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  1. Private Chat: G|Whisper ~
  3.     G|IwannaMakeYouWet
  4.     hot
  5.     G|Whisper
  6.     Can you make me wet with your words..?
  7.     G|Whisper
  8.     this 9inch dildo isnt enough today
  9.     G|IwannaMakeYouWet
  10.     I'd certainly like to try, give me a scene x
  11.     G|Whisper
  12.     Youre my best friend, you want to help me lose my virginity before college so im prepared
  13.     G|Whisper
  14.     I asked you shyly, somewhat embarassed Im so inexperienced
  15.     G|Whisper
  16.     what do you look like?
  17.     G|IwannaMakeYouWet
  18.     slim build, long hair tied back, short black beard, 5'8
  19.     G|Whisper
  20.     Im 5’ long red hair, green eyes, pale and soft with small pink tits and a full ass
  21.     G|IwannaMakeYouWet
  22.     I'm taken aback, but not to nice to resist the chance of feeling your hot young body wrapped around me... I Gulo, unable to find words and simply nod
  23.     G|Whisper
  24.     I blush and chee on my lip nervously, “I trust you more than anyone else..”!
  25.     G|IwannaMakeYouWet
  26.     "I'm flattered, I'm not sure how I could refuse if I'm honest"
  27.     G|IwannaMakeYouWet
  28.     I take your hand
  29.     G|IwannaMakeYouWet
  30.     leading you to my bedroom without another word
  31.     G|Whisper
  32.     I smile and give your hand a squeeze, “Im glad to hear it...” as we enter your room my eyes stay on you as I slowly remove my top. Revealing a lacy black bra
  33.     G|IwannaMakeYouWet
  34.     I lean in to start kissing your neck, one hand at your waist pulling you tight, the other slowly running up your back, fingers walking slowly up your spine, reaching the clasp of your bra, my kisses trailing slowly down your neck and across your collarbone
  35.     G|Whisper
  36.     I let out a shuddery breath as your kisses trail down my neck. I help you remove my bra before my hands slowly wrap around your waist
  37.     G|IwannaMakeYouWet
  38.     hands caressing your back and slowly coming round, wrapping around your naked breasts, raising them to my waiting mouth, lips enfolding each in turn, my tongue dancing around the tip in slow circles
  39.     G|IwannaMakeYouWet
  40.     feeling them harden and rise beneath my ministrations as the heat between our meeting hips grows
  41.     G|Whisper
  42.     I gasp softly as your hot mouth wraps around my hard nipples. Even though I dont know what Im doing my body seems to as my hips press insistently against yours
  43.     G|Whisper
  44.     I find myself slowly pulling my pants down, wanting your tongue to explore every inch of me
  45.     G|IwannaMakeYouWet
  46.     laying you down on the bed as I help with your pants, pulling them down your long legs, before climbing into, leaning in to plant kisses over your chest, between your breasts, reaching your flat stomach, inch by inch, kissing and nibbling lightly as I work my way down
  47.     G|Whisper
  48.     My chest rises and falls quickly as your lips desend down my body... Im nervous but it feels so good.. by the time you reach between my legs my pink pussy is glistening and wet just for you. My eyes find yours in that heart beat before you kiss between my legs. You can see the desire building in me
  49.     G|IwannaMakeYouWet
  50.     my hands glide down the tops of your thighs, hands enfolding your knees, gently parting your legs as my kisses reach your belly button, tongue playfully dipping in for a second before heading further south, you could swear you hear me inhaling deeply as I do...
  51.     G|Whisper
  52.     My hands slip down and intertwine with yours as my legs shyly part for you. My breath hitches as your tongue dips down past my belly button
  53.     G|IwannaMakeYouWet
  54.     hands at your hips I curl my thumbs down, either side of your swollen red lips, applying pressure to part them nice and wide for me, your smooth pink valley opening up for me, fingers sinking into your hips and pulling your ass up off the bed to meet my tongue as it curls up between you
  55.     G|Whisper
  56.     I groan deeply as your tongue dives into my pink warm pussy. Pleasure radiates up my body in a way ive never experienced before. You can feel me tremble softly in your grip
  57.     G|IwannaMakeYouWet
  58.     leaning in closer, tongue nuzzling against your hooded clit, tongue glides Ng up from your rapidly moistening hole, all the way up the inside of your left pussy lip, then down your right, round and round like that for a while teasing you before I can't resist tasting the inside of your flower
  59.     G|Whisper
  60.     You still there?
  61.     G|Whisper
  62.     oh oops haha
  63.     G|Whisper
  64.     my back arches and my hips buck up and press closer to your face as I ride wave after wave of pleasure. My eyes flutter shut and my hands grip your bed.. I cant help but moan your name softly
  65.     G|IwannaMakeYouWet
  66.     I begin working my head up and down, increasing the pressure and length of the laps of my tongue, starting at your asshole, running slowly up the sensative strip between there and pussy, circling round and round your honeypot before running up between your lips, long slow and hard, reaching the hard little clit just starting to peek out to meet me before changing direction and slowly coming back down.... then up..... then down
  67.     G|Whisper has quit
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