My Shopping Kain't Be This Referency

Mar 17th, 2013
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  1. [21:38:01] <@Ambrosia> So Theta and his maidbot totally ditched that lamer eidolon and went off to do cooler things while she had a date with a guy probably three times her apparent age. Slut.. What things are these two doing you might ask? Well Madain Sari might not be as big as Lindblum but there's a lot to see. But let's see what Theta has in mind first.
  2. [21:39:18] <@Ambrosia> The two of you aren't long for having left the grove with the Eidolon Wall. You said you'd meet Nat at the chocobo stables, but...
  3. [21:39:36] * Theta walks with Ambrosia toward the markets, trying to get an idea of the type of folks who live here and what the do or make for a living.
  4. [21:40:02] <@Ambrosia> Alright, let's start with some descriptions then! (Incoming typing)
  5. [21:46:30] <@Ambrosia> The folks here are dressed for warm weather, some wearing lightweight headclothes that conceal their face, or in the occasional case, turbans. It's not blistering desert heat here in the town of the summoners, but it's warmer than what you're used to considering how close Black Mage Village is. The parched ground outside of the forests is nothing new, at least. The markets are a bit hard to
  6. [21:46:30] <@Ambrosia> define, as the vendors seem to set up shop wherever they please and don't congregate in a central plaza. Not for a lack of one, though - the old fountain near the entrance to the city works well enough for that. You see the vendors dealing in Cleyran silks and surprisingly fresh looking vegetables, others have set up markets for adventurers with an entire bazaar's worth of weapons, armor,
  7. [21:46:30] <@Ambrosia> and odd gear. Still others sell tools of various trades - blacksmithing gear like anvils, bellows, portable furnaces, some even advertise they'll build you a forge right in your place of business. More common though is mining equipment. Helmets, mattocks, caged chocobo chicks - hey, didn't you see some like that back at the Alexandros Underpass on the way to New Cleyra? There are some fancy
  8. [21:46:35] <@Ambrosia> steampowered drillbits too.
  9. [21:47:20] <@Ambrosia> The people themselves seem friendly enough but also largely disinterested in you. You do spot a few heavily armored people walking around, keeping an eye on things like guards might, but they lack a specific style of dress or emblem.
  10. [21:48:49] <@Ambrosia> If you had to guess, there's probably a quarry of some kind somewhat near the town, but if so you haven't heard of it.
  11. [21:49:20] <@Ambrosia> Ambrosia tags along quietly, pausing at almost every vendor's stall to stare at their wares.
  12. [21:50:12] * Theta finds the surplus of mining gear odd but figures a quarry would make sense for it. He lets her take her time looking around as he thinks on what he could pick up here.
  13. [21:51:07] <@Ambrosia> You note occasionally, one of the armored individuals approaches one of the stalls, talks quietly with the merchant for a bit, and then the vendor gives them a small sack of gil.
  14. [21:51:31] <castfromhp> (oh boy there's a racket)
  15. [21:52:49] <@Ambrosia> A short bit away from THERE, you see someone try to pilfer a golden gryphon's claw from one merchant's stall, only for one of the apparent guards to grab the guy, break his arm, and return the article to the vendor. The thief is left in the street groaning in pain.
  16. [21:53:04] <@Ambrosia> Everyone seems to ignore this scene.
  17. [21:53:16] * Theta scratches his head. Odd way to gather taxes and handle apprehending thieves.
  18. [21:54:00] <@Ambrosia> Ambrosia in the meantime, is talking with a merchant that seems to be dealing in odd curious.
  19. [21:54:21] <@Ambrosia> "I don't understand. How does this work?"
  20. [21:54:26] <@Ambrosia> *curios
  21. [21:54:39] * Theta looks over to see what she's examining
  22. [21:54:40] <@Ambrosia> She seems to be holding a box of chalk and a golden ring.
  23. [21:57:11] <@Ambrosia> The vendor is a bit flustered. "Well... it's... well, it's magic! You wear the ring, and then draw a circle around the place you want to draw into the pocket. Then it alll goes poof. Then, you can cojure a portal on any vertical surface about the size of a door, and step through to your new secret hideaway."
