My Giant Rock Beast Kain't Be This Kute

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  1. [15:41:24] <@Kain> Let's dive on in! Nat finds the chocobo stable without much of a problem.
  2. [15:41:42] <@Kain> Theta and Ambrosia are already waiting for her when she arrives.
  3. [15:43:35] * Theta waves her over as she arrives.
  4. [15:43:41] * Kain is now known as Ambrosia
  5. [15:43:49] * @Ambrosia imitates Theta waving.
  6. [15:43:55] <Natalie> Nat is unfortunate enough to not have shenanigans happen while asking for directions, but the other two less so as the first thing she does is TACKLEHUG the monkeyman, and Ambrosia immediately afterward.  Seems she's as giddy as she's ever been.
  7. [15:44:09] <@Ambrosia> "Ow."
  8. [15:44:16] <Natalie> "Hiiiiii!"
  9. [15:45:33] <Theta> "Um, hello." Seems surprised by the tacklehug.
  10. [15:45:37] <@Ambrosia> The maidbot just stares at you a moment from where you've tackled her, then sticks out a thumbs up. "Hi. How are you?"
  11. [15:45:41] <Natalie> "I'm not late, right?  I didn't get as lost as I thought I would but it was still kinda weird to find, like, I had to go this way and then jump over this building and duck under this one..."
  12. [15:46:18] * Natalie whips out the diamond and turns to Amby, beaming. And rubbing it a little. And maybe salivating slightly. "I'm sogood! Better than I can ever remember feeling."
  13. [15:46:18] <Theta> "Not at all, though we should probably get moving before it's too late."
  14. [15:46:37] <Theta> "...Where did you aquire that?"
  15. [15:46:37] <Natalie> "Okay~!  What'd you two do anyway?"
  16. [15:47:13] <Natalie> "Ohh.  Well I went to the place the card said and it turns out the guy there sells this stuff.  So I threw money at him and took it with me!"
  17. [15:47:57] <Natalie> "It feels..."  She cuddles it a little tighter.  "Really special.  Like, this was a part of me that was missing or something like that."
  18. [15:48:25] <@Ambrosia> Ambrosia picks herself up and dusts her dress off, then looks over with a curious expression. "Really? I don't understand. It looks like a shiny rock."
  19. [15:48:52] <@Ambrosia> She glances up at your forehead a moment, then her eyes widen in realization. "Oh."
  20. [15:48:52] * Natalie points to the ruby on her forehead. "This is a shiny rock too, Amby! But it's still important, right?"
  21. [15:48:56] <Natalie> Rubymind.
  22. [15:49:43] <Theta> "Walked around the shops a bit, bought a few things."
  23. [15:49:50] <Natalie> "Oh, yeah... I remembered some of old-me too.  It's a little sad but it still feels really good to have back."
  24. [15:49:53] <Theta> "Nothing quite as...extravagent as...that."
  25. [15:50:06] * Natalie smiles ear-to-ear and tilts her head in both directions, 'hmm?'ing. "... That's all?"
  26. [15:50:23] <@Ambrosia> "He bought a pocket dimension."
  27. [15:50:24] <Natalie> "Oh yeah I forgot to mention, I helped beat up some robbers too."
  28. [15:50:46] <@Ambrosia> "And an angel ninja." she nods sagely.
  29. [15:50:54] <Natalie> "Ohh, see, that's cool!  ... People here sell stuff like that?"
  30. [15:51:25] <Theta> "...It's something like that, yeah."
  31. [15:51:31] * Natalie spends a minute comprehending what she was told, trying comparisons to see if it really IS cooler than beating up robbers and sealing a giant snake. Hmmm.
  32. [15:52:17] <Natalie> "Well, I'm never gonna forget that jewel store.  Ever ever ever.  So I'll just... magic back here sometime!  And then we can bring the others and all go shopping together, right?"
  33. [15:52:24] <Natalie> Goddamn she really IS too giddy.
  34. [15:52:55] <Natalie> "Nnnn, c'mon, let's get going!  I'll tell you about my memory on the way, 'kay?"
  35. [15:54:14] <Theta> "Right then," change of topics sounds good! To the..Chocobo...renter...person.
  36. [15:54:42] * Natalie marches behind in exaggerated steps. SOHYPE.
  37. [15:55:22] <@Ambrosia> You rent a few individual chocobos - there aren't any carts this time. Fluff monies paid, you quickly get on the road towards Conde Petie, which is on the way to Black Mage Village.
  38. [15:57:29] <@Ambrosia> "Kweh!" Ambrosia seems nervous riding on her chocobo, but she goes "K-kweh!" too shortly after.
  39. [15:57:29] * Natalie doesn't shut up during the ride, duh, no matter how loudly she has to yell. "... And even though he was so big he looked really sad before my light made everything bright and hard to see. I was sad too but now it's over and I'm happy again! He probably is too. Oh, by the way, speaking of big, I heard Titan shows up whenever there's earthquakes..."
  40. [15:58:13] * Theta has absolutely no idea what she's going on about and just nods polititely while occasionally going 'mhm'.
  41. [15:59:40] <Natalie> Yeah, it's mostly about feelings and loud interjections, to where anybody but a hardcore eidolon enthusiast would have trouble caring.  "... So if we get hit by an Earthquake we gotta stop and look, okay?  I hope one happens, I'm really worried even though I don't remember him.  I saw a sculpture and he was so.... so.... CUTE!"  <3
  42. [15:59:42] <@Ambrosia> Your group climbs hills and starts up the mountain path on the back of the chocobos. It's a fairly quick ride, and you see the back entrance to Conde Petie in the distance! But that's not all you see, either.
  43. [16:00:03] <Natalie> btw 9 titan actually is adorable, it's a fact
  44. [16:00:06] <Theta> "Titan. Cute."
  45. [16:00:19] <Theta> "...You know what I'm just going to take your word for it."
  46. [16:00:23] <Natalie> "Yeah, just the expression on his face.  You gotta see it to believe it!"  Oh right, there were those photos.
  47. [16:00:53] <Natalie> "... So what's a 'ninja' anyway?"
  48. [16:01:16] * Natalie keeps prattling; the shutting up phase is a gradual one.
  49. [16:01:19] <@Ambrosia> An enormous, green creature is blocking the path like an unjolly green giant. An enormous belly, pants that barely fit, an enormous anchor for a weapon... wait a minute. ...He's not facing towards you, either.
  50. [16:01:40] <Theta> "I have no idea. And also no idea what that is."
  51. [16:01:43] <Natalie> "... Uh."
  52. [16:02:03] <Natalie> "Well it's definitely not Titan.  Even from over here I know ugly when I see it."
  53. [16:02:36] <@Ambrosia> There's an explosion of magic, and ice bursts through the Hilgigars' chest in a shower of red droplets, and the massive creature stumbles backwards and collapses, bleeding to death.
  54. [16:02:49] <Theta> "..."
  55. [16:02:55] <Natalie> It bleeds to death in front of a healer?
  56. [16:02:56] <Natalie> :<
  57. [16:03:00] <Theta> "Well that was anti climatic."
  58. [16:03:04] <Theta> "Probably a good thing, though."
  59. [16:03:19] <@Ambrosia> On the other side of it are two women, stepping past, though they stop as your group approaches.
  60. [16:03:23] <Natalie> "... Nnnn.  Somehow I bet it isn't."
  61. [16:03:44] * Natalie looks over to the body, but then to the women, warily.
  62. [16:03:56] <@Ambrosia> One of them is one of the mime twins, easily recognizable. The other is a woman with long, blonde hair in skimy blue mage gear, and a coned hat.
  63. [16:04:13] <Natalie> Ha ha!  Not recognizable to an amnesiac!
  64. [16:04:14] <@Ambrosia> They seem as surprised to see you as you no doubtedly are to see them.
  65. [16:04:24] * Ambrosia is now known as Belle
  66. [16:04:34] <Natalie> "Uhhhhmmmmm."
  67. [16:04:58] * Natalie directs her chocobo to the side, clearly not recognizing either.
  68. [16:05:24] <Theta> "Natalie. We know the mime."
  69. [16:05:30] <Natalie> "... We do?"
  70. [16:05:45] <Natalie> "Oh, she's a friend?  Well okay then!"
  71. [16:05:46] <Theta> "She's a...servant to Ayane, I believe? Seen them together in the past, but also with The Glutton."
  72. [16:05:52] <Natalie> "... Oh."
  73. [16:06:01] <@Belle> "My eyes I cannot believe. Carbuncle, is that not, K? And... yes, one of our opponents at Daguerreo, you were." Belle says. She gives a bow.
  74. [16:06:16] <Natalie> "OhcrapsheDOESknowme."
  75. [16:06:25] <@Belle> The other girl is
  76. [16:06:39] * Natalie coughs that out of her system and gives a little nod back. "Uhhh... yeah. Hi!"
  77. [16:07:13] <@Belle> ???: "I feel like I know him from somewhere... "
  78. [16:07:13] <Natalie> "Welllllll we were just going thissaway so we'll be on our..."
  79. [16:07:28] <Theta> "Well this is certainly awkward."
  80. [16:07:31] <Natalie> Rather that's dragged out like, "We'll... be... on... our..."
  81. [16:08:08] <@Belle> "Oh, rude of me, this is! Introduce you, I shall~" the Mime says with the politest of tones, but a dark gleam in her eye.
  82. [16:08:38] * Natalie lets out a little uncomfortable sigh, but just makes sure Ambrosia and her chocobo are near hers.
  83. [16:09:11] <@Belle> "Model T-1000, this is~ And interlopers that have crossed our paths before, they are. Carbuncle, an eidolon, and..."
  84. [16:09:39] * @Belle frowns, trying to think. "Ze name, I do not remember... The other girl, recognize her I do not."
  85. [16:09:41] * Theta digs around in his bag for a seperate hat, puts it on and it conceals his face. "Who indeed."
  86. [16:09:54] <Natalie> "Oh, that's just Mr...."
  87. [16:09:56] <Natalie> "... Oh."
  88. [16:10:52] * Natalie shrinks down and ponders for a second. "Waiiiiitasec."
  89. [16:11:05] <@Belle> "Rude, you are! Je m'appelle Belle, for the cute amnesiac~"
  90. [16:12:13] <Natalie> "I guess he doesn't want to, but..."  Appreciative, she inches up on her chocobo, beaming.  "You worked with the Glutton?  Does that mean you've met a.... ohhh, she looks exactly like me, but her smile's a little different..."
  91. [16:12:34] <Natalie> "Like.... this."  She tries her best Mary impersonation, which is probably easy to do having the same body and all.
  92. [16:13:09] <Theta> "Given your affiliations I see little reason not to hold my deck close. Especially given our past encounters."
  93. [16:13:16] <@Belle> The mime crosses her arms. "Oui, met Mary we have."
  94. [16:13:23] <@Belle> T-1000: "This seems like such a waste of time, Belle. Are we going to kill them or let them pass?"
  95. [16:13:34] <Natalie> :D "How is she?"
  96. [16:14:17] <Natalie> "Is she using my powers alright?  Getting lots of naps?  Being fed fish?"
  97. [16:14:33] <@Belle> "Zut." she scolds the mage girl. "Your horses, hold zem. And she is fine as far as I know."
  98. [16:15:01] * Theta head tilts. "Horses?"
