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  1. Some basic steps to doxxing, the rest you should be able to figure out on your own.
  2. 1. The biggest thing you will need is the name of the person you are doxing. Usernames and phone numbers work as well. So do emails. Essentially you are looking for any sort of personal information that relates to your target
  3. 2. Once you have some information relating to your target. Go to pages like this
  8. Put in said information in the search field, i.e phone numbers, names, addresses, email addresses, anything of the like.
  9. When it comes to finding your specific target you have to know enough about them to be able to roughly pin point who your target is. i.e there is a Bernie Sanders in iowa but you are looking for the one in Vermont. So in your list of people you would need to look for the one in vermont.
  10. 3 Once you find your target on one website, find the same on across others and then compile a collective list of information.
  11. 4 Once you have said list ready, go to paste bin on a vpn and post it or post it in our chat and we will go from there.
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