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  1.         In the fall of 1943 a U.S. naval experiment allegedly took place in the Philadelphia harbor. This event is commonly known as the Philadelphia Experiment. The ship that was subject to this testing was the U.S.S. eldridge (“The Philadelphia Experiment”) The Philadelphia experiment is also referred to as “Project rainbow” (“The Philadelphia Experiment”). Project Rainbow supposedly was an attempt to make the ship invisible to sight and radar using magnetic fields (“Project Rainbow and the U.S.S. Eldridge”).
  2.         There are three theories of what allegedly took place on that day. The first theory is that the ship vanished into a cloud of green mist and teleported through time and space. The second theory is that there was an experiment conducted but the ship did not teleport. The third theory is that the ship was not present in Philidelphia and no such experiment took place.
  3.         In the first theory the navy tried to achieve physical invisibility. To accomplish this they attached wire around the ship and flowed a measured electric current through it causing a huge oscillating magnet inside to create a magnetic field, not only bending light but bending space as well (“Project Rainbow and the U.S.S Eldridge”). The supposed physics used in the assignment are very close to Einstein's unified field theory. Supposedly when the field was created a thick green mist appeared. When the ship teleported to Norfolk, Virginia where the crew of the S.S. Andrew Furuseth witnessed the ship teleport into the harbor and back out again (“The Philadelphia experiment”). The crew of the Eldridge also suffered from mental illness, some flat out disappeared, and others reportedly were fused with the walls.
  4.         The second theory is that there was an experiment conducted but the ship did not teleport, but they still tried to achieve physical invisibility. To try to become invisible the Eldridge d wase quippewith a high frequency generator. The aim of these generators was to heat up the air around the Eldridge creating a mirage (“Project Rainbow and the U.S.S. Eldridge”). The resulting heating up of the air and water would explain why the green colored fog formed. The high frequency would also explain why people were sick and disoriented because of the fact that high frequencies can have degrading effects on a persons health.
  5.         The third theory is that nothing happened at all. The ship log for the Eldridge stated that it was never in philadelphia during the time the experiment took place (“The Philidelphia Experiment”). This is also the Navy’s official stand on what happened that day.
  6.         The three theories presented above are three commonly accepted theories about what happened during Project Rainbow. I personally believe that there was an experiment that day whether or not the shil teleported I am not sure. Theory  2 states an explanation for the mist and sickness, but does not account for the people that witnessed it arrive it Virgina. that is the facts and theories around the Philadelphia experiment
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