Fenix the Cot x The Kid C

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  2. [21:58:46] <Nagare_Miyuki> ...^
  3. [21:59:39] <Gianree> Reminder that it can be anytime during the full-year timeskip so you desire, and you have the whole world (er, continent) to decide on setting
  4. [22:01:06] <Vena> So...what is that loli doing? While the world may be Miyuki's oyster, Vena has mostly been stuck sorting money in the darkest depths of dragon land!
  5. [22:02:58] <Nagare_Miyuki> She's... probably still busy being Steyr's assistant, since Shinobu appears to not give a fuck about the UG. (He definitely sent Miyuki back with a letter written by him, though, saying that he's alive.) The night of the revivening sounds good, though, for a time and setting.
  6. [22:08:01] <Vena> Oooh, then you'd be able to catch her, and since you're probably a competent ninja that had already recently seen her, Vena won't think to sneak up on you! ...But she does seem to be ready to get back to sorting money soon after she reunleashes Claire unto the world, with no heartfelt reunion besides a 'sup', which wasn't even passive-agressive, so you'll probably have to
  7. [22:08:01] <Vena> catch her!
  8. [22:09:24] <Gianree> important
  9. [22:09:26] <Gianree> what mask is she wearing
  10. [22:12:26] <Vena> Fenix the Cot, of course
  11. [22:12:33] <Vena> there's probably other masks in this pile, but
  12. [22:12:36] <Vena> Fenix the Cot.
  13. [22:12:38] <Nagare_Miyuki> Yeah, time to play "Where's Vena?", starring Shuku the Shukuposter. While Shinobu's off dueling Krauss, Miyuki looks for that weird assassin girl who looks like she could kill someone with that mask... Oh, and she's still holding onto her brother's Fuuma Shuriken, despite not knowing how the hell she should it, since she isn't its proper user. Whatever, it's
  14. [22:12:38] <Nagare_Miyuki> not like her shuriken are any better!
  15. [22:13:42] <Gianree> excellent
  16. [22:14:02] <Gianree> i should let fenix the cot have its own skill
  17. [22:14:12] <Nagare_Miyuki> I mean, she still doesn't know how to even unfold the damn thing.
  18. [22:16:42] <Vena> Yeah, that could probably kill someone. Oh, and since you're looking for her, she pops from behind a corner, nearly in front of your face. Apparently it's not RIGHT after the revivening, so she still gets the edge! "Looking for someone?" ...She then eyes the shuriken, and then proceeds to carry on as if she hadn't. "...I think he went off to duel. You should probably keep
  19. [22:16:42] <Vena> a closer eye on him, could drop dead again!" vena please
  20. [22:17:15] <Gianree> vena please
  21. [22:17:21] <Nagare_Miyuki> vena please
  22. [22:20:46] <Nagare_Miyuki> Miyuki pulls out the Fuuma Shuriken on reaction, giving the mistaken assassin a seething glare. "What did you do to big bro?" Literally shaking with fieryness. "Tell me! I've got this Fuujin Shuriken, and I am not afraid to use it! ... even if I don't know how to use it!"
  23. [22:21:33] <Vena> >mistaken
  24. [22:23:47] <Vena> Vena blinks. "...I watched him die? ...Actually I think I missed it. Heard it, but I wasn't looking at the time, so I never caught what kill him. Was definitely a mook though. There are better ways to go out."
  25. [22:25:35] <Vena> "Like Noel. In retrospect, I think she had the right idea. Better to say you died from a giant skeleton dragon than the little girl that was closeby and more capable of killing her. What a ride."
  26. [22:26:35] <Vena> *killed
  27. [22:26:50] <Vena> am good at grammcracker
  28. [22:27:03] <Nagare_Miyuki> "Who's he dueling with, then?!" The child fumbles around with the shuriken, before giving up and just holding it folded, like that would do anything. "Is it someone hired by you? Is it you? I bet it's someone hired by you, wasn't it?" She mad.
  29. [22:27:20] <Gianree> in hindsight antorl was probably scary as shit considering she was twirling and giggling while launching gigantic pillars of fire and instantly killing people in crits that pribably singe the carpet off the floor and/or leave craters, i know i'd be scared of her
  30. [22:27:39] <Nagare_Miyuki> Fear the lolis, man.
  31. [22:27:47] <Nagare_Miyuki> Except this one, she's mostly harmless.
