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  1. AyaAkino: Hello, how may I be of help, since you sent me a friend request?
  2. Xilvaris: I thought that you might be kind enough to converse with a stranger.
  3. Xilvaris: Your profile says that you are a model. I assumed that your image mattered to you, and as a person who cared about their image, I imagined that they would be empathetic and kind.
  4. AyaAkino: In fact, I don't really care about my image. I model as a hobby. ^^ Though. How are you? And may I ask why you would be intrigued to go as far as sending me a friend request?
  5. Xilvaris: I was intrigued by your mental capacity to be multilingual.
  6. AyaAkino: You enjoy learning languages? ^^
  7. Xilvaris: I recently tried to pick up Chinese. I didn't get very far.
  8. Xilvaris: I tried learning about Pinyin.
  9. AyaAkino: Chinese is one of the most difficult language to master. I understand your pain. -Nods-
  10. Xilvaris: What letters does your profile contain? It looks like Japanese. It's not a very wise observation though.
  11. AyaAkino: They're japanese, yes. ^^
  12. Xilvaris: What do they say?
  13. AyaAkino: "Thank you for being my rainbow after the storm."
  14. Xilvaris: That's very sweet.
  15. Xilvaris: May I ask, about said person whom is your rainbow after the storm?
  16. AyaAkino: My spouses. ^^
  17. Xilvaris: You have a few?
  18. AyaAkino: I have two. -Chuckles.-
  19. Xilvaris: Tell me about them.
  20. AyaAkino: My wife Hotaru, she's an amazing creator. ^^ She's adorable, and she tries her best to make me happy. She creates things in my image, and the things that I love. I adore her so, very much. She's also my best friend, and we get along very well. As for my husband Kaede, he's an amazing person. Very straightforward, blunt with his words, but he always mean well. He's also very loving, and caring despite behaving like a crude person. ^^; He loves to troll people. But when he's being serious, he is very wise.
  21. Xilvaris: Are they both Asian?
  22. AyaAkino: They're not. ^^ They RP as Japanese on here.
  23. Xilvaris: Oh, I see.
  24. Xilvaris: What made you fall for them?
  25. AyaAkino: Because they make me feel like I don't have to pretend to be someone I'm not. I don't feel burdened around them, unlike most people who always have some expectations of me.
  26. Xilvaris: What expectations do you feel that they have?
  27. AyaAkino: People in general, you mean?
  28. Xilvaris: Yes.
  29. AyaAkino: They expect me to be kind always. To be there for them always. To not get mad at things when they wronged me. To always be understanding of their problems.
  30. Xilvaris: What if I had a problem?
  31. AyaAkino: What would that be?
  32. AyaAkino: -Looks at him curiously.-
  33. Xilvaris: You being too adorable.
  34. AyaAkino: Me? How?
  35. Xilvaris: By being yourself.
  36. AyaAkino: Thank you? -Chuckles.-
  37. Xilvaris: You're most welcome.
  38. Xilvaris: I hope you don't have an issue with me.
  39. AyaAkino: We're just talking, I don't have any issues with that. ^^
  40. Xilvaris: May I ask about your necklace?
  41. AyaAkino: ^^ It's a jadeite pendant that I'm matching with my spouses. It's inspired by the tale of 'Red strings of fate' if you've heard of it.
  42. Xilvaris: I might have. It is beautiful.
  43. Xilvaris: Do you enjoy audio books?
  44. AyaAkino: It's alright. I prefer reading more.
  45. Xilvaris: What do you like to read?
  46. AyaAkino: Psychological related books. Self-help related books, when I'm not busy studying languages. ^^ Yourself?
  47. Xilvaris: What self-help books would you recommend?
  48. AyaAkino: Personally I'd recommend 'Ikigai.' ^^
  49. AyaAkino: You alright?
  50. Xilvaris: Of course.
  51. AyaAkino: You're being quiet. So I figured I'd ask.
  52. Xilvaris: Would you tell me about your songs?
  53. AyaAkino: My songs? ^^ I'm mostly doing cover songs for hobby and stress relief.
  54. Xilvaris: Do you have any of them recorded?
  55. AyaAkino: I do. ^^; You.. Want to listen?
  56. Xilvaris: Sure thing.
  57. AyaAkino:
  58. Xilvaris: Your voice was very emotional.
  59. Xilvaris: It seemed as if you really enjoyed the act of singing.
  60. AyaAkino: I really do. ^^
  61. AyaAkino: So.. -Blinks.- What are you up to?
  62. Xilvaris: /me He smiled. "I'm enjoying your endless patience, and empathy. Would you forgive me if I looked into your eyes?"
