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  1. pilot3030       : hi
  2. ludeman84       : hi
  3. skuld   : Ahh, our large, private hot tub.
  4. skuld   : I invited slinky, where is he?
  5. pilot3030       : lol.. how old karen?
  6. ludeman84       : slides over to urgirl
  7. pilot3030       : invite him again
  8. ludeman84       : 28
  9. pilot3030       : sliding the wrong way karen
  10. skuld   : just did
  11. skuld   slides closer to karen
  12. skuld   beckons chet over
  13. pilot3030       : grl.. why dont you go back out and get him...
  14. skuld   : ok, brb
  15. skuld   : err-you'll have to invite me back.
  16. ludeman84       : chet can you handle both of us
  17. pilot3030       : moves closer to karen
  18. pilot3030       : karen, can you invite her back then?
  19. pilot3030       : yup
  20. ludeman84       : runs my hands over chets chest
  21. pilot3030       : moves closer to karen
  22. pilot3030       : moving my lips to hers
  23. skuld   : It's in friend->invite to chat room
  24. pilot3030       : kissing her passionately
  25. ludeman84       : don't know how to invite
  28. ...    
  31.         You are in "skuld's private hottub:1"( This is a room )
  33. skuld   : he's not there any more.
  34. skuld   : Guess it's a threesome instead of a four.
  35. ludeman84       : forcing tongue into your mouth
  36. pilot3030       : hmm.. wanna go back out for another?
  37. pilot3030       : putting my arms around you..
  38. pilot3030       : kissing you deeply
  39. skuld   nibbles chet's earlobe
  40. ludeman84       : our tongues meeting mmmm
  41. skuld   : Why? Don't think you can take two on your own?
  42. pilot3030       : moves other arm around grl..
  43. pilot3030       : turns head and kisses url hard .. with arms still around karen
  44. ludeman84       : reaches for girls breast
  45. skuld   presses her chest up against chet's back as she kisses chet.
  46. ludeman84       : pinching her nipples gently
  47. pilot3030       : kissing her neck
  48. pilot3030       : and biting it gently
  49. ludeman84       : guiding his mouth to her breast
  50. pilot3030       : then moving back to karen..
  51. skuld   rests her hands on chet's shoulders and starts stroking his body as she feels karen pinching her nipples.
  52. pilot3030       : my hands massaging each ladies breast
  53. pilot3030       : moving my head to karens breast
  54. pilot3030       : putting my lips to her nipples
  55. pilot3030       : and gently sucking them..
  56. pilot3030       : sucking them a bit harder
  57. skuld   starts kissing and sucking on the back of chet's neck
  58. pilot3030       : and biting them
  59. pilot3030       : and letting them stretch in my mouth
  60. ludeman84       : my 34b breast pushing into chets mouth
  61. ludeman84       : my nipples getting hard
  62. pilot3030       : stroking it
  63. pilot3030       : my free hand moves to grls thigh.
  64. pilot3030       : rubbing grls thigh harder
  65. skuld   positions her body so that she's sitting with one leg curled under her as the other foot rests on the pool's bottom.
  66. pilot3030       : and massaging it..
  67. pilot3030       : as my teeth gently tease karens nipple
  68. skuld   starts moving her hips with chet's massage of her thigh.
  69. pilot3030       : moving my mouth to karens other nipple
  70. ludeman84       : i reach down stroking chets cock
  71. pilot3030       : my hands moving higher on grls thigh..
  72. skuld   presses her body forward again, and starts rubbing it slowly up and down chet's back.
  73. pilot3030       : feeling karens hand
  74. ludeman84       : feeling it harden in my hand
  75. skuld   feels her pebble-hard nipples pressing against chet's firm back.
  76. pilot3030       : feeling grl on my back..
  77. pilot3030       : her nipples so hard
  78. ludeman84       : i sit on the edge of the tub and spread my legs invitingly
  79. skuld   slips her hands forward further, under chet's arms, to rub karen's silky smooth skin.
  80. pilot3030       : i turn to grl..
  81. pilot3030       : and take her by the hips
  82. pilot3030       : and move her to the edge of the tub next to karen
  83. skuld   squeals with delight at chet's strong grip
  84. pilot3030       : grl... whats your first name?
  85. skuld   : Well, Karen, looks like he has something in mind.
  86. skuld   : (Srry, my name's Sarah.)