  32. [22:27:56] <Gianree> literally yuffie
  33. [22:32:30] <Vena> "...Wow. I knew he had a bloodline to make proud and all that, but man, I didn't think he had the terrifying expectations of a little sister to meet. I would actually start to feel bad for him if he wasn't just sort of brought back to life. Anyway, uh, yeah. Krauss, fierce warrior, can slash like a million times in a second, he's probably in danger!" She finally decides
  34. [22:32:30] <Vena> to start playing along. "Lives for the blood, even if I were to be defeated right here--very unlikely--it wouldn't stop his hunt~" (lie)
  35. [22:38:45] <Nagare_Miyuki> "Big bro's pretty much the best! That's why he's Steyr's assistant. And honestly, I didn't even think I'd get the job handed down to me," Pout. "So don't pity me or him! And besides, I saw that Krauss guy. Those two looked like they got along! Though... big bro is pretty bad at using a sword, last time I checked. Did I miss something?" She sees through your
  36. [22:38:45] <Nagare_Miyuki> lie this time! Probably not the next.
  37. [22:45:07] <Vena> "Stopped pitying him when he was alive, rest assured--ok maybe not, but it's more because his girlfriend is pissed and traumatized by the death of her family and him, and that might get crazy. ...That said, of course it looks like they got along, they can still bond as they fight to the death. Your brother's got a hot head and the conviction to kill, they'd probably get
  38. [22:45:07] <Vena> along in some twisted fashion." (lie)
  39. [22:56:36] <Nagare_Miyuki> Oh, so that's what happened to the sadgirl. ... rip "Oh, so that's what happened to that girl? ... wait, she looks a little... younger, kinda. I-is big bro-- HEY WHOA THERE, BIG BRO'S PRETTY STUPID, BUT HE'S NOT THAT STUPID!" She seems pretty mad about the whole "bond over killing each other". "I will say that he's kinda hot-headed at times, yeah. He's kinda
  40. [22:56:36] <Nagare_Miyuki> similar to Nagare Shinobu the First." A small pause, just for a moment. "I hope I can get new hair ribbons, though."
  41. [22:58:00] <Gianree> yeah they were less than 5 years apart and it's ok to fuck teenagers in medieval fantasy settings
  42. [22:58:15] <DevaliousL> p much
  43. [22:59:22] <Nagare_Miyuki> Man, am I double ultra pissed. No Wei├čritter map sprites.
  44. [23:02:13] <Vena> "I dunno, he did die to some mooks and left his girlfriend without anyone close to them left alive--except her children. Seriously, it was a tragedy in motion, those usually start beause people made terrible mistakes."
  45. [23:03:04] <Vena> "That said, what happened to your ribbons andwhatdoyoumeantheFIRST? I thought the first was that one, he was always making such a big deal about it!" She finally moves into the motions of being surprised!
  46. [23:10:29] <Nagare_Miyuki> "They got slashed up during training. And they were the expensive ones, too... Oh, huh, you didn't know big bro was Nagare Shinobu the Second?" The kunoichi giggles at this, for whatever reason! "Yeah, so the story goes that since the last three generations were so unsuccessful in the firstborn being a ninja, my parents decided to name big bro after the 9th
  47. [23:10:29] <Nagare_Miyuki> generation's firstborn, thinking it'd seal the deal on him being successful." She smiles, proud of her onii-san... then kinda frowns when she realizes he was kinda headshot, if the wound on him was any indication. "... okay, except for maybe dying, but I still think he's the best big bro I could have!"
  48. [23:20:42] <Vena> "...Oh, oh. OK, misunderstood there, so he's still a second, but also firstborn. But yeah, I think he'll get the hang of not dying. Pretty sure Norn will make sure he doesn't do that. But yeah, he's a good person. Maybe a little messed up and perhaps just a bit too loud about how great he is, but he's clearly doing that to meet everyone's overbearing standards, so alright."
  49. [23:22:02] <Vena> "...By the way, I had no part in him dying, if that wasn't clear enough. Was taking care of that terrifying little girl at the time of his death. Dragonpeople are made of some tough stuff, but nothing I can't handle!"
  50. [23:29:02] <Nagare_Miyuki> "She looks... scaaary. I wouldn't want to get on her bad side," Shudder. "Though, now I wonder... will the Nagare clan have a firstborn male next generation...? If not, then I'm a little afraid... just a little! Not that much, though! Just a little." She's only a little scared, don't worry.
  51. [23:35:36] <Vena> "Well, I imagine they'll have to make up for lost time somehow. Perhaps they'll have to have more children?"
  52. [23:35:52] <Vena> "Or you could get a boyfriend. Wouldn't be hard, you're prety cute." FEARLESS
  53. [23:39:25] <Gianree> hey guys my gaydar pinged what's going on i-
  54. [23:41:43] <Nagare_Miyuki> The ninja girl tilts her head, unsure of what Vena is even talking about! "A... boyfriend? Well, I guess there's all those guys bothering me while I'm training, but... eh, it'd distract me from training properly." It's like she's RPC. Or not.