  63. AyaAkino: Eyes are windows to the soul, after all. -She chuckles, and looks at him.- I don't mind.
  64. Xilvaris: /me He looked into her eyes deeply before pressing his forehead to hers. He shifted between different distances, before settling on his face being a few inches from her face. "It is too funny, when one is that close. One's eyes seem as big as the ocean."
  65. AyaAkino: /me She gazed into his eyes, watching him.
  66. Xilvaris: I hardly know you, and yet I am certain that you are innocent. The world hasn't corrupted you yet.
  67. Xilvaris: Even Diana Panton can't make herself as happy as you are, when she sings.
  68. AyaAkino: You are so kind. ^^
  69. Xilvaris:
  70. Xilvaris: You are much kinder.
  71. Xilvaris: Would you be so kind, to look back in my eyes and tell me what you see?
  72. AyaAkino: I don't see. I feel. And my condition isn't that good due to my.. Situation these days. You are seeking for something or someone. You are looking for solutions. What is it, I am not sure.
  73. Xilvaris: I am looking, for one.
  74. Xilvaris: I am looking to balance an equation.
  75. AyaAkino: -Nods.-
  76. AyaAkino: You can 'See'.
  77. Xilvaris: So maybe if we worked together, will we be able to travel.
  78. AyaAkino: What do you see, when you looked at me?
  79. Xilvaris: I see a stream between the cracks. I see that it is struggling to burst out, but the cracks keep it at bay.
  80. Xilvaris: I see a very dainty flower, wishing to blossom. Spring is almost there, and the petals work diligently to catch the sun.
  81. AyaAkino: -Nods.-
  82. AyaAkino: It's interesting to know what you can see.
  83. Xilvaris: What do you feel when I tell you those things?
  84. AyaAkino: That nothing can stop anything to happen as long as it is fated by the will of the universe.
  85. Xilvaris: Was our meeting fated?
  86. AyaAkino: Who knows? You must be sent to my way for a reason.
  87. Xilvaris: Perhaps you'd help me to balance the equation.
  88. AyaAkino: Might as well I tell you this. I am a healer, an empath.
  89. Xilvaris: How would you go about helping me on my quest?
  90. AyaAkino: I have yet to know what is it about. Because I myself isn't in the best of conditions, in all honesty.
  91. Xilvaris: Should I tell you about it, then?
  92. AyaAkino: If you wish. ^^
  93. Xilvaris: I am looking for the little prince.
  94. AyaAkino: The little prince?
  95. Xilvaris: He's on his planet, and I wish to visit him.
  96. AyaAkino: ...Astral projecting?
  97. Xilvaris: I wish to be there in person.
  98. AyaAkino: That.. Might be a bit. You know. Difficult.
  99. Xilvaris: It is.
  100. Xilvaris: But will you help?
  101. AyaAkino: With my strength as of the moment.. I doubt it. If you wish. The next full moon, I might be able to.
  102. AyaAkino: I just channeled this full moon's for recovery.
  103. Xilvaris: But will you stay with me until the time comes?
  104. AyaAkino: Do you trust me, a stranger, enough to do so?
  105. Xilvaris: Of course.
  106. Xilvaris: Do you need anything in return?
  107. AyaAkino: What can you give me?
  108. Xilvaris: I am not sure what holds any worth to you.
  109. Xilvaris: What would you like to hahve?
  110. AyaAkino: I am asking what you could give me, though. ^^
  111. Xilvaris: I will owe you one, I will give you my smile, my time and I will do any odd job for you.
  112. AyaAkino: I will think about it. For now, I will take my leave. If things are meant to happen.. I will see you then. -Smiles.- Have a blessed day.
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