  99. [16:15:06] <Natalie> "Just 'fine,' huh," she looks disappointed and then back to Ambrosia questioningly.
  100. [16:15:37] <Natalie> "Hnnn..."
  101. [16:15:38] <@Belle> "Creatures of mythology. Hold her chocobos she can if she prefers."
  102. [16:15:48] <Natalie> "But we're the ones on chocobos!"
  103. [16:16:12] <@Belle> Ambrosia: "You're in our way." she says in a neutral tone.
  104. [16:16:39] <Natalie> "Um... sorry about them I guess.  But we don't need to like, fight or anything, right?  So can we uh, just keep going?"
  105. [16:16:44] <@Belle> "Today, rude are everyone? Why? Understand, I do not." she shows some irritation.
  106. [16:16:47] <Natalie> "Pleeeeaaaaase?"
  107. [16:17:20] <@Belle> " No, to blows between us it need not come. ...buuut..."
  108. [16:17:33] * Natalie droops a little at the end of that sentence.
  109. [16:17:41] <@Belle> "Perhaps a few friends who do not appreciate rudeness, we have."
  110. [16:17:54] <Natalie> "That sounds kinda bad."
  111. [16:17:57] * @Belle draws a red crystal shard from her outfit.
  112. [16:18:13] <@Belle> "Interested in how far you come I am, anyway."
  113. [16:18:16] <Natalie> Like a Crystal crystal?
  114. [16:18:20] <@Belle> Yep.
  115. [16:18:34] <Natalie> "... My mission."
  116. [16:18:38] <@Belle> "For life or death zis will not be... unless run away, you try."
  117. [16:18:48] <Theta> "That's a funny concern given the actions of the delusional madwoman you represent."
  118. [16:18:56] <@Belle> T-1000 grumbles  and backs up.
  119. [16:19:06] * Natalie stretches a little bit on-chocobo. "Okaaaaaay. I need that thing you're holding, you know!"
  120. [16:19:47] * @Belle laughs. "Zen come and get it you may. As for Ayane... Delusional, everyone is to some degree, no?"
  121. [16:20:42] * Natalie hops off the bird, giving it a little pat on the head. "Wait for me, 'kay? It'll be juuuuuuust a sec."
  122. [16:21:01] <Theta> "Depends on where you draw the line between dreams and delusion. But that's not the point. Just what game are you playing at?"
  123. [16:21:23] <@Belle> She holds the crystal shard out, then flicks it up into the air. "Perhaps see, you shall. Earn your prize, first. Beings swallowed by Terra, I bind ze! To my zide, noble warriors!"
  124. [16:21:45] <@Belle> Suddenly, Belle vanishes in a flicker of light.
  125. [16:21:55] * Natalie gets in stance.
  126. [16:22:25] <@Belle> The crystal shard explodes into energy, sending pulses down into the earth, and two man-like bulls emerge from the ground, wielding enormous hammers. One of them comes up only to your waist, the other towers above both of you.
  127. [16:22:38] <Natalie> (yessssssss)
  128. [16:23:04] <Natalie> "Those... nnn."  She de-stances for a second to do a ruby-rub.
  129. [16:23:15] * Theta groans. "And she has the nerve to declare I'M rude." He hops off the Chocobo and approaches.
  130. [16:23:34] <Natalie> :< "You coulda just said your name!"
  131. [16:23:44] <@Belle> The larger one looks around, confused. "WAIT, WHY ARE WE FIGHTING? WE HAVE NO PACT."
  132. [16:23:57] <Natalie> !!
  133. [16:24:03] <@Belle> The little one shrugs. "I don't know what magic she's using, but I can't resist this. Sorry, you guys."
  134. [16:24:07] <Natalie> "Wait a sec, they're- are you...?"
  135. [16:24:32] <@Belle> T-1000: "The Brothers... Eidolons of Earth."
  136. [16:24:55] <@Belle> COMBAT (and brb, take your first turns as I handle something)
  137. [16:25:06] <@Belle> T-1000 does not seem to be participating, only watching.
  138. [16:25:09] <Natalie> Perplexed stance!
  139. [16:25:35] <Natalie> "Alright... might sting a little but I'll free you guys from whatever it is, 'kay?  We can talk later."
  140. [16:25:46] * Natalie spins around on one leg three times! Casting!
  141. [16:26:42] <Theta> Theta scoops up some dirt from the mountain path and tosses it into the air. "Let's see what the spirits have to say about this!" The dust coats the two of them in a protective layer. Stone Wall!
  142. [16:26:48] <Theta> +24 ARM!
  143. [16:27:04] <Natalie> (oops I forgot to open med kitty, thanks for reminding me)
  144. [16:29:33] <Natalie> By the way it's her right leg she's spinning on.  And the cast is Protect.  Probably.
  145. [16:29:54] <Natalie> This is uh, important because she wears the Lunar Anklet on her left leg.  Whoa, that's never been mentioned before, has it?
  146. [16:30:58] <@Belle> The brothers nod at each other and Sacred, the larger one, dashes forward and attempts to push the flying Geomancer to the ground. Minotaur follows up by attempting a powerful strike!
  147. [16:31:05] <@Belle> 2d6+7 Opposed Force, Theta
  148. [16:31:05] <DiceMaid-9001> Belle, Opposed Force, Theta: 15 [2d6=6,2]
  149. [16:31:11] <Theta> 2d6+5
  150. [16:31:12] <DiceMaid-9001> Theta, 2d6+5: 9 [2d6=2,2]
  151. [16:31:18] <Theta> Little babby force
  152. [16:31:47] <@Belle> You feel yourself hit the earth, losing the benefit of Float as long as you're grappled! The little one's hammer comes down!
  153. [16:31:51] <@Belle> 2d6+6
  154. [16:31:52] <DiceMaid-9001> Belle, 2d6+6: 12 [2d6=5,1]
  155. [16:32:04] <Theta> Hits
  156. [16:32:21] <@Belle> 146 earth damage!
  157. [16:32:25] <@Belle> (Arm)
  158. [16:32:29] <Natalie> (oh jeezus)
  159. [16:32:52] <Theta> Theta looks fairly roughed up by the combo but not in serious danger
  160. [16:33:32] <Theta> (So we're in the mountains, are there any other biomes I can access from around here?)
  161. [16:33:32] <Amaryllis> (that still only probably does double digit damage to Theta)
  162. [16:33:34] <@Belle> Your turns! You can try to escape as an instant action 1/round. If you fail you're essentially Stopped and can't Float
  163. [16:33:35] <Natalie> "Hang in there, 'kay?  If anything happens, I got this."
  164. [16:33:39] <Natalie> (it did 87 by my check)
  165. [16:33:50] <@Belle> Let's see, Forest, plains...
  166. [16:34:12] <Natalie> (and yeah cura heals less than that so he's not in much danger now, plus I can emergency save him still if I have to)
  167. [16:34:15] <@Belle> Desert... Cosmic??
  168. [16:34:47] <@Belle> You feel a strong connection to the Crystal's power radiating from that shard!
  169. [16:34:55] <@Belle> The Cosmic Terrain IS available.
  170. [16:35:21] <@Belle> You can either roll force or escape to try and escape, btw
  171. [16:35:35] * Natalie spins a fourth time and STOMPS her left leg on the ground, even though the anklet doesn't activate. Her ruby pours forth energy into herself as she leaps in the air and does a traditional pose, exploding into a barrier around her body! Protect! "We're not gonna lose, no matter what! Oh Ruby, Glitter! Like a Star! 4Ruby Light!!"
  172. [16:35:51] <Natalie> She lands.  "... Oh, that was only half of it.  Weiiiird."
  173. [16:36:10] * Theta hops up from the ground and dashes back some, before looking to the smaller brother and firing off a sandy crossbow bolt at his face.
  174. [16:36:17] <Theta> 2d6+7
  175. [16:36:17] <DiceMaid-9001> Theta, 2d6+7: 15 [2d6=5,3]
  176. [16:36:23] * Natalie begins casting again. "Hang in there."
  177. [16:36:34] <@Belle> <@Belle> Your turns! You can try to escape as an instant action 1/round. If you fail you're essentially Stopped and can't Float
  178. [16:36:44] <Natalie> (Yeah, Stop doesn't stop ranged weapons)
  179. [16:36:46] <@Belle> Sacred has still got hold of you. You certainly hit him though
  180. [16:36:55] <@Belle> Well, you hit Minotaur rather
  181. [16:36:59] <Theta> 113 Earth Damage and he is blinded!
  182. [16:37:14] <Theta> (oh, I misunderstood what you mean by escape.)
  183. [16:37:22] <Theta> (I thought you meant...we as a duo could try to run from the fight)
  184. [16:37:23] <@Belle> Strangely, he does seem to take damage from Earth, but not much!
  185. [16:37:38] <Theta> 2d6 an...escape check?
  186. [16:37:39] <DiceMaid-9001> Theta, an...escape check?: 7 [2d6=1,6]
  187. [16:37:40] <@Belle> Minotaur: "Agh!"
  188. [16:38:12] <@Belle> Wiggle wiggle, let's say that plus his brother getting blinded provides you enough wiggle room to escape.
  189. [16:38:22] <@Belle> "HEY BIG BROTHER, ARE YOU OKAY??"
  190. [16:38:31] <Natalie> (Oh, yeah, 97 MP from counting all those Faiths from earlier.  A-Aren't you proud of me for counting Faith?)
  191. [16:39:10] <@Belle> "I'll be fine! The other one's a white mage, take care of her! I'll stick to casting til this wears off."
  192. [16:39:18] <@Belle> "GOTCHA"
  193. [16:39:29] <Natalie> "Oh, actually I'm a-"
  194. [16:39:30] <Natalie> "..."
  195. [16:39:33] <Natalie> "No, I guess that works."
  196. [16:39:51] <@Belle> Sacred stomps after Natalie, swinging his enormous hammer!
  197. [16:39:56] <@Belle> 2d6+6
  198. [16:39:57] <DiceMaid-9001> Belle, 2d6+6: 15 [2d6=3,6]
  199. [16:40:07] <Natalie> Oop, can't bullshit that.  Hits!
  200. [16:40:55] <@Belle> POW, 129 damage! Opposed finesse!
  201. [16:40:56] <@Belle> 2d6+3
  202. [16:40:57] <DiceMaid-9001> Belle, 2d6+3: 5 [2d6=1,1]
  203. [16:41:01] <Natalie> 2d6+9 lol
  204. [16:41:02] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, lol: 14 [2d6=4,1]
  205. [16:41:03] <Anise> (oh, snap)
  206. [16:41:40] <Natalie> (It's ARM right?  Man, actually having ARM is kinda cool)
  207. [16:41:41] <@Belle> The hammer strikes you hard, sending you skidding but not relieving you of your senses, and the little brother is casting a spell!
  208. [16:41:44] <@Belle> Player turns!
  209. [16:41:46] <@Belle> And yep, arm
  210. [16:42:13] * Natalie does indeed skid and spins around one more time after, stomping the ground. "Hey, you're not bad!"
  211. [16:42:41] <@Belle> Oh, also
  212. [16:42:41] <@Belle>
  213. [16:43:05] <Natalie> "I still have some energy left... here!"  Holding her Ruby, she thwips her hand to the side to encase Theta in a Protect as well.  Even if somebody saying they're 'casting' is a dead giveaway that Shell is probably better, oh well.