  55. [23:46:33] <Vena> "...oh, Do you not...uh. Hrm. G-get Claire to explain the birds and the bees at some point, I don't think I can handle this."
  56. [23:47:18] <Gianree> WHAT HAVE YOU DONE
  57. [23:48:26] <Vena> what is: regret
  58. [23:48:32] <Vena> I just don't understand!
  59. [23:49:24] <Gianree> does committing indirect rape still make you a rapist
  60. [23:49:53] <Nagare_Miyuki> Really? REALLY. "Uh... who? If you mean that scary woman, I think I'll pass." Please no.
  61. [23:51:06] <Vena> "She's an expert on that sort of thing!" IT ISN'T A LIE
  62. [23:52:34] <Nagare_Miyuki> INDIRECT RAPE IS STILL RAPE "I think I'm fine. Very fine. So very fine." So cool so cool so cool so cool.
  63. [23:53:41] <Vena> Vena finally cracks, and laughs a bit to herself. "OK, you've got the ninja danger sense. Better off not worrying about it, then~"
  64. [23:56:45] <Nagare_Miyuki> It's strange that she's scared of a woman like that, when the real danger is the reverse trap in front of her... okay, well, not reverse trap, per se, but even she knows she could pass as one. "Uh... ooookay, then. Hey, what's your name? You seem like a cool person."
  65. [00:00:10] <Vena> "Vena. ...That's not actually my real name, but I like it more, so it's basically my real name now." So cool.
  66. [00:02:33] <Nagare_Miyuki> At the very least, Vena has one fangirl, starting now. So cool, so cool, so cool~ "Whooaaa... I mean um, my name is... ugh, I've got nothing. I'm Nagare Miyuki. It's nice to know you!" The girl offers her hand to the most dangerous lifeform alive.
  67. [00:05:49] <Gianree> What?  No, she didn't meet Claire yet
  68. [00:06:17] <Gianree> ok i guess technically she did but that ruins the joke
  69. [00:06:58] <Nagare_Miyuki> Statistically speaking, that is.
  70. [00:07:08] <Vena> Jeez, this lady. Seems to somehow manage to fangirl after she nearly fed her to the ravenous Claire (who gives an aura of sluttiness that would trigger any pure maiden's danger sense), who spent 9 months being unable to grope someone, and also tried to convince her that her brother was in mortal danger. Fearless...probably because she doesn't know any better. Adorable.
  71. [00:07:08] <Vena> "Nice to know you too." She shakes her hand!
  73. [00:08:48] <Nagare_Miyuki> No, get out.
  74. [00:08:59] <Ramiel> dangit
  75. [00:09:16] <Gianree> yeah
  76. [00:09:18] <Gianree> HOURS ago
  77. [00:09:26] <Gianree> now it's too late, the loli has been seized
  78. [00:09:39] <Ramiel> Well sorry, I was playing Texas Hold'em with cousins
  79. [00:09:44] <Ramiel> (I lost horribly)
  80. [00:09:50] <Gianree> dam that's kawaii
  81. [00:10:11] <Ramiel> I need a conciliation loli to cheer me up
  82. [00:10:31] <Gianree> you can ask for this loli i guess
  83. [00:10:35] <Gianree> i'll set you up a tea party
  84. [00:10:38] <Ramiel> that spellcheck messed up there too
  85. [00:10:39] <Gianree> ... but i think they're still going
  86. [00:11:04] <Ramiel> consolation loli, there we go
  87. [00:11:23] <Gianree> consloliation
  88. [00:11:24] <Ramiel> Ok yeah, you guys keep doing your thing, ignore my lonely self
  89. [00:11:38] <Ramiel> Nice one
  90. [00:11:50] <Gianree> thx famalamadingdong
  91. [00:12:24] <Nagare_Miyuki> Totally so cool. So cool~ "... oh shoot, I should check if big bro's back! See ya later, Vena!" She runs off with 6 (8?) Move!
  92. [00:16:40] <Vena> "See ya~" ,,,Seriously pitying Shinobu here. Not only was he teasible enough, but his little sister could probably be used to yank him by the chain. What a life it must be!
  93. [00:16:46] <Vena> OH WELL, BACK TO SORTING MONEY.
  94. [00:19:12] <Nagare_Miyuki> > Vena and Miyuki have attained a Support Rank of C!
  95. [00:20:01] <Gianree> ok rammy hurry kidnap the loli now
  98. [00:21:56] <Ramiel> IT THEN VANISHES FROM WHENCE IT CAME
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