Rainbow Trash and Harshwhinny (Dark Lewds)

Jun 22nd, 2020
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  1. >[Ms. Dash, we regret to inform you that, in spite of your considerable talent, we are unable to offer you a position at the Wonderbolts Academy for the upcoming semester. Please know that we wish you luck in your athletic endeavors, and we urge to reapply during the next admissions season.]
  2. >…well, that’s that
  3. >You drop the letter into your lap, then lift it and read it again, because some stupid part of you hopes that you might have missed something
  4. >So, you didn’t get in
  5. >That’s, huh, okay…
  6. >You don’t feel sad, or angry, or… anything, really
  7. >All the excitement that burned in your chest for months is now just snuffed out, leaving nothing behind
  8. >You fall back onto your bed and just lie there for a while, thinking of nothing and staring up at the ceiling
  9. >Eventually, not really knowing why, you pick up your phone and call Pinkie Pie
  10. >She picks up almost immediately
  11. >”Eyyyyy, Dashie! So, good news?”
  12. “No, I… I didn’t get my letter yet. It musta gotten delayed, or something.”
  13. >”Aww, man! I was so excited to party it up. As soon as you get in, we’re getting shitfaced together!”
  14. “Yeah, totally. But hey, uh, do you wanna go out tonight?”
  15. >”Um, what do you think? Fat Y to the E to the S! Where we goin’?”
  16. “Wherever. Someplace loud, and crowded. I wanna dance.”
  17. >”Oooh. Are we talkin’ classy dancing, or…”
  18. >You can feel her winking on the other end
  19. “Dirty. Someplace really sketchy.”
  20. >”Can do! I’ll pick you up in two hours, okay?”
  21. “Yeah. Sure. See you soon.”
  22. >You hang up, then go back to lying around
  24. >You only wake up when you hear Pinkie honking outside
  25. “Fuck,” you mutter under your breath, then sprint downstairs
  26. >You’re still wearing your usual clothes: short skirt, spats, t-shirt, and a high-cut blue jacket
  27. >It’s not really club-going gear, but… you don’t really care
  28. >You’re Rainbow Dash!
  29. >You’re hot as fuck no matter… ah, whatever
  30. >Even your usual inner pep-talks aren’t really buzzing right now
  31. >You run down the stairs past your mom
  32. >As soon as she sees the look on your face, she knows
  33. >”Hey, sweetie. You wanna come dinner? I fried up some chickie tenders, your favorite.”
  34. >The sweet, understanding pity in her voice is too much
  35. “No, I’m good. I’m gonna go see Pinkie.”
  36. >”Oh. Alright. You two have fun, okay?”
  37. “Yeah…”
  38. >You can’t even look her in the eye
  39. >She *knows* you didn’t get in, but you don’t want her to know what you plan on doing tonight…
  41. >”Hey! Took ya long enough!”
  42. >Pinkie waves you over, and you plop down into the car next to her, after brushing some frosting-flecked trash off the seat
  43. “Hey. Where are we going?”
  44. >”Exactly where you wanted to go, silly! Midnight Madness, the sleeziest and *grabbiest* club around. You still down?”
  45. “Yeah.”
  46. >”If you don’t mind me asking, what are ya looking for?”
  47. “I don’t care. I just wanna have a good time.”
  48. >”Oooh, I can get behind that! Trust me, we’ll be in high demand. You’re gonna have them *all* over you.”
  49. >A warm, tingling rush fills your body, starting between your shoulder blades and dribbling down until it reaches your toes
  50. “Yeah. That sounds awesome.”
  51. >”Then let’s go!”
  52. >Pinkie blasts some kinda nightmarish rave music that sounds like the Black Eyed Peas on crack, and then you two are off
  54. >The club is exactly what she promised
  55. >The place is a squat brick building, looking more like an abandoned office building than a club
  56. >It’s only one story, which means there’s probably a sprawling basement
  57. >Bassy music reverberates up from the ground beneath your feet, and Pinkie grabs you by the hand and drags you forward
  58. >”Oh man, oh man! Sounds like things are already heating up!”
  59. “Good.”