  214. [16:43:27] <Theta> "Well if a little sand won't fix it then..." He levels his crossbow on the brother attacking Nat, and lets loose a green, windy bolt!
  215. [16:43:31] <Theta> 2d6+7 wind shear!
  216. [16:43:32] <DiceMaid-9001> Theta, wind shear!: 10 [2d6=1,2]
  217. [16:43:37] <@Belle> Miss!
  218. [16:43:48] <Natalie> "Lemme help."  Nat stares at the same brother Theta just attacked, and...
  219. [16:43:51] <Natalie> 2d6+5 disappears~
  220. [16:43:52] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, disappears~: 10 [2d6=1,4]
  221. [16:44:00] <Natalie> That's execution so no rerolls
  222. [16:44:07] <@Belle> Don't you hate that
  223. [16:44:09] <Natalie> yep
  224. [16:44:14] <@Belle> ...Absolutely nothing happens! D:
  225. [16:44:25] * Natalie reappears. "... Hunh."
  226. [16:44:44] <@Belle> Minotaur: "Bones of the earth, tear into pieces! Stona!"
  227. [16:45:20] <@Belle> 2d6+80 Earth M.Arm damage to both of you, missing Theta because he got his float back.
  228. [16:45:21] <DiceMaid-9001> Belle, Earth M.Arm damage to both of you, missing Theta because he got his float back.: 86 [2d6=4,2]
  229. [16:45:48] <Natalie> The caster is the one Theta did Earth damage to earlier?
  230. [16:45:56] <@Belle> Yep!
  231. [16:46:10] <Natalie> hmmm
  232. [16:46:35] <Natalie> eh WHY NOT Nat has no magical defenses at the current
  233. [16:46:57] <Natalie> "Nice try, but I'm not just gonna take that.  4Ruby Overload!!"
  234. [16:47:10] * Natalie takes the hit and then BOING!
  235. [16:47:26] <@Belle> The stona spell reflects and hits both Sacred and Minotaur instead!
  236. [16:47:26] <Natalie> +2 steps, on a random target!  I think that means it becomes single-target instead of multi?
  237. [16:47:34] <Natalie> Oh, guess not.  Still +2 steps!
  238. [16:47:50] <@Belle> Sacred: "YOU'RE NOT BAD EITHER."
  239. [16:48:12] <Natalie> "Hee hee~"
  240. [16:49:27] <@Belle> Minotaur shakes his head, getting the sand out of his eyes, and calls over to Sacred. "get ready for it. next chance we get..." Minotaur hops over to Natalie and swings his hammer!
  241. [16:49:31] <@Belle> 2d6+6
  242. [16:49:32] <DiceMaid-9001> Belle, 2d6+6: 12 [2d6=5,1]
  243. [16:49:51] <Natalie> Yep, 11 AVD right now!
  244. [16:50:15] <@Belle> a powerful 146 earth m.arm damage! Reduced by protect and theta's sand veil thingy thankfully.
  245. [16:50:26] <Natalie> And this one's an even number, thank the gods.
  246. [16:50:51] <@Belle> Sacred begins psycheing himself up, and stomping the ground!
  247. [16:50:57] <@Belle> Player turns!
  248. [16:52:01] <Natalie> "Phew... almost outta juice.  Let's make this count."  She spins around and stomps the ground with her anklet-foot, this time causing it to magically spin around on its own and glow.  Quick Cast!  "4Ruby Healing!!  Good luck, we're gonna need it!"
  249. [16:52:01] <Theta> Theta tries another wind shear bolt on Minotaur!
  250. [16:52:04] <Theta> 2d6+7
  251. [16:52:05] <DiceMaid-9001> Theta, 2d6+7: 12 [2d6=4,1]
  252. [16:52:24] <Natalie> 2d6+42 HP on both of us, auto-reflect fades ofc
  253. [16:52:24] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, HP on both of us, auto-reflect fades ofc: 51 [2d6=3,6]
  254. [16:52:30] <Natalie> or rather, faded
  255. [16:52:38] <@Belle> That hits!
  256. [16:53:00] * Natalie then swaps stances before her turn *officially* ends to Earth-Piercing.
  257. [16:53:35] <Theta> 130 Wind ARM damage!
  258. [16:54:37] <@Belle> "!!"
  259. [16:54:40] <@Belle> It's super effective!
  260. [16:55:02] <@Belle> The little guy groans. "yo, bro, i'm not gonna make it long at this rate...."
  261. [16:55:08] <@Belle> "W-WHAT SHOULD WE DO, BRO?"
  262. [16:55:20] <@Belle> "let's do our attack. teamup!"
  263. [16:55:38] * Natalie gets ready.
  264. [16:55:56] <@Belle>  They nod at each other, and Sacred digs both hands into the ground, then rips a huge chunk of the ground out, holding it over his head.
  265. [16:56:09] <@Belle> He then launches it high into the sky!
  266. [16:56:24] <Theta> "..."
  267. [16:56:30] <@Belle> The two brothers face each other, and begin playing paper, rock, scissors!
  268. [16:56:31] <Natalie> "Brace for it!"
  269. [16:56:34] * Theta looks to Natalie. "This is going to hurt, isn't it."
  270. [16:56:44] <@Belle> "ROCK" "paper."
  271. [16:56:45] * Natalie nods back. "... A little, yeah."
  272. [16:56:58] <@Belle> Sacred: "..."
  273. [16:57:13] <@Belle> The tiny minotaur picks up Sacred, then golf swings him into the air with his own hammer!
  274. [16:57:28] <@Belle> You can see streams of tears as Sacred launches towards the airborne mass of rock.
  275. [16:57:33] <Natalie> NOSTALGIA
  276. [16:58:18] <@Belle> The huge chunk breaks apart, and earth shards begin to rain down, Jesus, you probably can't avoid that with Float!
  277. [16:58:28] <@Belle> 2d6+6 Teamwork Attack
  278. [16:58:29] <DiceMaid-9001> Belle, Teamwork Attack: 12 [2d6=3,3]
  279. [16:58:31] <@Belle> 2d6+6
  280. [16:58:32] <DiceMaid-9001> Belle, 2d6+6: 9 [2d6=1,2]
  281. [16:58:35] <Natalie> ~
  282. [16:58:42] <@Belle> 1d6 reroll
  283. [16:58:42] <DiceMaid-9001> Belle, reroll: 6 [1d6=6]
  284. [16:58:44] <Natalie> Good to see you hate ALL teamwork attacks, dicemaid.
  285. [16:58:52] <@Belle> 1d6 TWIN SOUL
  286. [16:58:53] <DiceMaid-9001> Belle, TWIN SOUL: 5 [1d6=5]
  287. [16:59:00] <Natalie> I reiterate.
  288. [16:59:00] <@Belle> ...
  289. [16:59:17] <@Belle> The earth shards somehow all miss and slam harmlessly into the ground next to you.
  290. [16:59:22] <@Belle> Sacred lands hard, on his head.
  291. [16:59:29] <@Belle> " were supposed to hit them, bro."
  292. [16:59:30] <Theta> "..."
  293. [16:59:34] <@Belle> "M-MY BAD, BRO..."
  294. [16:59:34] * Natalie applauds. "Hey, that's really hard to do! You tried!"
  295. [16:59:53] <@Belle> Player turns!
  296. [16:59:58] <Natalie> "I can show you how sometime if you wan- oh right we're not done."
  297. [17:00:00] * Natalie coughs.
  298. [17:00:00] <Theta> "Well I suppose to see it's good that even Eidolons are not perfect."
  299. [17:00:23] * Theta puts his aim on Minotaur and fires another Wind Shear bolt
  300. [17:00:24] <Theta> 2d6+7
  301. [17:00:24] <DiceMaid-9001> Theta, 2d6+7: 16 [2d6=3,6]
  302. [17:00:37] <Natalie> "Geez!  You just had to say that WITH me around."  :<
  303. [17:00:39] <@Belle> POW
  304. [17:00:40] <Theta> 135 Wind ARM Damage!
  305. [17:00:43] <Natalie> "Rrrright anyway."
  306. [17:00:45] <@Belle> "...huh?"
  307. [17:00:54] * Natalie sets her sights on Minotaur, how's he look?
  308. [17:01:02] <@Belle> Minotaur is confused by Nat's comment, but then is knocked the fuck out by the Wind Shear!
  309. [17:01:07] <@Belle> "BROOOOO!"
  310. [17:01:25] <Natalie> "Don't worry, it's not gonna hurt! . .. Too much!"
  311. [17:01:31] <Natalie> 2d6+5 alright, to Sacred it is then
  312. [17:01:32] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, alright, to Sacred it is then: 12 [2d6=6,1]
  313. [17:01:42] <@Belle> Hit!
  314. [17:01:45] <Natalie> Kya!
  315. [17:01:55] <Natalie> 11x8, carry the one...
  316. [17:02:03] <@Belle> "YOU GUYS ARE GONNA PAY FOR HURTING MY BRO!" Steam flies out of his ears and he takes on a red sheen!
  317. [17:02:08] <Natalie> 95 ARM!  -9 ARM/M.ARM!
  318. [17:02:22] <Theta> "Can you do that too, the turning red steam thing."
  319. [17:02:23] <Natalie> Even redder!  Nat appears behind him and snaps her fingers.
  320. [17:02:26] <Theta> "Second time we've seen it today."
  321. [17:02:37] <Natalie> "Um... y'know, I don't think I ever tried!"
  322. [17:02:38] <@Belle> It's just an effect of the Berserk status, silly!
  323. [17:02:48] <Natalie> We do know that but we ARE, indeed, silly.
  324. [17:03:15] <@Belle> Sacred swings his maul in a wide arc at the both of you!
  325. [17:03:17] <@Belle> 2d6+6
  326. [17:03:17] <DiceMaid-9001> Belle, 2d6+6: 12 [2d6=2,4]
  327. [17:03:30] <@Belle> 126 arm damage, ignores half of your Arm!
  328. [17:03:35] <@Belle> Short range, though
  329. [17:04:09] <Natalie> Oh, might as well.  Boost, Blink!
  330. [17:04:09] <Theta> Annnd that misses.
  331. [17:04:16] <Natalie> It misses as well, so...
  332. [17:04:25] <Natalie> 2d6+6 let's use that extra turn to hit him some more
  333. [17:04:27] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, let's use that extra turn to hit him some more: 12 [2d6=2,4]
  334. [17:04:39] <@Belle> Pow!
  335. [17:05:14] * Natalie reappears in every direction of him, blinking out of existence and back in before landing on top of his head, on her feet of course! A whole bunch of space around him suddenly ignites red as she...
  336. [17:05:16] <Natalie> 2d6+9
  337. [17:05:17] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, 2d6+9: 19 [2d6=4,6]
  338. [17:05:30] <Natalie> .... does a majestic front-flip off.  "That's my... special technique!"
  339. [17:05:33] <Natalie> "Wild Dance!!"
  340. [17:05:42] <@Belle> Yep!
  341. [17:06:04] <Natalie> BOOM 118 ARM damage, -9 defenses
  342. [17:06:47] <@Belle> "U-UGH..."
  343. [17:06:52] * Theta trains his crossbow on Sacred and lets a bolt fly.
  344. [17:06:54] <Theta> 2d6+7
  345. [17:06:54] <DiceMaid-9001> Theta, 2d6+7: 13 [2d6=2,4]
  346. [17:06:58] <Natalie> "Still not done, want some more?"
