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  1. SELECT d.MPID, le.Legal_Entity_Name
  2. FROM            dbo.PhysicianInfo AS d INNER JOIN
  3.                          dbo.EmplPrimaryStateLog AS es ON d.ID = es.WebId AND GETDATE() BETWEEN es.DateFrom AND es.DateTo INNER JOIN
  4.                          dbo.SiteIntegration AS si ON es.SitePrimary = si.WebCode INNER JOIN
  5.                          dbo.hcm_department AS hd ON si.HCMDepartmentCode = hd.Department_Code INNER JOIN
  6.                          dbo.hcm_legalEntity AS le ON hd.Legal_Entity_Code = le.Legal_Entity_Code
  7. where d.MPID =8
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