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  1. disconnection:
  2.     you-were-kicked: "&8[&b&lDestination A&8] &7Kicked by &e{banner} &f- &7Reason: \n&e'{reason}'"
  3.     you-are-banned: "&8[&b&lDestination A&8] &7You're banned!\n &7Reason: &e{reason}&7\nBy &e{banner}&7.\n{appeal-message}"
  4.     you-are-ipbanned: "&fYou're IP Banned!\n Reason: &a'{reason}'&f\nBy &a{banner}&f.\n{appeal-message}"
  5.     you-are-temp-banned: "&8[&b&lDestination A&8] &7You're temporarily banned!\n &7Reason: &e{reason}\n&7By &e{banner}\n&7Expires in: &e{time}"
  6.     you-are-temp-ipbanned: "&fYou're temporarily IP Banned!\n Reason: &a'{reason}'&f\nBy &a{banner}&f.\nExpires in: {time}.\n{appeal-message}"
  8.     you-are-rangebanned: "&fYour IP Address (&c{range}&f) is RangeBanned.\nReason: &a{reason}&f\nBy: &a{banner}&f.\n{appeal-message}"
  9.     you-are-temp-rangebanned: "&fYour IP Address (&c{range}&f) is RangeBanned.\nThe ban expires in &a{time}&f.\nReason: &a{reason}&f\nBy: &a{banner}&f.\n{appeal-message}"
  11.     you-are-proxied: "Kicked by Maxbans:\n Your IP ({ip}) is listed as a proxy."
  13.     lockdown-active: "&fServer is in lockdown mode. Try again shortly. Reason: \n{reason}"
  14.     invalid-letters: "&fKicked by MaxBans.\nYour name contains invalid characters:\n&c'{letters}'&f"
  15.     invalid-name: "&fKicked by MaxBans.\nYour name is invalid!"
  18. announcement:
  19.     player-was-kicked: "&8[&b&lDestination A&8] &e{name} &7was kicked by &e{banner} &7for: &e{reason}"
  20.     player-was-banned: "&8[&b&lDestination A&8] &e{banner} &7banned &e{name} &7for: &e{reason}"
  21.     player-was-ip-banned: "&8[&b&lDestination A&8] &e{banner} &7IP banned &e{name} &e{ip} &7for: &e{reason}"
  22.     player-was-muted: "&8[&b&lDestination A&8] &e{banner} &7muted &e{name} &7for: &e{reason}"
  23.     player-was-tempbanned: "&8[&b&lDestination A&8] &e{banner} &7tempbanned &e{name} &7for: &e{time} &7for &e{reason}"
  24.     player-was-tempipbanned: "&a{banner}&f temp IP banned &a{name}&f ('&a{ip}&f') for: {time} for: &a'{reason}'&f"
  25.     player-was-temp-muted: "&8[&b&lDestination A&8] &e{banner} &7temp muted &e{name}&7for &a{reason} for: &a{time}"
  26.     player-was-unbanned: "&8[&b&lDestination A&8] &e{banner} &7unbanned &e{name}"
  27.     player-was-unmuted: "&8[&b&lDestination A&8] &e{banner} &7unmuted &e{name}"
  28.     player-was-warned: "&8[&b&lDestination A&8] &e{banner} &7warned &e{name} &7for: &e{reason}"
  29.     ip-was-unbanned: "&f&a{ip}&f has been unbanned by &a{banner}&f."
  30.     player-warnings-cleared: "&8[&b&lDestination A&8] &e{banner} &7cleared &e{name} &7's warnings."
  31.     unwarn-success: "&a{banner}&f pardoned one of &a{name}&f's warnings."
  33. error:
  34.     no-player-given: "&cNo name given."
  35.     no-permission: "&cYou don't have permission to do that."
  36.     no-ip-known: "&cThat player has no IP history!"
  37.     no-ipban-found: "&cCould not find a ban for &a{ip}&f."
  38.     no-ban-found: "&cCould not find a ban for &a{name}&f."
  39.     no-mute-found: "&a{name}&c is not muted."
  40.     no-dupeip-duplicates: "&fNo duplicates!"
  41.     no-history: "&fNo history."
  42.     no-warnings: "&a{name}&c has no warnings to their name."
  44.     unknown-player: "&cNo player found: &a{name}&f"
  45.     player-already-banned: "&cThat player is already banned."
  46.     ip-already-banned: "&cThat IP is already banned."
  49.     tempban-shorter-than-last: "&cThat player has a tempban which will last longer than the one you supplied!"
  50.     tempipban-shorter-than-last: "&cThat IP has a tempban which will last longer than the one you supplied!"
  51.     tempmute-shorter-than-last: "&cThat player already has a mute which lasts longer than the one you tried to give."
  53. times:
  54.     hours: hour
  55.     minutes: minute
  56.     seconds: second
  57.     weeks: week
  58.     days: day
  59.     years: year
  60.     months: month
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