  347. [17:07:04] <Theta> 132 Wind ARM damage
  348. [17:07:17] * Natalie hasn't taken her turn this turn, nyeh. He still up? ... Poor guy.
  349. [17:07:20] <@Belle> "N-NOT REALLY... I DON'T GOTTA CHOICE THOUGH!"
  350. [17:07:47] <@Belle> He's slashed hard by the wind shear, taking a powerful hit, and he stumbles backwards. Minotaur manages to pick himself back up, both of them looking weary.
  351. [17:07:53] <Natalie> "You'll be free after this.  Endure it, 'kay?"
  352. [17:08:10] <@Belle> "...gonna be hard to win at this rate... they're not bad."
  354. [17:08:30] <@Belle> ...
  355. [17:08:33] <@Belle> thump
  356. [17:08:35] <@Belle> thump
  357. [17:08:41] <@Belle> The entire ground starts to shake.
  358. [17:08:46] <Natalie> "It's okay.  You-"
  359. [17:08:49] <Natalie> "..."
  360. [17:08:51] * Theta looks to Natalie.
  361. [17:08:51] <Natalie> !!
  362. [17:08:52] <Lenore> (I'm waiting for them to fuse like Masa and Mune)
  363. [17:09:02] <@Belle> Belle reappears nearby, looking a bit worried.
  364. [17:09:02] <Theta> "I swear if this is Titan and he shows up red and steam coming out of his ears."
  365. [17:09:13] <Natalie> "Um, I'd be totally okay with only the first part!"
  366. [17:09:40] <@Belle> "...My cue to scam, zat is. Let us go, K." The mage grabs Belle and the two of them fly off into the air, the crystal shard dropping to the ground between you all.
  367. [17:09:48] <@Belle> Sacred: "...WHAT'S THAT NOISE?"
  368. [17:10:02] <Natalie> "Hey, wait!  I wanted to make friends w- whooooooaaaa!"
  369. [17:10:03] <@Belle> thump thump
  370. [17:10:10] <@Belle> rumblerumblerumblerumble....
  371. [17:10:15] * Natalie faceplants on the ground and snatches the crystal on the way down.
  372. [17:10:19] <Natalie> Or sure as crap tries to!
  373. [17:10:27] <@Belle> Catch!
  374. [17:10:32] <@Belle> "5,0I SMELL DELICIOUS RUBYYYYYYYY"
  375. [17:10:33] <Natalie> Yay.
  376. [17:10:40] <Natalie> "OH CRAP"
  377. [17:11:11] <@Belle> The earth around you all tears itself open, and a creature that dwarfs the dead hilgigars pulls itself out of the ground.
  378. [17:11:47] <@Belle>
  379. [17:11:48] <Natalie> Sure hope those Chocobos got away okay.
  380. [17:11:57] <@Belle> Ambrosia's crowding them away!
  381. [17:12:10] <Natalie> <3
  382. [17:12:13] <Lenore> (Give him a fistpump, he'll recognize you as a FELLOW BRO)
  383. [17:12:17] <@Belle> Sacred: "UHHH, BRO. WE'RE FREE AGAIN. WHAT DO WE DO?"
  384. [17:12:38] <Natalie> (OH, I was parsing that as "grabs Belle AND both brothers")
  385. [17:12:40] <@Belle> Minotaur: "...that guy doesn't look friendly. c'mon, let's help them."
  386. [17:13:06] * Natalie staggers, stomach-down on the ground. "Y-You guys..."
  387. [17:13:08] <@Belle> The two eidllons join you on your side of the field, facing Titan!
  388. [17:13:30] <@Belle> Titan: "5,0SOOOOO HUNGRYYYY.... GIIIIVE...." it reaches out! Combat!
  389. [17:13:38] <@Belle> *eidolons, even.
  390. [17:13:48] <Theta> "Wait, what? Why are we fighting Titan? And how is he 'cute' at all Natalie? WHY ARE EIDOLONS SO SILLY AND WHY AM I SURROUNDED BY THEM?"
  391. [17:13:48] <Natalie> "Mr. Zeta... It's him!  This has to be him!"
  392. [17:13:59] <Natalie> "Uh, look at the shape of his face.  Totally adorable."
  393. [17:14:11] <Natalie> "... Maybe not as much when you're staring right at him and see how BIG he is."
  394. [17:14:23] <@Belle> All the bonuses from last combat still apply!
  395. [17:14:33] <Natalie> Oh man, even the boosts?
  396. [17:14:39] <@Belle> Yep.
  397. [17:14:48] <Natalie> Awesome, that means they're FULL.
  398. [17:15:02] <Natalie> Wait no, one away from.  Oh well!
  399. [17:15:08] <Theta> "Oh, yes. and he wants to eat you. Charming."
  400. [17:15:11] <@Belle> Minotaur: "he's trying to eat your girlfriend, that's why we're fighting him. your guess is as good as mine, maybe he's lost his mind."
  401. [17:15:25] <Natalie> "... Uh, well I was kinda hasty in writing it, but..."
  402. [17:15:35] <Theta> "Well that doesn't make sense Lenore isn't - wait a minute!"
  403. [17:15:39] <Natalie> "It's a long story, okay?  I'm pretty sure he lost his memories so we gotta beat sense back into him!"
  404. [17:15:50] <Natalie> "(Huh?  Really?  You and Lenny?)"
  405. [17:15:51] <@Belle> Minotaur covers the party with a protective aura! Earth Ward!
  406. [17:16:02] <Natalie> "(I never...)"
  407. [17:16:39] <@Belle> Sacred channels the power of the land!
  408. [17:16:45] <@Belle> 2d6+56 healing to everyone.
  409. [17:16:46] <DiceMaid-9001> Belle, healing to everyone.: 68 [2d6=6,6]
  410. [17:16:47] * Natalie shakes that off. "Titan, it's me! If my voice doesn't work, then..."
  411. [17:16:53] <@Belle> wasted a criiit
  412. [17:17:31] <Natalie> 2d6+7 "... I'll have to knock it into you.  Sorry."
  413. [17:17:32] <@Belle> He isn't paying attention!
  414. [17:17:32] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, "... I'll have to knock it into you.  Sorry.": 14 [2d6=5,2]
  415. [17:17:38] <@Belle> Hit!
  416. [17:17:46] <Natalie> Let's see here...
  417. [17:18:02] <Natalie> 110 ARM!  -9 ARM/M.ARM!
  418. [17:18:11] <Natalie> And NOW boosts are full.
  419. [17:18:28] <Natalie> "Special Technique!"  She... oh right.
  420. [17:18:32] <Natalie> 2d6+9 this again
  421. [17:18:34] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, this again: 14 [2d6=1,4]
  422. [17:18:38] <@Belle> Yep.
  423. [17:19:07] <Natalie> ... Leaps straight into the air doing a somersault and... BONKS her head on a panel of reflected air, falling downward.  "Oh crap!  ... Wait that's not the name of it!"
  424. [17:19:09] <@Belle> Theta, you can sense the presence of corrupted earth spirits empowering Titan!
  425. [17:19:35] <Theta> "AAAA THIS IS SO STUPID. AND WHY ARE -YOU- CORRUPTED TOO AREN'T YOU SUPPOSED TO BE PROTECTING STUFF." He shoots at this big mother hubber with a wind shear.
  426. [17:19:38] * Natalie lands with a single foot stomping as a red blade comes out of it, then leaps off like a scared rabit before his hand can reach her oh god.
  427. [17:19:38] <Theta> 2d6+6
  428. [17:19:39] <DiceMaid-9001> Theta, 2d6+6: 13 [2d6=4,3]
  429. [17:19:43] <@Belle> HIT
  430. [17:19:52] <Theta> 133 Wind Damage!
  431. [17:20:10] <@Belle> The creature is far more durable than the Brothers, but it still deals a nice chunk of change!
  432. [17:20:25] <Natalie> "CALM DOWN!  I don't think we can fight him!"
  433. [17:20:29] <Natalie> "Er, I mean, beat him!"
  434. [17:20:34] <Natalie> "We gotta calm him down somehow..."
  435. [17:20:58] * Natalie lands and turns around, folding her arms in deep thought. "'Letting him eat me' might work but I don't wanna risk it."
  436. [17:20:59] <@Belle> 2d6+5 at Nat
  437. [17:21:00] <DiceMaid-9001> Belle, at Nat: 12 [2d6=1,6]
  438. [17:21:05] <Natalie> 14 AVD so lol
  439. [17:21:16] <@Belle> His slow, slow hand reaches down to grab Natalie...
  440. [17:21:23] <Theta> "He's not normal, Natalie. He's being corrupted!"
  441. [17:21:26] * Natalie slides backwards out of the way.
  442. [17:21:31] <Theta> "This is Lich's fault. Must be Lich's fault."
  443. [17:21:40] <Natalie> "Corrupted.... Then how can we uncorrupt him?  Any bright ideas?"
  444. [17:21:56] <@Belle> Sacred: "HOW ABOUT WE START BY KICKING HIS BUTT"
  445. [17:22:16] <Natalie> "... I'm pretty sure this is my friend but I don't have any better plans."
  446. [17:22:18] <@Belle> Sacred attempts to attack the Titan!
  447. [17:22:19] <@Belle> 2d6+6
  448. [17:22:20] <DiceMaid-9001> Belle, 2d6+6: 12 [2d6=3,3]
  449. [17:22:37] <@Belle> A chunk of earth is torn out of Titan as he connects!
  450. [17:22:43] <@Belle> 2d6+6 Minotaur follows suit!
  451. [17:22:43] <DiceMaid-9001> Belle, Minotaur follows suit!: 13 [2d6=1,6]
  452. [17:23:01] <@Belle> Nat, Theta!
  453. [17:23:14] * Natalie uses the Talk action. "This isn't just any Ruby! It's MY Ruby! C'mon, it's me!"
  454. [17:23:19] <Natalie> "Nnnng."
  455. [17:23:42] <@Belle> "5,0RUUUUBY?????" Titan becomes slightly hesitant!
  456. [17:23:57] <@Belle> Titan's Attack Power dropped!
  457. [17:24:27] <Natalie> "Yeah!  If that doesn't do it, my 4Ruby Light will prove it!"
  458. [17:24:42] * Natalie is totally okay sacrificing a turn for that because that's awesome.
  459. [17:24:46] * Theta plinks him with another arrow to totally ruin the moment.
  460. [17:24:48] <Theta> 2d6+7
  461. [17:24:48] <DiceMaid-9001> Theta, 2d6+7: 12 [2d6=1,4]
  462. [17:24:54] <Theta> 130 Wind Damage!
  463. [17:26:35] <@Belle> 2d6+5 he tries to swat at Theta! "5,0Buuuug."
  464. [17:26:35] <DiceMaid-9001> Belle, he tries to swat at Theta! "5,0Buuuug.": 12 [2d6=3,4]
  465. [17:27:15] * Theta rolls out of the way!
  466. [17:27:34] <Natalie> "Nnnnnnnnnngh... it's not working, is it?"
  467. [17:27:41] <@Belle> Sacred kneels down near Nat. "MAYBE IF YOU GET ON TOP OF HIM. I'LL GIVE YOU A BOOST."
  468. [17:27:58] <Natalie> "... All right!  I have something that'll do it... I hope."