  87. ludeman84       : smiles
  88. pilot3030       : sarah. i need to stay between karens legs for a few minutes.. can you tend to her breasts?
  89. skuld   looks at karen's breasts and nods, smiling.
  90. ludeman84       : turns my breasts towards sara
  91. skuld   : I think I'll manage.
  92. pilot3030       : and karen..
  93. pilot3030       : can you help sara between her legs?
  94. pilot3030       : moving karens hand there
  95. skuld   reaches her hands up and slowly starts caressing karen's breasts, starting with a gentle kneading motion.
  96. skuld   spreads her legs for Karen's hand
  97. pilot3030       : as i move my head to karens thighs
  98. pilot3030       : kissing my way down her stomach
  99. ludeman84       : places my hand between saras legs
  100. skuld   lifts karen's breasts and moves them around, squeezing them gently.
  101. pilot3030       : and to her thighs
  102. ludeman84       : running my fingers up and her slit
  103. skuld   feels a tingle run through her as Karen touches her slit.
  104. pilot3030       : my mouth gently sucking and biting your thighs
  105. ludeman84       : up and down her slit
  106. pilot3030       : i kneel in the tub
  107. skuld   lets Karen's breasts drop down a little and starts rubbing around Karen's nipples.
  108. pilot3030       : and move my head closer to karens upper thighs
  109. ludeman84       : grabs chets hair pulling his mouth to her pussy
  110. pilot3030       : my hands moving to her waist
  111. pilot3030       : and my tongue guides its way up your thighs
  112. ludeman84       : leans over an kisses sara
  113. skuld   takes Karen's nipples between her forefinger and thumb and starts gently pulling them and twisting them, marveling at their beautiful size.
  114. skuld   kisses Karen back with an open mouth and a hungry tongue.
  115. ludeman84       : moans feels so good
  116. pilot3030       : my tongue.. quickly flicking your clit
  117. pilot3030       : feeling it swell
  118. pilot3030       : my teeth gently gripping it and pulling it
  119. ludeman84       : i place my legs on chets shoulders
  120. pilot3030       : and my tongue moving deep inside of you
  121. pilot3030       : your legs on my shoulders
  122. skuld   continues to alternate between squeezing Karen's breasts and pulling her nipples, growing more forceful as time goes and ecstasy grows.
  123. pilot3030       : allow my to explore you deep
  124. ludeman84       : pushing my tongue into saras mouth
  125. skuld   invites your tongue in and explores your mouth at the same time.
  126. pilot3030       : and i continue to lick karen
  127. pilot3030       : i move my hand around saras waist, just to keep her close
  128. ludeman84       : my pussy getting hot an wet
  129. pilot3030       : and flick my tongue on her
  130. skuld   : Mmm, Karen, your fingers are good.... You must practice......
  131. pilot3030       : my tognue as deep as i can get into you karen
  132. ludeman84       : slide 2 fingers into sara
  133. skuld   squeezes Karen's breasts together, then pulls them apart, then pushes them up, then squeezes them back down again.
  134. pilot3030       : as i move deeper
  135. ludeman84       : sucking your tongue
  136. pilot3030       : and my teeth clasp your clit
  137. ludeman84       : oooo
  138. skuld   moans as Karen's fingers work their magic.
  139. pilot3030       : pulling it with my teeth
  140. ludeman84       : grinding my hips into chet
  141. pilot3030       : i start to hum on karens clit
  142. pilot3030       : letting the vibration tease her
  143. pilot3030       : hummmm
  144. skuld   : nce again pulls Karen's nipples, further this time than before, and harder as Karen starts to get more and more out of control.
  145. ludeman84       : my clit swollen an throbing
  146. pilot3030       : feeling karen start to move out of control
  147. pilot3030       : i pull her waist closer to my face
  148. ludeman84       : moaning yesss
  149. pilot3030       : yes sara. pull them
  150. skuld   clamps her mouth down on Karen again in mid moan.
  151. pilot3030       : my mouth moves from karens clit..
  152. pilot3030       : i look to her
  153. pilot3030       : and say
  154. pilot3030       : cum babe
  155. ludeman84       : chet fuck me i want to feel you in me
  156. skuld   : Moan in my mouth, Karen....
  157. pilot3030       : cum for sara and i
  158. pilot3030       : not yet karen
  159. skuld   twists and pulls Karen's nipples...
  160. skuld   : Cum on Karen, for uss....
