Coc2: Crazy Horse (Cait Ride)

Racer2 Feb 16th, 2020 120 Never
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  1. You look over at Cait and then back to the raging hard horse; then back at Cait and give her a big smirk and some raised eyebrows. Cait does the same, looking at the horse, then back to you. She flashes a thumbs-up and starts strutting up to the raging stallion. He tries to charge her and turn the tables, but Cait seems to have experience dealing with overly-rowdy partners; with a knock on his head with her staff, and a flourishing grab of his balls, he's putty in her hands.
  3. The experienced cat-slut eases the brute onto the ground, giving him another smack or a quick squeeze whenever he tries to wrestle control back. With him on the ground, and his massive pole jutting straight up into the air, She strips down, making sure to shake her money makers in order to get the horseman even more riled up. Maybe an unwise decision, but she seems to be in control.
  5. Or not. The second she gets her skirt off, and her butt wanders too close to the horny horse's snout, he finally makes his move and grabs her ass. Cait struggles for a bit until she feels the marefolk's blistering hot breath on her pussy. His eyes are rolled into the back of his head, and his nostrils are flaring wide in order to get as much of Cait's sweet pussy musk as possible.
  7. The perversely-pious pussy seems fine with the situation. She settles into his muscular snout, only to jump when she feels his wide, horse-like tongue dive into her honeypot. "Wow, you're big everywhere, aren't you? Just make sure you're thorough. Mallach knows I'm going to need all the preparation I can get for this."
  9. Cait gulps down as she looks at the rutting marefolk's massive horse member. Even someone as 'worldly' as her would likely only run across members of such magnitude very rarely; assuming she wasn't regularly visiting Minotaur camps. The over-sized pillar of mare meat throbs violently, spurred on by the ravenous feasting he's engaged in.
  11. Cait grabs the obscene totem and sets it between her large tits. As big as they are, Cait's breasts struggle to fully encompass the full girth of the marefolk's member. Not that anything short of a stacked frost giant would stand a chance of doing so. Cait seems undeterred, even as well-over a foot of horse cock throbs defiantly outside of the soft, secure confines of her cleavage.
  13. She starts bouncing her big mounds up and down his shaft while his fat flare throbs demandingly in her face. Her eyes are unfocused as she inhales the thick, musky scent coming off of it. "Wow that smell! This must be what the glory holes in Khor'minos smell like. No wonder the other girls at the temple were so excited to go there." She shifts her legs as her pussy juices itself even harder. You can see the excess flowing down the sides of the marefolk's face as Cait's honeypot becomes unbelievably wet.
  15. The horse-man has completely lost his mind at this point. His eyes are lidded and twitching constantly, and his fingers are digging deep into the ground below him. Cait doesn't seem to care much, though you can't tell if that's from the confidence that she's tamed the beast or from lust overriding her better judgment. She seems mostly occupied with bouncing her pillowy jugs along his mammoth length.
  17. His hips start to buck harder than Cait could possibly hold back. The tower of equine power plows through her unprepared lips. Her cheeks bulge out as the marefolk's flare fills her mouth. The cock-hungry cat-slut's eyes go wide, and then start to roll up. Beneath her, the Crazy Horse has started to go absolutely wild on her cunt, shoving his snout as close as it can get in order to catch every last droplet of her sweet ambrosia.
  19. Cait's body jerks as she cums, and cums hard. The beastly marefolk joins her barely a second later, almost as if he were sharing her pleasure through his close contact with her sex. Fat wads of jizz distend his cumvein as they travel into Cait's warm cock-holster. Her belly starts to round out a bit before the pressure becomes too much and the Crazy Horse's beast dick rockets out of her mouth and sprays her down with his musky, white excess.
  21. With his orgasm winding down, the rutting marefolk seems to calm and the cum coated cat takes a sigh of relief. She tries to get up off of him, only to yelp in surprise as he grabs her by the hips and hoists her up. Cait is still sluggish in the afterglow of her orgasm, while the Crazy Horse's only seems to have reinvigorated him. His cock is raging hard, even more so than before, and he looks at Cait like a starving predator eyeing its first meal in days.
