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Jun 10th, 2014
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  1. <Piggybear87> OK, using top (on Vazon's server, thank you again BTW), I found out that Walking uses more CPU than flying. My flying peaked at 140% CPU and 74% RAM, but I didn't lag. Walking, I used about the same peak CPU and no more RAM at all. The difference between walking and flying is average. Flying ~50% Walking ~80%. I didn't start to lag out until my mouse freaked out and spun me around really fast and I hanged for a bit. BUT it used no more CPU or RAM.
  2. <Piggybear87> .. I don't know what the hell is wrond with this thing...
  3. <Piggybear87> And asl, The only things I have open while playing is Terminal (required), and HexChat. This time I had 2 Terminals open to use top.
  4. <Piggybear87> So... TL;DR I never max out my RAM usage, but go over 100% of CPU. Lagging out happens only when mouse freaks out (I cannot replicate it otherwise).
  5. <Piggybear87> Hopefully someone smart sees this and give me some input on how to not lag out.
  6. <Piggybear87> Good night all.
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