  60. >Pinkie hesitates for a moment, perhaps finally realizing you’re not exactly okay
  61. >”Uh, Dashie? All good?’
  62. “Huh? Oh, yeah. Just nervous.”
  63. >A wide grin spreads over her face
  64. >”Hey, if you need ass kicked, you just call for ol’ Pinko! I won’t let anyone touch ya, unless you want them to~”
  65. “Heh, sounds good.”
  67. >You’re inside the place now
  68. >It’s a dark, claustrophobic maze of sweaty bodies, glowsticks, and the stink of booze
  69. >The crowd is pretty evenly mixed: boys and girls, some older than you, some your age, and even a few younger
  70. >You strut out into the club, hoping for the usual buzz to hit you, but it doesn’t
  71. >You’re just kinda standing around, looking fucking *lame*
  72. >Oh god, you really do look lame, don’t you?
  73. >Like you’ve never been to a club before…
  74. >You close your eyes and try to dance, shaking your hips and bobbing up and down
  75. >But you don’t seem to be attracting any attention
  76. >All around you, girls grind against dudes twice their size, or just against each other, rubbing soft, tantalizingly sweaty bodies together to the pulsing beat of techno
  77. >But you’re still along
  78. >You keep trying to catch someone’s eye
  79. >At first you glance over at the typical dude-bro jocks, guys with perfectly gelled hair and tanktops with logos like “BITCH CRUNCHER” and “DENNIS”
  80. >They seem more interested in other girls, though; there are a ton of goths with a lot of pale flesh to squeeze
  81. >Compared to them, you feel scrawny, androgynous
  82. >Holy shit, what is this feeling?
  83. >It’s like you want to throw up, but *inside*
  84. >Why is nobody looking at you!?
  85. >Sure, you’re not dressed that well, and you have kinda short hair and aren’t wearing any makeup
  86. >But you’re Rainbow Dash!
  87. >Please, you just want somebody to eye you up
  88. >Fuck, they can grab you too, you don’t care
  89. >You just want *something*
  90. >You look for Pinkie Pie; at this point, you’d be down to dance with her, no matter how awkward it would make things at school on Monday
  91. >But when you do finally find her, she’s sandwiched between a butch, muscular slab of a girl and a dweeby, hipstery chick, both of whom are all over her, grabbing whatever they want
  92. >You would genuinely give anything to be in her position
  93. >You make another circuit, waving your hips like a fishing lure, begging for someone to grab a handful
  94. >Nobody does
  95. >A full circuit of the place, and nobody seems to want you, even as a plaything
  96. >You turn and sprint into the bathroom, collapse atop a toilet, and try your best not to cry
  98. >When you emerge, you get a good look at yourself in the bathroom’s grubby mirror
  99. >The same old Rainbow stares back at you, but there’s something missing from her
  100. >All the old features are there: color-streaked hair, vivid magenta eyes, sleek, muscular body…
  101. >But looking at yourself now, you realize that you’re kinda… plain
  102. >Your chest is as flat as it gets, and while your butt is perky and tight, it isn’t the huge mound of squish that Pinkie has
  103. >And your eyes, well…
  104. >The light is missing from them tonight
  105. >And dressed like this, nobody has any reason to look twice at you…
  106. >You squeeze your eyes shut and grab your skirt, tearing it
  107. >The cloth rips easily, and you shred a large amount of it off, leaving the skirt so ragged and short that it barely dips beneath your crotch
  108. >You know what?
  109. >Fuck it
  110. >You hook your fingers into your spats and slide them down, kicking them away
  111. >Now your lower half is covered only by the torn skirt, and it’s only barely enough to hide your vagina from view
  112. >You shiver, getting a look at yourself
  113. >It’s so pathetically slutty, but…
  114. >You kinda like the way you look
  115. >You turn, admiring how the ripped skirt rides up on your butt, leaving the lower curves of your ass plainly visible
  116. >It’s obvious you’re not wearing panties; anyone who even glances at you will be able to tell
  117. >And maybe they’ll want more…
  118. >You throw off your shirt too, then put your jacket back on over your naked torso
  119. >It’s just enough to cover your nipples, but your flat, muscled stomach and your lower back are exposed, along with a tantalizing amount of your chest
  120. >Even without boobs, you think it’s pretty tempting
  121. >Oh, man
  122. >Yeah, you look great!