  24. [21:57:57] <@Ambrosia> She looks over at you as you approach. "He won't explain how it works."
  25. [21:58:08] <@Ambrosia> Vendor: "I TOLD you, it's magic!"
  26. [22:00:00] <Theta> Oh lord it's somewhat close to teleportation. "I think she means how the magic works, sir. Which is a whole other issue. Besides, neither of us are mages."
  27. [22:00:40] <@Ambrosia> The merchant sighs and looks over at you, Theta. "Look, I'm not a magician, I'm a stallkeeper. I'm sure someone could explain to you exactly how the spells work, I'm just trying to tell her it does work."
  28. [22:02:19] * Theta raises an eyebrow. "Odd choice of career, dealing in magical artifacts without proficiency for them. Maybe a demonstration would help her?"
  29. [22:02:32] <@Ambrosia> Merchant: "I got this article from an arcanist in Burmecia. It's very simple to operate, though I do know you can't just use it to steal a bunch of things at once, it- hm? Well, very well."
  30. [22:02:57] <@Ambrosia> The man takes the box of chalk and the gold ring with the purple-colored jewel, and slips the latter on.
  31. [22:03:08] <@Ambrosia> He begins drawing a circle around his stall with the piece of orange chalk.
  32. [22:04:55] <@Ambrosia> As soon as the circle is complete, his stall seems to implode on itself and vanish, leaving a blank area behind. The circle is gone, too.
  33. [22:05:30] <@Ambrosia> "See? All gone. Buuut..."
  34. [22:05:33] <@Ambrosia> *Merchant:
  35. [22:06:45] <@Ambrosia> He points the ring at the wall of a nearby house, and a bolt of light shoots out, opening an ovalular portal with purple edges. Inside, you can see the merchant's stall in a tiny room made of roughly the same dusty rock the ground is.
  36. [22:07:32] <@Ambrosia> Merchant: "I'm told the term is 'pocket dimension'. Doesn't it seem miraculous? This is what magic can do, nowadays."
  37. [22:07:39] <Theta> "..."
  38. [22:07:53] <Theta> "That. What. Who WAS this Arcanist and why aren't they covered in money bags."
  39. [22:09:39] <@Ambrosia> Merchant: "I think his name was LeMont. He seemed more interested in trying to prove magic was useful enough to form a platoon of dedicated mage knights in the Burmecian armed forces, than trying to actually make a profit. Isn't it amazing, though?? If I were him I'd certainly make more of these."
  40. [22:10:40] <@Ambrosia> Merchant: "And if you act today, I'll give you a special bargain - only three thousand gil for the set!"
  41. [22:11:54] <Theta> "Certainly he should. This has so many potential applications. And sold." He whips out that 3,000 gil.
  42. [22:12:34] <@Ambrosia> Merchant: "We have a deal, then!" He shakes your hand, then uses some sort of keyword to discharge his stall back into reality.
  43. [22:13:41] <@Ambrosia> Merchant: "You'll need this list of spellphrases for different functions. It can hold up to a decent-sized room's amount of things, I've found." he hands you the ring, the chalk, and a slip of paper as he takes your gold.
  44. [22:13:55] <@Ambrosia> "...but... how does it work?" headtilt.
  45. [22:14:18] * Theta lets Ambrosia hold it since she was interested in it as he plans his future batcave a bit. "You can ask Renegade perhaps next we are in Treno. He's sure to half a snarky remark about this."
  46. [22:14:39] <@Ambrosia> "Okay." she stares at the ring a moment, keeping hold of it for you.
  47. [22:15:33] * Theta looks over the paper to see what these phrases are as he thanks the merchant and walks off. "LeMont. Does he even -realize- the potential of this thing..."
  48. [22:15:59] <Aori_Radidjiu> (Now that I think about it, I should've told Kain to have there be a room in Renegade's house where all of the stuff in Lenore's hat is.)
  49. [22:16:16] <@Ambrosia> (:3)
  50. [22:16:37] <Aori_Radidjiu> (But I was thinking of it more as a bag of holding.)
  51. [22:16:53] <Theta> (my face when LeMont can't sell this cause Renegade has the patent.)
