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  1. "Damn that whore! I'll not allow her to get away with this!" Lady Mage fumed as she strode about the small room, setting up arcane materials. The table formerly occupying the floor space of the small inn-room had been pushed against the wall by her bodyguard, who was now leaning against the wall trying to finish waking up.
  2. "What did she do this time?" He asked with a sigh. They had been traveling with Rogue for some time, and Sir Dark Paladin had quickly grown weary of her pranks. Lady Mage, more often than not the target of aforementioned pranks, had rapidly grown a seething hatred of the flippant woman. That she seemed intent upon flirting with Sir Dark Paladin every possible moment did nothing to lessen Lady Mage’s dislike.
  3. Worst of all was her appearance. Tall, with large breasts and cleavage prominently displaying her tan skin, jealousy struck hard against Lady Mage, whom in comparison was a bit short, and rather on the flat side. Even more, Lady Rogue had a perfect hourglass shape, large breast with a thin waist leading to wide hips and a plump ass, while Lady Mage could be unflatteringly compared to a well cut board, in that she was more or less the same width all the way down, and nearly as flat as one. The one area Lady Mage felt she could compare well to Lady Rogue, appearance-wise, was her hair, long platinum blonde tresses flowing down her back, while Lady Rogue's hair was similarly blond, but cut short to around her neck.
  4. "That dumb slut stole Archmagus' Bracelet!"
  5. "That's no prank..." Sir Dark Paladin muttered when he heard. The bracelet was valuable, and more importantly, valuable. It had taken them several weeks of investigation to find its location, and a strenuous journey through heavily trapped ruins to retrieve it, with the assistance of Lady Rogue. "So she wasn't satisfied with her cut of the profit, I suppose."
  6. "Like I care!" Lady Mage shouted furiously, then grinned viciously. "But now, now I can execute me revenge on her... Oh yes, she WILL regret crossing me."
  7. Lady Rogue, meanwhile, was napping in a tree nearly a dozen kilometers away. After stealing the bracelet, she had left town immediately, and not stopped running for several hours. She hadn't joined the duo with the intention of betraying them, but after putting up with that stuck up brat and her cold fish bodyguard, she just couldn't help it. Besides, the bracelet was a shiny green trinket too valuable to pass up. She had been hoping to get a hold of Lady Mage’s choker as well, but the brat never seemed to take it off.
  8. Back at the inn, Lady Mage had completed the preparations for her ritual, and begun channeling power to invoke it. Mana flowed through her, focusing upon the jewel in her choker for greater control. She sang quietly in a language unknown to most ordinary mortals, weaving the magic with precise gestures. After several minutes of this final preparation, two simple words in Latin completed the spell.
  9. "Creare monstrum!"
  10. Almost immediately, the air in front of Lady Mage began to twist, sway and distort as matter seemed to appear from nowhere. She continued to gesture, lips now silent and pursed in concentration. Flesh twisted and contorted, pulling out of thin air to form a body.
  11. "What the hell?..." Sir Dark Paladin said as he saw what she had made.
  12. "It's perfect," Lady Mage said with an evil grin. "She'll get exactly what she deserves." Almost as an afterthought, she waved her hand and with a quick recitation, had created a hunting homunculus, built for speed with paralytic poison in its barbed tail. "Hunt her down, and make sure she regrets what she has done. Once my masterpiece is taking care of her, return here with the stolen bracelet."
  13. Lady Rogue ran quickly, as fast as she could, small pouch flapping by her side. She could hear the bushes rustling behind her as she ran, hear her pursuers catching up. From the bushes beside her, the hunting homunculus burst. Despite only being the size of a small dog, it was built to resemble a demonic wolf, eyes burning red with a bony spine bursting out its back leading down to a long, prehensile bone tail with a barb at the end. The other hunter remained hidden from her sight as she ran, following at a greater distance as the homunculus sought to tire her before taking her down.
