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  1. Protips From Harley Quinn/EenKogNeeto and some Anon who didnt leave a name.
  3. You can use a laser gun and shoot it at a locker to open the locker, Useful for wizards and traitors who didnt buy an emag. It will take the entire clip of lasers though.
  5. Robotics has a circuit imprinter in it, if you can get the RD or AI to set you to have acess you dont need to ask R&D for boards. Just chemlab for acid.
  7. Eswords count as shields, Which means you can block taser shots fairly reliably Get a shield to go with your sword, And some abalative armor, and laugh when they try to stun you. On a further note of that, Stunsticks cannot be blocked. In any way. so the best choice against an esworder/etc is a stunstick.
  9. The greatest tool against a rogue hulk is a dripper of ryetalin, Or a syringe gun. It will insantly remove their hulkism (And any defects or powers they had besides hulk)
  11. Doctors delight heals every type of damage, so do the components of it on their own.
  12. Carrots heal eye damage.
  13. Laser tag gun turrets are lethal turrets.
  14. Get a name, A non random name and play often people will come to respect you most likely, They are more likely to believe you when you tell them things like "This guys a changeling" as you space some guy and not even question it. Seriously, I went by the same name constantly on Tgstation and never played antag and eventaully nobody questioned me ever and the few times I was traitor I could do pretty much anything and get away with it (I didnt even get cuffed despite an unlocked PDA and shit and ended up getting my objective handed to me so on so forth)
  16. Shards of glass do 15 damage when thrown, Lasers do 15 damage, Welders do 15 damage.
  18. Im really running out of shit to add to this so if you have anything let me know and ill mark i down and when I have enough ill update again.
  20. Most fires you're going to be fighting are going to be plasma-based because few people ever take the time to make oxygen-based fires. Understanding the atmos system is part of fighting fires effectively without having to drag around a fire extinguisher, which is only useful for containing a fire for a few precious seconds.
  22. What you're going to want to do is wear a firesuit and prepare to contain the area the plasma is coming from. If it's a vent, get in there with your welding tool and seal that shit. If it's a tank, just close the valve and pull it out of the fire before it bursts. If you don't have a firesuit, don't worry about it. Few fires ever get hot enough to instant-kill you and those that do will never give you a sign that this is going to happen until it's too late. Ice cubes from the bartender will help control your body temperature, but it's a shoddy replacement for a good firesuit. Hell, any exosuit will help in your efforts to survive a fire.
  24. If you can't contain it, get yourself a scrubber or a canister of Nitrogen. You'll be able to identify them by the signature dark red color. If you can't find one, a simple white Air Mix canister will suffice, as it's eighty percent Nitrogen anyway. The reason you want that stuff is that it absorbs heat like a motherfucker. Releasing it in the vicinity of a fire will make the temperature drop considerably and choke out the fire as a result, because you're not allowing new plasma to become part of the air. The air mix will still cause this effect, but on a smaller scale.
  26. You can make tricordrazine by mixing anti-toxins and inaprovaline. For a good emergency syringe, get ten units of inaprovaline and five units of antitoxin. It'll create ten units of tricordrazine for healing and leave five units of inaprovaline for stabilizing an unconscious person.
  28. Should you have the means to make it, I would also suggest keeping it in pill format. It takes a bit longer for it to kick in, meaning you can eat the pill and run into a dangerous situation and have the effects kick in shortly thereafter.
  30. Don't stand still, a slugfest will just get you almost as fucked up as your opponent unless you have vastly superior weaponry.
  31. Get weapons; fire extinguishers, circular saws, welders, hell even toolboxes will do much more damage to someone than your fists.
  32. Stun those fuckers, aim at the mouth or head when punching and the groin for disarming for maximum stun potential. If you can get the parts make some stungloves or steal a flash.
  33. Fake death, when someone starts beating you wait for a few hits and start emoting gasps and then eventually emote a deathgasp, if you're lucky or they're lazy they won't bother examining you and just run off to do other shit.
  36. you don't get shocked if you manage to hit the power line in an APC.
  38. Localized power outage means that shocked doors won't shock you. They also won't resist a crowbar unless they've been bolted. Further, you can figure out the wires in the doors or vending machines with a multitool.
  40. I believe it's the red light that needs to be off in a vending machine to disable the ID-scan, meaning you can get access to that delicious spaceacillin without having to wait for a Medical Doctor. You'll have to use wirecutters to make this happen. The green light also needs to be yellow in order to unlock the extended inventory, something that can only be done by pulsing the appropriate wire.
  42. There are two wires coming out of engineering clip/destroy those and you cut power to the entire station.
  43. http://i46.tinypic.com/dg6m4z.png
  45. Hey! You! Officer Mcbeat! You want to beat traitors to death with a harmbaton right?
  46. No no not me! Stop that. You can find traitors easy! Just give them a punch and forcefeed them some syndiecakes (obtained from telling (Not asking) an engineer to hack a snack machine) If they heal up they are a Antagonist role! Beat them to death for JUSTICE/VALID KILL OMG and remember: Dont wash yourself up! Blood is a badge of honor!