  161. pilot3030       : my mouth starts to suck karens clit harder
  162. pilot3030       : and deeper
  163. ludeman84       : i start to shake all over
  164. skuld   moans huskily as she again notices the fingers inside her.
  165. pilot3030       : yes.. cum for sarah
  166. pilot3030       : as i feel you start to shake
  167. ludeman84       : i scream as i cum yesss ohhhhh mmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  168. pilot3030       : my teeth pull your clit
  169. pilot3030       : i pull youor waist close to my face
  170. pilot3030       : my tongue moves deeply in you karen
  171. skuld   wraps her arms around Karen and hugs her tightly, pressing her breasts against KAren's breasts.
  172. pilot3030       : grinding you against me
  173. ludeman84       : i can feel my juices running down my thigh
  174. pilot3030       : sucking all your juices
  175. pilot3030       : deep
  176. ludeman84       : tears running down my cheeks mmmmmm
  177. skuld   : Mmm, that's right Karen, cum for us....
  178. pilot3030       : pulling your hips so hard into my face
  179. skuld   : Oh, you're so beautiful...
  180. pilot3030       : not letting anything to waste
  181. ludeman84       : holding sara tight not wanting to let her go
  182. pilot3030       : mmm..
  183. pilot3030       : sucking you so deep
  184. skuld   gyrates her body slowly in a circle, rubbing herself all over Karen's chest and squeezing the breasts together, then pulls out of the hug slightly just to brush her hard nipples against Karen's hard nipples.
  185. pilot3030       : feeling your orgasm start to subside..
  186. pilot3030       : i move saras finger to your clit..
  187. pilot3030       : to keep you going
  188. skuld   : Mmmm, yeah.
  189. pilot3030       : rub it sara
  190. pilot3030       : rub it
  191. skuld   starts fingering Karen's clit with one finger as she inserts another finger into Karen's slit.
  192. ludeman84       : i lean back trying to catch my breathe
  193. pilot3030       : i move my head away from karens pussy
  194. pilot3030       : and start to explore sara with my tongue
  195. pilot3030       : a delight just as nice
  196. pilot3030       : my tongue finds a more swollen clit
  197. skuld   tries to bring Karen back to the edge by fingering her clit for forcefully, but still carefully because it's tender after that last orgasm.
  198. skuld   : Mmm, chet, I'm already ready and waiting for you...
  199. pilot3030       : my tongue quickly and fleetingly flicks your clit
  200. ludeman84       : i kneel between chets legs
  201. pilot3030       : knowing you are near, even before i start
  202. skuld   catches her breath at the sensation of chet's tongue on her clit.
  203. ludeman84       : grab chets cock and sucks him into my mouth
  204. pilot3030       : i suck up all your juices as i do..
  205. skuld   : Oh my- mmmmmm!
  206. pilot3030       : mm karen
  207. ludeman84       : sucking him deeper an deeper into my mouth
  208. pilot3030       : my hands move to your ass, massaging it
  209. pilot3030       : in circles as i eat you
  210. pilot3030       : feeling karens tongue
  211. pilot3030       : my hands move around your hips
  212. skuld   manages to keep one hand stroking karen's clit as her other starts to rub her own breasts and tweak her own nipples.
  213. ludeman84       : bobbing my mouth up an down his shaft
  214. pilot3030       : my finger tips gently probe sara
  215. pilot3030       : i pull karen gently by the hair and look at her
  216. skuld   spreads her legs wider, begging for the attention.
  217. pilot3030       : this is not fair to sara..
  218. pilot3030       : please suck her a bit..
  219. ludeman84       : i look up at chet
  220. pilot3030       : as my mouth moves back to her clit
  221. pilot3030       : my teeth lock on her clit
  222. pilot3030       : and pull it firmly towards me
  223. skuld   : Oooh!
  224. skuld   : I arch my back at the ecstasy.
  225. pilot3030       : i then suck it deep into my mouth
  226. ludeman84       : i go to sara an suck her breast into my mouth
  227. pilot3030       : my tongue moving deep into her
  228. pilot3030       : as i still nibble her clit
  229. ludeman84       : flicking her nipple with my tongue
  230. skuld   breathes deeply and quickly, trying to remember where and who she is in the middle of such a sensation.
  231. skuld   thrusts her breasts slightly forward, into Karen's open mouth.
