Spikes Tale - Chapter 1

May 31st, 2013
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  1. It was a start of a new year and your prospects already looked as high as the sky itself. Or maybe as high as Bob Marley... Both examples were accurate enough to explain how things were looking for you. You had graduated from your high school as an honor student and it was your first day at your new university. During high school, you had a hard time just meeting people who didn't tease you for being an over achiever, let alone find people who were close enough to you to be considered friends. It wasn't like you were even nerdy, it just seemed that they were unsure of how to act around someone who could almost tell what you were thinking. Your one good friend who had been with you since kindergarten, James, had died of Leukemia just less than a year ago leaving you alone in a world full of judging eyes and condescending stares. Never the less, you were a strong person and you didn't let this get you down. In a way, his death had helped you concentrate even harder on your studies, trying your hardest to respect his involvement in your success. If it hadn't been for him, you wouldn't have even made it through the last year of high school without dipping into depression. Although you were comparatively smarter than James, he was creative, inventive, artsy, smarter than having a high IQ could ever make you. Just thinking about him now brought a tear to your eye, your best friend for thirteen years stolen from you just like that.
  3. Without him to help, you had wasted the first four years of high school lazing about (still doing extremely well in every one of your classes, but never reaching your full potential). James knew that you were smarter than you ever let on to others and in your last year, just after he found out about his cancer, assisted you the best he could and helped you buckle down and work. You owed your entire success to him, so you were going to do the best possible in your further studies for him.
  5. With your final exam scores being the top in the state, you had pretty much every choice you wanted in university, but nothing interested you more than geological sciences. The way that the earth moved, formations were created, all of it fascinated you to no end. All of these things were amazing, but the main selling point of geological sciences for you was the beautiful gemstones. It wasn't even how they were formed that interested you, although you already knew all there was to know about how they came to be, it was how pretty they looked. Yes, it was kind of embarrassing, but everyone has their little quirks, don't they? Yours just happened to be an enormous precious stone collection. The walls of your room were plastered with facts sheets, photos, posters, and research papers on gemstones, every visible surface besides the floor and your work desk covered with your most special and beautiful artifacts on display for all to see. Well, mostly just you, as the majority of your remaining “friends” never wanted to come around to your house. You didn't know what made you so infatuated about gems, maybe it was their pure and natural beauty, a piece of art by nature itself, or maybe it was the way that the light shined through them, creating light shows just for you. Maybe both. Never the less, being 19 and living with your parents and only some pretty rocks to keep you company didn't exactly reel in the ladies very well. Hopefully the whole “not having friends” thing would be a thing of the past as well.
  7. As you walked into the campus gates, you breathed in the fresh winter air. A fresh new morning and a fresh new start to your life in university. You stretched out your arms to embrace the day and in the process, knocked your arm against a pole, causing the snow that had settled on the lamp to fall on your head. You heard a laugh behind you and swivel around while wiping the snow out of your hair quickly.
  9. “What? Don't laugh!”
  11. A short, cute, slender girl with deep purple dyed hair stood behind you, stifling a laughter with her hand. Immediately you stiffened up and felt a rush of blood to your head. Embarrassment swept over you and you tried to straighten your self up to look presentable.
  13. “Oh, uh sorry. Hello, my n-name is Nathan.” You curse yourself for stuttering a bit in your introduction. She was surely going to judge you for that.
  15. “Heheh, hello, nice to meet you.” She smiled and held out her hand for you to shake. You hesitated a little bit, but then softly shook her slender hand. “My name is Twili- uh..., Twyla.”
  17. “Oooh, what a pretty name you have. What does it mean?” You ask her, letting go of her warm hands and putting your own back in your pocket to protect from the chilling morning breeze.
  19. “To be honest, I don't know. My mum chose it for me.” She put her hands nervously behind her back and shrugged. Damn, was she trying to be cute? Every damn thing she did was adorable!
  21. “So where are you headed?”
  23. “Oh I’m off to my first lecture. I'm doing geological sciences.” A stroke of damn luck. She was doing the same thing that you were doing!
  25. “Really? Same as me! Want to, uh, want to walk to class together?”
  26. She nods and you walk off to class with her next to you. Truly this was going to be a great year.
  28. Your first lecture was an absolute breeze, as you had expected. You had already read up on every single thing that the lecture covered and more. You had pretty much spent the entire class stealing glances at Twlya and flipping through your text book reading random articles. Why was it that you had become so infatuated with her already? She had become your first serious crush in the first hour of meeting her and something made you suspect that she might have a crush on you as well.