  52. [22:16:56] <Theta> (Suck it LeMont)
  53. [22:17:15] <Theta> (Renegade more like Steve Jobs)
  54. [22:17:23] <@Ambrosia> (Bottomless Pockets is still better as far as usefulness in the field. <:3 This does give Theta some options though)
  55. [22:18:04] * Theta puts the entire city of Madian Sari inside - no just kidding he decides to check out what the adventurer's bazaar has at the moment.
  56. [22:18:47] <@Ambrosia> Ambrosia: "A single man cannot see what lies down all the paths of the road he is traveling, for he only has two eyes." she says, as if quoting something.
  57. [22:19:43] <@Ambrosia> Okay, so the adventurer's bazaar!
  58. [22:20:53] <@Ambrosia> Whoa, there's a lot of stuff here. Madain Sari must attract a lot of free spirits. And as lovingly made as your Adamantoise Plushie was maybe it's time for an upgrade. Hmmm
  59. [22:20:58] <Theta> "He should find a spouse, then!" Attempting yeah that joke musta tanked hard.
  60. [22:21:19] <@Ambrosia> "Have you found a spouse?"
  61. [22:23:04] <Theta> "Hmm.. I wonder. Still too early to know about that, I guess. Specially with how...eccentric her family relations are."
  62. [22:23:39] <@Ambrosia> "Ganbatte." she says in the least enthusiastic voice possible. ...What does that word even mean
  63. [22:23:54] <@Ambrosia> In any case, let me type out some things in the stalls.
  64. [22:30:02] <@Ambrosia> There's a little statuette of an angelic being, staring up at you with cute, puffy cheeks. There's a rather large clock on a gold chain - the clock is designed to look like a globe of Gaia. There's a bottle labeled "Drakebane Oil, Self Replenishing", a suit that looks like a Chocobo - how the shit are any of these things supposed to help adventurers. Across the street is a vendor selling
  65. [22:30:03] <@Ambrosia> fancy looking weapons like naginatas and zweihanders...
  66. [22:32:19] * Theta looks at these odd ends and trinkets, least the drakebane oil makes sense. "...Riiiight..." That angel statue in particular draws his attention cause it sounds sorta creepy.
  67. [22:33:36] <@Ambrosia> The curio has long, blonde hair and fluffy white wings, and a big, blue bow on her head. She's holding a sign labeled "Nin nin nin". A tag reads "Angel Curio".
  68. [22:34:01] <Theta> ". . . This seems like something Cinna would own."
  69. [22:34:15] <@Ambrosia> "Who is Cinna?"
  70. [22:34:30] <Theta> "Man we met before we met you. Nevermind..."
  71. [22:35:11] <Theta> Is there anyone actually -here- to ask just. What the hell is this.
  72. [22:35:49] <@Ambrosia> A vendor is dealing with a customer a few feet away, but she'll be happy to help you in a minut-okay, here she is. "Yes? May I help you?"
  73. [22:36:14] <Theta> "What...exactly do these items you have on display, well, do?"
  74. [22:36:25] <Theta> "An odd collection for adventurers."
  75. [22:36:51] <@Ambrosia> "Oh! Well let me go through them..."
  76. [22:37:02] * Ambrosia is now known as MysteriousShopkeeper
  77. [22:37:29] <@MysteriousShopkeeper> She points to the curio in your hand. "That blessed figurine is said to be imbued with the spirit of life itself! It's very lucky! That's what they say!"
  78. [22:39:27] <@MysteriousShopkeeper> Then she moves over to the clock. "This special timepiece resonates with those who can call forth the powers of time or of Gaia!"
  79. [22:40:48] <@MysteriousShopkeeper> She picks up the bottle of oil. "This oil, when applied to weapons and ammunition, REALLY stings dragons! And it never runs out! But it lasts an EXTREMELY short amount of time, so you have to always have it on hand when using it."
  80. [22:41:22] <@MysteriousShopkeeper> "Aaaand this chocobo suit is so cute and fuzzy, you'll forget you were anything else! You'll become one with the chocobo, deepening your bond with nature!"
  81. [22:42:06] <Theta> "..."