  232. pilot3030       : almost owning them
  233. ludeman84       : nibbling her nipple biting it gently
  234. pilot3030       : my fingertips grazing the crack of her ass
  235. ludeman84       : pulling it with my teeth
  236. pilot3030       : sucking her deeply
  237. pilot3030       : i look at karen.. and smile..
  238. pilot3030       : and say to her..
  239. skuld   : Oh- oh yes! Chet... Karen... Oh my- Oooh!
  240. pilot3030       : saras almost ready
  241. pilot3030       : i can tell
  242. pilot3030       : i move back to her pussy and start to eat her again
  243. pilot3030       : i suck deeper
  244. skuld   bucks her hips wildly and unconciously, caught up in the sex.
  245. pilot3030       : and start to hum on her.. letting her feel what karen did
  246. pilot3030       : the vibrations
  247. pilot3030       : the pleasure
  248. ludeman84       : cupping her iti with my hand sucking harder
  249. pilot3030       : hummmmm
  250. skuld   : ooooooooohhhhhhhh!
  251. pilot3030       : sucking her so deep
  252. pilot3030       : the sensations
  253. skuld   : Chet, let me cum, please let me cum!
  254. pilot3030       : making sure she cums hard
  255. pilot3030       : cum sara
  256. ludeman84       : biting her nipple hard
  257. pilot3030       : yes...
  258. pilot3030       : flicking my tongue wildly on her
  259. pilot3030       : looking up at karen, as i do
  260. skuld   barely notices her two fingers still inside Karen and moving as quickly as her own body.
  261. ludeman84       : as i feel her body tensing
  262. pilot3030       : and grinding her on my face
  263. skuld   lets the tension in her body reach the breaking point....
  264. pilot3030       : allowing it
  265. pilot3030       : yes..
  266. ludeman84       : grinding on her fingers
  267. skuld   : OooooooooHhhhhhhhH!!!!!!
  268. pilot3030       : and gently pulling her clit with my teeth one more time..
  269. skuld   : Here it cums!
  270. pilot3030       : knowing this will send her over the edge
  271. ludeman84       : yes cum sara
  272. pilot3030       : cum sara..
  273. skuld   feels her cum start to pump out of her
  274. pilot3030       : massaging your ass
  275. pilot3030       : sucking your juices
  276. pilot3030       : licking them all up
  277. ludeman84       : licking your pink nipples
  278. skuld   feels her pussy muscles spasm a couple times as the tension escapes and she's filled with the glow of wonderful sex.
  279. pilot3030       : mmm
  280. pilot3030       : knowing sara is there..
  281. pilot3030       : cum..
  282. skuld   : Yeeeeeeesssssssssssss!!!!!!!!
  283. skuld   : The cum is dripping down my thighs...
  284. pilot3030       : looking at karen with a smile...
  285. pilot3030       : as sara cums hard
  286. ludeman84       : smiling at sara an chet
  287. ludeman84       : your turn chet
  288. skuld   convulses a couple times as she cums, then relaxes,looks at chet, and smiles.
  289. skuld   : Yes, your turn.
  290. ludeman84       : licks saras thigh wanting to taste her sweet nectar
  291. skuld   : Karen? Would you like the honor of his shaft, or shall I?
  292. skuld   rubs Karen's head between her legs.
  293. pilot3030       : stay between her legs karen..
  294. skuld   keeps her legs spread and leans over to rest her head near chet's rock hard cock.
  295. ludeman84       : i spread saras pussy lips with my fingers
  296. ludeman84       : pushing my tongue into saras pussy
  297. skuld   licks chet's cockhead lightly a few times, wetting it with her saliva.
  298. pilot3030       : i move behind karen, as she does
  299. skuld   Smiles happily...
  300. skuld   : Ahhh, a true love triangle....
  301. pilot3030       : my hands move up and down karens back...
  302. ludeman84       : flicking my tongue in an out of her pussy
  303. skuld   : umps her hips slightly against Karen's tongue as she massages chet's ass with her hands.
  304. ludeman84       : thamn up her slit to her clit
  305. ludeman84       : sucking her swollen clit
  306. pilot3030       : mmm watching my ladies work
  307. skuld   licks the drop of precum from teh tip of chets cock, tastes it, then places her lips just around his cockhead and start to suck, hard.
  308. ludeman84       : flicking it with my tongue
  309. pilot3030       : letting sara suck me..
  310. pilot3030       : i move my head to karens pussy again..
  311. skuld   tries to suck out chet's precum, opening his little penis slit with her tongue to make sure that nothing is left.