  30. The tutor dismissed the class and you were about to leave, but as soon as you picked up your books to leave, a crippling pain in your stomach caused you to double over, smacking your head on the table. What the hell was going on! What was causing all this pain? A cramp? Was something wrong with you? You looked up a bit from your bent over position and saw Twyla staring at you. You expected her to come over and help you up, or at least ask if you were OK, but instead, she stood there, mouth slightly agape.
  32. “Oh no, it's started.” She muttered. What? What's started? You didn't even get the chance to ask her as she ran out of the room, leaving her books on her desk and all of the other students watched her run out. A couple of other students came rushing to your side. You hold out your hand, trying to grasp anything that may be in front of you.
  34. “Wait... You... Left your books...” You manage to slur out before a darkness reaches up from your mind and pulls you under.
  36. A gloved pair of fingers stretching your eyelids open, accompanied by a bright light in your eyes wakes you from your unconscious state. You suddenly sit up, now devoid of the pain that had been affecting you before you had passed out. A doctor puts his hands on your shoulders calmly and eases you back down.
  38. “Ah, you're awake. Don't worry, it's OK, son, you're at the hospital. You just need to calm down a little and lie still, you may be inured internally.” Oh great. That was reassuring. “That was a mighty scare back there, wasn't it? We sent some x-rays off to be inspected, should be expecting them back any time now. Until then, you should rest up as well as you can.” He pinned his clipboard to the back of your bed and straightened his tie.
  40. “Is there anything else I can do for you, lad? Water? Food?”
  41. You shake your head and he smiles as he turns to leave the room. He had only been gone for about three seconds when he popped his head back in to the room, smiling.
  43. “Oh, and you have a friend here to see you. The lass looks mighty worried.”
  44. Lass? It must be Twyla! Despite her strange behavior just before you had passed out, you still wanted someone nice to to talk to. You nodded to the jovial doctor.
  46. “Send her in.”
  48. He left the door frame and a couple of seconds later, Twyla walked in, looking very nervous and strangely guilty.
  50. “Hey Twyla, everything OK?
  52. “I didn't mean to rush out out on you like that Spike, I just got really scared...”
  54. Wait a second, what did she call you?
  56. “Spike? That's a funny nickname for me.” You asked with a friendly smile, causing her to stiffen.
  58. “Oh- um, sorry about that... It was... Uh, your hair. It's pretty... Spiky. If you don't want me to call you that, I won't.”
  60. You wave your hand at her and continue with your friendly demeanor.
  62. “It's fine, I don't mind at all. I was just confused about why you had chosen that particular name.”
  64. “I just came to check on you, to make sure that all was well, and you know, you were... Feeling better.”
  66. “Yeah, it's weird, I feel absolutely fine! A bit sleepy, but completely fine. Look!”
  68. You jump out of the bed and fall a little further than you expected. Holy shit, either Twyla had grown half a foot since you saw her first or you had shrunk. You could swear that you had been at least a foot and a half taller than her this morning, but now, you were definitely closer to her height, only about one foot taller. She looked at you as you expressed some mild confusion. Her eyes looked wide with faint shock for only a fraction of a second, but she quickly covered it up with a smile and a giggle. You rub the back of your hair and smile nervously back at her. Wait, what the hell? You look over at the mirror on the other side of the hospital room and examine your hair.
  70. “Whoa, what the hell is with my hair?”
  72. You could swear it was also at least an entire inch longer this morning! What the hell was going on? You look back to Twyla with a confused look on your face. She grinned nervously and looked around the room, sweat dripping from her forehead.
  74. “Oh would you look at the time? I have to go, I have... Study group. For studying.”
  76. Immediately, she zipped out of the room faster than you could say “What the hell is going on”
  77. Well that was weird. She was a bit quirky, but never-the-less, still kind of your type. Hell, did you even have a type? You had never even dated a girl before!
  78. The doctor had come back about ten minutes later and let you out of the hospital after confirming that nothing was wrong with you. Relieved, you left the hospital and made your way home, the sun setting behind the cityscape. Luckily, the hospital was only about a twenty minute walk from your house, otherwise you would have to call a cab.
  80. The chilly night air swept over you causing you to pull your body inwards in an attempt to prevent loss of heat. As you walked down the empty street, you couldn't help but look behind you every once and a while. It felt like somepony was watching your every move, observing your every action and following your every move. You stop after moving behind a corner and wait there, the air in front of you condensing as you breath heats it up. You hear hurried footsteps and hesitantly step out to confront whoever it was following you.
  82. What the hell? Twyla? What was she doing here?
  84. “Twyla? What are you following me for?”