  48. To make Cyanide/Retrovirus/Other viruses, Obtain METROID CORES! From Xenobio, To kill the metroids yourself, heres what you do!
  49. 1st: Do not PANIC. They arent that hungry, And if they do latch onto you thats GOOD it lets you insta-kill them
  51. 3rd: Spray diagonally, Pull them into a corner for maximum effect. Dont ATTACK them. It makes them mad, Just spray by clicking the wall behind them.
  52. 4th: After killing them, Drag them to the table, Grab them and click it, Then Scalple twice and saw three times.
  53. Now, Take the cores to Chemlab and inject them with Sugar and SulphAcid using a Syringe, if it doenst do anything move to the next core, If it makes a bubble or something, draw from it, If its got blood and cyanide Congrats theres your diseases and cyanide!
  55. To replicate chemicals infinitely:
  56. Obtain beaker containing atleast 1 unit of the chem.
  57. Spam click the transfer button in the chem-master/Condimaster after changing transfer from 'To disposal' to 'to beaker'
  59. To survive in space all you need is internals and floor tiles under you, You take no damage and actually take less the longer you are on the tiles.
  61. Stungloves can be made from any gloves, Boxinggloves Latex gloves etc by wrapping wires around them then clicking them with a powercell, if none are available, Ask botany for a potato! You can wire the potato then use it as a power cell.
  63. Polytrinic Acid is Potassium Chlorine Sulphacid.
  65. Swiping a robotics access ID onto a emagged/unlocked(Traitorai) borg gives a special message (Unconfirmed) and if its still synced to the ai...Well then the Ai is a traitor/malf!
  67. Thermite can destroy Rwalls if you welder them, Even in one unit doses! Alimunum Iron Oxygen is the recipe. take two beakers for maximum usage.
  69. Ebows are the traitors Taser! Recharges automatically, No combat messages or putting in backpack messages and spammable! it also does damage and can be used to make turrets!
  71. Turrets can be made fairly easily out of 7 sheets of metal a proxy sensor a blue toolbox and any sort of energy based gun (Including Ebows)
  73. Doctors Delight is the poormans tricord, Just ask the bartender for some at the start of the shift and enioy being at 100% all the time!
  75. Nutriment (From grinding up food and then duping it) can make burgers last forever! Just use the condimaster to make a bottle of it and click the burger!
  77. Lethal weapons are all well and good, But stun is ALWAYS better. ALWAYS. Stungloves beat a lasergun even.
  79. Stunsticks ALWAYS hit when they hit, They cant be blocked by riotshields/eswords/vests etc. These are the weapon of choice against an esword toting traitor.
  81. Coffee counteracts Chloral hydrate and the sleep-effect of cyanide (Not the damage) and Anti-toxin removes both from your system. wizards make use of this and you wont get a dripper of chloral or a syringe then die
  83. To mine properly, Get a jetpack or something, And go around the outside of the rock, Then explore the asteroid field off to the west, its generally got a shitload of diamonds. Learn where the abandoned tele is to get back should you accidentally space youself.
  85. Red Spacesuits can be stored in your backpack.
  87. Wearing a gasmask, If you take your ID off you will appear as Unknown, Useful for commiting crimes, But if your like me and have a very obvious hairstyle (Bright blond long hair stands out, And if your like dante, You need a fucking borg-helmet to even manage to not get known who it is.
  89. Portable flashers only need wrenched to work, And stun borgs. and you taking a step activates them. do the math.
  91. Ion rifles,If you can get your hands on one, Is the ultimate anti-borg weapon, It has a 9x9 stun radius for borgs and does massive damage to them, It also has the perks of normal EMP Such as disabling headsets, shocking doors draining guns etc.
  93. EMP grenades are fairly useful, They stun borgs in a full screen ( think flashbang for borgs ) shock doors, activate fire alarms, Mess up headsets and drain all weaponry of its charges, Including borgs tasers/stunsticks.
  95. Emagging borgs can fail, Spam those clicks.
  97. Wizards please note that Knock opens all doors, Bolted etc or otherwise, and opens blast doors. Blind is a guranteed stun that prevents them from shooting. EMP Is larger than a full screen of "Fuck you" to everyone, It stuns borgs explodes machines shocks doors emptys guns, Flashes people with flashes in their hands/pockets among other things such as making their headsets fuck up. Forcewall blocks tasers/lasers. Mutate gives you LASER VISION and HULK. Which makes you unstunnable and gives you infinite lasers (Harm intent, Click anywhere i think) and Staff of change can be used to strip people before you Ei_nath them so you can get that precious ID of the captains. (It also heals whoever you shoot with it on a unrelated note!
  100. Cultists! Spam Blind runes and never be beaten! Collect braindead people to pull around in a locker and enjoy being able to bloodboil ANYWHERE. Speaking of, Bloodboil is a FULL SCREEN INSTANT CRIT for all non-cultists! Remember, Treat cult like Rev with superpowers, Always be converting never kill, You can convert ANYONE right now Including the chaplain/captain/hos/sec!
