard
  44. nonstriaght: only a real girl would deny it over the internet
  45. Vxy: let me smack it on your face a bit
  46. BEST KHAZIX NA: so are we all ga
  47. nonstriaght: 3 of us are
  48. IHaveTehDownz: we'll, most of us are gay
  49. nonstriaght: ones a chick
  50. IHaveTehDownz: vxy is a girl
  51. BEST KHAZIX NA: 4 of us
  52. BEST KHAZIX NA: all of us
  53. IHaveTehDownz: You know, tits, vagina, whole nine yards
  54. nonstriaght: shes also a stripper named vixy
  55. Vxy: all i want is to have my balls fondled.
  56. Vxy: whys that so hard
  57. Vxy: ill carry u this game if u do that for me
  58. BEST KHAZIX NA: cuz no one is ga
  59. IHaveTehDownz: Because they're ovaries
  60. BEST KHAZIX NA: nonstraight r u straight
  61. nonstriaght: NO IM NONSTRIAGHT
  62. BEST KHAZIX NA: why do u like being ga
  63. Vxy: please dont change the subject
  64. nonstriaght: i like being ga
  65. BEST KHAZIX NA: whats your reason
  66. Vxy: dude
  67. Vxy: whats your name
  68. BEST KHAZIX NA: who
  69. nonstriaght: idk i was born ga
  70. Vxy: you
  71. IHaveTehDownz: Vxy's real name is lisa maestrallis
  72. BEST KHAZIX NA: Jalen
  73. BEST KHAZIX NA: im ga
  74. Vxy: god damit
  75. nonstriaght: SHE ITS TRUE
  76. nonstriaght: SHES A GRIL
  77. Vxy: im a gril
  78. BEST KHAZIX NA: no
  79. BEST KHAZIX NA: were all guys
  80. BEST KHAZIX NA: okay
  81. Vxy: ok
  82. nonstriaght: no
  83. Vxy: sry
  84. nonstriaght: im ga
  85. BEST KHAZIX NA: one big ga party
  86. IHaveTehDownz: nigga u dum
  87. Vxy: my penis
  88. Vxy: please
  89. Vxy: sir
  90. Vxy: rub it
  91. Vxy: both hands
  92. Vxy: put it in ur mouth
  93. nonstriaght: im ga ihavetehdownz has downz and vxy is a stripper named vixy
  94. BEST KHAZIX NA: really
  95. IHaveTehDownz: YES
  96. Vxy: your name is jalen ?
  97. BEST KHAZIX NA: yeah
  98. Vxy: where are you from jalen
  99. BEST KHAZIX NA: Boston
  100. IHaveTehDownz: https://www.facebook.com/lisa.maestrallis
  101. nonstriaght: PROOF
  102. Vxy: god
  103. IHaveTehDownz: THAT'S VXY
  104. nonstriaght: BUY HER SKINS FOR PICS
  105. Vxy: er mer gerd
  106. Vxy: idk who that is
  107. IHaveTehDownz: She'll give you nudes
  108. IHaveTehDownz: if you buy her skins
  109. nonstriaght: SKINS FOR PICS OF HER SKIN
  110. BEST KHAZIX NA: k how much
  111. IHaveTehDownz: think about it
  112. IHaveTehDownz: it's her
  113. IHaveTehDownz: why the fuck else
  114. IHaveTehDownz: would i link an ugly fat chicks facebook?
  115. BEST KHAZIX NA: yea
  116. IHaveTehDownz: Nigga u gettin smarter
  117. Vxy: she aint ugly
  118. Vxy: hes silly
  119. BEST KHAZIX NA: wait
  120. IHaveTehDownz: Maybe
  121. BEST KHAZIX NA: guys
  122. IHaveTehDownz: if you get her spirit guard udyr
  123. IHaveTehDownz: you can make a drive
  124. IHaveTehDownz: and get more than pics
  125. BEST KHAZIX NA: ok
  126. BEST KHAZIX NA: deal
  127. BEST KHAZIX NA: i like it
  128. nonstriaght: add her
  129. IHaveTehDownz: add her to your friends
  130. nonstriaght: to friends
  131. nonstriaght: in 2 weeks
  132. nonstriaght: enjoy
  133. nonstriaght: your pics
  134. BEST KHAZIX NA: ok
  135. BEST KHAZIX NA: ty
  136. IHaveTehDownz: Good doin business with you
  137. BEST KHAZIX NA: wait
  138. BEST KHAZIX NA: i want u tho
  139. Vxy: whats ur full name
  140. LoveFQ joined the room.
  141. BEST KHAZIX NA: y
  142. Vxy: so i can see you
  143. BEST KHAZIX NA: only if ur ga
  144. Vxy: i am ga
  145. CatThorn23 joined the room.
  146. Sqawl joined the room.
  147. BEST KHAZIX NA: but they say ur not a guy
  148. IHaveTehDownz: we say
  149. IHaveTehDownz: she's a girl
  150. Vxy: what do u want me to be
  151. IHaveTehDownz: for a reason
  152. IHaveTehDownz: I gave you her facebook bro
  153. BEST KHAZIX NA: i want guy
  154. IHaveTehDownz: You can be jerking off to her fat flaps right now
  155. IHaveTehDownz: nonstriaght is a guy
  156. IHaveTehDownz: willing to bet
  157. Vxy: i told u im a dude
  158. IHaveTehDownz: you can buy him skins
  159. IHaveTehDownz: for nudes
  160. BEST KHAZIX NA: ok
  161. nonstriaght: IM DOWN
  162. BEST KHAZIX NA: wait
  163. BEST KHAZIX NA: so vxy is ga right
  164. IHaveTehDownz: vxy
  165. nonstriaght: yes
  166. IHaveTehDownz: is a fuckin girl
  167. IHaveTehDownz: seriously
  168. BEST KHAZIX NA: 1 say no
  169. BEST KHAZIX NA: 1 say yes
  170. Vxy: jalen
  171. Vxy: what do u want me to be
  172. Vxy: pls tell me
  173. Vxy: what are u into
  174. BEST KHAZIX NA: umm
  175. BEST KHAZIX NA: lemme think
  176. IHaveTehDownz: who says "god damnit" after a facebook link
  177. IHaveTehDownz: if it isn't their own
  178. IHaveTehDownz: seriously bro
  179. BEST KHAZIX NA: can u be
  180. BEST KHAZIX NA: a male stripper
  181. Vxy: i can be inside you if you want
  182. BEST KHAZIX NA: but
  183. BEST KHAZIX NA: with vag
  184. Vxy: uhm
  185. Vxy: yea
  186. BEST KHAZIX NA: ok
  187. BEST KHAZIX NA: proof
  188. IHaveTehDownz: Gonna have to tape down what little titties she has
  189. BEST KHAZIX NA: u said he ga
  190. BEST KHAZIX NA: im confuse
  191. Ninezy joined the room.
  192. Vxy: im not gay
  193. Vxy: im ga
  194. BEST KHAZIX NA: ya
  195. BEST KHAZIX NA: i like ga
  196. Vxy: jalen pls
  197. BEST KHAZIX NA: what
  198. Vxy: i want my balls licked
  199. BEST KHAZIX NA: ok
  200. BEST KHAZIX NA: i do it
  201. Vxy: ok comen ow
  202. Vxy: now
  203. BEST KHAZIX NA: wher
  204. Vxy: where u from
  205. Vxy: i come there
  206. FRheeKieR joined the room.
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