  123. >Nobody is gonna be able to resist you!
  124. >They’ll be grabbing, urging to taste you, to use you…
  125. >You strut back out onto the dance floor, your face blazing red, your body roiling with heat
  127. >The air is cold against your exposed nether regions
  128. >You strut out onto the dance floor, eyes closed, but still feeling the eyes on you
  129. >Practically every dude you pass is now eye-fucking you
  130. >But the girls too, they’re all either jealous or drooling, questioning their previous heterosexuality
  131. >Yes, yes, yes!
  132. >You want them to drink you in, to want you, to think of all sorts of horrible things about you
  133. >And then maybe try to do them…
  134. >You make a circuit around the dance floor until you end up by the bar, where there are all sorts of tiny tables, perfect for those who want to drink and watch the action
  135. >You make sure to strut past them nice and slowly, letting everybody oggle you to their heart’s content
  136. >Holy shit, you’re starting to actually get pretty *wet* from all this
  137. >In fact, after another round or two, you might even cum!
  138. >This is like that time Pinkie lent you her vibe, but multiplied by a hundred
  139. >All these eyes, a whole room full of people who *want* you…
  140. >You feel a hand sink into your ass, grabbing a handful of your exposed flesh
  141. >Slender, female fingers with long, sharp nails dig into you, and you cry out, your voice lost in the slosh of music
  142. >You turn around, not even trying to hide the lusty blush coloring your cheeks
  143. >Though said blush all but disappears when you see that the woman grabbing your booty is your 10th-grade Geometry teacher, dressed in tight-fitting leather and fishnets instead of her signature purple business ensemble
  144. “Gah!”
  145. >Ms. Harshwhinny grins at you
  146. >”Ms. Dash, this is *hardly* a uniform befitting a former student of Canterlot High.”
  147. >You try to pull away, but she grabs your arm
  148. >”I expect a thorough explanation of why you’re here, in a place like this, dressed like a common *strumpet*.”
  149. “I, I, I…”
  150. >Harshwhinny laughs, and she yanks you towards herself
  151. >You fall into her lap, and before you can pull away her arm is around your waist, caressing you and pinning you at the same time
  152. >”Embarrassed, Ms. Dash?”
  153. “It’s not what it looks like, I promise.”
  154. >”Don’t lie to me, young lady. You came here dressed like this, and you should understand the consequences.”
  155. >While one arm keeps you pinned, she presses her free hand against your thigh, then trails it down to your ass, rubbing her palm against your plush buttocks
  156. >”Presenting such a tempting offer, you might give a woman like me the wrong idea.”
  157. “I…”
  158. >You can’t even think
  159. >Her hands are all over you, now
  160. >She’s grabbing at you like she owns you, and people are starting to stare
  161. >A few hot dribbles of arousal flow down your thighs until they touch Harshwhinny’s legs
  162. >Harshwhinny sucks in her breath
  163. >”Ms. Dash? Are you, by chance, enjoying this?”
  164. “No…”
  165. >Your voice betrays you, turning into a low, sultry moan
  166. “Maybe. Do you… want to…”
  167. >Ms. Harshwhinny shushes you
  168. >”Shhh. Don’t talk back. I don’t think you understand the trouble you’re in.”
  169. >Harshwhinny digs her nails into your ass hard enough to make you yelp in pain
  170. >”But perhaps, if you sit here like a good girl, I’ll forget I saw you.”