  14. "No way around it... I'll have to take you down!" She said, as she pulled several throwing knives from her cleavage. Suddenly spinning as she ceased running, she let the knives fly as the wolf leapt at her. In the dark of the night, a couple of the knives flew wide, passing the wolf into the distance. One struck into its chest, but wasn't enough to halt its leap. The homunculus flew past her, jabbing her on the shoulder with its tail as it did so.
  15. "Ha, is that all you have?" Rogue shouted as she spun to face it again. The small puncture wound bled, but she had had much worse in her time as a thief. "I'll have you dead in no time!" Rogue made a motion to take more knives from between her breasts, but found her hand slow to respond. "What the..." She began to say, but even her mouth felt sluggish and unresponsive. Realization dawned on her as she slowly collapsed to the ground. Poison!
  16. With her collapsed on her front, head bent forwards to still face the demon wolf, she could do nothing but watch as it approached her, and used its teeth to tear apart her pouch, no doubt searching for the stolen bracelet. When it could not be found in the pouch, it used its body to flip her over and begin searching her clothes. It began by tearing off her shirt, leaving her large tan breasts exposed to the night air. Her nipples stiffened slightly in the chill, despite her lack of control over her body. Despite the wealth of knives in her shirt, there was no bracelet forthcoming, and so the homunculus moved onto her belt, tearing apart the pouches and a good portion of her pants.
  17. There it was! From one of the pouches, Archmagus' bracelet spilled amidst other small trinkets. The wolf turned away to emit an odd barking noise into the dark woods, before taking the bracelet into its mouth and loping away.
  18. Rogue cried, embarrassed, but glad. In her paralyzed state, it would have been simple for the homunculus to use the razor sharp teeth used to shred her pack to similarly shred her throat. She supposed she was lucky, to have stolen from a young girl too squeamish to put Rogue to death. She quickly ceased crying, however, as she heard footsteps heavier than those of the homunculus approach. In her state, paralyzed, large breasts exposed to the air, with her pants half torn off, she was easy prey for any nighttime predators. The footsteps circled her, until the monstrosity entered her field of view. It was then that she realized, she was not that lucky, to die a death as helpless prey.
  19. The large beast vaguely resembled a wolf, insofar as it had the shape of a large canine. However, that was where the resemblance stopped, as where the wolf was a small furry beast, the monstrosity was composed of thick tentacles, wrapped tightly around themselves to create its shape. Judging by their movement, the wolf form had been voluntarily selected, in order to keep pace with the smaller homunculus. It hastily deformed, resembling an anemone as tentacles reached towards her.
  20. Movement returning slightly, as the tiny dose of poison she had taken wore off, Rogue tried to dodge the tentacles, but was unable due to sheer number of the tentacles. They wrapped around her arms and legs, keeping them spread out and in the air, as other tentacles began sliding across her skin. The thick phallic rods brushed gently across her large breasts, assisting her nipples in growing stiff. More rubbed across all of her exposed skin, beginning to secrete a thin liquid lubricant from their tips, smearing it into her skin. Lady Rogue began to sob again, as the reality that she could not escape her fate began to seep in.
  21. A tentacle approached her mouth, tip dotted with the lubricant. She clamped her mouth shut despite her sobs, attempting to retain some control. It pressed firmly across her thick lips, straining futilely to force them apart, until she gasped loudly in surprise. A tentacle, roaming around her body had finally forced itself under her panties, and was now rubbing its lubricated length along her slit, spreading it slightly and causing a bit of dampness to appear from it. Her mouth open from surprise, the tentacle at her mouth sensed its opening and lunged forward, slamming itself into the back of her throat with an extra spurt of lubricant accompanying it. She gagged a bit, the flavour on her tongue surprising her. Contrary to her expectations, the lubricant was sweet, not salty, and shot a strange beam of heat to the center of her crotch.
  22. Another moan shot from her, around the thick tentacle now working its way in and out of her mouth. In her crotch, the tentacle had begun pistoning back and forth along her pussy, spreading it wider while rubbing slightly along her clit.
  23. Two more tentacles had begun working at her double-d breasts as this was going on, one wrapping around both at once to pull them tightly together as another used the lubrication coating her skin to piston itself between them towards her face. Smaller tentacles teased her nipples, playing with them as her breasts rocked back and forth.