  82. [22:42:26] <@MysteriousShopkeeper> These are all Accessory type items, you think.
  83. [22:42:36] <Theta> "So this...thing...brings good luck."
  84. [22:43:02] <@MysteriousShopkeeper> "The curio? Yeah! It might give you the strength to go on, too!"
  85. [22:43:20] * Theta is extremely skeptical of this.
  86. [22:45:30] <Theta> "You know what. I'm curious just how true that is. How much is it?"
  87. [22:45:40] <Theta> "What the heck does 'Nin nin nin' mean anyway."
  88. [22:46:02] <@MysteriousShopkeeper> "They say it's what you say if you're a cute girl that wants to be a ninja!"
  89. [22:46:08] <@MysteriousShopkeeper> "That's what they say!"
  90. [22:46:58] <Aori_Radidjiu> (...who's "they"?)
  91. [22:47:17] <@MysteriousShopkeeper> "...A ninja is a sort of shadowy stabby person, which isn't really all that cute I guess."
  92. [22:48:11] <Theta> "..."
  93. [22:48:16] <@MysteriousShopkeeper> "But why don't you let this angel be your ninja in the dark, cheerleading you from beyond?!"
  94. [22:48:29] <@MysteriousShopkeeper> "It's a great giiiiiift~"
  95. [22:48:48] <Theta> "Cheerleader ninjas."
  96. [22:48:54] <Theta> (He DID ask how much it is?)
  97. [22:49:09] <@MysteriousShopkeeper> oh whoops.
  98. [22:49:32] <@MysteriousShopkeeper> "Two thousand gil!"
  99. [22:50:00] * Theta is going to regret this but pays the 2,000 gil and bags the silly ninja toy.
  100. [22:51:32] <@MysteriousShopkeeper> It's an Angel Curio! It has... Auto-Life, which can be activated once a session, because holy shit a real auto-life accessory costs like 80,000 gil. But it also carries a +2 Res bonus on it, and considering how few fights per session there usually are it might actually be better? What the fuck is Kain thinking
  101. [22:53:15] <@MysteriousShopkeeper> Once you've paid for it, you feel its light radiating warmly in your hand.
  102. [22:53:43] <Theta> "Ambrosia. I'm going to hand you my wallet so I stop spending gil on absolutely silly things."
  103. [22:53:56] * MysteriousShopkeeper is now known as Ambrosia
  104. [22:53:57] <@Ambrosia> "Okay."
  105. [22:54:38] * Theta does so as he subconciously replaces the turtle plushy with a figma.
  106. [23:00:04] <Theta> "Hrm. Only one last thing to see to then," he seeks out one of those smithies claiming they'll build a forge for you.
  107. [23:04:44] <@Ambrosia> You look around a bit, and find a promising looking place easily enough. The shopkeep of this stall is an enormously tall, balding bearman with builging bear muscles. His stall's sign features a picture of three grizzled-looking ladies with butterfly wings, in alexandrian armor and carrying crossbows. Several towering forges surround the place, and a rack containing tough armor nearby seems
  108. [23:04:44] <@Ambrosia> to indicate he also sells that.
  109. [23:05:52] <Theta> "Excuse me, sir."
  110. [23:06:06] <@Ambrosia> The bearman looks down at you. "Yeah?"
  111. [23:06:11] <@Ambrosia> Oh god his voice is so loud.
  112. [23:06:19] <Theta> "I have a question on your smithy construction services. Though it's more an...inquiery on pricing at the moment."
  113. [23:07:30] <@Ambrosia> The bearman stoops down and sniffs at you a moment, once his eyes are low enough to meet yours.
  114. [23:09:01] <Theta> "Your work area is impressive. How much would it cost me to have one installed by my estate in Treno?"
  115. [23:09:10] <Theta> "I realize there being no airship directly there complicates matters."
  116. [23:09:25] <@Ambrosia> The bear stares at you a moment, sizing you up.
  117. [23:09:40] <@Ambrosia> "What do you make?"
  118. [23:10:09] <Theta> He ruffles his leather duster, shows him his crossbow. "Weapons and armor myself."