  171. “Y-yes, ma’am…”
  172. >You choke the words out, already squirming in Harshwhinny’s lap, pressing yourself up against her in an animal display of “I’m yours”
  173. >Each place she touches you flares white-hot, spreading across your skin in a sweaty nexus of pleasure
  174. >She plays with your butt a bit more, then starts feeling up your abs
  175. >”Mmm. I have to admit, I have entertained some uncouth fantasies about my students before. You were always one of my favorites. This strong, boyish body…”
  176. >She slides her hand along your torso, up under your jacket
  177. >Her fingers pinch your nipple, and you cry out
  178. >Heads all around the club turn to stare
  179. >Most of them are hidden by shadow, but you see dudes wishing they could join in, as well as girls your age wishing they could be in your place
  180. >”…I never thought I’d have the chance to feel it. But now, I intend to enjoy it. That’s what you want, isn’t it?”
  181. “…”
  182. >”Answer when spoken to. Is this what you want?”
  183. “Y-yes.”
  184. >”Yes, what?”
  185. “Yes, ma’am…”
  186. >”Good. Now, I want you to follow me. I’ll get us a private room. And then, you’ll be mine. Understood?”
  187. “Yes, ma’am.”
  188. >”Good. You’re a faster learner than I remember.”
  189. >She pats your butt, then gently places you on the bench and heads off to get a room
  190. >You sit there in a haze until she returns, motioning for you to follow her
  191. >You do, and she keeps her hand resting on your booty the whole way
  192. >As the two of you walk, you steal glances at her face
  193. >It’s impossible to believe this is the same Harshwhinny who drilled you on the difference between equal and congruent figures
  194. >Her face is somewhat hidden by a mask of dark eyeliner and vivid red lipstick, but it’s her
  195. >And her face, instead of the impassive professionalism you’re used to, is full of powerful, sadistic glee
  196. >Why did she have to be the one to grab you?
  197. >And why can’t you pull away from her…
  199. >Harshwhinny shoves the door to her private room open
  200. >Inside, there’s a couch, a pole, and a filthy mattress covered in stains
  201. >Everything in the place seems foul and sticky, but somehow that just makes everything so much better
  202. >You’re going to get *violated* here
  203. >Harshwhinny smacks your ass, then struts over to the couch
  204. >She plops down on it, then motions to the pole
  205. >”Dance for me.”
  206. “What?”
  207. >”I don’t appreciate repeating myself, Ms. Dash. We’re in a club, yes?”
  208. “Yes, ma’am…”
  209. >”Then dance.”
  210. >You step up to the pole and wrap your fingers around it
  211. >Harshwhinny grins
  212. >You shut your eyes, surrendering to the throbbing music and the pulsating desire within you
  213. >You’ve never been much of a dancer; it’s one of the few talents you don’t have
  214. >But you know what Ms. Harshwhinny wants to see
  215. >You spin in a slow circle, then dip down, letting your torn skirt ride up as far as it can go, baring your ass for her to see
  216. >Then you swirl around, the momentum parting your jacket and showing off your dark nipples underneath
  217. >Harshwhinny lets out a low, steely sigh
  218. >”Yes…” is all she says
  219. >But that’s enough to urge you forward
  220. >You lose yourself, twirling, dipping, gyrating
  221. >Your clothes aren’t covering anything anymore; you spread your legs to show off your pussy, bend over to show off the dark ring between your buttocks
  222. >You want her to enjoy everything
  223. >It feels *so* good being enjoyed…
  224. >And when you spin around to face her, you spread your legs, letting her see your glistening sex, finally just surrendering yourself to her
  225. >”Good. Enough.”
  226. >You stop, panting, your body now dripping with sweat
  227. >Harshwhinny is sprawled on the couch, her legs spread
  228. >Slowly, she reaches up under her leather skirt and slides down her panties to her boot-clad ankles
  229. “Ma’am?”
  230. >Your eyes fall onto the dark space between her thighs
  231. >Shamefully, you’re now hoping for a glimpse of your former teacher’s snatch; in fact, you’re practically salivating at the thought
  232. “Do you want me to…?”
  233. >”No. Stay there.”
  234. >Harshwhinny adjusts herself on the couch, letting her skirt ride up until her dark, glistening lower lips and shock of golden pubes are exposed
  235. >”Turn away from me and bend over.”
  236. >You obey before you even realize you’re obeying
  237. >”Good. Now, play with yourself. Let me watch.”
