Brantt chat 2/18/20

SiennaTrina Feb 18th, 2020 88 Never
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  1. There was chat in local about fairies and places for them to hang out.  I mentioned our fairy mound at FSG and sent LMs.  Brantt talked about the Elfun Forest??  I could not find in search.
  3. LOCAL: [14:30] Brantt: Have you been to the elfun fotest yet Mimi
  4. [14:30] ⲙ ⲓ ⲙ ⲓ (mimidooow): Nuuuu
  5. [14:31] Brantt: Did I give you a LM?
  7. IM after I sent our Fairy Mound LM:
  8. [14:34] Brantt: Thanks...
  9. [14:34] Brantt: I am banned from the efun Frest to. lol
  10. [14:34] Coral Sharpshire: Why is that?
  11. [14:36] Brantt: Argued with the evil witch about telling what to wear pointing out it was allowed by her own covernanants..... She got anget and banned ne to win the debate..
  12. [14:37] Coral Sharpshire: Typically people get banned for not following rules.
  13. [14:38] Brantt: I can still get In with an ancicieny alt. I syill have friends there
  14. [14:38] Brantt: Yeah...... damn why did't I knw that... lol
  15. [14:41] Brantt: Your own ploice woman is one....... Banned me  be cause some newbies and hepers were supposed to have comlained to nher.... Wouldn't tell me why....
  16. [14:42] Brantt: but I think she knows I am an alt of Rowley whom she banned
  17. [14:43] Brantt: Mimiis cute, she and I had a converstion yesterdat when were ere both petites
  18. [14:43] Brantt: She would have a ball at the elfun forest parties. lol
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