  119. [23:10:31] <Theta> "Made my own facility for leatherworking and tailoring but hardly have anything for heavier tasks."
  120. [23:11:13] <@Ambrosia> The bear holds his hand out as if asking to see the crossbow a moment.
  121. [23:11:56] <Theta> Theta hands it over
  122. [23:12:36] <@Ambrosia> He has a good look over it, noting the craftsmanship, then hands it back.
  123. [23:13:15] <@Ambrosia> Bear: "I'll do it in return for a comission."
  124. [23:14:02] <@Ambrosia> Bear: "I am a proud warrior smith myself, I can tell you make things not only for others, but for yourself to use. Haha! I respect that!" he claps you hard on the shoulder.
  125. [23:15:31] * Theta slings the crossbow again. "Oh? And yes, I do indeed, thanks for noticing. What is this about a comission?"
  126. [23:21:18] <@Ambrosia> Bear: "I want a large sharkslaying sword. It has to be able to cut them to ribbons. I want them to KNOW how terrifying I am, as well! The scent of shark urine should be forged into the essence of the blade! Next! It should sharpen itself with magic when I strike particularly hard! Third! It should fill me with the rage of a warrior! I build best forge for you in Treno. Then I send you gil
  127. [23:21:18] <@Ambrosia> by mail when the time is come. You find materials yourself. You mess up blade, I come to your house, tear down forge, mess up your pots and pans. You run with money and not make blade, I tear down your forge, mess up your face and genitals. Is deal?"
  128. [23:22:49] <Theta> "Uhm." Gulp.
  129. [23:23:31] <Theta> "Let's leave my pots and pans out of this, but this sounds like quite the challenge even in terms of the materials. Hrrrm. Interesting. I shall see to finding a way to forge such a weapon."
  130. [23:24:27] <@Ambrosia> The bear grins. "Good deal. Give me address, and you'll get forge."
  131. [23:25:20] * Theta does so as he contemplates how the hell he's supposed to aquire SHARK PISS.
  132. [23:25:38] <@Ambrosia> He doesn't literally mean shark piss you derp!
  133. [23:25:48] <@Ambrosia> But good luck in any case.
  134. [23:25:54] <@Ambrosia> You've taken on a job order!
  135. [23:27:54] <@Ambrosia> Ambrosia tilts her head. "Why his pots and pans?"
  136. [23:28:11] <@Ambrosia> Bear: "What do you mean, why his pots and pans? Is traditional method of shame!"
  137. [23:28:28] <@Ambrosia> Ambrosia looks at you and shrugs.
  138. [23:29:23] <Theta> "Anyway, I'll look into reagents for this in my travels, and keep in coorespondance via mail when I've made progress. Good doing business with you, Mr...?"
  139. [23:31:19] <@Ambrosia> Bear: "Gristle. Gristle Steelclaws."
  140. [23:31:22] <@Ambrosia> *bold
  141. [23:32:01] <Theta> "Mr. Steelclaws. Right then, good day."
  142. [23:32:49] <Theta> And then they head to the chocobos after blowing lots of cash~ He looks to Ambrosia. "You know, if you saw anything you'd like I would pick it up for you. Well...little late for that maybe. But on the way back."
  143. [23:34:27] <@Ambrosia> Ambrosia: "You're running low on money." she points out. ...Has she been digging into your wallet?
  144. [23:34:55] <@Ambrosia> Ambrosia: "...but thank you." she adds.
  145. [23:37:52] <@Ambrosia> As another afterthought, she adds, "I didn't see much I would have wanted." is that a hint of embarassment?
  146. [23:38:18] <@Ambrosia> "But perhaps on the way back."
  147. [23:38:21] <@Ambrosia> She smiles a bit.
  148. [23:39:47] <Theta> "It's alright. We'll probably have a bit more cash on hand later." Because bosses explode into money.
  149. [23:39:55] <@Ambrosia> Aaaand anything else?
  150. [23:40:11] <@Ambrosia> I had something else I wanted to throw at you but holy shit it's getting late I can probably save that for later.
  151. [23:42:12] <Theta> yeah that's all I can think of
  152. [23:42:18] <@Ambrosia> Okay then~
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