  238. “Y-yeah. Yes, ma’am. Yes, yes…”
  239. >You slip your fingers down to your slit and start massaging your soaking petals
  240. >Somehow, you’re so horny that you barely even feel what you’re doing to yourself
  241. >It feels to much better to let Harshwhinny’s gaze wash over you, her eyes trailing over your thighs, your ass, your lewd, sopping sex
  242. >”Good. Now, the other hole.”
  243. “Oh, ma’am…”
  244. >”Don’t complain. Do it.”
  245. >You can’t disobey her
  246. >Even though nothing is keeping you here, you *need* to make her cum
  247. >The idea of her climaxing just from the sight of your body…
  248. >Fuck, you’re getting even wetter
  249. >You press your slick fingers against your butthole, groaning
  250. >Humiliation mixes with pleasure, forming some now, dark delight as you tease your tight ring with your fingers
  251. >Harshwhinny lets out a long, contented sigh
  252. >”Good. More of this.”
  253. “Y-yes, ma’am…”
  254. >You don’t look over your shoulder, but you can hear gentle *shlick shlick* sounds coming from behind you
  255. >She’s really masturbating to you!
  256. >Oh god, oh god…
  257. >You shove a finger inside your butt, then another
  258. >Ms. Harshwhinny groans
  259. >”Ah, good girl. You really do learn fast. Now, moan for me.”
  260. “Aaaaah…”
  261. >”Hmph. Louder.”
  262. “NNnnguuuuh…”
  263. >”Louder.”
  264. “Gah! Ah, ah!”
  265. >You cry out like a deranged slut, slamming your fingers in and out of your ass
  266. >Harshwhinny is panting now, the couch groaning beneath her as she pleasures herself
  267. >”More.”
  268. “Ah, ah! Yes, yes, ah~!”
  269. >”Excellent. Now, talk dirty.”
  270. “I… I love it in my ass!”
  271. >”Hardly original. Be explicit. Tell me what exactly you’re feeling right now.”
  272. “It feels so good! Cum for my body, please. Holy shit. I want you to cum for me. I’ll do anything. Fuck, fuck! A-ah! I just want to hear you cum!”
  273. >”Acceptable.”
  274. >Your thighs are shaking now, and your ass is waving in the air, soft squelching noises emanating from it as your fingers plunge into the now-slick and gaping hole
  275. >Harshwhinny lets out a single, sharp gasp, and then falls silent
  276. >”Good. *Very* good.”
  277. >You straighten up
  278. >Your back hurts, and there’s a deep, inner ache where you were fingering yourself
  279. >Harshwhinny’s thighs are slick with her cum, and it shines on both of her hands as well
  280. >”On the bed.”
  281. >You throw yourself onto the mattress
  282. >”Rear end up in the air.”
  283. >You smoosh your face against the filthy bed and raise your behind
  284. >Harshwhinny steps up behind you, caressing your thighs, your buttocks, running her hands along your sweaty, form back
  285. >She grabs whatever she wants and holds you down, her prize, her plaything
  286. >Harshwhinny chuckles
  287. >”It looks like you’ve been properly broken in. Wouldn’t you agree?”
  288. “Mhm…”
  289. >”Then, I think it’s time for me to have my fun. But, you keep your head *down*, understood? You don’t have my permission to see me naked.”
  290. “Y-yes ma’am.”
  291. >”Good. Now…”
  292. >You hear the rasp of strings being undone, then the clatter of buckles, and then the sound of leather garments hitting the floor
  293. >”That’s better. Now, hold still. Though, you do still have my permission to squirm.”
  294. >Ms. Harshwhinny hooks her fingers into your hips, then bends over you, until her fat, warm breasts are pressed against your back
  295. >You definitely squirm, pressing your butt against her wet, hot crotch
  296. >”Mmph. Good. You know what I want.”
  297. >Goosebumps erupt across your skin as Harshwhinny’s breath whispers over the back of your neck
  298. >And then her tongue is on your flesh, followed by her teeth
  299. >She bites you as she starts to hump you, slamming her sopping clam against your waiting, slutty ass
  300. >Her hands run down your sides, teasing and feeling up anything she wants
  301. “Fuck, fuck…”
  302. >”Language, Ms. Dash.”