  469. [17:28:11] * Natalie runs toward Sacred with a nod, reaching into her diary and RIPPING something out.
  470. [17:28:34] <@Belle> Athletics check!
  471. [17:28:43] <Natalie> 2d6+9 YES
  472. [17:28:43] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, YES: 16 [2d6=2,5]
  473. [17:29:03] <Natalie> Well I guess she doesn't have to run that far, but, you know, back a little.  Then a running start.
  474. [17:29:04] <Natalie> Then LEAP!
  475. [17:29:16] <@Belle> Sacred catches you on the handle of his hammer as you leap forward, swings, and tosses you straight up towards Titan's shoulder!
  476. [17:29:30] <Natalie> "I know how it feels to forget...."  She says in midair.
  477. [17:29:40] <@Belle> Minotaur: "you're a geomancer, can't you bind his hands into the ground when he misses?"
  478. [17:30:04] * Natalie lands and keeps running up him. "So remember! All I can do is say it over and over and over! Eiko misses you!!"
  479. [17:30:30] <Natalie> She whips out the photograph of her in one hand, messily torn out of the front page of her diary.
  480. [17:30:34] * Theta looks to Minotaur. "This is the silliest plan but fine."
  481. [17:30:58] <Theta> He focuses on having the ground keep grip on his giant hands.
  482. [17:31:27] <@Belle> Titan: "5,0Uuuuuugh?" He squints at Nat, but shakes his head, focusing on the combatants below. Minotaur and Theta ready themselves!
  483. [17:31:40] <@Belle> 2d6+5 "5,0Squaaaash!"
  484. [17:31:41] <DiceMaid-9001> Belle, "5,0Squaaaash!": 9 [2d6=3,1]
  485. [17:31:49] <@Belle> Roll Nature, Theta!
  486. [17:32:01] * Natalie shouts down below. "I'll cover if you get hurt! Just... stop him as best you can!"
  487. [17:32:46] <Theta> 2d6+7 Geomancer more like...yeah I don't got a good one atm
  488. [17:32:48] <DiceMaid-9001> Theta, Geomancer more like...yeah I don't got a good one atm: 18 [2d6=6,5]
  489. [17:33:58] <@Belle> As Titan's rocky fist slams into the ground, and passes through it like water, you stop it cold by counterbalancing the creature's control, locking its arm into place? "5,0Waaaah? Stuuuck... RUUUUUBYYYYYY" He's got another arm, which he swings at Minotaur!
  490. [17:33:59] <Anise> (more like op)
  491. [17:34:01] <@Belle> 2d6+5
  492. [17:34:01] <DiceMaid-9001> Belle, 2d6+5: 14 [2d6=3,6]
  493. [17:34:10] <@Belle> The short eidolon is stuck, but...
  494. [17:34:11] <@Belle> 2d6+10
  495. [17:34:12] <DiceMaid-9001> Belle, 2d6+10: 19 [2d6=4,5]
  496. [17:34:27] <@Belle> Minotaur grabs the hand as it strikes him, and holds it in place with sheer force!
  497. [17:34:39] * Natalie :Ds. "Good going!"
  498. [17:34:44] <@Belle> "okay, try to get his attention while he's can't fight!"
  499. [17:35:22] * Natalie makes an attempt to get as close to his eyes as possible, holding the summoner girl's visage in front of him.
  500. [17:35:27] * Theta sits right where his hand is stuck underground and grumbles at how silly this whole event has been.
  501. [17:36:04] <Natalie> "She misses you!  I'm pretty sure Fenrir does too!  ... Probably."
  502. [17:36:39] <@Belle> 5,0"UGH... SUMMONER...? ...EIKO...? HEAD HURTS... CAN’T... REMEMBER...”
  503. [17:36:40] <Natalie> "I know it's tough to remember.  But when you forget, it hurts everyone.  Those you care about, those who care about you..."
  504. [17:37:24] <Natalie> "I know it!  I bet I hurt everyone too!"
  505. [17:37:47] <Natalie> "But just relax, think about it.  Even if those memories never come back, the feelings will."
  506. [17:38:21] <@Belle> Theta, you feel the corrupted power within Titan surge, and suddenly he breaks both arms free, screaming! He grabs at Nat and flings her off, before sinking back into the ground and surging east!
  507. [17:38:36] <Natalie> "Angggh!"
  508. [17:38:44] <@Belle> Sacred leaps up and catches Nat!
  509. [17:38:59] * Natalie winces a bit. "Thanks."
  510. [17:39:09] <@Belle> “ didn’t work, huh? something powerful’s got hold of him.” Minotaur comments, watching the titan flee.
  511. [17:39:34] <@Belle> Minotaur: “...hey. who is Lich?”
  512. [17:39:36] <Natalie> "Well, memories aren't something just words can bring back.  If it was that easy I'd have all mine."  :<
  513. [17:39:47] <Theta> "Elemental spirits. Corrupted ones. He's practically possessed by negative emotions."
  514. [17:40:01] * Natalie coughs. "Lemme down, I'll tell you both all about everything!"
  515. [17:40:11] <Natalie> "By the way, now that the fight's over, uh."
  516. [17:40:12] <Theta> "Lich refers to himself as a Fiend of Earth. I'm not sure what that means to an Eidolon."
  517. [17:40:13] <@Belle> Sacred sets you down gently, and the two brothers sit nearby.
  518. [17:40:17] <Natalie> "Hi!"
  519. [17:40:25] <@Belle> Sacred: “HELLO”
  520. [17:40:55] <Natalie> "I'm 3Carb4u3ncle, nice to meetcha!"
  521. [17:40:57] <Natalie> there we go
  522. [17:40:59] <@Belle> Minotaur: “...i see. huh. sounds like something lil’ bull would know about better.”
  523. [17:41:19] <@Belle> Minotaur: “you two alright? we didn’t wish to fight ya.”
  524. [17:41:32] <Natalie> "You guys are Eidolons too, right?"  She nods.  "I didn't wanna fight either."
  525. [17:41:44] <Natalie> "So let's be friends!"
  526. [17:41:50] * Theta is literally unphased.
  527. [17:41:51] <@Belle> Sacred: “OKAY.”
  528. [17:41:55] <Natalie> "~"
  529. [17:42:13] <@Belle> Minotaur: “and who was that chick who called us?”
  530. [17:42:28] <Natalie> "Apparently someone bad..."
  531. [17:42:36] * Natalie shuffles around to behind Theta and pushes him forward.
  532. [17:43:08] <Theta> (...did she tell us what twin she was?)
  533. [17:43:18] <@Belle> I think T-1000 mentioned her name
  534. [17:43:26] <@Belle> Oh wait
  535. [17:43:30] <@Belle> Belle did introduce herself yes
  536. [17:43:52] <Natalie> (yeah, just checked, it was both of those)
  537. [17:43:52] <Theta> "Her name was Belle. Her twin sister and herself are assisting some rather seedy individuals."
  538. [17:44:03] <Theta> "Which begs to ask how she just up and...brought you here."
  539. [17:44:20] <Natalie> "Didn't you say you didn't have a pact?  Pretty sure that's not normal..."
  540. [17:44:37] <@Belle> Minotaur: “yeah, it’s not. it felt like we were being called by a summoner, though.”
  541. [17:44:48] <@Belle> Sacred: “BRO, I’M SCARED.”
  542. [17:45:17] <@Belle> Minotaur: “think you’ll cross her path again?”
  543. [17:45:22] <@Belle> He says to Theta.
  544. [17:45:25] * Natalie facescrunches. "That's serious. If she's the one who can do that, though..."
  545. [17:45:49] <Theta> "Without a doubt."
  546. [17:46:06] <@Belle> Minotaur: “then lemme propose something.”
  547. [17:46:23] <@Belle> Minotaur: “and i think my bro will agree. let us join you.”
  548. [17:46:30] <Natalie> "..."
  549. [17:46:45] * Natalie beams without much hesitation. "Okay! Why wouldn't we, Mr. Alpha?"
  550. [17:46:57] <Natalie> And tugging at his arm.
  551. [17:47:04] <@Belle> Minotaur: “one of you would have to become our summoner - it’s a two for one deal.”
  552. [17:47:22] <Theta> "Uh. Alright I guess."
  553. [17:47:27] <Theta> "...How exactly does this work anyway."
  554. [17:47:28] <@Belle> Minotaur: “in return for attacking you, and so we can get the chance to kick her ass.”
  555. [17:47:43] <@Belle> Sacred: “WELL, WE JUST... FORM A PACT. AND THEN YOU CALL US WHEN YOU NEED US.”
  556. [17:47:46] <Natalie> "... Ooh.  When I found Titan I think I was gonna bring him back to MY Summoner, but... er... well, I didn't."
  557. [17:48:37] <Natalie> "Uhh," she puts a finger to her chin, "can Eidolons even summon?  That sounds bizarro."
  558. [17:49:06] <@Belle> Minotaur: “dunno.”
  559. [17:49:25] <@Belle> The larger brother leans over Theta, squinting.
  560. [17:49:40] <@Belle> In the background, you see Ambrosia hunting down an escaped chocobo that ran for its life.
  561. [17:49:44] <Natalie> "Huhh.  I'd always be up for trying if he doesn't want to!"  She looks at him quizzically.  "... Do you?"
  562. [17:49:52] <Natalie> HNNGGGH.
  563. [17:49:58] * Theta ponders. "If you could why wouldn't you guys just...I don't know...pact each other?"
  564. [17:50:03] <Theta> "So this sorta thing...wouldn't happen?"
  565. [17:50:22] <@Belle> Minotaur: “i already said it’s a two for one deal. even if we could it wouldn’t work like that.”
  566. [17:50:47] * Natalie gives Theta the biggest 'i dunno lol' shrug ever as the brother speaks.
  567. [17:50:53] <Theta> "I meant Eidolons to each other on a broader scale."
  568. [17:51:15] <@Belle> Sacred: “UH... I DUNNO.”
  569. [17:51:30] <Natalie> "Well, it's not like I'd remember if that was a thing.  So why don't we find out!"
  570. [17:51:33] <@Belle> Minotaur: “seems like gaming the system to me... could work i guess, but..”
  571. [17:52:59] * Natalie looks to the monkeyman like 'well if you're sure.'
  572. [17:53:07] <Theta> "Like the fact Carbuncle here can't find Fenrir, or Pheonix, or now Titan is running around all willy nilly. Why didn't they just...I don't know call each other up or something."
  573. [17:53:27] <Theta> "Sorry, completely off topic though. does this pact thing work then?"
  574. [17:54:30] * Natalie diaryflips, apparently she didn't write about Eiko not losing Fenrir. Huh. What a poor amnesiac.
  575. [17:54:54] <Natalie> "Let's see, from what I remember of it..."
  576. [17:55:07] <Theta> "..."
  577. [17:55:10] <Natalie> "I think someone does a thing, and then someone else does another thing, and then both of them feel ways!"
  578. [17:55:14] <Natalie> "Total blank besides that."
  579. [17:55:17] * Natalie gives a sage nod.
  580. [17:55:27] * Theta gives carbuncle a noogie
  581. [17:55:31] <Natalie> "Au!"
  582. [17:55:37] <Natalie> "Er I mean.  Nn!"
  583. [17:57:12] <Natalie> "Anyway, I can try it and we can get going.  I'm probably gonna have to find Titan again after all."
