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  1.  - ZXC was a mistake. (I'm using QWERTZ layout. Please consider rebindable keys)
  2.  - Text crawl too slow. If it's sped up while holding Z, it's not noticable
  3.  - >Tee hee
  4.  - Stuck in the shop. Pressing exit shows the pipboy view, so do buy and sell. Any button on the pipboy leads back to the shop view
  5.  - Knowing to use R to reset would have been useful before I got to the shop
  6.  - >Tee hee
  7.  - Guess S is slide?
  8.  - Lots of empty space in the level design. With the camera this far out, 50% and more of what the player can see is uninteresting scenery they can't enter or otherwise interact with. Why should a player need to see this much nothing?
  9.  - Standard weapon sound getting kinda annoying
  10.  - Climbed ladder in slime room. Camera ain't following me, but the room doesn't change either
  11.  - It's easy to get caught inside one of the floating enemies, leading to a huge health loss for one mistake
  12.  - Getting screen tears in fullscreen mode
  13.  - Room with second canonier enemy doesn't scroll up when moving along the top
  14.  - Redesign your jump. Several times I wanted to use short jumps to get to the right height to shoot an enemy, but couldn't because your jump is static
  15.  - Apparently the canonball is called oilshot
  16.  - Can't go whence I came after acquiring oilshot
  17.  - Splitshot noise needs redesign. Too loud
  18.  - Homing shot tries to get enemies in unreachable places
  19.  - Blind falls are bad design. If a player is supposed to take a long drop they should know whether or not they may take it without taking damage
  20.  - Homing shot does not consistently home in on enemies. Especially visible at second oilshot slime on tubes and after
  21.  - Changing directions sometimes not responsive. Moving in one direction, then immediately switching to the other results in a small delay
  22.  - Floating enemies are hard to kill due to the way jumping works. This could be circumvented by making them move towards player's y position more urgently than to his x position
  23.  - I have yet to find out how to use an energy tank
  24.  - Alt+F4 does not quit the game. Neither does ESC
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