  303. >She smacks your ass, and you cry out
  304. “I’m gonna cum again… ma’am…”
  305. >”No, you’re not.”
  306. >She hits you again, then she *bites* you
  307. “Ah!”
  308. >”You’ll hold off until I’ve finished. Then maybe I’ll let you cum…”
  309. “Ah, yes… yes…”
  310. >”My pleasure is more important, understood?”
  311. “Yes. Yes.”
  312. >”Good. Unf. Your body truly is *perfect* for this…”
  313. >She keeps slamming herself against you, smearing your buttocks in her juices, marking you as her little slut, her pet plaything
  314. >You love it
  315. “All over me…”
  316. >”Speak up.”
  317. “I want it all over me.”
  318. >”Good. I’m close.”
  319. >Her hands trace over your skin again, down to your chest, where she busies herself fidgeting with your breasts
  320. >”Mmph. Such a cute little chest…”
  321. >Her breasts are pressing against you again
  322. >They feel massive…
  323. >God, she really is ten times the woman you are, isn’t she?
  324. >You’re lucky just to be her plaything
  325. >You shut your eyes and rub your ass against her, wanting nothing more than to hear Harshwhinny cum…
  326. >”Oh! Oh, you are *loving* this.”
  327. “Y-yes…”
  328. >”Ah?”
  329. “Yes, ma’am…”
  330. >Harshwhinny shivers, and she cums
  331. >Her fluids spray your buttocks, back, and thighs, leaving you shivering in a puddle of filth
  332. >Harshwhinny pauses, her hands still resting on your ass, and she laughs to herself
  333. >”Well, I should thank you, Ms. Dash, for showing me such a great evening.”
  334. “W-what? But what about—“
  335. >”Keep your face down.”
  336. “Yes, ma’am.”
  337. >She leans over and kisses the back of your neck
  338. >”But I hope I’ll see you again *very* soon. If you want to meet with my privately…”
  339. “I do.”
  340. >”Good.”
  341. >You hear her dressing herself again, then she grabs you one last time, gently now, caressing you
  342. >”You’re a wonderful young woman, Rainbow. I’ll always have use for you.”
  343. “I’m glad, ma’am…”
  345. >The door creaks closed, and then you’re alone again
  346. >You slowly rise from the bed, shaking all over
  347. >That was…
  348. >Awful
  349. >Amazing
  350. >Disgusting
  351. >So, so, so hot
  352. >You feel disgusting and radiant at the same time, somewhere between filth and pure sex-appeal
  353. >Each emotion just heightens the other, driving you into the depths of “I’m garbage” despair and “I’m a sex goddess” joy
  354. >You’re not even sure if you came at all
  355. >You feel like you did, but you’re still dripping like crazy
  356. >With a groan, you readjust your clothes, covering as much of yourself as possible
  357. >Then you head home in a daze, still feeling the gaze of all these strangers wash over you
  359. >You get an Uber home, and arrive to your darkened childhood home
  360. >Thank god; you don’t know how you could face your family right now
  361. >You open the door and stumble inside; your legs are still shaking from what Harshwhinny did to you
  362. >Just inside, in the living room, your mom is sprawled across the couch, fast asleep
  363. >She must have tried to stay up waiting for you, and failed
  364. >You glance at her hand, and see that the letter from the Wonderbolts is clutched in her hand
  365. >She probably wanted to talk about it with you
  366. >She’s probably worried
  367. >And you’re so grateful that she can’t see you like this: dressed in ripped clothes and covered in another woman’s fluids
  368. >So you creep past your mom and up into your room, where you collapse into bed and curl into a little ball
  369. >Finally, those tears you held back earlier come up, spilling out of your face in choking, silent sobs
  370. >You failed the one thing you dreamed about since you were a little girl
  371. >You gave yourself away to a perverted older woman
  372. >And you liked it
  373. >You’re so disgusting
  374. >And the worst part is, you know you’re going to call Harshwhinny again, and soon…
  375. >Because, at the very least, it’s nice to feel wanted
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