  584. [17:57:52] <Theta> "He's heading the same way we are anyway from the looks of it."
  585. [17:58:21] <Natalie> "Yeah!  So I hope we don't miss him."
  586. [17:58:41] <Natalie> "Let's see, how do you do it..."
  587. [17:59:10] <@Belle> (sorry, had to brb)
  589. [18:00:16] <@Belle> Minotaur: “then we poof off back to where we came from, and chill until you have need of us. you just have to will us into being there.”
  590. [18:00:34] <Natalie> "Ohh.  Well, I trust you 100%!  You helped me out even AFTER we just fought, after all!"
  591. [18:00:46] <Natalie> "(Sorry about that by the way, need healed any?)"
  592. [18:00:53] <@Belle> minotaur: “(nah, we’re good, kid)”
  593. [18:00:58] <Natalie> "(Gotcha.)"
  594. [18:01:49] <Natalie> "Then, you two..."  She holds out a hand.  Two hands actually.  Oh whoa, forgot to take off her gem-studded brass knuckles.  Vwoop, pocketed!  There we go.
  595. [18:01:52] <Theta> (Is that whispering or something silly)
  597. [18:02:14] <Natalie> (It's like.... I always imagine it being said as an aside)
  598. [18:02:27] <@Belle> So just checking-
  599. [18:02:31] <@Belle> Is it Theta or Nat forming the pact.
  600. [18:02:48] <Natalie> Probs Nat unless Theta decides he wants to
  601. [18:04:13] <Theta> Looks like Nat to me
  602. [18:04:20] <Natalie> Then so it shall be!
  603. [18:04:33] <@Belle> Minotaur and Sacred take Nat’s hands, and you feel a bond form!
  604. [18:04:40] <@Belle> Received The Brothers!
  605. [18:04:46] <@Belle> stats tbd
  606. [18:04:48] <Natalie> "Okay.  Please help me."
  607. [18:04:55] <Natalie> "... And so on, and so forth."
  608. [18:05:03] <@Belle> Minotaur nods. “you got it.”
  609. [18:05:11] <@Belle> Sacred: “CALL US, AND WE’LL COME”
  610. [18:05:20] * Natalie bends down in a really weird position to bring both hands toward her Ruby, illuminating them red. Then lets go.
  611. [18:05:28] <Natalie> "Gotcha!"  She says with a thumbs up.
  612. [18:05:36] <@Belle> You feel something in your hand!
  613. [18:05:56] <@Belle> It’s a translucent pearl, with a smaller pearl inside...
  614. [18:06:03] <@Belle> Different from Moonstone.
  615. [18:06:10] * Natalie goes starry-eyed.
  616. [18:06:15] <Natalie> ☆~☆
  617. [18:06:16] <Theta> (DOUBLE PEARL KAWAIINESS)
  618. [18:06:40] <@Belle> minotaur: “alright then, guess we’re getting out of here. good luck.”
  619. [18:06:49] <Natalie> "Thanks a bunch, you two.  Maybe sometime you can meet my Summoner and hang out!"
  620. [18:06:53] * Natalie gives them a biiiig wave.
  621. [18:07:02] <@Belle> Sacred: “BYE.” he waves at the lot of you. Ambrosia mimics your thumbs up from a few meters away.
  622. [18:07:13] <Natalie> Moé
  623. [18:07:19] <@Belle> And... the two poof in a cloud of dust.
  624. [18:07:36] <Natalie> "... Oh hey, that answers your question, apparently it DOES work."
  625. [18:08:08] * Natalie cuddles the doublepearl. What's it officially called anyway?
  626. [18:08:31] <Natalie> "...!  Oh crap, Amby, you okay?"
  627. [18:08:45] <Theta> "I don't see why you all wouldn't that to save time with this sort of ordeal. Or least meet anually or something."
  628. [18:09:32] * Natalie spins and playfully sticks a tongue out at him. "Iunno, ask that to an Eidolon with all their memories intact! I'm sure there's probably SOME reason, buuuuuuut it's definitely easier this way for now."
  629. [18:09:56] <Theta> "I don't know after today I'm starting to believe you all have some screws loose."
  630. [18:10:21] * Natalie just gigglefits all the way to the moebot. 'Cause c'mon, it's true.
  631. [18:10:41] * Belle is now known as Ambrosia
  632. [18:11:07] <@Ambrosia> “I’m okay. I apologize for not assisting. I managed to re-secure our steeds, however.”
  633. [18:11:09] * Theta thinks back on all of them he's met. Yup, all goofballs except maybe that one little bull guy.
  634. [18:11:13] <@Ambrosia> Chocobo: “Kweh!”
  635. [18:11:26] <Natalie> What about Ult-
  636. [18:11:28] <Natalie> ... Right.
  637. [18:12:04] <Natalie> "Nono, that was pretty tough!  Nnnn, having to walk instead of ride would've been tough anyway."
  638. [18:12:11] <Natalie> "You did a good job!"  She gives the usual thumbs-up.
  639. [18:12:26] * @Ambrosia thumbs up
  640. [18:12:42] * Theta takes off the shadowy hat and puts the normal one back on. "It's fine, Ambrosia. We'd hardly want to make the rest of this trip on foot."
  641. [18:12:46] <Theta> "So thank you."
  642. [18:13:13] * Natalie hops on the bird and gives it a little pat. "Okay, let's go~!"
  643. [18:14:21] <@Ambrosia> You all start heading towards Conde Petie again. A number of dwarves have gathered at the gates, having watched all that nonsense from the safety of the town.
  644. [18:14:33] <@Ambrosia> As you approach, they call out in deagening chorus, “RALLY-HO!”
  645. [18:15:18] <Natalie> "Hi!"  A hand waves as they approach, but then she mutters a little.  "Oh, that's not right, is it..."
  646. [18:15:36] * Theta waves to them. "Rally-ho!"
  647. [18:17:38] <@Ambrosia> One of them calls down. “Woot in tarnation was all that thunder aboot? I’ve nae seen sach a storm since ah gave mah aunt maggie oglop stew instead of a boiled owl!”
  648. [18:18:24] * Natalie blinks a few times then nudges her chocobo toward the Genome's, whispering to him. "Uh... did you catch any of that?"
  649. [18:18:56] * Theta thinks on how to pharaphrase it. "We had a bit of a scuffle with some hooligans."
  650. [18:19:03] <Theta> "But they ran off and left us be."
  651. [18:19:15] <@Ambrosia> Ambrosia: “He said, ‘Woot in tarnation was all that thunder aboot? I’ve nae seen sach a storm since ah gave mah aunt maggie oglop stew instead of a boiled owl!’.” she explains to Nat, with appropriate accent and everything.
  652. [18:20:32] <@Ambrosia> Dwarf: “Ah, good. That way ain’t been safe fer travelers in weeks, good tae hear ye made it. Come on in! Welcome tae Conde Petie!”
  653. [18:20:37] <Natalie> "Uh... thanks," she says with a fake smile at Amby, not really wanting to flat-out tell her that doesn't help.
  654. [18:21:06] <Theta> "Did some young women and a mage from the village pass through here earlier? I'd imagine they are a bit ahead of us by now." He asks them.
  655. [18:21:07] * Natalie turns back. "Oh! Yeah, thanks a bunch! Nnnnnn, I'm pooped after all that."
  656. [18:21:21] <@Ambrosia> You’re allowed to take the chocobos inside as long as you don’t wander off. The entire city is inside a building built on the Iifa Tree’s roots.
  657. [18:22:08] <@Ambrosia> Stone architecture, there’s a gigantic boat suspended in the middle of the city, and various people milling about, most of them two and a half feet tall with green skin.
  658. [18:22:40] <@Ambrosia> Theta is waved at and welcomed warmly as various dwarves recognize him from trips he’s made up and down from here to his home before.
  659. [18:22:45] * Theta seems quite at home here and a bit more upbeat after that silly display out there.
  660. [18:23:28] * Natalie acts friendly to the dorfs and mostly just follows Theta along, keeping watch over Ambrosia too. Kind of.
  661. [18:24:34] <@Ambrosia> Ambrosia seems uncomfortable here, for some reason. One of the grocers, a dwarf named Wendy, waves as you pass by. “Sun and sky greet ye, Theta! It’s been a while!”
  662. [18:25:09] <@Ambrosia> Usually it’s “Rally Ho!” but the dwarves have taken on new phrases here and there recently.
  663. [18:25:12] <Theta> "Greetings, Wendy!" He waves back to her and pauses a bit.
  664. [18:25:59] <@Ambrosia> Wendy: “Ye’ll be headin’ back tae the village? Ye need anything ‘fer yer trip?” she offers, trying to rope you into her shop.
  665. [18:26:27] <@Ambrosia> Wendy: “Or anythin’ for yer lady friends?”
  666. [18:26:39] * Natalie whistles softly at all the attention he's getting, giving Ambrosia a little whisper. "He sure is suuuuuper-popular here."
  667. [18:27:10] <Theta> "Indeed. Have some business to attend to. Hm...I'm a bit low on gil at the moment but if Ambrosia sees anything here that catches her eye..."
  668. [18:27:16] <@Ambrosia> “He’s a deciduous tree??”
  669. [18:27:49] <@Ambrosia> She looks at you confused. She seems distracted.
  670. [18:28:01] <Natalie> "I think we'd be able to tell if he was..."
  671. [18:28:04] <@Ambrosia> She then glances at Wendy’s stock, and picks up an apple.
  672. [18:28:31] <@Ambrosia> No telling what made her think Nat said “poplar”
  673. [18:28:43] * Natalie glances at the Dorfstore too, but is satisfied enough with jewels at the current. And she never buys anything but jewels. Ever.
  674. [18:28:59] <Natalie> Oh except for that one time she bought something that wasn't a jewel.
  675. [18:29:05] <Natalie> She doesn't remember it.
  676. [18:29:15] <@Ambrosia> Wendy: “Ah, jus’ an apple? ‘ave it on tae house, Theta. Ye should come again sometime!”
  677. [18:29:29] * Theta frowns a bit. "That's really it? Hmm..."
  678. [18:29:45] <Theta> "Will try to. Been traveling as of late, and it's dragged me all over."
  679. [18:29:48] * @Ambrosia tilts her head. “Whose house?”
  680. [18:29:54] * Natalie just watches. "Hee hee."
  681. [18:31:08] <@Ambrosia> Wendy: “Ach, I ken. Try not tae wear yerself out.” she waves.
  682. [18:31:50] * Natalie doesn't quite get people here, but gives a little wave herself whenever they start moving.
  683. [18:31:53] <@Ambrosia> Conde Petie isn’t very big, really. Its community has gotten even smaller and tighter knit since dwarves started moving out ten years ago.  It can barely even be called a village.
  684. [18:32:15] <Theta> "It means you can keep it as a gift, Ambrosia. Thank you, Wendy!" He says as they continue on their way
  685. [18:33:13] <@Ambrosia> There’s one grocery store, an inn, a few rooms with locked doors that act as houses. And... well, shit, that’s mostly it. But there are a few farms outside the city.
  686. [18:33:41] <@Ambrosia> It still does well enough to trade with Black Mage village, and one can say the dwarves have a rich culture of their own. ...Kinda.
  687. [18:33:59] <@Ambrosia> They’ve certainly had their own take on things like plays!
