Oct 6th, 2020
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  1. A visibly polished Cathedral shines bright in the middle of a lush, green, park. It's tinted multi-colored windows reflect a vibrant shade of rainbow on the lake, making the scene look something out of heaven- it is peaceful, and many citizens and wildlife are strolling through the park. Inside the Cathedral, the sight is spectacular- rows of evenly polished and well-crafted pews, a decorated marble altar, and of course, the center piece: A giant golden Cross. Two dim spotlights Illuminate the Cross. In front of the Cross and Altar, stands a lone female figure adorned in Nun robes, her golden hair slightly flowing at the back of her head. In her hands, she bears a golden rosary and a Bible. Her face bears an expressionless disposition while looking at the cross. With her bright blue eyes, she continues to give the cross a deadpan, wooden, almost enigmatic look. She does not blink, and she does not move, her eyes fixated on the cross.
  3. In a private meeting room behind the cross, two gentlemen are seen sitting across each other at a table, both hands clasped, conversing.
  5. The first man is seen wearing a tan suit, with an unlit cigar in his hand. His moustache perfectly trimmed and his bald head shining against the room light. He straightens his collar, and a brooch with the initals, 'W-Y' can be seen in all gold. He smiles crudely at the figure across from him.
  7. "You mind if I smoke, Father?"
  9. "I'd rather you not-" The other man dressed in priest robes replied. He is wearing glasses, his hair grey, clean shaven, and clearly of old age.
  11. The man in W-Y lights his cigar with his zippo lighter and takes a puff. The Priest sighs and shakes his head.
  13. "What do you want, Liaison?"
  15. "You know why I am here." The Liaison points outside towards the woman looking at the cross.
  17. "She has been performing her task admirably. She has kept the church in check with all it's balances and statements. She is an asset to this Church. She has done no wrong."
  19. "Yeah, yeah I know, Father," the Liaison replies while waving his hand. "When we first stationed her here, she was... quirkless. Now she seems to have taken a liking to those robes and rosaries. Any reason why?"
  21. "We dressed her in those robes to make her... fit in. At first, it was hard to comprehend having a Synthetic be at church since we know they aren't programmed to be able to 'believe' in a God. To many, it may seem odd to have an emotionless being attend and assist in mass so we... tried to make her as human as possible. We told her to recite and memorize prayers and hand symbols. Even to this day she still does not understand religion- I know she cannot, but I believe it helps her put her fellow churchmembers be at ease. She still performs her tasks and orders taken very well."
  23. The W-Y Liaison shifts the cigar in his mouth and narrows his eyes. "Hm, I see. That's a unique take, I'll give it that. I'll cut to the point; Her time here is coming to a close. I am here because W-Y wants to try something new with this Synthetic. This 'experiment' here at this church is going quite well. I am being ordered to place Lea aboard a military vessel to assist with it's operations." The Liaison drops a folder in front of the Priest. "You will be given a new Synthetic once Lea departs."
  25. The Priest opens the folder. "..USS Almayer. ....Church inside the Ship. Assist in Command and support roles- You are going to make her a military combatant? You shouldn't do that! Lea is a peaceful Catholic- she would never-"
  27. The Liaison raises his hand. "I'm sorry Father, you seem to misunderstand. Lea is a Synthetic. No matter how hard you try to instill beliefs, she is still programmed to obey at the end of the day. It seems you've grown an attachment to Lea; I can understand that. She performs admirably well based on the reports you've given me. But it is time to place her in a new scenario with all the 'traits' she has acquired here. This was a part of the deal, Father."
  29. The Father sighs and nods. "Yes... I knew this day would come eventually."
  31. The Father and the entire Cathedral crew are outside with Lea and the Liaison standing across from them. The Father walks up to Lea. "Thank you for everything you have done. You have been a wonderful asset to the church. You've helped people a lot more than you know."
  33. "Thank you Father." Lea replies, while having a deadpan expression on her face. "If all goes well, perhaps I may be stationed here again, once my work is finished aboard the Almayer." The Father then hands Lea a golden gilded Bible, and bows. The churchstaff also bows, and in response, Lea also bows.
  35. The Liaison, now a distance away, whistles. "C'mon Lea. Lets go." Lea nods, takes one last look at the Cathedral, solemnly nods her head, and walks towards the liaison.
  40. "Sir-" A man in a finely dressed and wrinkle-free officer uniform salutes, towards the Captain of the Ship, who is dressed in a spotless and astonishing white suit with a Captains Cap; his golden Mateba hanging from his waist.
  42. "The new Synthetic is here."
  44. "Well? Bring 'em in."
  46. Footsteps can be heard behind the Captain, and the Captain turns around. The Staff Officer slowly lowers his hand in amazement.
  48. A single flash of bright gold can be seen in her hand; rosary and gilded book, dressed in regular synthetic uniform, her golden hair tied back and her bright blue eyes contrasting the gold perfectly; She bows. "I am Lea. Synthetic, at your service."
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