  104. Changelings: You are so fucking OP right now it isnt even funny, Immune to stuns, Come back from death any time...Just eat monkeys and shit for genomes then enjoy godmode murderboner. Also your brain cant be cut out while your faking death now. Cool. You can eat other changelings to get all their genomes +2 (I think you might be able to abuse this and constantly eat eachother but I might be wrong.)
  106. Traitors: NEVER FORGET STEALTH AND MISDIRECTION ARE YOUR STRONGEST TOOLS. Dont murderboner, Its stupid and only gets you killed. Revolvers do a whopping 60 damage a shot and 24 damage a melee, Great investment. Thermals are also good. Balloons are a GREAT investment, Most people will trade you your objective for one if you ask nicely. But beware the metagaming fagets that will kill you for it
  108. How2metagame!
  109. First: LISTEN TO THE RADIO, If theres multiple reports of something its probably true (I hear flashing, Flashing in bar! - Its a revolution likely.)
  110. Second: Learn what the antags do, Nukeops fly around the station so get to maints and watch space, Changelings drag people to solars, The dorms, The front of arrivals ship, Etc. and for fuck sake do not 1v1 a ling unless you have chloral/cyanide (You should)
  111. misc Tips: Cultists cannot use runes if they cant hear, Flashbangs will prevent those damn bloodboil runes. You can instakill even admin mechs with a water-potas grenade timed correctly thrown at them (And gib dead people) Throw two and you will KO the driver too. Shooting a taser out of the shuttle while its in motion will stick the electrode there. Just a fun thing. Polyacid is shit tier now, Dont waste your time, Unstable mutagen is really good it mutates them rapidly changing their appearance and giving them defects out the ass.
  113. Janitor borgs when emagged/malf get infinite spacelube. A malf Ai with 3 janitor borgs will bring the station to its knees.
  115. Space travel is quite easy (A bit harder since a recent update made it hard to see when your gonna zone), DJ station is NW from Derelict, And the abandoned Tele is directly south from the derelict chapels mass driver. Thats Z level 1, And Z level 2 (Comms etc) is where the comms sat is, And NE of there is the derelict ship, And out its mass driver is the clown co-ords. Enjoy.
  117. Wizards can get to centcom using a spacesuit and a jetpack fairly easily, Get the suit/jetpack, Go get clown co-ords, Tele to clown planet, Put on robes, jaunt out, Put on suit, Fly to centcom (NW) and then put on roes and jaunt in.
  119. C4 can be used to break shit, Anything you can click you can plant it on and remove, Such as cloning machines, Apcs (Especially hard to fix) Ais...Borgs...Walls..Doors..People...Blast doors...Evidence...
  121. Embrace the lag, it is your friend, You can take out all of sec with a bit of luck and a good lagspike and some stungloves.
  123. When shooting for a perp, Aim straight down the hallway not to the sides, Chances are he will run into it. Clicking people will generally hit them. If you can get a straight shot to run in while clicking someone, Do it and you can lag-stun them.  
  125. Standard borgs get an Esword when emagged, and a stunstick. Do the math.
  127. You can use tasers to navigate in space as a secborg, Or laserguns, By firing in the opposite direction and trying to move where you want to go.
  129. You can use a hand tele to get into the caps office fairly easily.
  131. TO TELE PEOPLE TO CLOWN PLANET: Take a tele beacon, When you click the console it will be 'set' to tele to clown planet, Figure out which one it is, Use a hand tele to lock onto it, And throw people into it. Bam entire crew on clown planet.
  133. To choke people quickly, You need to solid-passive grab (The X goes away) then spam click the upgrade grab button, You will have your hands choking them before they even notice you grabbed them by the hands!
  135. Ninjas are the most OP antag but admins love to spawn them, They have a near infinite homing ebow shot (Estar) 70 damage sword that can cut through walls, Instagib move, Can touch the ai to take it and a single click to over-write its laws. They can carry powercells in their backpack to recharge anywhere, EMP then C4 mechs to get rid of marauders/etc that may be after them, They are perfect killing machines.
  137. Pickaxes and mining drills are incredibly robust AND can be stored in your belt slot. Aim for the head.
  141. You might still be able to use LSD to Metagame but I think they patched it.
  142. You can use metroid cores to get roburgers, Then grind them and get nanites, Then nanite smoke people like I love to do.
  144. Metroid Reactions: http://pastebin.com/7TNBa8eU
  145. Chemlab Reactions: http://pastebin.com/HkxLPvVT
  146. Bar Drinks + Removed Drinks: http://pastebin.com/d7refpVv
  147. Misc Kitchen Reactions: http://pastebin.com/Ti5r7Zqq
  148. Microwave Recipes: http://pastebin.com/5QtW79ab
  149. Virus Info: http://pastebin.com/n0kYnctn
  150. Weapon Damage Info: http://pastebin.com/V09BdQ1Q
  151. Required tech levels to MAKE things: http://pastebin.com/k1k075mu
  152. Armor values of clothes: http://pastebin.com/mCwq5vxF
  153. Thats all i can come up with off the top of my head.
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