  688. [18:34:03] <Natalie> Nat just keeps following.  "Nnn... I wonder if we could ask the people here about Titan, too.  But I gueeeess we might not need to..."
  689. [18:34:33] <@Ambrosia> “A gift? I was told you’re supposed to treasure a gift.” she stares at the apple. “...Okay, I treasured it.” munch munch.
  690. [18:34:44] <Theta> "I'm not sure if they'd be much assistance. Matters with Eidolons are...somewhat alien around here."
  691. [18:35:38] <@Ambrosia> Before ye ken it, yer on tae other side of Conde Petie, ready to cross a root bridge to the plataeu that overlooks the forest Black Mage Village is in.
  692. [18:35:39] <Natalie> "Ohhh, okay!  I heard there was something about giants... uh, attacking this place, right?  So I just wondered if they knew."
  693. [18:35:45] * Natalie smiles. "But if you say so!"
  694. [18:35:49] <Natalie> That was cute, please continue doing it.
  695. [18:36:23] <Theta> "I think they meant literal giants."
  696. [18:37:14] <@Ambrosia> Theta knows from his monster lore and familiarity with the area that the Hilgigars that attacked Belle and T-1000 was probably one of these giants.
  697. [18:37:55] <Natalie> "Hmmmnnnn.  Alright, I got it," she says with a nod.  "They sure are nice though, huh?"
  698. [18:38:16] <@Ambrosia> Munch munch.
  699. [18:38:30] <@Ambrosia> Of course, Hilgigars is dwarven talk, they’re called Hill Gigas by scholars.
  700. [18:38:53] <Theta> "Very. It's...well...outside of the monsters there's no real threats. No politics or any of that gettting in the way either. So things are quiet."
  701. [18:39:24] <Natalie> "So it's a perfect place for a nap..."  She looks back, yawning slightly.
  702. [18:40:12] <Theta> "Didn't you just take a nap earlier."
  703. [18:40:18] <@Ambrosia> You’re soon ready to mount your chocobos again! Faster than the wind you speed along the dry plans, past the small farms... In the distance, the land changes dramatically, housing a gourd shaped marsh near a dip towards a forest. The Qu’s Marsh is uninhabited from what Theta knows, but the forest nearby is the first step in getting to Black Mage Village.
  704. [18:40:28] <Natalie> "Yep!"
  705. [18:42:31] <@Ambrosia> On the backs of your chocobos, you’re able to blaze through the trees, however, and in the distance Nat can see the tips of buildings peeking over the treetops.
  706. [18:44:32] <@Ambrosia> And you soon arrive! The trees give way to a forest village comprised of wooden buildings shaped like goofy mage faces, with thatched straw roofs and wooden walkways between places.
  707. [18:44:51] * Natalie tries to nap while riding, and soon after realizes that isn't a good idea.
  708. [18:45:17] * Theta disembarks and lets the bird flee if it wishes to. " we are."
  709. [18:45:21] <Theta> "Huh. Funny to be back here."
  710. [18:45:49] * Natalie leaps off too, giving her bird a pat of thanks. "Back..."
  711. [18:46:07] <Natalie> "Hehe.  Okay, let's go find what'retheirfaces!"
  712. [18:46:07] <@Ambrosia> Numerous blonde-headed humanoids with monkey tails are walking around, wearing various types of clothing - anything from normal wear to weird alien swimsuits to black mage type robes. One black mage walks around on a cane, trying not to trip over his massive beard. A moogle or two flits around, and you can hear the kweh of chocobos in the village as yours arrive.
  713. [18:46:36] * Natalie helps Ambrosia off her bird too, by the by.
  714. [18:47:07] <@Ambrosia> She steps off too, looking around with some surprise.
  715. [18:47:16] <@Ambrosia> Black Mage Village
  716. [18:47:17] <@Ambrosia>
  717. [18:48:04] <Theta> (skrillix mages)
  718. [18:48:26] <@Ambrosia> It’s been... a month? Two months? Longer? Since you were last home, Theta. The familiar forest scents, the tranqiul scenery... everything’s once again familiar.
  719. [18:48:28] <Natalie> (qowai donx)
  720. [18:48:43] <@Ambrosia> You don’t see Bebe and co anywhere, though.
  721. [18:49:42] <Natalie> Yaawn.  "This place looks kinda nappy too.... nnn, Titan doesn't seem like he's here either though.  Guess I'll follow you!"
  722. [18:49:45] <Theta> "I suppose we should, yes.." he walks through the village toward where the sons of Vivi would reside, seems a bit overly nostalgic considering how short it's been.
  723. [18:50:16] <@Ambrosia> Someone suddenly pops down in front of you, hanging upside down from a tree branch by his tail. “Well, well, if it isn’t Theta! Finally make your way back after the mayor kicked you out?”
  724. [18:50:22] * Natalie happily trails behind, marching in exaggerated steps. One would hope this game has been like FF8 where all your party members trail behind instead of like, having an onscreen.
  725. [18:51:55] <@Ambrosia> Oh, it’s this jackass. This is Arwill, kind of a punk. He’s dressed in a red leather jacket and jeans, just hanging there with his double crossbows. He’s really good at fighting but isn’t much of a team player around the village.
  726. [18:52:55] * Natalie gives him a wave from behind Theta despite the blatant hostility. Acrobatic maneuvers in public? +10 Nat approves.
  727. [18:53:01] <@Ambrosia> Ambrosia tilts her head. “Can you hang like that?” she asks Theta.
  728. [18:53:03] <Theta> "Oh. Hello. Arwill. More passing through, but yes."
  729. [18:53:38] * Theta looks to Ambrosia. "Haven't tried."
  730. [18:53:40] <Natalie> ... And Natty suddenly misses having a tail.  The sensation is still there after the eidolonw all, too!  Uuuuu.
  731. [18:53:54] * Natalie visibly droops a little.
  732. [18:55:09] <@Ambrosia> Arwill: “Just gotta say - I totally dug those designs. Didn’t know you liked ladies with a little extra umph, knowatmsayin?” he pulls himself up and hops on top of the tree branch. “And then you waltz back in with a girl on each arm. ...and both of them aren’t even above average. Sheez. Low standards.”
  733. [18:56:03] * Natalie handhips, back down -10 respect. "What's THAT supposed to mean?"
  734. [18:56:23] <Natalie> "... Well I guess we're not all that tall," she stands on tiptoes and looks at Theta.  "If that's what he means... makes sense."
  735. [18:56:28] <Theta> "Okaaaay. I wouldn't recommend taunting her, by the way. She's tougher than she looks. Has Bebe passed through here today?"
  736. [18:56:37] <Natalie> ;)
  737. [18:57:09] <@Ambrosia> Arwill: “Oh, it means you still have some growing to do, kid. Huh, Bebe? Yeah, come to think of it he had some fine bitches all over him, too. What’s the deal, lately?”
  738. [18:57:24] <@Ambrosia> Arwill: “Think he went to his workshop.”
  739. [18:57:46] <Natalie> "Ohh, so I was right!  Nevermind then," she gives Ambrosia an 'it's all cool' nod too in case she also got riled up and returns to being background.
  740. [18:58:00] <@Ambrosia> Ambrosia isn’t amused, but not really angry either.
  741. [18:58:14] <Natalie> Her cheeks really deserve pinched.  ... Maybe later.
  742. [18:58:26] <@Ambrosia> So pinchable.
  743. [18:58:29] <Natalie> Hnng.
  744. [18:59:28] <Theta> "We're investigating an issue at the Earth Shrine together. Had some matters to see to though so they went on ahead of us."
  745. [19:00:37] <@Ambrosia> Arwill: “Pfff, always so serious with you guys. You’re gonna work yourselves to death. Well, just means more for me. I don’t really care what you do, man. I’m gonna split and see who wants a slip of my second tail~”
  746. [19:01:03] * Natalie beats Ambrosia to the punch. "... I only see one."
  747. [19:01:31] <@Ambrosia> The punk hops onto a nearby roof, and turns to Nat. “Oh? Yeah, just wait a sec.” He starts to unzip his pants.
  748. [19:01:49] <Lenore> (oh dear)
  749. [19:01:53] * Theta braces to send a column from the roof right into his crotch if he really tries it.
  750. [19:01:55] <Natalie> "Whatever, I like the way this guy thinks."  She gives a nod to Thoh god this isn't going to end well
  751. [19:02:18] <@Ambrosia> Yes, he’s actually dumb enough to flash the lot of you.
  752. [19:02:27] <Theta> Well then he's getting Geotranced in the dick.
  753. [19:02:32] <@Ambrosia> WHAM
  754. [19:02:35] <Natalie> ... Shockwave can probably reach there too.
  755. [19:02:45] * Natalie follows up with a laser beam! A FUCKING LASER BEAM.
  756. [19:03:06] <Natalie> More like after he gets tranced she just conjures a big red ball and kicks it at the roof.
  757. [19:03:10] <Theta> "Sod off, Arwill. I don't have time for your idiocy. And I'd be surprised if you even know how to use that thing."
  758. [19:03:22] <Natalie> "... I guess I don't like the way he thinks."
  759. [19:03:23] <@Ambrosia> Arwill stumbles back, clutching his groin. And then he’s shot with a laser beam. As he stumnbles backwards off the building, you hear him yell “SHE ASKED”
  760. [19:04:07] <@Ambrosia> “...that didn’t look like a tail.” she tilts her head.
  761. [19:04:08] * Natalie sniffles and speaks a little lower, to only Thebrosia's ears. "I only wanted to know 'cause I'm probably gonna have two tails soon, geez..."
  762. [19:04:48] <Theta> "...Anyway..." they continue on.
  763. [19:04:57] <Theta> "Sorry about that. He's sort of the village idiot."
  764. [19:05:21] <Natalie> "Nnnnyeah.  Maybe I should just let you handle all the talking."
  765. [19:05:43] <@Ambrosia> You head over to Bebe’s workshop, then?
  766. [19:05:48] <Theta> Correct.
  767. [19:06:08] <Theta> "Most the folks here...well, let's just say their condition isn't much better than yours."
  768. [19:06:14] <Natalie> Yep!  Unless some mysterious plothole pulls us elsewhere.
  769. [19:08:34] <@Ambrosia> It’s out of the way from most other places in the village, haivng a nice clearing around it where Bebe practices his art in earnest, trying to bend various elements around his house. There’s a really messy looking mud blob that looks like he was trying to shape it into a statue, a fairly tall oak tree - which you’re certain normally doesn’t grow in this region, a yard of sand, and a
  770. [19:08:34] <@Ambrosia> small pond out back. The house itself is fairly typical for BMV, bearing a boofy black mage face, though the hat roof is a bit adjusted to look like Vivi’s floppy hat.
  771. [19:09:20] * Theta knocks on the front door
  772. [19:09:42] * Natalie marches behind, getting distracted by all the oddities. Just a bit.
  773. [19:10:40] <@Ambrosia> It swings open of its own accord, since Bebe is home. He’s gathering a few things from around the house while Elizabeth, Cirra, and Gale sit around themselves. Cirra is reading some of Bebe’s notes on Geomancy with interest, Elizabeth is smoking her pipe, and Gale is playing with one of those paddleboards.
  774. [19:10:58] <Natalie> Well then, let's take initiative!
  775. [19:10:59] <Natalie> "Hi!"
