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  1. R4 (start) - open office
  3. R4 - R9 - P1 and P2 defend alley, P3 and P4 defend office
  5. R5 - Get as much damage on bombie while it's in window, use heal button and corner if it spawns alley or use stairs if it spawns office
  7. R10 - Open hotel and apartments. Everyone corner hotel chairs
  9. R11 - R14 - P1 hotel, P2 apartments, P3 alley, P4 office
  11. R15 - open power, roof top. Get armor/perks. Stair-kill inferno.
  13. R16 - R19 - P1 alley, P2 power, P3 apartments, P4 hotel
  15. R20 - Open garden and all corner very far back in garden before the last wave spawns
  17. R21 - R24- P1 alley, P2 power, P3 appartments, P4 hotel
  19. R25 - R30 - Open gallery, everyone corner at office far window, make sure you're in this spot before last wave spawns by every round. P2 rush gallery (and buy team ammo every round), P1 help clear the zombies for P2 to rush ammo, then help kill the rest of the zombies in office stairs/alley with P3 and P4. Shift under the spruce stair near the far window in office to take no knockback and give everyone a good line of sight for shooting zombies (Requires everyone to be on version 1.9, maybe higher versions)
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