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  1. <color=#a52a2aff>Welcome to Yeet Fleets SCP SL server</color>
  3. <color=#008000ff>We are a gaming community on the rise! If you wish to join our discord the link is below. If you need to report someone the staff are always on there to help.</color>
  6. <color=#ff0000ff>Rules:</color>
  7. <color=#a52a2aff>-Play the objective</color>
  8. <color=#a52a2aff>-Do not team kill</color>
  9. <color=#a52a2aff>-DO NOT TEAM - SCP you must try to kill all - SCP and Chaos are not friendly (Excludes some RP reasons)</color>
  10. <color=#a52a2aff>-Roleplay is key - Guards try to secure d class either back in cells or in a shelter</color>
  11. <color=#a52a2aff>-Mic spam will take people out of the game - please limit it</color>
  12. <color=#a52a2aff>-Staff will have final say please listen to instructions</color>
  13. <color=#a52a2aff>-No Meta Gaming, all info must come from in game, do not use outside sources to affect game play</color>
  15. <color=#00B7EB>Roleplay Rules/tips</color>
  17. <color=#00B7EB>- Guards, you were just on your patrol when the alarm started going off. Recontain escaped D class in shelters and talk to scientist about whats going on.
  18. - Scientists its a multi-breach failure you need to get out convey the urgency. whatever you do the SCP's cannot escape.
  19. - D class. you don't know whats going on try to find out more. The one thing you do know is that this is your chance to escape. you don't know the layout of the facility to well, maybe the scientist can help you...
  20. - MTF sitrep. Site has multiple breaches. You know the drill. follow your leadership get the staff out. Recontain the SCP's
  21. - Chaos, You are defected members of the agency you know the horrors that go on in there. The D Class know to much to be lost the the foundation. Get them out. (SCPs are not your friends and you know this)
  22. - SCPs, Kill. All. That. Move
  24. - Try to disarm D-class if they run pull out a weapon don't listen to orders, Then terminate them.
  25. - The more roleplay you take part in the more fun the game gets. Staff have the right to kick players not willing to roleplay or that are distracting from it.
  27. <color=#00ffffff>Above all remember to RP, if you spot someone not following the rules get evidence (pictures, videos, Time it took place) and report it on the discord server.</color>
  29. <color=#a52a2aff>Plugins:</color>
  30. <color=#00ffffff>- 914 handhelditems, Dont need to drop items to upgrade them
  31. - Teamkillautoban, auto bans teamkillers
  32. - Lone 079, If 079 is the last scp there is a chance for him to respawn as another scp
  33. - MOTD, Custom join msg
  34. - Later join, Ability to join the game if you load in late
  35. - Player preferences, hit ~ and type into console .prefs
  37. <color=#00ffffff>Links and info below</color>
  40. < <color=#a52a2aff> To join our community or report problems go here: </color><color=#008080ff><u><link="">Discord</link> Discord</u></color>
  42. < <color=#a52a2aff>To support our costs join us on: </color><color=#ffa500ff><u><link="">Patreon</link></u></color>
  44. < <color=#a52a2aff>Link to our: </color><color=#008000ff><u><link="">rules</link></u></color>
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