  776. [19:11:00] <@Ambrosia> Elizabeth: “Oh, look, he didn’t teleport on top of me this time.”
  777. [19:11:16] <Natalie> "Oh, I can fix that, hold on."
  778. [19:11:24] * Natalie closes her eyes and starts chanting. Is she serious?
  779. [19:11:25] <Theta> "What."
  780. [19:11:28] <Theta> (please do it.)
  781. [19:11:35] <Natalie> .... 1,1Not enough MP!
  782. [19:12:29] <@Ambrosia> Ambrosia leans over and pokes Nat, who feels energy transfer into her not too much unlike Twin Soul.
  783. [19:13:07] <@Ambrosia> 1,1regained 100 mp
  784. [19:13:23] <@Ambrosia> Bebe:”Oh! Theta, Natalie. Ambrosia.” the black mage looks over with some surprise. “You caught up a bit faster than I expected.”
  785. [19:14:16] * Natalie actually does it KNOWING she doesn't have enough MP, muttering the whole chant as a joke. Around her, a red ball of laser makes pentagram shapes in a really exaggerated motion until she finally wiggles her fingers at Theta, sticking her tongue out like- oh dear it wasn't supposed to actually work.
  786. [19:14:46] <@Ambrosia> Theta vanishes with a flash! And suddenly appears over Elizabeth, tumbling into her.
  787. [19:14:54] <Natalie> "... Oh, whoops."
  788. [19:14:56] <Theta> "OOF."
  789. [19:15:08] <Natalie> "Guess I'm even better than I realize~!"
  790. [19:15:11] <@Ambrosia> Gale: “You jinxed it!” she calls over to Elizabeth.
  791. [19:15:41] <Lenore> (pffffffffffffff)
  792. [19:16:03] <@Ambrosia> Elizabeth groans and just stares at Theta a moment, who’s ended up in her lap.
  793. [19:16:16] * Theta picks himself up quickly. "Well. Uh...third time is...a...charm?"
  794. [19:17:40] * Natalie can't restrain a laugh, but walks in. "Sorry! Um, sorry for getting here too soon too I guess."
  795. [19:17:47] <@Ambrosia> Elizabeth: “Apparently so. What is it going to take to get the fates to stop doing this? Dinner and a one night stand?” she sighs with exhasperation. “Hell, I think I’m starting to get used to it.”
  796. [19:19:30] <@Ambrosia> Bebe surpresses a giggle. “It’s okay.” he says to Nat. “Just not quite prepared to go yet. It shouldn’t take too much longer, though.”
  797. [19:20:07] <Natalie> "Whatcha workin' on?"  Nat walks over in a fit of curiosity 1,1that can kill cats.
  798. [19:20:20] <@Ambrosia> Elizabeth taps her pipe on the table and peers in to see if anything fell out, then keeps smoking.
  799. [19:20:35] <Theta> "Apologies. Fate seems to enjoy putting me in these situations. So..."
  800. [19:21:37] <Theta> "Do you find the village accomidating? Anything in particular we'd need to press on or prepare?"
  801. [19:21:49] <@Ambrosia> Bebe waves Nat over to show her, and Ambrosia follows to look.
  802. [19:22:47] * Natalie continues doing so, big excited steps.
  803. [19:22:56] <@Ambrosia> Elizabeth: “It’s quaint enough. Most of the people aren’t any trouble. Comically naive, even. ...In fact they remind me a lot of you when we met. Unfortunate that the titular black mages are mostly gone now.” she sighs.
  804. [19:23:29] <Natalie> "Oh uh..."
  805. [19:23:52] * Natalie pauses mid-walk to give Theta a look. A questioning, like, 'should we tell them?' look. But only for a second as she keeps following Bebe after.
  806. [19:24:02] <Theta> "Well...yeah, I was like that too. Most of us were. There ARE dolls remaining but...well, not here at the present."
  807. [19:24:11] * Theta nods, he figured they would when the time arose.
  808. [19:24:21] * Natalie nods back and keeps on walkin'.
  809. [19:24:27] <@Ambrosia> Bebe: “Geomancers can sense the corruption in the forces of nature if they listen hard enough, but I’m going to need precision instruments for this, I feel. I’ve just been making sure to gather my things.”
  810. [19:25:05] <Natalie> "Ohh.... so uh, if something is corrupted do you know how to uncorrupt it?"
  811. [19:25:12] <Theta> "Well the good news is that might not be entirely true. The bad news is earlier we discovered the spirits are corrupting Titan."
  812. [19:25:30] <@Ambrosia> He shows you an odd implement that looks like a pair of scales, except the actual scales are replaced with an image of Gaia and a glowing orb like the ones at the junkyard in Lindblum.
  813. [19:25:49] <Theta> "And he's heading due east last we saw."
  814. [19:25:53] <@Ambrosia> Bebe: “Oh, that’s terrible. Let me think...”
  815. [19:26:16] * Natalie looks over it a bit until Theta speaks, then dart-turns back and gives a sad nod. "Yeah... it's really sad. There's gotta be a way to do SOMETHING."
  816. [19:26:40] <Theta> "Well, before, Natalie, when we defeated Lich and he left, the corruption lifted."
  817. [19:26:45] <Theta> "So...I'd imagine it's the same principal here."
  818. [19:26:51] <@Ambrosia> Bebe: “Sources of corruption can usually be cleansed with simple geotrances and dedication, but I’ve never heard of a living being affected so.”
  819. [19:27:07] <@Ambrosia> Bebe: “Removing the source of corruption may work, yes.”
  820. [19:27:11] <Natalie> "Ohh, that's what you meant!  Then... okay.  We just have to beat something up to cure it."
  821. [19:27:23] <@Ambrosia> Bebe: “-well, aside from monsters.” he adds.
  822. [19:27:32] <@Ambrosia> Bebe: “Eidolons are a bit of a different story...”
  823. [19:27:54] * Natalie armfolds and nods again. "Well, he's definitely not a monster. But he did act like one."
  824. [19:27:55] <Natalie> Sniff.
  825. [19:28:00] <@Ambrosia> Bebe: “More precisely I’ve never heard of civilized beings affected by corruption.”
  826. [19:28:20] <Theta> "Other than that we ran into some of Ayane's servants near Conde Petie. Which odd place to encounter them."
  827. [19:28:44] <@Ambrosia> Bebe: “Odd, indeed... did you see which way they went?”
  828. [19:28:52] * Natalie points up.
  829. [19:31:53] <@Ambrosia> Bebe rummages through more of his things.
  830. [19:32:45] <@Ambrosia> Bebe: “I haven’t gotten a chance to try it, but I have purifying salts to attempt an old fashioned exorcism. ...usually those work on undead people-spirits, not elemental spirits.”
  831. [19:32:57] <Theta> "T-1000 was there, and I know she's a blue mage. Do Hill Giants happen to have anything special a Blue Mage would be interested in? Might explain it..."
  832. [19:33:30] <@Ambrosia> Bebe thinks. “Earthquake.”
  833. [19:33:45] <@Ambrosia> Bebe: “Sometimes known as Earth Shaker.”
  834. [19:33:48] <Natalie> "Oh, Titan likes Earthquakes..."
  835. [19:33:51] <Natalie> "..."
  836. [19:33:55] <Natalie> "!!!!!!"
  837. [19:33:56] <Theta> "Oh. Pht."
  838. [19:34:15] <Theta> EARTHQUAKES ARE FOR SISSIES.
  839. [19:35:26] <@Ambrosia> Bebe grabs a few more instruments, and nods. “I think I have everything, now.”
  840. [19:35:35] * Natalie puts a finger-to-chin again. "Well... now that makes sense. But! We should try anything we can to uncorrupt him, even if we CAN'T find what caused it. It's gonna be bad if he stays like that."
  841. [19:35:47] <@Ambrosia> He slings an oversized backpack onto his back now, stumbling around a bit.
  842. [19:35:58] <@Ambrosia> Bebe: “I agree.”
  843. [19:36:00] <Natalie> "Er I mean um... if you can try I'd ask for your help.  If we run into him."
  844. [19:36:09] * Natalie lets out a sigh of relief. "Thanks."
  845. [19:36:21] <@Ambrosia> Elizabeth: “This will be an interesting opportunity for research...”
  846. [19:36:29] <@Ambrosia> Cirra looks up. “Oh! When did all of you get here?”
  847. [19:36:38] <@Ambrosia> Cirra: “These notes were so interesting.” :<
  848. [19:36:38] * Natalie holds up a hand. "Hi."
  849. [19:36:46] <@Ambrosia> Cirra: “Hello!”
  850. [19:36:47] <Theta> "Um."
  851. [19:36:53] <Theta> "Hello!"
  852. [19:37:02] <Natalie> "Notes on..."
  853. [19:37:06] * Natalie is already shoulder-peeking.
  854. [19:37:08] <Theta> "We're leaving already then? Hrm. Alright then..."
  855. [19:37:33] <@Ambrosia> Bebe: “Oh, do you need some rest? I could probably do a bit more preparation, I just assumed you were in a hurry.”
  856. [19:37:37] <Natalie> "Nnnk. A nap would be nice, but I guess if we don't have time for it..."
  857. [19:37:52] <@Ambrosia> Bebe: “You’re welcome to stay at my place... or, well, I’m sure your house is still fine.”
  858. [19:38:05] * Natalie gives Theta puppy dog eyes.
  859. [19:39:27] <Theta> "I'm fine leaving, but perhaps we should eat something before we leave? Might be nothing but camp dinners for a bit then."
  860. [19:39:45] <Theta> "Just feels a bit weird to finally return here just to leave immediately again, but it is a pressing matter."
  861. [19:39:48] <@Ambrosia> Bebe: “Very well, then! Who’s cooking?”
  862. [19:39:51] <Natalie> :<
  863. [19:40:06] <Natalie> "Well as long as I get a few minutes at least..."
  864. [19:40:09] * Natalie curls up in a corner.
  865. [19:40:19] <Theta> "You could just - yes, like that."
  866. [19:40:19] <Natalie> After spinning around three times.
  867. [19:40:47] <@Ambrosia> Ambrosia looks down at Nat, then copies her, curling up nearby, but keeps looking up at Theta and the others with open eyes, confused.
  868. [19:41:02] <Natalie> zzzz!
  869. [19:41:24] <@Ambrosia> Elizabeth: “I suppose I’ll cook.”
  870. [19:42:10] * Theta finds this amusing, specially with Ambrosia copying it, but sees nothing wrong with it. "Thank you, Elizabeth."
  871. [19:42:31] <@Ambrosia> Gale: “Rub a dub dub, fix us some grub.”
  872. [19:42:57] <@Ambrosia> Elizabeth puts out her pipes, stands up, and goes to wash her hands.
  873. [19:43:06] <@Ambrosia> Aaaand anything else?
  874. [19:43:12] <Natalie> zzzzzzzz
  875. [19:43:14] <@Ambrosia> or do you want to have moe dinner now?
  876. [19:43:24] <Natalie> let's put it this way
  877. [19:43:29] <Natalie> >starting a session with eating food
  878. [19:44:03] <Theta> I was actually looking for an excuse to wrap up cause it's nearly 10 PM ;-;
  879. [19:44:06] <Theta> this split is killer
  880. [19:44:17] <@Ambrosia> Yeah, okay~
  881. [19:44:23] <@Ambrosia> </session> for now.
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