Aug 6th, 2014
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  1. Nero
  2. Crystal Pony Male
  3. Warlord [Paladin/Bard]
  4. Talent: +1 Social rolls
  5. HW: 10/7
  7. Skills:
  8. -Legendary Strength; passive: +4 Actions/+3 Allied Actions, all actions autocrit, all weapons count as Masterwork
  9. -Blast: Anything [Recharge 1]
  10. -Divine Defenses: Immunity to Compulsions/Disease/Poison/Climate
  12. Magic Items:
  13. -Nero's Khopesh; Masterwork/Single, An enemy hit on a crit/autocrit takes -2 to all rolls next turn
  15. -Nero's Shield: recharge 3 automatic instant allows you to take all damage for another party member for the round, only incurs one wound if combined attacks cause helplessness while doing so.
  17. -Gem of Bamman:
  18. --Absolute Defense: Recharge 4; Instant/Auto, Negate one attack, counterattack, or other source of damage. Dual-Attacks count as seperate attacks. This effect can be activated while Helpless.
  19. --Resist Death: passive; Nero cannot die on a turn he begins with more then 0/1 HP. If he begins a turn with more then 0/1 HP, any combination of damage brings him to 0/1.
  20. -Masterwork, +2 Hits/+1 Wound. Cannot benefit from Shield tag while using.
  22. -Golden Emblem: Summons two spectral griffons to pull chariot, +3 movement/dodging rolls. It can also boost the speed of other vehicles.
  24. Weapons:
  25. -Nero's Ice Bow: [Ranged/Can Cleave]
  26. -Nero's Anunoth Spear: [Dual]
  27. -Garfield's Saber: [Single]
  28. -Gaven's Shield: [+1 Hit]
  30. Clothes:
  31. -Normal Outfit: [Purple Cape, Tan Tunic, Sandals]
  32. -Egyptianesque Skirt: [Tan Skirt, Blue Sash, Sandals from Normal]
  33. -Two Long Robes: [Appearance Undefined]
  34. -Bedclothes: [Longsleeved soft tan robe]
  35. -Black Business Suit: [Black Jacket, White Dress Shirt, Black Pants]
  36. -Black Hoodie: [Black Hoodie, White Shirt, Black Pants]
  37. -Maroon Jacket: [Maroon Jacket, Grey Shirt, Black Pants]
  38. -Luke Outfit: [Black Track Jacket, White Shirt, Black Pants]
  39. -Blue Jeans: [Blue Jeans, White Shirt from Hoodie]
  40. -Golden Jewelry [Ear Rings, Necklace, Arm Bands, Bracelets, Legguards, etc]
  41. -Three Other Modern Outfits [Appearance Undefined]
  43. Books:
  44. -Expansion Era Books: [The Canterlot Tales, Chivalry, Poetry, Philosophy/Ethics, Astronomy, Taxonomy, Etc]
  45. -Modern Era Books: [History, Technology, All Natural Sciences, Breezie Culture, Breezie Language, Changlings, Celestia's OoE Notes, Etc] At Least 20 Books Total
  46. -Future Era Books: [Technology esp. Dome]
  47. -Map of Pre-Hearth Era Kingdoms
  49. Supplies:
  50. -Nero's Wrist Computer [Possesses radio/can remotely activate time machine]
  51. -Flying Chariot
  52. -Storage Crystals
  53. -10 Short-Range Radios [Split Among Party]
  54. -2 Cameras
  55. -Money: [Inexact high amount in Expansion Era coinage]
  56. -Misc: [Food Rations, Water Canteens, bedrolls, tents, rope, several bottles of wine/glasses/cutlery, several jars of honey, tobacco, batteries, photos of Freedom Ring's Cell, Etc]
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