Situation with William McCarthy

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  1. For though of you whom are aware of the situation, Professor McCarthy has been heavily unprofessional with his approach in the game of go project and his overall classroom for CPSC 481(Artificial Intelligence). I scheduled a meeting with Director Ryu wanting to discuss the current situation of the class and the contradiction that Professor McCarthy has spoken with the director.
  3. Contradiction:
  4. Professor McCarthy had said that our class for CPSC 481, have fully functional working Go Bots capable of playing against one another. He had also told the director that we have gone over topics such as perceptions, deep neural networks and other forms neural network related topics and that we *understand it*.
  6. Conversation:
  7. As I sat down with Director Ryu, I informed of him first about our biggest concern. The Game of Go Project. I told him a majority of the issues that we have came across from, starting from non-supported packages, python-version errors, Operating Machine Differences. He replies that those are all standard issues to have as computer scientists and that we should be able to solve him. I go more in depth with him saying that the resource materials that we were suppose to reference are no longer usable due to being outdated or non-supported. He asks what did professor McCarthy do to help us and i blatantly told him nothing. I had told the director about our series of questions and email requests that we have sent to McCarthy and how we were all left with nothing. No reply, no attempt at an answer, nothing. I further explained to Director Ryu how these few "lectures" have been us solely working on the project and that the times we've spent in class have lead us still to non-functional working projects. He then questions and EXPLICITLY said, he has had troubles with McCarthy's teaching style from previous semesters of students complaints and that McCarthy "does things his own way". As I dive further and further in explaining how the class truly has not really learn anything, Director Ryu begins to inform me about how in the real world, us computer scientist are expected to know 3 things, Math, Algorithms and How to Code, and how a majority of CS- are unable to have all 3. He told to me that he will talk once more with McCarthy about the go project and to not worry about our grade(???) since he will attempt to get it possibly dropped(not too sure how that will affect our final project grade). Lastly, I asked if he could see if McCarthy is a man of his words and has a working version of the project that he says he does, but Professor Ryu says that the professor is not required to do the project. There, I questioned the fact that if Professor McCarthy doesn't have a working version, then he must be able to solve our project-related questions then and Director Ryu agrees.
  9. Game Development:
  10. I briefly mentioned that I am currently also enrolled in his game-development class and how we are being fed tutorials from other sites in substitutes to his lectures and how he more or less threatens us with "quizzes" about unreal or python. I also told him about how our in-class attendance is for us only to be working on our projects and that we actually haven't had a lecture from him since the introduction to python segment he did in the beginning
  13. TLDR: Told Director Ryu about our situation with McCarthy in our AI and Game Dev class. Said he'd do his best to get it sorted. Said if we really aren't able to get a working bot, then McCarthy will highly likely just have to drop the project.
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