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Industrial wool production - Modded Minecraft

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Sep 22nd, 2013
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  1. Basically, you have a very strange farm that makes grass from dirt. The grass is harvested and put into a large reserve. This grass is then used to be pushed under sheep, by putting it in a large piston conveyor belt of grass. At the bottom of the conveyor belt, dirt is taken away to the grass-making farm, and grass from the farm is placed in the dirt's place. Above the conveyor belt is a very large and compacted herd of sheep (about 1000 within a chunk), all eating grass constantly to regain their wool. The player sits in a small "bunker", with an MPS tool, walking down a row of charge pads shooting shearing blades at the sheep. Four thaumostatic magnetizers are placed in the corners, and all wool is dragged up to them, and put into obsidian pipes. The pipes go into an ME system, and you now have a semi-manual way of industrial wool production. No sheep are harmed and wool production is massive, however, there is a very large cost to this contraption.
  3. To make it, you need four thaumostatic magnetizers, which are quite expensive and require indepth Thaumcraft research. You also need 64 pistons if you're making the the harvester 16x16 horizontally, for the grass conveyor belt. Furthermore, you'll require turtles and coding knowledge to get the turtles to place grass and break dirt if they see it at the bottom of the conveyor belt. And to hurt your resources even more, you'll require a very steady high-output of EU, MJ, or UE to be able to power all the charge pads at once. You'll also require an MPS tool equipped with a shearing blade and a battery, which may be hard to make considering you need at least one emerald for the power armor tinker table. You will also require large amounts of sheep, which can be gained by breeding, cloning, or importing.
  5. TL;DR: Get a bunch of sheep and make them eat grass constantly while shearing them from a distance. Very expensive to setup, including power requirements, Thaumcraft research, unhealthy amounts of sheep, an emerald, more than two stacks of iron, and coding knowledge.
  7. TL;SDR: Wool production gone industrial. The price has also gone industrial.
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