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  1. it's just, i feel as though there are two alex's, one alex that everyone else sees, and one that speaks to you, and it's just like it seems like he's not being himself, he’s being very different and changing himself, it’s just worrying because I don’t see why he cant be himself. Also, its just frustrating from what I can see, because if I liked someone I’d want to tell them, and id want them to know, but he’s always saying “you’re cute” and that’s it, and that could mean anything. I hope he means he really likes you, because if he doesn’t mean that then he should stop messing about. Finally, I still don’t know why he doesn’t want anyone to know, to me, it seems like he doesn’t think its that big of a thing, because of he thought of it was a long relationship you would think he’d want to tell everyone. But you said he was asking about what your dad may think of him, so that may mean he doesn’t want a longer relationship?
  3. He’s just being really confusing, based on all of my previous knowledge of him I can’t see him being in a long relationship, just because of the way ive known him to be for all the years ive known him but that could easily change, he may want a longer relationship now. I just don’t want you wasting your time if it doesn’t mean that much to alex at all. I think the only way we can really find out is if someone speaks to him.
  5. He’s just never ever struck me as the person that can have a serious relationship, like right now, he doesn’t have many good close friends that are girls, its just like he starts speaking to them and then tries to go out with him, and then it always ends up badly.
  7. But at the end of the day, I may be misinterpreting this, this is just how it seems, he may actually want a long term and serious relationship.
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