  312. pilot3030       : and start to suck it..
  313. ludeman84       : sucking the juices out of sara
  314. skuld   slowly moves her head down, then up on chet's shaft, then down and up again, down and up.
  315. pilot3030       : karen,, you ready for me?
  316. pilot3030       : flicking my tongue on karen again..
  317. ludeman84       : my tongue entering her again
  318. skuld   trying to suck out chet's precum as much as karen sucks out my own
  319. ludeman84       : spreading my legs
  320. pilot3030       : i move and get up...
  321. ludeman84       : getting excited again
  322. pilot3030       : looking at sara
  323. skuld   sucks chet more and more, harder and harder..
  324. pilot3030       : telling her, i will be back to her soon
  325. pilot3030       : i move behind karen..
  326. ludeman84       : my mouth wet with sara's nectar
  327. skuld   nods and starts to focus on herself again.
  328. pilot3030       : my hands on her hips
  329. pilot3030       : as i enter karen from behind..
  330. skuld   slips a hand between her legs to start rubbing her clit where Karen is eating her out.
  331. pilot3030       : and i push in her very deep
  332. pilot3030       : making sure i hit it each time
  333. ludeman84       : i feel chets cock enter my asshole
  334. pilot3030       : my thrust start to push against karens gspot
  335. pilot3030       : your
  336. ludeman84       : my asshole stretching and ripping
  337. ludeman84       : you missed
  338. pilot3030       : my hands moving around her breasts
  339. skuld   starts rubbing her breasts with her other hand as her first hand tries to slip a finger into her slit at the same time Karen's rongue is there.
  340. ludeman84       : lol
  341. pilot3030       : that where youwant it?
  342. pilot3030       : as i move in and out of you deeply
  343. ludeman84       : my pussy excepts your cock
  344. pilot3030       : my shaft buried so deep in you
  345. ludeman84       : yes it feels so good fuck me harder
  346. pilot3030       : i push deeper
  347. pilot3030       : and harder
  348. skuld   : Mmmmm, I can feel his pumps through your body, Karen.... Damn, it's erotic!
  349. ludeman84       : grinding my ass into you
  350. pilot3030       : my hands massaging your breasts
  351. pilot3030       : as i push against your gspot
  352. ludeman84       : i feel your hard cock throbbing deep in me feels so gooood
  353. pilot3030       : as i pull you so close and hard
  354. pilot3030       : i start to kiss your neck
  355. pilot3030       : and bite
  356. pilot3030       : it
  357. pilot3030       : my hands move back down to your hips
  358. skuld   grows even more aroused as she hears chet's cock slamming in and out of Karen.
  359. ludeman84       : i start to moan yesss
  360. pilot3030       : i whisper in your ear ...
  361. pilot3030       : karen.. cum.
  362. pilot3030       : cum for me..
  363. skuld   slips two fingers into her slit as she rubs her clit with the base of her palm.
  364. pilot3030       : as i drive harder and deeper
  365. ludeman84       : cum in me chet please
  366. pilot3030       : so deep
  367. pilot3030       : and so hard
  368. pilot3030       : my hands gently slap your ass with each thrust
  369. skuld   watches chet work, then stands up behind him and presses her body against him, kissing his neck ferociously.
  370. ludeman84       : i tkae sara nipple in my mouth
  371. pilot3030       : and i push so hard against your gspot
  372. ludeman84       : i feel your balls slaping my ass
  373. pilot3030       : feeling sara behind me..
  374. pilot3030       : i drive even harder into karen
  375. pilot3030       : and start to say louder..
  376. pilot3030       : cum karen
  377. pilot3030       : cum..
  378. ludeman84       : i scream in orgasmic delight yessss mmmmmmm ohhhhhgodddd
  379. skuld   starts scratching her nails along chet's body, lightly but enough to be noticeable.
  380. pilot3030       : cum for me
  381. skuld   whispers
  382. pilot3030       : yes.. cum my little slut
  383. pilot3030       : i feel sara's touch
  384. ludeman84       : tensing my toe curled
  385. skuld   : I want you, Chet.... Oh, you have no idea how strong my desire is....
  386. pilot3030       : and that arouses the sensitivity
  387. skuld   nibbles his earlobe.
  388. pilot3030       : i whisper back to her..
  389. pilot3030       : i must finish karen first
  390. ludeman84       : i roll over satisfied an exhausted
  391. pilot3030       : mmmm
  392. skuld   whispers again...
