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Apr 9th, 2013
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  1. Q: I know how to launch GZDoom/Zandronum and change games, but how do I load these new wads I have?
  2. A: Drag them on to the executable or use ZDL
  3. ( ZDL download: ZDL Guide: )
  5. Q: Where do I get IWADS? / What are IWADS?
  6. A: DL the IWAD pack. / The files included in the IWAD pack.
  8. Q: I have Zandronum, how do I connect to the /vr/ servers?
  9. A: Open doomseeker (Should come with Z&ro) and double click the server name, insert pass, and wait for it to DL WADS.
  11. Q: What's cyberrunner? / Where can I download cyberrunner?
  12. A: Cyberrunner is a "parkour" project that a guy on /vr/ has been working on for a few weeks. / Connect to a CR server or download from GitHub
  14. Q: What's DoomKart? / Where can I get DoomKart?
  15. A: DoomKart is basically MarioKart in DOOM. / Connect to a DoomKart server. They aren't up much as it is still in heavy development, no other downloads as far as I know.
  17. Q: Where are some good places to get PWADS?
  18. A: You can get them at the Doomworld idgames/ archive and on the ZDoom forums. Google them.
  20. Q: Where do I get started with making maps?
  21. A: Get doombuilder 2. Chubzdoomer has some good Doombuilder2 tutorials, however they are a bit dated. The ZDoom wiki has some good ACS tutorials.
  23. Q: Where do I get started with making weapons/enemies/etc?
  24. A: ZDoom wiki has many, many DECORATE tutorials. Download SLADE 3 and make a new wad, then add files as needed. There may be some tutorials around.
  26. Any suggestions for this FAQ are welcome.
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