Sven leak

Apr 28th, 2018
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  1. [19:50] <@shuffle2> (the one tmbinc did all the work on but has sven's headers)
  2. [19:50] <@shuffle2> hehe
  3. [19:50] <@sven_p> shuffle2: shutup :P
  4. [19:50] <@sven_p> tmbinc is just too lazy to update the headers :)
  5. 01[19:50] <@Mathieulh> there is a nasty rvk list bug where the length of the revoke list not being
  6. 01[19:50] <@Mathieulh> checked. It'll memcpy as long as you want, including over the code. But you
  7. 01[19:50] <@Mathieulh> can't control what it memcpys over the code.
  8. 01[19:50] <@Mathieulh> it's in all the beta loaders
  9. 01[19:51] <@Mathieulh> I dunno if it made it to the final ones
  10. [19:51] <@sven_p> i'm going to fuzz the beta loaders soon :-P
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