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  1. (this was copied from another pastebin, so some things might not make sense)
  3. Another really big thing, and the main reason i wanted to write this, is something ive been wanting to talk about for a few months. I've let a few very close friends know about this a week ago, but im ready. I am very slightly trans. Yeah. What i mean by very slightly, is that i dont want to be known as a "her" or treated differently. Its just that i might have feminine interests ir might act more feminine. I dont exactly mnow if "trans" is the correct term to use, but ive reached that conclusion. Looking back on it, it actually seems like something that has been going on for years inside me. Ofc i still am straight. I still like wamen booty and stuff. Its just that im more keen on makeup, stuff like that. Again, dont try and treat me differently or call me "her" or stuff. Just keep calling me him and stuff. I just wanted to get it out to all of you. You guys are like a second family to me. Thanks for always being there when i need it. I just thought to open up because i know you guy s are so supportive. That s all from me. Hope you all have a good day. -sanic
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