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  1. list of part 8 mysteries
  3. -the hair guy from josuke's memories
  4. -how josefumi and karera got their stands
  5. -holy's stand
  6. -kaato's stand
  7. -connection between rock humans, rock disease, the rokakaka (which replaces dead tissue with rock), and the rock that crushed johnny after he died
  8. -the bite marks
  9. -why the wall eyes exist and why they grant stands. (johnnys corpse becoming a new saints corpse, and walleyes = devils palm, are both fan theories)
  10. -where is kyo
  11. -why kyo was missing from the photo
  12. -connection to why the kira family were doctors just like rock humans
  13. -why the kira family crest was on a banister in the higashikata house
  14. -why the head doctor was at the school
  15. -significance of mitsuba meeting the head doctor beforehand
  16. -how does the head doctors ability work
  17. -who shot poor tom
  18. -why every firstborn male of the higashikata family changes their name to norisuke
  19. -josefumi's birthmark
  20. -why norisuke didnt want josuke to see the family tree
  21. -why the bathtub girl exists. why would ojiro want to fool kira into thinking that kira was a kidnapper, he didnt know he lost his memory
  22. -tooru in general, "electromagnetic induction"
  23. -what happened to rai
  24. -the tsurugi flash forward, why was norisuke in body bag
  25. -norisuke and yasuho losing the same arm at the same spot
  26. -why jobin cant see the head doctor
  27. -how did paper moon king teleport ojiro above the tree and slam the gates on the kid (we know it wasnt the head doctors stand that slammed the gates because tsurugi later says he blacked out which the drowning baby demonstrates is when pmk activates)
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