  393. pilot3030       : youve been patient sara.. how do you want it?
  394. skuld   : Of course... Then, though, you must fuck me!
  395. pilot3030       : and kiss her deeply
  396. pilot3030       : i turn to her
  397. skuld   gets down on all fours and spreads her pussy with her hand
  398. pilot3030       : letting karen relax a bit
  399. skuld   : Right in here, get my g-spot, chet.
  400. ludeman84       : my pussy sore
  401. pilot3030       : as sara and i share each other one on one
  402. pilot3030       : and push in her so deep
  403. pilot3030       : i move behind sara
  404. pilot3030       : feeling the gspot at the tip of my cock..
  405. pilot3030       : like that babe?
  406. skuld   bites her lower lip and groans loudly
  407. skuld   : Fuck, yeah!
  408. ludeman84       : watching sara an chet
  409. pilot3030       : i start moving in and out of her..
  410. skuld   : Mmmm!
  411. pilot3030       : my hands on saras waist
  412. pilot3030       : driving deeper and deeper
  413. pilot3030       : intensely
  414. skuld   Arches her back, creating a beautiful curve with her breasts hanging firmly below her chest.
  415. pilot3030       : knowing the areas to tease
  416. skuld   : Oh, yes!
  417. pilot3030       : hands moving to her breasts
  418. skuld   : You're so good, Chet!
  419. pilot3030       : pulling her nipples
  420. pilot3030       : and so hard
  421. pilot3030       : as i drive so deep
  422. pilot3030       : kissing your back
  423. pilot3030       : as i do
  424. skuld   thrusts her hips back against chet with every pump.
  425. pilot3030       : my head nears your ears
  426. pilot3030       : now cum for me sara
  427. pilot3030       : cum my babe
  428. pilot3030       : as i pump deeper
  429. pilot3030       : and i whisper to you..
  430. skuld   : Don't stop, Chet! Stay inside me! Oh, yeah!
  431. pilot3030       : you are great..
  432. pilot3030       : stroking you harder and harder
  433. pilot3030       : deeper
  434. pilot3030       : and deeper
  435. pilot3030       : looking at karen as i do..
  436. pilot3030       : my fingers pulling your nipples
  437. pilot3030       : tweaking them
  438. skuld   : Ohh, yessssss! I'm cumming, Chet! I'm cummingg!!!!
  439. pilot3030       : i start driving harder
  440. pilot3030       : and harder
  441. pilot3030       : deeper
  442. pilot3030       : feeling sara start to cum
  443. ludeman84       : reachs behinh chet an starts to squeeze his balls as he fucks sara
  444. pilot3030       : i start to drive so hard
  445. pilot3030       : yes karen
  446. skuld   feels her entire body involved in the g-spot orgasm.
  447. pilot3030       : driving sara so deep
  448. pilot3030       : mmm..
  449. pilot3030       : my cock so thick
  450. ludeman84       : gently pulling an squeezing him
  451. pilot3030       : whispering to karen.. talk to her karen
  452. pilot3030       : talk to her
  453. pilot3030       : as i pump sara..
  454. skuld   collapses under the weight of her own body as her orgasm ends and leaves her with cum once again dripping down her legs.
  455. pilot3030       : teasing her gspot
  456. pilot3030       : mmm
  457. skuld   : Now, I warned you I couldn't stay long, and we're already long, so we have to serve chet now before I go.
  458. pilot3030       : looks at karen again
  459. skuld   : BTW, can I add you two as friends?
  460. pilot3030       : sure
  461. ludeman84       : chet i want you to cum
  462. ludeman84       : yes
  463. skuld   starts stroking chet's member expertly, sliding her fingers along the length that is so lubed with her own juices.
  464. pilot3030       : mmm...
  465. ludeman84       : what do you want
  466. pilot3030       : whatever you want karen..
  467. skuld   starts sucking on chet's balls as she strokes his length.
  468. skuld   rolls his sack around in her mouth.
  469. pilot3030       : both of you..
  470. pilot3030       : suck me..
  471. ludeman84       : i kneel next to sara
  472. skuld   moves her hand so Karen can suck his member as she sucks his massive balls and sac.
  473. pilot3030       : my hands to both of your pussy's
  474. pilot3030       : fingering you both..
  475. ludeman84       : i suck chet into my hot wet mouth
  476. pilot3030       : yes...
