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Oct 15th, 2015
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  1. Hello, you are advertising a product on google for a lower price than it apperas on the store, ive read your TOS and can see it doesnt follow Australian law
  2. 10:33:33 PM
  3. "if you choose an item or service that has multiple different prices displayed or advertised and the business can’t withdraw the product or service from sale and fix the error, you are entitled to buy it for the lowest price."
  4. Kim10:35:25 PM
  5. May I know what do you want to know or happen?
  6. Daniel10:35:36 PM
  7. **LinkToImageShowing the advert8*
  8. 10:35:51 PM
  9. I cant see any kits for $44 on your website
  10. Kim10:38:01 PM
  11. That might be one of our promotion that already ended.
  12. 10:38:13 PM
  13. You can always check our website that would be much okay.
  14. Daniel10:38:36 PM
  15. Your not allowed to in Australia have multiple prices for a product showing
  16. 10:39:28 PM
  17. Specfically its illegal at teh moment for selling a product at a higher price
  18. Kim10:39:53 PM
  19. Google, shows all prices even it is already gone.
  20. Daniel10:40:21 PM
  21. It is legal to sell it at the lowest advertised price OR to refuse to sell it at any price
  22. 10:41:36 PM
  23. I can see very clearly when searching on ebay its still being advertised
  24. Kim10:42:07 PM
  25. Please be advised that we have different department for Ebay Orders.
  26. Daniel10:42:21 PM
  27. Its not Ebay
  28. 10:42:27 PM
  29. Its that you are Advertising it through Google
  30. Kim10:43:33 PM
  31. Yes, the google shows that advertisement even it is already long gone or finished
  32. Daniel10:45:49 PM
  33. Because Im an Australian and you operate with an ABN
  34. 10:45:58 PM
  35. The Australian Law states: the business must withdraw the product or service from sale until the multiple pricing problem is fixed,
  36. Kim10:46:18 PM
  37. We always appreciate customers who take the time to give us their feedback. I'll pass what you've said onto our management team.
  38. Daniel10:47:09 PM
  39. Could I ask, would you sell me that product for the full price, the advertised lowest price or you wont sell the product
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