  23. He plants her, cunt-first, on the flare of his member. You start moving to stop what's about to happen, only for Cait to stare you straight in the eye and shake her head at you. Seems like she's going to see this through to the end.
  25. The horse man slams her down over and over again, desperately trying to force her onto his shaft so he can get down to breeding the curvaceous cat's cunt (joke's on him). Cait moans and howls as her pussy is finally spread wide open. The marefolk goes ravenous at the feeling of finally filling her baby hole. He flails around, neighing and snorting deeply as he ruthlessly batters his way deeper and deeper.
  27. He gets surprisingly far, managing to just get in his medial ring before Cait can't possibly take anymore. The outline of his bulging member is clearly visible in her gut as it throbs and grows slightly. Cait handles it about as well as you'd expect someone who wasn't a taur or a cowgirl to handle almost two feet of cock getting stuffed inside them; Eyes rolled up into her head, complete loss of muscle control, uncontrollable screams of pleasure, and a constant stream of drool, all pretty normal for Cait.
  29. Cait screams out as her belly suddenly bloats out, giving her a nice, pregnant-looking paunch in a matter of seconds. The Crazy Horse doesn't lose a beat despite his orgasm. It seems like he's so deep in rut that he can't stop until he's emptied his balls completely.
  31. Brint seems taken aback, judging by the pondering look on his face. "It's a little... concerning, isn't it? We just keep finding more and more of them that are like this, and I don't think it's a coincidence. If that demon chick is messing with them, we could have a real problem on our hands. I suppose there's not much we can do about that, so might as well just enjoy the show."
  33. He yanks out his already-hard member and starts jerking it to the lurid display.
  35. Cait is utterly ruined at this point. Her face is warped into an endless casque of pure lust that covers up every shred of decency she would otherwise have. She's just completely limp, supported only by the marefolk's manhandling, his iron-hard member filling her, and the weight of gallons of his seed sloshing around in her womb.
  37. Barely five minutes pass before Cait receives another filling of horse-spunk. Her belly bloats until it can't possibly get any bigger, and then the excess load spills out in lewd waterfalls between their thrusting bodies. It never seems to end, and the sensation of it drives the Crazy Horse into one last burst of determined rut.
  39. While cumming, he throws Cait onto her back, making sure his hosing cock head remains lodged inside (not like it would be easy to remove with just how wide his flare is). He surrounds her and begins humping her with a ferocity that's going to leave them both sore and bruised. His balls continue to empty the entire time. Either his orgasms are coming so quickly that they're melding together or his body is so desperate to impregnate Cait that it's holding nothing back.
  41. Even spraying as much as he is, it still seems like he's building to something. That thing comes in short order as he suddenly springs up and howls into the air. Cum shoots out of him with such force that it propels his cock free of Cait's cunt. He bastes the insensate slut in layers of his seed, marking her as his own, well-bred mare, before falling back and passing out, cock still rock-hard and spewing cum like a small fountain.
  43. You walk up and check on Cait, finding her conscious but thoroughly used. You're worried that she might be broken, only to be assured that she's fine when she throws a thumbs-up. "T-told you that I could do it!"
  45. You chuckle and help her up. "Ugh, give me a few minutes here, I'm going to need to bathe... and drain." She pats her bloated belly, playing the taut skin like a drum. She disappears behind a bush, assuring you that she won't take long.
  47. You're not sure how she does it, but only a few minutes later she comes back out spotless and mostly drained. "Told you. I have my ways," she smirks as a large puddle of cum starts to spread from behind the bush. "Well, it has to go somewhere, right? Let's just get moving."
  49. You nod and set out, immediately noticing how bow-legged Cait is walking. It seems like she might not be as fine as she lets on, but it's nothing a bit of rest can't fix.
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