  477. ludeman84       : my lips clamped around his shaft
  478. pilot3030       : mmm
  479. pilot3030       : so hot..
  480. skuld   sucks first one ball into her mouth, then the other, alternating between the two as she licks them and feels them grow firm and less yielding.
  481. ludeman84       : sucking him in and out
  482. ludeman84       : as deep as i can take him
  483. pilot3030       : driving me wild
  484. ludeman84       : licking his shaft as his cock goes in
  485. skuld   starts rubbing his ass with a free hand, tracing circles around his asshole.
  486. pilot3030       : i look up at you 2 and say..
  487. ludeman84       : gently biting him
  488. pilot3030       : i need to fuck you again..
  489. skuld   lightly scratches his ass and places another hand on his chest, holding him down.
  490. ludeman84       : no cum in my mouth
  491. skuld   : If you get up, I have to leave. I can't stay any longer.
  492. pilot3030       : i need to fuck one of you..
  493. ludeman84       : bobbing my mouth up an down his cock hard an fast
  494. pilot3030       : mmmm
  495. ludeman84       : feeling his hard cock throbing in my mouth
  496. ludeman84       : my tongur cicling the tip
  497. ludeman84       : circling the tip
  498. pilot3030       : yes
  499. skuld   Slowly, carefully, inserts one finger into his ass, and wiggles it around gently and carefully
  500. pilot3030       : mmm
  501. pilot3030       : ohh...
  502. ludeman84       : sucking harder an deeper
  503. pilot3030       : so nice..
  504. pilot3030       : 2 ladies...
  505. skuld   lets her tongue slip up to the shaft every pump Karen makes away from his cock so that he can feel two tongue on his cock at once.
  506. pilot3030       : yes... so close
  507. pilot3030       : sara.. stroke my cock for karen.
  508. skuld   : Cum on, Chet! We came for you, now cum for us!
  509. ludeman84       : cum chet i want to taste your cum
  510. skuld   strokes chet's cock quickly and smoothly
  511. pilot3030       : starting to throb...
  512. pilot3030       : mmm
  513. pilot3030       : near the edge
  514. ludeman84       : yesss
  515. ludeman84       : sucking hard
  516. pilot3030       : mmmm
  517. skuld   licks Karen's cheek, trying to arouse chet even more...
  518. pilot3030       : oh yes sara..
  519. pilot3030       : yes..
  520. ludeman84       : my moth full with chets cock
  521. skuld   fondles chet's balls with the hand that's not stroking his shaft.
  522. ludeman84       : mouth full
  523. pilot3030       : i start to throb..
  524. skuld   licks Karen's neck, putting on a show of female sexuality for chet
  525. pilot3030       : with that .. i start to cum..
  526. pilot3030       : starting to shoot my cum..
  527. ludeman84       : i feel chets hot cum shooting into my mouth mmmmmmm
  528. skuld   quickly positions her mouth below Karen's to catch any cum she misses or that drips out of her mouth.
  529. pilot3030       : mmm...
  530. pilot3030       : let sara have some
  531. pilot3030       : cumming so hard
  532. ludeman84       : i swallow as fast as i can my mouth filling with his cum
  533. pilot3030       : mmmmm
  534. pilot3030       : yes
  535. skuld   licks the corner of Karen's mouth, then kisses her with an open mouth to take some of chet's cum, which is still spurting out all over the back of her head.
  536. ludeman84       : dripping out of the sides of my mouth
  537. pilot3030       : very nice...
  538. skuld   moves her mouth to the source and tries to suck out any remaining cum.
  539. ludeman84       : kisses sara sharing chets cum
  540. pilot3030       : as i start to collapse
  541. pilot3030       : very nice ladies
  542. skuld   stands up, her naked body glistening with the sweat that clings to it.
  543. pilot3030       : stands up too..
  544. pilot3030       : helps karen up
  545. skuld   smiles, the cum evident in her mouth
  546. ludeman84       : thanks sara chet will do this again some time ok
  547. skuld   : Thanks chet, Thanks Karen.
  548. skuld   : We *gotta* do this again sometime.
  549. pilot3030       : ok karen.. was fun
  550. pilot3030       : was fun sara..
  551. skuld   : later, you two.
  552. pilot3030       : nite ladies..
  553. skuld   : 'nite, chet.
  554. pilot3030       : lol
  555. ludeman84       : nite chet sara
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