  24. Lady Rogue was now going mad with arousal as her clit was rubbed and her body played with by the monstrosity. A feeling that spiked each time the sweet tentacle in her mouth thrust and let a flow of the lubricant down her throat. Her lower body incessantly ground at the thick tentacle between her thighs as she became desperate for it to enter her.
  25. She moaned desperately past the tentacle in her mouth when she felt the one between her legs draw away, only to moan desperately again as she felt it place its tip in between her spread pussy lips, pushing in only enough to allow her to feel the heat of its head. She tried desperately to push down on it, despite the tentacles pistoning into her mouth and between her breasts, but was unable.
  26. She quickly realized what it was waiting for, as another tentacle began pressing down between her squeezable ass to press its lubed tip against her anus. It pressed, gently at first, but with increasing force until the tip had forced itself past her tight sphincter, the lubricant turning what should have been a painful penetration into yet another source of lust for Rogue.
  27. Her moans turned into screams of unbridled lust as the tentacles within her anus and pussy abandoned patience and both shoved deep inside her with a powerful thrust. Drool and tears mixed on her face as her bestial lust grew uncontrollable and she screamed for more. The thick rod in her cunt had gone so deep she could feel it pressing against her cervix, and the tentacle in her ass had shoved nearly a foot of its length into her rectum, slowly beginning to draw itself out. Then, just as the engorged tip was beginning to tug on her sphincter, tight despite the copious amounts of tentacle shoved into it, the tentacle thrust back deep inside her ass, trading places as the tentacle in her cunt pistoned out in response.
  28. Any remaining coherent thoughts in her head were blown away by a tidal wave of lust as the tentacles penetrating her kept up that pattern, alternating thrusts between her ass and pussy. They moved faster and faster, building up arousal in her until she could not even tell which was entering and which was retreating, she was just awash in an oceanic tide of lust as she built towards the most excruciatingly fantastic orgasm of her life, and she could feel the tentacles building towards it with her, thrusting more and more desperately until finally...
  29. Her mind destroyed and filled by a white hot orgasm making her arch her back as much as she could in the grasp of the tentacles, her toes curling uncontrollably. The tentacles too, shoving as deep as they could within her pussy and ass, jamming into the back of her throat as thick, salty jism began spraying forcefully from the tip of every tentacle. The spooge filled her throat, making her gleefully swallow as much of it as she could, the rest of the incredibly thick cum spraying out of the corners of her mouth. She could feel her cunt and anus similarly sprayed full of the thick semen, spraying back out of her pussy but held inside her anus by her sphincter tightly constricting about the thick tentacle.
  30. All over her body, her tan skin was being coated by the tentacles’ fiercely ejaculated cum, covering her heavy tan globes and puddling slightly in her cleavage, still tightly held together by a sinuous tentacle spurting its own load of jizz down over her tight stomach. Even the long tentacle in her throat retreated from spraying cum into her throat to ensure that long ropy strands of the thick jism coated her face, forcing her to close her eyes as the white goo landed all over her face.
  31. As she frantically swallowed the last of the cum in her mouth, gasping for breath around the thick goo, she could feel the tentacles holding her go limp slightly, beginning to let her down on the ground. She sighed in relief as her sensitive rump touched the grass, even if there was a thick tentacle firmly lodged within it. One of the tentacles released its grip on one of her arms, which she promptly set about using to pry other tentacles off of her. First to go was the thick one plunged inside her pussy. Now limp, it didn't take much effort to pry from her tight lips, though she couldn't help shuddering as it came out, rubbing against her still sensitive pussy and releasing a small flood of cum that had been stopped up behind it.
  32. As a small stream of cum flowed from her pussy onto the grass, she ignored the feeling of arousal and reached her free arm behind her, wrapping her hand partway around the tentacle protruding from her ass, unable to fully wrap her hand around it. She pulled it as hard as she could, but due to a combination of the lubricant smeared all over the tentacle and her own sphincter clenched tightly around it, she was unable to draw it out of her anus more than a few centimeters, clenching her teeth as she tried to ignore the wave of pleasure that swept over her from the shifting of the tentacle within her anus. She continued on, assaulted by waves of lust as she pulled the thick rod from her protesting sphincter, inch by inch.