  86. She freezes up and you can see her looking for what to say.
  88. “Oh, I uh, hum, uh I.”
  90. “Spit it out! This is getting a little too strange for me, OK?” She nervously stands there for a couple of seconds before closing her eyes and sighing. She opens them up again, much more calm and collected.
  92. “I wanted to ask you out.”
  94. Wow. Really? She could have asked you at the hospital if she really wanted this. Plus, didn't she say she had a study group to get to?
  96. “Oh, ummm... Ok then...” Dating was completely alien to you, and it seemed asking people out was alien to Twyla as well.
  98. “How about you come back to mine?” You suggest. Why were you being so friendly with her all of a sudden? Wasn't she kind of stalking you back there? She seemed pretty taken aback by your offer, but nodded and silently walked next to you all the way home.
  101. As soon as you got to the door, you closed it shut and turned on the heater. Your parents were out of town for the month, so no need to worry about them barging in and ruining your first “date”. You showed Twyla through to the kitchen and sat down at the kitchen bench. You pulled out a couple of freshly washed wine glasses and offered some white wine to Twyla who politely declined. You sat down next to her with your glass and took a sip as she sat there, smiling nervously.
  103. “So, what got you interested in geological science? It's a pretty specific field, so something must have caused you to want to study it.”
  105. “Oh, well, I... really like rocks. Yeah.”
  107. “Ahaha!” You laugh. “You know, it just happens that that is exactly why I decided to do it. Come, i'll show you.”
  109. You get up and direct her towards your room. As you walk in, she instantly sees all of the beautiful crystals and gems scattered everywhere and she walked around, admiring your expansive collection. She was very curious, holding out her hand but being cautious not to touch any of them. You look at her she inspects your collection, noticing that something had changed. Something was a little off, but what was it... Oh no. She was the same height as you.
  111. “These are all yours, Spike? You collected them all?”
  113. “Hm, what? Oh, uh, yeah. I've had them for ages and I keep adding more to my collection. I just can't get enough of the damn things.” You try to cover up your surprise at seeing her stand next to you, looking you in the eyes without having to angle her head up.
  115. She continued to walk around the room but stopped when she saw a photo of you and James while he was sick, standing together, arms around each others shoulders.
  117. “Who... Who's this? If you don't mind me asking, that is.”
  119. “Oh it's fine. That's my friend James. He's not here anymore.”
  121. “And, uh, where is he now?”
  123. “Well, he... He passed away last year.”
  125. “Oh... I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to, I just-”
  127. “Don't worry, Twyla.” You cut her off. “Let's go get some dinner, I’m famished.”
  130. Back in the kitchen, the two of you laugh and chat over dinner as you talk about school, friends, family, everything you could think about. The conversation always seemed to sway back to food and gems though and you began to tell her a few stories of particular gems and how you got them. You told her about the small carved jade bunny that was given to you by a kind old woman at a gift shop for free and about one of the bigger ones that was given to you as an 18th birthday present by James.
  132. “That one particular gem of mine that I am so greatly fond of, the one James gave me, is quite peculiar. It's a flawless ruby cut to the exact shape of a heart. When he first gave it to me, I thought it was kind of... you know, gay. But I didn't mind. It was the last present he ever gave me...”
  134. “Don't worry, Spike. I'm sure you'll see him again.”
  136. “Yeah, maybe. Maybe I’ll find him again in some magical land beyond that of our own. For now though, I have a commitment to him, to work my hardest to excel with everything I do.”
  138. Suddenly, you convulse in cramps again. You clench your teeth and bend over, groaning as you tried to suppress the strange stretching pain.
  140. “Ah, shit! I know I shouldn't have left the hospital!”
  142. “Oh no, it's starting again.” Twyla said.
  144. “What? What are you talking about? Whats starting? You said something like that in class as well.” You grunt while clenching your stomach in immense pain.
  146. Twyla sighed heavily and sat down next to a writhing you.
  148. “I need to be honest with you Spike. You are... actually Spike. Like, the real Spike. That is your name.”
  150. “What? No, that's just the nickname you gave to me, you even said your self, it was because of my hair!”
  152. “No, ugh, I accidentally called you Spike instead of your fake name, I was going to try to break it to you slower, but I screwed that up as well... How can I put this?”
  154. The pain in your stomach subsided a little and you stared down at your abdomen. Something was wrong... What was it? You open up the buttons of your shirt and stare and your belly.
  156. Pale green scales.
  158. What the fuck.
  160. “You aren't a human. Or at least, you shouldn't be” She said, very matter-of-factly. “You are a dragon. Spike, the baby dragon. My first friend.”
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