  33. Finally, several minutes later, the tip loudly pulled free from her sphincter, releasing a torrential flood of backed up cum from her tight ass. The last pull had sent an even larger wave of arousal through her groin, and the feeling of the semen pouring from her ass pushed Lady Rogue over the edge once again as she orgasmed wildly once again. Her pussy and anus both gasped wildly, draining cum as she moaned wildly, free hand tightly gripping a tentacle.
  34. It was with that hand, coming down off her second mind shattering orgasm of the night, that she noticed the formerly limp tentacles beginning to move again, coiling tightly around her previously free arm.
  35. "Well..." She thought, mind beginning to fade to white from lust as the tentacles once more began running themselves across her sensitive body. "Maybe it's for the best to just give in to such a wonderful feeling..." This was the final thought to go through her head before once again, her mind was assaulted by white hot flashes of lust as thick tentacles once more pistoned into her body, smearing cum, lubricant and her own feminine juices all over her body as multiple orgasms began rocking her body from the powerful thrusts and teasing tentacles of the monstrosity.
  36. It was not until noon the next day, sun high in the sky, that Lady Mage entered the clearing in which Lady Rogue was held captive by the tentacle monstrosity. Having left in the morning and set a sedate pace towards where she knew Rogue to be, Lady Mage was more than happy to leave Rogue to her fate.
  37. "Oh my~" She said, amused at the sight that greeted her. The duo had hardly paused since last night, and Rogue was hardly visible underneath the thick layer of spooge that the monstrosity had laid down upon her. Even now they continued, tentacles pistoning back and forth as Rogue screamed in pleasure, eyes rolled back in her head, not even reacting to the presence of Lady Mage in the clearing. "Well, that is enough for now. Stop."
  38. Responding to the voice of its mistress, the tentacle monstrosity ceased its pistoning, even as the lust-mad Rogue continued frantically sucking and fucking. Using its tentacles to firmly grasp her, the monstrosity held her out from its body, preventing Rogue from returning to her sexual activities.
  39. "No please don't stop fuck me fuck me stuff my cunt and ass full of your thick tentacle cock please please fuck me!" Rogue desperately fought against the sadly non-sexual restraints.
  40. "How wonderful~!" Lady Mage said with glee. "Her mind is well and truly broken! Now before we move onto the next part, I think it might be best if she took a dip..." She said, looking with slight distaste at the thick spooge still coating the fuck-crazy Rogue. "I do believe there was a pond this way." Beckoning the tentacle monstrosity to follow her, she set off on a small path that did indeed lead to a large pond, and with no orders needed, the monstrosity tossed Lady Rogue into the center of the pond with a large splash.
  41. In short order, Rogue emerged from under the water, semen and lubrication sloughing off in the cold water. Yet despite the cold of the water, Rogue's mad lust continued to burn fiercely in her crotch. Before she could rush the monstrosity, a cool flow of energy from Lady Mage stopped her in her tracks.
  42. "Tranquillitas." Lady Mage said, an odd reverb to her voice adding a lyrical quality to the short command. As the word fell upon Lady Rogue's ears, she found her lust tamed, though her mind still shattered by the night of sexual torture.
  43. "Now... Don't worry..." Lady Mage said almost lovingly, brushing a few wet strands of hair out of Lady Rogue's face. "You won't remember any of this." As her hand settled across Rogue's forehead, there was another rush of energy, clouding Rogue’s already broken mind.
  44. "Disperdam Memorias." Rogue's eyes glazed over as the spell completed, destroying any and all personal memories. "Though I suppose... It would be a bit of a waste to leave you an empty husk in the woods..."
  45. And once more, energy was gathered to Lady Mage’s palm, washing over Lady Rogue's mind, filling it with images, thoughts, memories...
  46. "Creare Memorias."
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